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City Connect Anna Nager | Besant Nagar | Madipakkam |Nungambakkam | OMR |Velachery Vol:01 No:03| 23 June-29 June , 2013 | Pages 8 | Madipakkam | Free Circulation

Why this Kolaveri Dhanush? by SERENA MENON | HT |


Getaway form the mad City

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The Filter KaapiTrail

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ours before the film releases and a day before the reviews appear, here’s what you can expect from this week’s release(s)… Director Aanand L Rai (Last directed Tanu Weds Manu in 2011) The romantic-comedy starring Kangana Ranaut and R Madhavan was a success. The film’s soundtrack is still remembered for producing the hit track, Sadi gali, among others.

about the film, not the other way around.

Music AR Rahman The maestro said he has given the music a Benares feel, in keeping with the tonality of the film. The first two tracks that have released, Raanjhanaa and Tum tak — have gained a lot of popularity.

Our assessment After Tanu Weds Manu turned out to be a surprise hit, fans of the director are looking forward to his next. Dhanush’s, tapori avatar, has already got people questioning whether he truly dubbed for this film, and since he apparently has, this means he’s only done a decent job. Though this film has one big challenge before it all — Mumbai’s unpredictable monsoon.

Controversies/stunts When Rajinikanth’s son-in-law makes his Bollywood debut, controversies have to worry

Marketing/hype With Tamil cinema’s superstar, Dhanush, making his Hindi film debut in this movie, the makers have already got the attention of a huge market down south. Though Abhay Deol has been missing from all the promotional activities, Sonam and Dhanush have been marketing the film across the country.

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City Connect

23 June- 29 June , 2013

T H E D S L R I N VA S I O N I N P H O T O G R A P H Y HAMSA VAMANAN | CHENNAI: Going for a walk down the Marina beach? Or just taking a stroll in a nearby park? Don’t be surprised if you stumble upon groups of photo-enthusiasts clicking away. So, how does everyone have these trendy cameras with costly lenses popping out? Whatever happened to the handy, point and shoot digi cam? Or, has everybody decided to turn professional with kit and all? Apparently they have. Yes Chennai’s latest fixation is photography. Every Tom, Dick and Hari has a FB photography page and DSLRs have become like over-the counter-toys. But the picture is not all that bleak. The happy news is that people are slowly opening up to other streams of study like photography and art and taking them up as professions. The fact that Photography pays is an added advantage. So, are these upcoming photographers trained? How do they have an armament of

lenses? “Not all of us are trained. It’s the passion for photography that has paved way for group photo-walks. Being part of a group helps us get answers for most of our questions. It’s also a great way to meet new people.” says Achutanand, the founder member of Madras in Motion, a FB group that goes on photo-walks around the city. The group has more than 1000 members and is actively involved in going for photowalks and organizing photosessions. Says Harita, a viscom student in the city “I own a DSLR because photography is part of my curriculum. I know of many others who study engineering and still invest in costly DSLRs. Maybe it’s their interest in photography.” The popularity of media courses has definitely triggered DSLR sales along with discounts that many DSLR brands offer. Says ArvindBalaraman, an established photographer, “Gone are the

days when only a photographer could afford to own a camera. When DSLRs came out they were expensive and not many could afford them. Now, the prices of these cameras are decreasing on a regularly basis making them more affordable.” He goes on to add “DSLRs have found their way in the film industry as well. Many of the short films and even feature films are shot with DSLRs. Adaptability, choice of accessories and affordability has led to the popularity of the DSLRs.” B.Sai Nanda, Director of Photography in films, says “I shot Kathiyai Theetadhe with a 5D camera. I was quite happy with the results.” With the brave new world of digital images sure to be densely populated with myriad images, the DSLR invaders are bound to have a field day.

Photo by: Ashok kumar(pic.1), Achutananth(pic.2)


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The Filter KaapiTrail HAMSA VAMANAN |


he kaapi is no ordinary drink. In NammaChennai, it is a lifeline. Be it the Myalporemaamaor the US- returned engineer, be it the twenty something or the sixty plus, there is no one in Chennai who does not begin a day by sipping hot, A1, Kumbakonam degree kaapi. Today, swanky, new-age coffee cafes have mushroomed in the city and are marketing their cappuccinos and coffee concoctions to dizzy levels. But the Kumbakonam filter kaapi’s charm continues to make its presence felt. So what is so magical and addictive about this ever-popular brew? How did the coffee bean which has its roots in Ethiopia land in India?

