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Prediction of the Dynamic Behaviour of the Pilot Wastewater Treatment Plant Igor Plazl*, Tine Koloini*, Meta Levstek**, Olga Burica**, Marjeta Strazar** •

*Universty of Ljubljana; Department of Chemical Engineering, Askerceva 5, 1001 Ljubljana


**Domzale-Kamnik Wastewater Treatment Plant, Studljanska 91, 1230 Domzale

Abstract In the modern wastewater reactor technology the dynamic modeling proved to be a valuable tool for the simulation of wastewater tretment performance especially in the cases of problematic inflow characteristic and unoptimal process conditions (1). Due to the stringent EU legislation the Domzale-Kamnik WWTP of 200.000 PE is confronted with need to specify the inhibiting processes and quality parameters on system. The full scale plant receives 40 % of municipal and 60 % of industrial wastewater which includes different inhibitory substances. As the full-scale plant is liable also to the changing of the process conditions, the CSTR pilot plant of 15 liters was installed including nitrogen removal. The system is operating in the single sludge mode at the specified process conditions (temperature, dissolved oxygen, flow, recycle ratio), feeded with artificial wastewater. The results (organic nitrogen, ammonium, nitrate, COD, stehiometric and kinetic parameters) and operation parameters of the pilot plant were determined in laboratory by standard laboratory methods. This results served as an input parameters for the static model based on real conditions and developed according to IAWQ model No.1 (2). The model simulated the real process sucessfully. The suitabilty of static test model was checked by using the variable flow, wastewater quality, which made the model dynamic. The simulation study proved in reality to be able to predict the main process conditions in the case of troubleshooting or inhibitory inflow. A comparison of the real pilot plant parameters and model simulation was done proving the model confidence in the sence of carbon and nitrogen removal. References 1) I.Plazl, G.Pipus, M.Drolka, T.Koloini, Parametric Sensitivity and Evaluation of a Dynamic Model for Single-Stage Wastewater Treatment Plant, Acta Chim. Slov., 1999,

46(2), pp. 289-300. 2) M. Hence, C.P.L. Grady, W. Gujer, G.v.R. Marais, T. Matsuo, Activated Sludge Model No. 1, IAWQ Scientific and Technical Reports No. 1, IAWPRC, London, 1987, ISSN 1010-707X.