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Principal’s Report : Dear Parents, It looks as if winter may finally be starting to arrive! Please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately and that jumpers and school hats are labelled with your child’s name. Inevitably children will take their jumpers off as it gets warm during the day and sometimes they will leave it lying around. If a name is on it, it is easy to get it back to its rightful owner. If not, it sometimes lies around in the lost property box for a long time.

the student will be assured. In the next week or so a letter will be sent home with those students whose data will be involved in this collection. If you have any questions about this date collection please contact me here at the school.

where you can pick up lots of up to date information about the happenings at our school. As well as this, we post lots of pictures and information celebrating the many wonderful achievements of our students. The website address is:

On Monday of this week, 48 brave students travelled to Koorawatha to take part in the District Cross Country Carnival. On a wet and muddy track our students performed really well and many of them will now go on to represent Cowra District at the regional carnival at Wellington on Wednesday 11th June.

A reminder that next Monday 9th June is a Public Holiday and the Boys Soccer - Our boys’ soccer team played their second round PSSA school will be closed on this day. knockout game against Bathurst Early in Term 3 our school will be Public School. The game was played involved in the National Consistent at Cowra High School and at the end Collection of Data on school students of full time the score was 1 all. The with a disability (NCCD). This data is game then went into overtime. already available in our school and During this session Darcy Callaghan does not involve any further testing kicked a beautiful penalty goal to or extra assessment for any child. win the game for Mulyan. The boys For the purpose of this data will now go onto the provisional day collection the term “disability”, refers to be played in Orange on Friday not only to children with a physical or 27th June. Well done boys, Mrs neurological disability but also to Johnson and Mr and Mrs Dun who students that have learning problems have been coaching the team. that place them 2 or more years below their chronological age. No On Thursday, 4 girls travelled to student will be able to be identified Dubbo to take part in the selection and privacy and confidentiality of trials for the Western Area Team. The girls came up against 70+ girls from right across the Western Area. Date to Remember Chelsea Apps and Niar Collett made it to the last 20 players and from 6th June Assemblies there Niar was selected to be a 6th June Bookclub orders due member of the Western Area Team. back at school. Congratulations to Chelsea Apps, Niar Collett, Maegan Carroll and Caitlyn 9th June Public Holiday Boswell for taking part in the 10th June Bathurst Dance Festival selection trials. Niar will now take part in the State Carnival to be held 11th June Western Cross Country in Western Sydney. 23rd June NAIDOC week commences

Wednesday, 4th June 2014

To join us on Facebook just go to our Facebook page. Next Tuesday, 10th June , 30 of our girls and boys will travel to Bathurst to take part in the Bathurst Dance Festival. They will join with other schools from around the Bathurst area to showcase the talents and skills that they have learnt. The Dance Festival is an all day affair, with rehearsals in the morning and a matinee and evening performance. Thank you to Mrs Statham, Mrs Baratto, Mrs Apps and Mrs Alison Buckley who have prepared the dancers so beautifully. Last week our 3 dance groups took part in the Cowra Eisteddfod. The 3 groups all danced beautifully and should feel very proud of their efforts. One of our groups gained first place and have been asked to perform at the Grand Concert this weekend. Congratulation to this group and to all our dancers, Mrs Statham , Mrs Baratto, Mrs Apps and Mrs Alison Buckley and 3 exstudents : Mia Cummings, Emma Rowston and Georgie Rowe who have been training these girls.

Today we held the Infants Cross Country Carnival. This is an event where the long distance runners get to shine. Next Wednesday, 11th June the Infants’ will be holding their Athletics Carnival. There will be lots of fun activities that Mrs Johnson has planned. Thank you and A reminder to people that Mulyan congratulations to Mrs Bronwyn Public School has an online presence Johnson who has also organised both

events. Thank you also to the Infants teachers and parents who have helped out and supported the children so beautifully

Till next fortnight, John Smith

Bronze Awardees " Maddie Negus " Mathew Grossman " Shaila Starr "Cameron Murray " Quarindee Bohman " Digby McGregor " Roxley Ellis " Lilly Smith " Ryan Felstead " Cate Felton " James Mooney " Lateisha Williams " Joab Doolan " Riley Grossman " Sarah Shingles " Jazaiha Cutmore " Clarissa Azzopardi " Jack Bryant " Hannah Worth " Baxter Sellenthin " Jessica Schneiders " Kemp Riches " Indigo Thornett " Isabella Howarth

Turn off the TV or Computer and get Active!

Bronze Awardees " Mackenzie Crook " Aaron Azzopardi " Josh Turner " Zoe Browne " Amity Hart " Hannah Stone " Chloee Funnell " Hannah Brown " Sarah Richardson " Kate Stammers " Joel Diamond-Squire " Tristan Ellis " Dylan Gallagher " Hannah Kendrick-Plummer " Jordan Hayes " Quinn Knight " Lowanna Murray " Darcy Callaghan " Patrick Dun " Bobby Jeffries " Chelsea Apps " Caitlyn Boswell " Tyler Francis " Kyle O’Brien " Ava Spratt " Nathan Dale " Zak Wilson " Lawson Spratt " Jessica Hayes " Makayla Walker " Lahra Chilstone " Emilee-Rose Hollis " Sarah Wood " Bailey Ballard " Joshua Schneiders " Samuel Dun " Liam Stephenson " Ebony Ingram

Koorawatha came alive on Monday, 2nd June, hosting the District Cross Country at their showground. Congratulations to Mulyan P.S. children, 52 runners from our school did a fantastic job! Years 8,9 and 10 ran 2000 metres and 11,12 & 13 years ran 3000 metres! The following students have made it through to Western to be held in Wellington on Wednesday, 11th June 2014. Bailey Callaghan, Pat Dun, Jayden Williams, Sam Dun, Ryan Furner, Bailey Ballard, Summer Williams, Lowanna Murray, Ashton Anderson, Jayde Robbins, Jacob Haeata, Jessica Fuller, Mackenzie Felton, Ethan Funnell, Lucy Murray, Joshua WhitingHarcombe, Kate Stammers, Jayden Bohanna, Danielle Spiteri, Chelsea Apps, Ava Spratt. Well Done and Good Luck! Soccer Report Monday, 26th May was a successful day for Mulyan Public School Soccer Team. The team had 15 awesome team members: Pat & Sam Dun, Tyler Francis, Hugh Gillham, Riley Marsh, Callum Hogan, Jayden Bohanna, Jakob Waker, Tristian Reid, Darcy Callaghan, Mitchell Dale, Justin Cranney, Zac Perkins, Eden Hoy and Ethan Funnell. Darcy and Callum were our goal scorers, we went into extra time and the final score was 2-1 and a special thanks to our super coaches Mr and Mrs Dun for training us. Special thanks to Montana & Michael who were the linesmen and Mr Leyland who was the referee. We appreciate your help. Report written by the Mulyan Boys’ Soccer team!


Spring Fair is coming 14th November 2014 Save the date!

The sub-committee are starting to plan for this fun annual event. If you are keen to get involved at this early stage talk to a member of the P&C. It was great to see so many people at our P&C meeting last month.. It’s lovely to have the support & enthusiasm especially for our new members. Kindergarten 2015 In order to start organising the Kindergarten Orientation, we are asking for the names of children who will be starting school in 2015 at Mulyan or are thinking about starting school at Mulyan. Could you please contact the school with your child’s name, birth date and address. It would be appreciated.

Canteen News Reminder #Tomorrow is RED DAY at the Canteen. #There will be lots of goodies for sale. * Ribeena is no longer available for sale.

# Donations for RED DAY always appreciated



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