History has it that coffee reached the shores of India and Madras along with tea during the 17th century. Coffee was then labelled as the white-man’s brown drink and it was only in the 19th century that it became a sensation in South India. It all began when the educated class started patronizing coffee. But the drink which was thought to be a symbol of “luxury” came with a price.This was because, unlike tea that was boiled in water, coffee was made with milk. And in those days, milk was expensive. But slowly coffeespread to the working class replacing buttermilk and porridge because of its nature to kick startthe brain. From then to now, self-confessed coffee lovers and con-

City Connect

23 June- 29 June , 2013

noisseurs spend a great deal of time planning the proportion in which the varieties of coffee beans should be mixed how it should be made into a decoction, how long it should be stored and how it should be prepared. Coffee buffs today, have a plethora of options available before them. They can choose to make a glassful of hot coffee with the instant coffee powders, or go the authentic route with the decoctions or perhaps treat oneself to the array of coffee options available in modern coffee shops and outlets. But there is no denying that the magic of the filter kaapiwill continue to lure more and more people, young and old, across society for ages to come.


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osing fat is no easy affair. a well-structured-diet, a strict exercise regime and lots of patience are a good start. there are also scores of programs that claim to get you back into shape in just a few days. but knowing which one is for real is a tough task. the lack of a genuine weight-loss solution urged aiwo limited to bring to india, a complete, fool-proof technique called ketogenic enteral nutrition (ken). this modern practice has been developed by prof. cappello,a resident of rome and associate professor of general surgery of university of rome la sapienza. for the first

time in the world in the recent years, prof cappello and his team have used artificial nutrition to acquire quick weight loss. so, what exactly is ken? how does it help? is it safe? read on to understand this method fully well before signing up to benefit from it. ken™ permits your body to switch into ketogenic mode. in this, the body breaks down excessively stored fat to create energy. the doctor inserts a narrow tube through the patient’s nose into their stomach. a protein liquid formula is fed to the patient,through an automatic pump drip, con-

tinuously for ten days. during this period, the only food is the protein solution and nothing else. the client can take only water, black -tea, black-coffee ,green tea without sugar,honey or milk. the highlight of this program is that participants do not feel hungry throughout the 10 day session. in fact they can continue doing their regular activities. the estimated weight loss over this duration session is 6 – 9% of the initial body weight. however, there is no limit to the number of times that this 10 day cycle can be repeated but there must be another 10 day rest period in

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between cycles. the usp of this program is that even patients with diabetes ,hypertension , hypo-thyroid can take this up. they will have to stop their medication for 10 days. the idea is that insulin secretion will be minimal. thus fat loss will be accelerated and energy levels will remain the same. patients less than 14 years of age and those allergic to milk proteins are discouraged from this treatment. the method is more or like starvation except that the muscle loss is prevented and fat loss is accelerated and therefore have only minor side effects like acidity,head ache,asthenia etc. we wil

be giving medications to counter-act this. ken is a completely safe technique that has benefitted many people across the world and is picking up in india due to aiwo’s initiatives. in chennai alone, aiwo has completed 300 cycles. ken has been used successfully over 33,000 patients in over 75,000 cycles and has been effective every single time.the good news for chennaites is, we now have a safe , effective and medically proven technique for fastweight loss. For More Details call us at


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City Connect

23 June- 29 June , 2013

QUAIDE MILLETH INTER ACADEMY CRICKET TOURNAMENT FOR MIAKHAN CUP – 2013 KIRUBAKAR | CHENNAI: THIS YEAR QUAIDE Milleth Cricket Academy has witnessed lot of Cricket activity starting with the summer camp and finally ending the J.M. Miakhan Cup for the Under 17 academy boys. Started this year as a tribute to late Janab J.M. MiakhanSaheb Ex. M.L.C., Govt. of Tamil Nadu, this tournament is the brain child of Secretary & Correspondent Janab M.G. DawodMiakhan . Mr. Miakhan carries with him a proud legacy. He is the only son of the great freedom fighter Janab Quaide Milleth Ismail Sahib. This tournament witnessed the participation of eight teams namely: Little Hearts Cricket Academy , Sri Sai Sports Club,

Gill Adarsh XI, Adambakkam Cricket Academy, Dass Cricket Academy, Quaide Milleth Cricket Academy, City stars centre for Cricket &XI Lions Academy. Among these teams, four teams entered the semi-finals which included Quaide Milleth Cricket Academy also. The finalists were Little Hearts Cricket Academy and Adambakkam Cricket Academy. Adambakkam Cricket Academy won the match in the finals. The prize Distribution function was held on 04th June 2013. Alhaj M.G. DawoodMiakhan, Secretary & Correspondent along withnthe chief guest Dr. H.K. Fathima, Retd. Professor, Kilpauk Medical College and Dr. A. Rafi, Principal graced the occasion.

