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Warm Dark and Dark Cold The first scenes are silent. The footage is grainy, as if the world being shown has gone through a storm of broken glass shards. As if the air has been delicately mangled. There are figures on the ground, squirming, and it is impossible to tell if they are outside or inside. They could be in an abandoned factory or in a very spacious bedroom or in the middle of a meadow in the middle of the night. We are watching them in the dark. I mean we’re in the dark ourselves. Dust floats in the light from the projector. It is a warm dark. Outside, there is a cold dark. The figures squirm as if they were trying to wrest free from their shadows. There is mud and white streaming rivulets. There is grain in the abandoned spaces and white streaming light dripping from the middles. The director has arranged the scene on two levels: there are things that blink and things that remain still. The light blinks and the mouths of the figures blink and some of the limbs blink back and forth out of the dark areas of the scene into the lighter areas. But some mouths seem to be crusted over. And all of the eyes are crusted over. Or maybe they 11

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