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“I’m drawn to songs that show me how others have lived their lives and sorted through their problems—that’s the great wisdom in traditional music, and in the songs that will become the tradition in other generations. They’ve shown me how to live, and if others learn something from my passing them on, that’s another pleasure.” It is with this in mind that we close today’s program with his setting of the Judy Goodenough poem, Turning of the Year. Please join in singing the refrain the second and fourth time. We thank members of the concert choir for creating harmonies to this beautiful melody.

—Susan Bialek

From the Board President

Welcome families, friends and patrons of CCM—it is a pleasure and privilege to celebrate our 40th anniversary with you! Performance, though just a small part of the CCM experience, culminates in the concert experience; hours of music education form the real foundation for learning the fundamentals of theory—thus making the CCM-experience a unique-experience.

There are numerous individuals that we can recognize for sharing their time and talents with our children, but it is the choristers and their parents that make the many sacrifices necessary for CCM to exist. We are all a team that understands the true value of a strong musical education. Tuitions and concert sales offset only a small part of our budget. Our survival depends upon the donations from our generous patrons. Please take a moment, during this season of giving, to consider a gift to the Children’s Chorus of Maryland. I thank you. Jack Vaeth President and Parent Representative CCM Board of Directors

4 Children’s Chorus of Maryland

CCM: 40th Anniversary Holiday Concert - Splendor and Peace  

Susan Bialek, artistic director & conductor Patricia McKewen Amato, piano Gordon Center for Performing Arts 3506 Gwynnbrook Avenue, Owings...