Little Hearts Cricket Academy receiving Runners up Trophy from the Secretary & Correspondent Alhaj M.G. DawoodMiakhan Sahib.

The Under 17 boys from Adambakkam Cricket Academy with the Trophy along with the Chief Guest Dr. H.K. Fathima, Retd. Professor, Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai, Alhaj M.G. DawoodMiakhan, Secretary & Correspondent, Dr. A. Rafi, Principal and Coach Mr. Hari.

Secretary & Correspondent Alhaj M.G. DawoodMiakhanhonours the chief guest Dr. H.K. Fathima, Retd. Professor, KMC

Little Hears CA boy SachinKailash receiving Man of the match award for semi-finals from Dr. A. Rafi, Principal, The Quaide Milleth College for Men, Chennai

KarthikPrabhu of Adambakkam CAreceiving Best Bowler of the Touranmentaward from Mohammed Rafi, Coimbatore

SachinKailash, Little Hearts CA receiving Best Batsman of the tournament from JanabAzimBasha, Tiruppur.

Swaminathan of Adambakkam CA receiving Best All rounder award from the Chief Guest Dr. H.K. Fathima, Retd. Professor, KMC

Tirupathy Raj, Tournament organizer honoured by the Secretary & Correspondent, The Quaide Milleth College for Men, Chennai

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City Connect

M a h i n d r a Ve r i t o V i b e : A practical compromise

23 June- 29 June , 2013



hen utility vehicle maker Mahindra and Mahindra ventured into the passenger car space in tow with Renault back in 2007, it was saddled with high expectations. The entry-level sedan segment was dormant at the time, and the company thought it had the right product in the Logan to pull off a success. That was not to be. Despite the car’s high value proposition, it was perceived as a dated design with a few add-ons. Later, Mahindra bought over the project and relaunched the car as the Verito - with not much change in fortune. That may change now with the Vibe, in which Mahindra has cut the length to below 4 metres, allowing for aggressive pricing to take on the likes of Maruti’s Dzire and Honda’s Amaze. Is it finally ready to taste some success? Exterior and interior : Compulsions of cost and re-

strictive clauses from Renault meant Mahindra had little scope to play around with overall design. So the Vibe inherits the looks of the Verito: boxy from the front with sharp edges rarely seen in these curvy times. But Mahindra has tried to use it to its benefit. The carbon shade grille and smoked headlamps endow the car with the macho-Mahindra look. The major change has been at the rear, where the boot has given way to a slanted hatch-like door that leaves the windscreen in place when it opens. The tail lamps sit high at the back of the C pillar merging with the roof rails, much like the Ford Figo. The engineering does not look bad, though they could have made it a notchback for better looks and a more practical application. The high loading position and the small loading area in the boot were found cumbersome in the trial. Little has changed with the interiors, the USP of which

remains the generous space. With the wheelbase of a sedan, rear passengers are pampered. The plastics and the fit and finish have been upgraded, though they are still no match for the Dzire. The downside is the lack of features: no steeringmounted control (even in the top variant), no passenger side airbags, no Bluetooth connectivity and no height adjustability with the steering wheel and driver’s seat. Performance, ride and handling : The Vibe gets the same 1.5-litre turbocharged diesel engine as the Verito sedan, with no petrol engine on offer as Mahindra does not have one smaller than 1.2 litres that would qualify for lower excise duties. Various iterations of this engine are seen on a variety of cars from the Micra to the Sunny and the Duster. The one in Vibe is meant for economy more than outright power and performance, on which it delivers. There is ample low- and mid-range torque available and very little lag, which makes it a very capable city car. On the

