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Section A: Rules & Regulations Corner kick If the ball goes over the goal line and is last touched by the defending team, the offense team is awarded a corner kick where the opponents must be 10 yards back. The kicker is not allowed to touch the ball again before a player from either team touches the ball.

The Throw In When the ball goes out of play by crossing the sides line, the opponent of the player who last touched the ball is awarded the throw-in. The play is restarted by the player throwing the ball over the head by using both hands together and the player’s feet must stay behind the line and on the ground. The goal kick The goal kick is a means of restarting the play after the offense team took the ball over the defending team’s byline. It acts as a direct free kick, therefore if a player kicks the ball so hard until it would reach the opposing team’s goal and score, the goal would count.

Fouls A foul is the act of kicking, tripping, jumping in, charging, striking or pushing an opponent. The consequence is handing over the ball to the opposing team. However, if the foul has been committed outside a penalty area, a direct or indirect free kick is given.

Penalty kick If the foul occurs in the defending team’s penalty area, the offense team is awarded a penalty kick, allowing a player to take a shot with just the opposing goalkeeper and no defenders around him.

Direct free kick A direct free kick is awarded when the referee stops play for certain fouls. The team will resume the play from the spot where the foul occurs with a pass or a shot at goal. Any members of the opposing team must be at least 10 yards away when the ball is struck.

Indirect free kick A second player must touch the ball before the team can shoot at goal.

Yellow card A yellow card is shown to a player when that player delays the restart of play, doesn’t respect the required distance when play is restarted with a corner kick or free kick, enters, re-enters or leaves the field without the referee’s permission

Red card A red card is shown to a player when that player is guilty of serious foul play, violent actions, spits at players and receives a second caution in the same match.

Section B: Skill (Passing) Side foot passing The easiest and most used pass in soccer. Every player must know how to do this properly.

Long passing technique ● Angled approach ● Lean back slightly ● Strike with the laces ● Strike bottom half of the ball and a vertical line that bisects it ● Firm ankle, extend the kicking foot ● Sweep through and across the ball ● Non-kicking foot diagonally behind the ball but not immediately next to it ● Head steady

One-two passing A one-two pass is a quick pass to a teammate, who then returns the ball to you with one touch as you run into space. Effective for beating defenders and catching you opponents off guard.

Through ball A through ball is a pass made into open space where a teammate can run onto. Great for beating defenders to create opening. ⏇

Lofted passing Lofted pass is a pass made into the air over your opposition and into teammates.

Soccer Ibook  

Rules, positions of soccer, including the strategies

Soccer Ibook  

Rules, positions of soccer, including the strategies