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Cowra Public School NEWS PRINCIPAL’S REPORT Dear Parents Cowra Public School students continue to shine, both within the school and out in the community. I had the pleasure of accompanying three of our school leaders to the Opening Ceremony of the Festival of International Understanding last Saturday evening. Twenty members of the CPS Senior Band acquitted themselves proudly, concluding the ceremony with three short pieces which reflected the international flavour of the event. Thank you to all the students, and to Mrs Mary-ann Wright who leads our band program. Two of our students, Anja Gower and Isabella Scammell, are to represent the school and Western Region at the State Swimming Carnival to be held in Homebush on Tuesday, 9 and Wednesday, 10 April. All fourteen students who went to the Western District Carnival in Dubbo did Cowra Public proud with their efforts and attitude. Well done to all, and congratulations and

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Term 1, Week 7

13 March 2014

NSW Department of Education and Communities good luck to our State reps. All our students have been learning about the United Nations as part of their HSIE units this term. This week there has been a final flurry of activity in preparation for the Festival of International Understanding Parade this Saturday. We have a full contingent of students who will accompany the combined public schools float in the parade. As for the float, we are full steam ahead with preparations for our display that will combine all three public schools in Cowra. We are asking for students to be fully involved in the festival and we encourage students to join in the march on Saturday, 15 March. The United Nations theme of International Year of Family Farming will be the direction we are displaying, with children to come dressed in farm clothing, being jeans, collared shirt and hat. We ask that no student wears an American style cap or t-shirt with a brand name. The children will either ride on the float or walk and will be given visual displays to hold or wave. This is a fantastic community event that the school is very proud to be involved in and we encourage as many students to take the opportunity to be part of the celebration. Parent teacher interviews are being held next week, on Wednesday for Infants and on Thursday for Primary students. These evenings give you the opportunity to meet you child’s teacher or teachers and to pass on important information about your child.

Administration Office Hours: 8.30am - 3.30pm School commences at 9.10am School finishes at 3.15pm Students are not supervised before 8.45am

Today is “Funky Hair Day” at CPS and we have some very funky hairdos happening. Look for photos of students and staff in next week’s newsletter. A huge thank you to Ms Prue James, who has organised today’s event. Ms James will be sporting some very classy beanies and hats as the weather cools down! We continue to provide many sporting opportunities for our students. This week Mr Murray took a group of students to a Rugby Union 7’s competition. The students played well and made it to the final. Well done to all. Congratulations to Mrs Eileen Day who has been appointed the Principal of Dubbo West Primary School. We wish her all the best in her new role.

Kathryn Macnamara (AP)

P&C ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING ~Wednesday, 2 April 2014 7:00pm in the school staffroom Everyone is welcome to attend.



Home and school working together leads to the best possible educational outcomes for students. If you have not yet returned a note requesting an interview, please ask your child to collect one from their class teacher.

Isabella Scammell Mail: PO Box 285, Cowra Phone: 6342 2400 Fax: 6341 1357 School Counsellor 6341 3078 Email: Web: DEPT.HEALTH DENTAL CLINIC:

1300 552 208

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INFANTS ASSEMBLIES ST 3 WALKATHON Friday, 28 March 2014 The Stage 3 Walkathon will be held on Friday, 28 March 2014. To attend chi l d re n mu s t p a r ti ci pate b y collecting sponsorship or making a donation before the Walkathon day. It will be a normal school day for students not able to participate in this day. The program for the day will be:

 9.30 a.m. Leave school by bus for starting point.  9.55 a.m. Commence 10 kilometre walkathon.  12.30 p.m. Lunch and organised/ structured swimming activities at Aquatic Centre  2.45 p.m. Return to school. Children should bring a hat, sunscreen a drink, swimming gear and wear suitable footw ear and casual clothing. (No singlet tops.) Where any parents can assist with the B.B.Q. lunch preparations, this will be very much appreciated.

Infants assemblies will now be held every second Thursday commencing today, Thursday, 6 March. The assemblies will be held in the Infants Open Space and commence at 2.00pm and finish at 2.30pm when the children will return to their classrooms. The Infants next assembly will be held on Thursday, 20 March in the Infants Open Space. At these assemblies students will be receiving Merit Certificates and PBL awards. Every alternate Thursday (not assembly week) from 12.30pm until 1.00pm the Infants will be holding combined singing in the Infants Open Space. All parents are invited to come along and listen to the children singing.

PRIMARY ASSEMBLIES The Primary will also be holding their assemblies every second Thursday commencing today, Thursday, 6 March at 2.30pm. The next assembly will be on Thursday, 20 March at 2.30pm in the school auditorium, The assemblies will include the Year 6 Public Speaking and Merit Certificates will also be presented on the day. All parents are invited to attend both assemblies.

