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Inspired by water

Veth Compact Grid Are you looking for a compact bow thruster that is easy to

The Veth Compact Grid offers the advantages of two existing

install, provides maximum thrust with minimum immersion

Veth solutions: the simplicity of the Veth Steering Grid and

and that can also be used for emergency propulsion? If so

the angled screw of the Veth Compact Jet.

the Veth Compact Grid is the right option for you. Advantages of the Veth Compact Grid • Very simple and robust design • Higher efficiency by placing the propeller at an angle of 17 degrees • Maximum thrust with minimum immersion • 360 degree steering • Very favourable price and technology ratio • Can be used as an emergency propulsion • Compact and easy to build • Electric and hydraulic drive options available

No gearbox, directly driven by electric motor

Hydrodynamically optimized housing The propellor is placed at an angle of 17 degrees

Stearable screen

Type VCG-600, electrically driven

Veth Compact Grid Simplicity is the key The innovative aspect of the Veth Compact Grid is that simplicity

Technical specifications

served as the basis for the development. The lack of gearbox has







resulted in an attractive price, and limited maintenance is required. Operation The propeller is driven by a hydraulic or electric motor. With a VCG400 and VCG-600 it is placed directly on the propeller. With the VCG-750 a reduction gear unit is used. Water is sucked through the propeller at an angle under the vessel. The water needs to bend less, resulting in a higher yield. The water is then guided to the outside through a hydrodynamic streamlined housing, passing through a grill. This grill is directly controllable through 360 degrees.

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