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Cowra Public School NEWS

16 February 2017

Term 1, Week 4

Dear Parents/Caregivers,


TONIGHT P & C Meeting 6.00pm—Staffroom Everyone Welcome



Book Club Closes


Odd Week — Band


District Swimming Carnival


Yr 6 Transition to High School


Even Week—Band


Yr 6 Transition to High School


Western Region Swimming


School Photographs


Combined K - 6 Assembly


Yr 6 Transition High School


Festival of International Understanding



This week our annual school swimming carnival was held, and I congratulate all students on their excellent participation in both the competitive and novelty events throughout the day. It was also great to see lots of parents in attendance who I’m sure enjoyed the excellent racing, great sportsmanship and very loud cheering! The District Carnival will be held at the Cowra Pool next Tuesday 21st February and I wish all CPS competitors the best of luck! I would like to thank Mrs Shavaughn Duncan and Mrs Amy Ryan for their wonderful organisation of the day. Hats off to the “Parents” Relay Team who, once again, defeated the “Teachers” in the 4 x 50m relay…never mind, there’s always next year! On Wednesday, our Scripture program started for 2017 and I thank the large number of dedicated Scripture teachers for their effort and time in instructing our students. We are very grateful for their continued support of our school. Wednesday was also a very exciting day for Miss Causton, Mrs Ryan, Mrs Dunlop and the students in KC! A news crew from Prime 7 Television visited our school and filmed the students in KC participating in their morning L3 rotations. This will form part of a news segment Prime 7 is compiling about local schools in our area. The story is due to go to air at 6:00pm tonight or tomorrow night, so be sure to tune in! I would like to congratulate Mrs Nicole Dickson, who has been appointed as Relieving Principal at Woodstock Public School for approximately five weeks this term. Mrs Amy Ryan will be replacing Mrs Dickson as D3 class teacher and parents of students in D3 received a letter yesterday informing them of these arrangements. Both Mrs Dickson and Mrs Ryan will be working closely together to ensure the teaching program in D3 will continue as planned and there will be minimal disruption to the students’ learning. Our first P&C Meeting for 2017 will be held this evening at the school, starting at 6:00pm. All parents are welcome to attend. Have a great week…


Jenny Lewis Principal

Cowra Public School - FETE Friday 31st March


State PSSA Swimming


Last day of term

CONTACTING THE SCHOOL Administration Office Hours:

8.00am - 3.30pm

School commences at 9.10am School finishes at 3.15pm Students are not supervised before 8.40am

Mail: Phone:

PO Box 285, Cowra 6342 2400

School Counsellor 6341 3078 Email: Web:



Dear Parents of Cowra Public School Your photo day is: Wednesday 15th March This year you will not receive an order envelope. All images will be uploaded to our online site for preview & purchase, approx. 2 weeks after photo day. Not only can you view your child’s photo before placing an order, you can also select from our range of backgrounds. Each child will receive a card with their unique shoot key. The shoot keys will be handed out prior to the activation on Thursday 30th March. This allows us time to match and check all the photos before uploading commences.

How to order when shoot keys are activated: Go to our Website Select “Order Online” and enter your shoot key Click on your child’s image & select your preferred background Select your package If you wish to enter another child’s code, just click “Change Shoot” at the top left corner. Once you have completed your orders, go to the checkout. All packages ordered before Monday 24th April will be returned to the School. After this date a P&H fee of $8.95 will be added to the purchase price and the package will be posted Please note images will only stay online for a further month.

If you wish to have a family photo taken, forms are available from the office. Family images can only be of children at this school. Forms must be returned with the money to the office office or photographers by 10am the morning of photos. If you are unable to place your order online, please see your school office. Paper order forms are available, these need to be filled out and money returned to the photographers on photo day. Please contact our Production Centre if you have any questions on 0263423070 or email at Thank you and please enjoy your photographs. Regards Cliff & Kay Dykes

Band News Term 1 Timetable Even Weeks (4,6,8,10) 9.30 Beginner Flutes 10.00 Beginner Clarinets 10.30 Beginner Saxophone 11.30 Beginner Trumpets 12.00 Beginner Trombones 12.30 Percussion

Odd Weeks (5,7,9,11) 9.30 Beginner Trumpets 10.00 Beginner Trombones 10.30 Percussion 11.30 Beginner Flutes 12.00 Beginner Clarinets 12.30 Beginner Saxophone 2.00 Senior Band


Combined (K - 6) Assemblies 2.00pm in the auditorium

Infants (K - 2) Assemblies 1.40pm in the auditorium

Primary (3-6) Assemblies 2.30pm in the auditorium

Term 1 Thursday 16 February Thursday 16 March

Term 1 Thursday 2 March Thursday 30 March

Term 1 Thursday 2 March Thursday 30 March

Everyone is most welcome to attend ICAS Tests The International Competitions and Assessments (ICAS) tests are run each year through the University of NSW and are available to students in Year 2-6. These are external tests which the school administers. Tests are marked independently and students are given a report and certificate detailing their achievements. ICAS tests are OPTIONAL and parents are required to pay a fee if they wish their child to sit the tests. If you would like your child to participate, please indicate which tests they are going to sit and enclose payment for each. Please return the form below with payment to school by Friday 24th March

ICAS Tests Form – Please return to school by Friday 24th March 2017 Student Name ____________________________________

Class _________________________

I enclose ___________________ as payment Signed __________________________ (parent/guardian) Please indicate which tests your child will sit (ďƒź)

ICAS Subject

Date ________________

ICAS Test Sitting Date


Digital Technologies (Year 3-6) Science (Year 2-6)

23 May 2017


30 May 2017


Writing (Year 3-6)

12 June 2017


Spelling (Year 2-6)

14 June 2017


English (Year 2-6)

1 August 2017


Mathematics (Year 2-6)

15 August 2017





Thanks everyone for an awesome swimming carnival on Monday. Congratulations to the place getters and well done to all students who participated. A huge thankyou to our parents who were the “ribbon fairies” and to the staff who worked hard to keep everything running smoothly.

