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texts & translations Nouvelles Agréables Good news! A poor child is born to us. He is in a stable. He is given to us. In the night the Christ is born. It was for us he was created. Come shepherds to offer your hearts. Love this most loveable child.

Hava Nashira Let us sing together, sing alleluia

Rad Halaila

Translation by Kristen Merryman

Traditional Hebrew Lyrics

Ya’Akov Orland and Abraham Zevi Idelsohn

Night descends, and great is our song which breaks through the heavens. Again, again our Hora, renewed sevenfold. Again, again, and let us go around. For our path has no end; for the chain still continues. For our heart is one heart, now and always, for the chain continues.

Hava Nagila Let’s rejoice. Let’s rejoice and be happy. Let’s sing. Let’s sing and be happy. Awake, awake brothers. Awake, brothers, with a happy heart.

Traditional Hebrew Folk Song

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Winter Joy: Holiday Concert 2012


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37th Annual Holiday Concert