highway, it does feel strained in three-digit speeds, especially when compared to the Amaze. The suspension is also the same as the sedan, that gives it a comfortable, settled ride quality. A sporty drive it is not, and when pushed hard, a perceptible bodyroll filters into the cabin. It also feels under-tyred with the lack of 15” wheels manifesting on the highway. With no pretensions of being a race car, though, the Vibe does its job well of slipping in and out of city traffic at ease. Fuel economy : Trust Mahindra to give you a bang for your buck in this. We found the Vibe’s fuel economy very true to the Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI) figures. In city and with air-conditioning on, it will easily give you 16 kmpl, and over 18kmpl on the highway --- a range of over 800

kilometres on a full tank. Verdict: With so many diverse options, it is not easy for anybody to create their own space in the entry-level sedan segment. For Mahindra, which is a rank outsider in making cars, it is even more challenging. Yet, thanks to a capable drive train from Renault, the Vibe holds its own quite well. What it lacks in terms of looks and finesse, it makes up by way of space, utility and economy. There would be some, who would even like its rugged looks as well. At R5.7 lakh it is not exactly cheap, especially when you take into account a few unticked boxes, such as dual airbags, steering mounted controls etc. It is a compromise over the Dzire and the Amaze, but on its own, the no-nonsense value proposition is quite compelling.


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City Connect

23 June- 29 June , 2013

Getaway from the mad city!



ities keep changing. So has Chennai. As much as we love our city, there is no denying that it has become more crowded, dirtier and more in-humane. Long working hours and mundane lifestyles have a created a growing need among the city folk to get away from the city on weekends and head to greener pastures. So here’s something for all Chennaites- Places to unwind near the city. Let’s start with the regulars first. Around 50 kms from the cen-

tre of the city, along the east coast, is the beautiful sculptural town of Mamallapuram. There are a number of spots you can visit here, like the Shore temple, Arjuna’s Penance, the PanchaPandavaRathas, The Tiger Caves and The Balancing Rock. You can also take a stroll and see the sun rising along the Bay of Bengal. Many resorts and hotels have set shop here and you can choose to spend the weekend in one of them. Mamallapuram is sure to leave you refreshed.

Further down the ECR road, about 2 hours from Mamallapuram is the ‘French Riviera’ of India. Peaceful Puducherry as it is called offers you a slice of France. The lovely town has a number of temples and churches. You could also visit the Aurobindo Ashram. Street shopping is a great thing to do here. Don’t forget to take a walk along the beach and sip some hot lemon-tea. On the outskirts of Puducherry, is Auroville, a spiritual world town-ship. If you are looking for a completely peaceful place to rejuvenate yourself, this is your best bet. You can visit the beach, do some meditation and yoga and unwind on your weekend. If you want to leave the sea and the city behind, then drive to Yelagiri. A good 260 kms from Chennai, Yelagiri is a great hill-station for a weekend stay. You can trek or just walk around taking

in the fresh, mountain air. A trek of 5 kms from Yelagiri will take you to Jalagamparai falls. About five hours from Chennai lies a very beautiful hill-station. Horsely Hills in Andhra Pradhesh attracts tourists and those in search of peace. The major attractions here include the Mallamma temple and the Rishi Valley School. This is great for people who are looking for a

break from the city. Make sure you plan well before heading to these destinations for your next weekend!

Shah Rukh Khan does a street folk number for the first time by KAVITA AWAASTHI | HT | Shah Rukh Khan is known for romantic songs and energetic numbers, but for Chennai Express, he’s stepping into unfamiliar territory. The actor will be seen in a street folk number in the film. A source says, “Shah Rukh will dance in a street folk dance form called Dappan koothu. It’s a high energy number with Priyamani and him.” The song was shot last month with a group of dancers from the south. The two actors are working together for the first time. “The song is titled ‘1, 2, 3, 4... Dappan koothu hardcore...’. It has a lot of south Indian-style moves. Shah

Rukh had lot of fun dancing and learning them. The dance is unique and nothing that one has seen SRK doing before. It is aesthetically shot and not a typical item number,” adds the source. Ask SRK about this and he says, “I have never done a dance form like this before. It’s very intrinsic to the regional ethos and Raju (Sundaram; choreographer) has done a fabulous job. Interestingly, everything about this sequence was authentically south Indian, except for me. So it’s all the more special.”