COWRA FESTIVAL OF INTERNATIONAL UNDERSTANDING Cowra Public School will be participating in the Cowra Festival of International Understanding parade, Saturday, 15 March 2014. This year there will be a combined float between Cowra Public School, Mulyan Public School and Cowra High School. PARADE TIMES:  11.30 am Assemble at Brougham Park  12.00 noon Parade down Kendal Street to River Park Children are to come dressed in farming outfits being jeans, collared shirts and a brimmed hat. No American style caps or tshirts with logos on them please. The children will either ride on the float or walk alongside it. Please provide your child with a bottle of water, as it can get quite warm while waiting for the parade to start. Parents will need to ensure their child is at Brougham Park by 11.30am on the day and collect their child immediately after the parade reaches River Park. NO CHILD WILL BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN THE PARADE WITHOUT A PERMISSION NOTE.

UNIVERSITY OF NSW COMPETITIONS The University of NSW’s, International Competition and Assessment for Schools is the largest independent competition and assessment program for schools in Australia. It is also delivered to over 20 countries. Students in Years 3 to 6 are invited and encouraged to enter the following ICAS subjects: Computer Skills: (Tuesday, 20 May)


Science: (Wednesday, 4 June)


Writing: (Monday, 16 June)


Spelling: (Tuesday, 17 June)


English: (Tuesday, 29 July)


Mathematics: (Tuesday, 12 August)


WORLD’S GREATEST SHAVE Congratulations and thank you to Ms Prue James and the World’s Greatest Shave committee consisting of Ashleigh Saunders, Cailin McKay, McKay Sullivan and Archie Osborne for their input into this great day.

A huge thank you to “Hair on Vaux” for coming to school to colour the teacher’s hair. More news and photographs will be in next week’s newsletter.

(Sitting date in brackets.)

ALL ENTIRES CLOSE Thursday, 10th April 2014

Ashleigh Saunders

Cailin McKay

McKay Sullivan

Archie Osborne




Early Stage 1 and Stage 1 classes will be holding their Parent/Teacher interviews on Wednesday, 19 March.

Stage 2 Parent/Teacher interviews will be held on Thursday, 20 March in the Stage 2 Open Space.

Stage 3 Parent/Teacher interviews will be held on Thursday, 20 March in the Stage 2 Open Space.

The interviews will be of ten minutes duration. These interviews form one aspect of student evaluation and reporting.

The interviews will be held from 3.45pm until 8.00pm and will be held in 10 minute time slots for Literacy/Home Room and 5 minute slots for Mathematics. If you feel you require more time, please indicate this on your reply slip.

The interviews will be held from 3.45pm until 8.00pm and will be held in 5 minute time slots for Literacy and Mathematics. If you feel that you may require more time please note this on the request sheet. (For example if your child has the same teacher for Mathematics and Literacy you may require a 10 minute time slot).

The interviews will be from 3.45pm until 8.30pm and will be held in individual classrooms. A written report will be sent home towards the end of Term 2. Notes have been sent home with times. These notes need to be returned to the school with your preferred times for the interview.

Notes have been sent home and these need to be returned to your child’s Home Room Teacher by Monday, 17 March. Your interview times will be forwarded to you on Tuesday, 18 March.

Notes have been sent home and these need to be returned to your child’s Home Room Teacher by Monday, 17 March. Your interview times will be forwarded to you on Tuesday, 18 March.

If for any reason you cannot come to an interview on the nominated date and you wish an interview, please contact the school to organise another suitable date.

TRAFFIC & PARKING OFFENCES IN SCHOOL ZONES 2014 BUS ZONES You must not stop or park in a bus zone unless you are driving a public bus. Penalty: $304.00 Demerit Points: 2 NO PARKING You must not stop on a length of road to which a NO Parking sign applies unless you are dropping off or picking up passengers or goods. A driver must remain within 3 metres of the vehicle at all times an not leave the vehicle unattended. The dropping off or picking up must be completed in 2 minutes. Penalty: $169.00 Demerit Points: 2 NO STOPING SIGN You must not stop on a length of road to which a No Stoping sign applies. Penalty: $304.00 Demerit Points: 2

We would like to stress to parents the importance of supporting the school’s instruction to students that they must use the pedestrian crossing to cross to the other side of Vaux Street. This is especially important at afternoon dismissal when traffic conditions are heavy.

Cowra Public School Band Performing at the Festival of International Understanding Opening Ceremony last Saturday. Thank you to Mrs Mary-ann Wright who conducted the band.

Cowra Public School


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Last Friday fourteen of Cowra Public School’s “Super Fish” competed in the Western Region Swimming Carnival at Dubbo. All the swimmers acquitted themselves extremely well and were great ambassadors for the school. Congratulations to all the swimmers, especially Anja Gower and Isabella Scammell who were successful in gaining qualification to represent the Western Region at the State Swimming Carnival to be held at Homebush Bay, Sydney on Wednesday, 9 and Thursday, 10 April. Well done girls!