Primary & Infant Sport Commences TOMORROW

A big shout out also to the Aquatic Centre staff for their assistance with all aspects of the day!

Friday, 17 February Infants (Yr 1 & 2) students will be completing a range of fun skills based games and activities working with students across Stage 1  Each week they will focus on a new activity.  Sport time for infants is 11.30 - 12.30.  Kindergarten will join us in Term 2 

Congratulations to Jnr Girls Jemima Scammell

Jnr Boys Henry Fagan

11yrs Girls Jada Buchan

11yrs Boys Thomas Seears

Snr Girls Lucy Scammell

Snr Boys Jake Roberts

Champion House - Brigalow


Primary sport will be class based and again students will be working through a variety of games and activities, each week focussing on one aspect of movement skills.  Due to some difficulties the school has experienced in accessing CPR training for staff this term, we will not be offering swimming as one of the activities as originally planned.  Alternatives have been arranged.  Sport time for Primary is 10.10 - 11.10 


I would like to receive the School Newsletter by email each week. Name __________________________________________________________ Child’s Name _________________________________________________

Class _______________

Email Address ___________________________________________________________________________________


COWRA DISTRICT SOCCER CLUB Deehan Crook President PO Box 78 Cowra NSW 2794 Cowra Soccer Club are having an under 12 girl’s district team in 2017. The first carnival the girls will play will be the Proctor Park Challenge in Bathurst on Saturday 11th March and Sunday 12th March. After this they will play the Youth League competition which is generally played on consecutive Sundays in April and May ie, two games in Bathurst one Sunday, the next Sunday two games in Orange and two games in Cowra etc. These are all girls competitions and do not affect Saturday soccer. We will be having trials and training on Thursday 9th February, Thursday 16th February and Monday 20th February from 6.15pm - 7.30pm at the netball courts. After this the squad will be selected. There will be plenty of water and shade for training. Any questions feel free to contact me Deehan Crook 0412 144 970.

YEAR 6 TRANSITION TO HIGH SCHOOL Year 6 Middle School Program will commence on Thursday, 9 February 2017 (Term 1) and will continue every second Thursday at Cowra High School throughout Terms 1 and 2. Students will access lessons from the syllabuses. Staff from Cowra Public School will accompany the students. This Middle School Program has been put in place to try to better support students as they move from Primary to High School and to decrease the likelihood of the academic slump which often occurs in Years 7 and 8. Students will leave Cowra Public School at 2.00pm and will leave for home from the High School by their own means of transport. Travel to the High School will be by bus. There is no cost to parents for the bus travel. Students are required to wear full school uniform including fully enclosed black leather shoes. This is a WHS requirement. To enable your child to attend the Middle School Program, please fill in the form sent home and return it to the school. Should you have any enquiries regarding this or any other matter, please do not hesitate to contact the school as we are happy to help. Thank you for your continued support. Dates: Term 1 Thursday 23 February Thursday, 9 March

Term 2 Thursday, 11 May Thursday, 25 May Thursday, 23 March

PCAN PARENTS OF CHILDREN WITH ADDITIONAL NEEDS We meet once a month in the school staffroom 2:00pm - 3:00pm Term 1 dates -

Friday, 24 February Friday, 24 March

Term 2 dates -

Friday, 28 March Friday, 19 May Friday, 23 June

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with Autism & attends Cowra Public School, how about popping in and saying “Hi”.


2017 Canteen Summer Price List Everyday Healthy Choices Sandwiches Vegemite 2.00 Cheese 2.50 Chicken (fresh) 3.70 Chicken & Salad 4.20 Fish & Salad 4.50 Ham 3.20 Tomato 2.20 Egg 3.00 Ham & Salad sandwich 4.20 Salad (no meat) sandwich 3.40 Salad Bowl 4.50 Salad Bowl (with meat) 5.00 (chicken or ham)  To have additional sandwich filling, add .10c

to the basic price for each additional filling.  Extras include: tomato sauce, mayonnaise.  Toasted sandwich an extra .10c.  Bread rolls & wraps cost .30c extra

Hot Food Fish & Salad Chicken Nuggets (max. 6) each Small Pies Large Pies Sausage Rolls Pizza Single Extras Tomato Sauce Sweet and Sour Sauce Sauce (limit 2)

4.50 .60c 2.20 3.50 3.00 2.20 .40c each .40c each

Recess Only Snacks Custard Cup Jelly Cup Fruit Cup Fresh Popcorn Pizza Muffin

.50 .50 1.00 1.00 1.00

Recess & Lunch Snacks Carrot Stick 1/4 Orange Celery Cheese Slinky Apples Vanilla Custard Seasonal Fruit Cheese & crackers (large) (small)

.05 .10 .20 .20 .60 1.50 .50 1.00 .50

Coming Soon   

Slushies Gluten Free Pies & Sausage Rolls Weekly Salad Specials

Drinks Water (large) 1.50 Up & Go 2.20 Popper 1.50 Milk 1.70 (choc & Strawberry) Ice blocks and Ice creams Quelch Sticks Mini Callippo Paddlepops Lemonade Ice Twist Frozen Juice Vanilla Icecream

.50c 1.20 1.80 1.70 1.00 1.50


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