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Review : Raanjhanaa

City Connect

23 June- 29 June , 2013

by ANUPAMA CHOPRA | HT | Genre : Romance-drama Cast : Dhanush, Sonam Kapoor, Abhay Deol. Director : Anand L Rai Rating : ***1/2 Let me begin with an honest confession. As I drove to the preview theatre to watch Raanjhanaa, I wondered how I would spend over two hours gazing at a hero as plain as Dhanush. Until this film, I had only seen the National Awardwinning actor in his blockbuster Kolaveri Di video. But my fears vanished almost as soon as the film started because in the first few minutes, Dhanush’s character Kundan jokingly acknowledges his lack of good looks. And after the first 10 minutes, I was utterly bowled over by Dhanush’s energy and charm. He’s outstanding as the spirited, street-smart son of a pundit in Benares who is a little boy when he

embarks on his epic love story. The object of his passion is the local Muslim beauty, Zoya played by Sonam Kapoor. This is a love so ferocious that eventually it consumes everything in its path. But for the first half, it’s also superbly entertaining. Kundan chases Zoya with the ardour of a true devotee. She is artfully careless with his emotions but he doesn’t miss a beat. The pursuit continues for years. So much so that at one point, Kundan’s closest friend Murari, played by the terrific Mohammad Zeeshan Ayyub, remarks: ‘Pyaar na hua, UPSC ka imtihan ho gaya. Dus saal se paas hi nahi ho raha.’ The dialogues by Himanshu Sharma are the highlight of the film. The lines are pithy, earthy and wonderfully funny. Snaking his camera through the streets of

Review: World War Z

Benares, director Aanand L Rai creates an intimate and lived milieu. AR Rahman’s music, especially the gorgeous Tum Tak, layers the narrative further. This love story is fantastical but these are characters we could know. Their emotions move us — so much so that when Kundan finally breaks down and cries, I wept too. But this is where Raanjhanaa gets frustrating. Rai hits a false note as soon as the story shifts to Zoya’s romance with her college friend, Akram, played by Abhay Deol. And post-interval, when we leave Benares for New Delhi, the film derails considerably. The actors still move us — including Sonam who looks effortlessly beautiful and gives her career’s best performance — but the plot becomes more and more

convoluted. You are neither immersed in the film nor removed from it. So, basically, I was crying without being convinced by the half-baked political twists and turns of the story. Unfortunately, Raanjha-

naa never fully gets back on track. But despite these flaws, I’m recommending that you see it. Especially for Dhanush who proves that eventually looks don’t matter. Neither does size. All that towers is talent.

upbeat conclusion is a copout. Even the close encounters with the ravenous undead at the WHO. laboratory in Wales becomes a chore to sit through. Brad Pitt, who also co-produced the movie, delivers a

reliably expert performance. The other actors come across as ciphers who display the appropriate this-can’t-be-happening-to-us expressions. At the end of two hours, World War Z leaves us quite exhausted..

by RASHID IRANI | HT | Direction : Marc Forster Actors : Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos Rating : **

Another week, another doomsday flick at the multiplexes. Of late, scores of scriptwriters have imagined the human race assailed by alien nasties, lusty vampires and what-catastrophe-haveyou. Aiming to create a dire warning of the world that could be, World War Z envisions the planet plunged into chaos following a zombie apocalypse. Unfortunately, the end-oftimes fantasy is decidedly inferior to the similarly-themed 28 Days Later, Planet Terror, or the cycle of the Living Dead frightmares by George Romero. Adapted from the 2006 novel by Max Brooks (son of Mel and the late Anne Bancroft), the action/horror hybrid was

plagued by production problems. The script underwent several rewrites and some scenes had to be reshot. The troubled gestation reflects in the unfocused outcome. The narrative kick-starts at breakneck speed when a former United Nations war-zone fixer (Pitt) and his family get stuck in a traffic jam in Philadelphia. Sprinting out of nowhere, a swarm of zombies starts chowing down on the fleeing motorists. Worse is to follow. If anyone can halt the pandemic it’s our reluctant hero who gets recruited back to his old job. Crisscrossing several exotic locations ranging from Cardiff to Nova Scotia, he must not only find the source of the virus but also an antidote to contain the infestation. Director Forster, who earlier helmed the James Bond caper, Quantum of Solace, seems

hopelessly ill-at-ease while tackling this derivative yarn. Heavy-handed dialogue is interspersed with the mandatory bouts of action involving the reanimated cadavers. Disparate plot elements fail to cohere while the simplistic,

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City Connect

23 June- 29 June , 2013

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City Connect 23 - 29 June 2013  
City Connect 23 - 29 June 2013