SPORTING ACTIVITIES FOR TERM 1 Primary Term One sport has commenced and will continue until Week 11 with the exception of Friday 4 April (Week 10) being the CPS Cross Country. Stage 2 will having swimming as normal on Friday, 28 March (Stage 3 Walkathon Day). PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR SWIMMERS AND TOWEL. Shavaughn Duncan PE/Sport teacher

STAGE 3 HOCKEY GALA DAY Friday, 21 March 2014

Joshua Pokoney (left) Jayden J Brown (bottom left) and Lindsay Munro (bottom right) at the PSSA Tennis Competition last week

This year all Stage 2 & 3 students will be given the opportunity to participate in an exciting Hockey Gala Day. All specialised activities will be conducted by qualified instructors trained in the various fields. It is a wonderful opportunity for our students to come together as a group and get to know students from other schools in a friendly non-school denominated competition. We actively encourage all primary students to attend. It was a great success last year with 450 students attending from all the surrounding schools. If your child wishes to be involved they need to collect a note from Mrs Duncan outlining the organisation of the day. Mouthguards are available for sale from Mrs Duncan at a cost of $5.00. These are mandatory for the day and we recommend they be purchased prior to the day. If you have any questions or concerns please contact Mrs Duncan at school on 6342 2400. Programme starts at 10.00am Finishes at 2.30pm 10.00am Brief welcome and introduction of NSW players 10.10am Students put into non-school based teams named after the national competition and team building games performed 10.30am Recess 10.50am Skill games and activities in stations 12.00pm Lunch 12.20pm Mini Hockey Games (10-15 minute games depending on time) 2.10pm Presentations 2.30pm End of Gala Day Equipment: Uniform: Sunsafe: Cost: Food: Transport: Prizes:

Students will need a mouth guard for the day and are asked to bring shin pads (we will have some spare ones on the day but not enough for everyone). School sports uniform (including hat). Sun cream is needed. There is no cost except for the purchase of mouths guards (these are to purchased from Mrs Duncan before the day at a cost of $5.00). Students will need to take their own recess, lunch and water bottle for the day. Students will walk to the Hockey/Soccer fields accompanied by Mrs Duncan and other staff. At the end of the day a best and fairest will be presented with a hockey start-up kit or a genuine FHE hockey shirt.

CPS CROSS COUNTRY The Cowra Public School Cross Country trials will now be held on Friday, 4 April (Week 10). More information next week.

RUGBY UNION GALA DAY Forty students from Stage 2 and Stage 3 attended the Rugby Union Gala Day at Cowra Rugby grounds on Tuesday, 11 March. In what turned out to be an extremely warm day, all students participated and enjoyed a fantastic day of running rugby. Both stages were divided into competitive and non competitive teams, with the main goal of giving the students an opportunity to experience rugby union and learn the finer points of the game. Every student from CPS enjoyed themselves, played with the right spirit of the game and came away with new skills. Our competitive Stage 3 team were successful in making the grand final of the gala day but were eventually defeated 2 tries to 1 by a much larger and experienced St Raphael’s team. Even though they were defeated in the final, there still may be an opportunity for this team to progress through to the Regional finals early next term. Congratulations to every student that participated, you were a credit to yourselves, families and Cowra Public. Well done! Albert Murray Coach

Cowra Public School

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P&C ~ P & C ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING ~ Wednesday, 2 April 2014 7:00pm in the school staffroom. Everyone is welcome to attend.

CLOTHING POOL The school runs a very well equipped Clothing Pool. The Clothing Pool is run by the canteen manager, Mrs Lisa Willis. Lisa is available to show parents the stock at any time. Please be mindful that Lisa is extremely busy before school taking lunch orders etc and at recess and lunch times. The Clothing Pool has girl’s summer uniforms, boy’s shorts and shirts and both boy’s and girl’s sports clothes.

COMMUNITY YOUNG SERVICES CLUB ~ THE WIGGLES The WIGGLES are coming to the Young Services Club on Friday, 2 May 2014. The show will start on 12.30pm and the cost is $28.50 Tickets are available from the Club reception or call the club on 6382 1944 and pay over the phone.

PO Box 900, Cowra NSW 2794

T/A Lic 2TA5695

Phone: 6342 1021

Fax: 6342 4597

Email: Web:

MRS BROWN’S BOYS: Monday, 31 March 2014 - Canberra - $185.00 (1 ticket only) DISNEY ON ICE: 12 July 2014 - Sydney - Expression of Interest WICKED: 11 October 2014, Capitol Theatre, Sydney - Expression of Interest

COWRA TRAVEL IN CONJUNCTION WITH GO SEE TOURING: Norfolk Island: 9-17 October 2014, Includes 13 activities/tours - Expression of Interest

“Cowra Travel Takes You There”

Cowra Public School Newsletter Term 1 Wek7  
Cowra Public School Newsletter Term 1 Wek7