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June 2011 Volume XXXVIII, Number 12

Your voices made a difference By Mark Leonard, General Manager As a supporter of Illinois Public Media, you are sure to have heard a lot about the proposed cuts in federal funding for public broadcasting. Several bills were introduced in both the House and Senate that threatened to reduce or eliminate support. In addition, cuts to our funding were also part of the negotiations for drafting and enacting the 2011 Continuing Resolution. I’m pleased to let you know that efforts to defund federal support for public broadcasting have, so far, been unsuccessful. Only one casualty has occurred, with funding for a federal equipment assistance program (NTIA/PTFP) eliminated from the budget. It has been a challenging period, to say the least. Federal support makes up about 25 percent of Illinois Public Media’s operating budget. Reductions in state and University funding have already occurred, and we have a limited capacity to absorb any additional reductions without a cutback in services. The financial challenges our country is facing are daunting—but the elimination of public broadcasting’s $420 million federal appropriation would have miniscule effect on the deficit. That funding represents an investment of $1.35 per year per citizen, an investment that the American public has repeatedly cited as the second best investment of federal tax dollars behind defense. This tiny investment results in programming that more than 170 million Americans take advantage of every month. That’s where the website got its name. Since its creation in January, almost 400,000 people have signed up to receive information about the funding of public broadcasting, including timely updates about legislative threats to funding. Subscribers to the site were armed with accurate information about the community impact of public radio and television, and the potential damage that would occur if these dramatic funding cuts were implemented.

Discussions about raising the federal debt limit are now beginning, and budget planning for FY 2012 is just around the corner. Funding cuts for public broadcasting are sure to emerge again as we struggle for sound financial policy for our country. Please continue to follow this issue closely if you value what Illinois Public Media provides. The very existence of public media is in jeopardy. If that concerns you, I urge you to sign up for updates at, and to continue to let your elected officials know your feelings about the value of public broadcasting.


Thank you.


Photos: Michael Owen Thomas

June news series: Life on Route 150 Few highways link and unite east central Illinois like U.S. Route 150. From Indiana, it enters the state east of Paris, heads due north through Edgar and Vermilion counties, bends west at Danville and parallels Interstate 74 through the towns of Oakwood, St. Joseph, ChampaignUrbana, Mahomet, Farmer City, LeRoy and Bloomington-Normal. It passes forests, cuts through miles of prairie and meanders through or near the area’s tiniest hamlets and largest communities. Illinois Public Media (IPM) reporters have used Route 150 as the central thread for weeks of intensive reporting on matters that face us all: the spread of suburban development and the stability of small towns, access to food, health care or other services for rural and urban families, government funding problems that affect state parks, farms and cities. What you’ll hear from the people and places in our Life on Route 150 series mirrors the issues affecting our entire region. For instance, one story will consider people’s access to healthy food. Sociologists are concerned about what they call “food deserts”: large areas without a convenient, nearby source of fresh meat or produce, where residents have to either make travel arrangements to an outlying store or make do with less nutritious, more expensive processed foods found at convenience stores. They may be in city neighborhoods or in rural areas that haven’t been served by a local grocery for years. Many of the ideas for these stories come directly from community members who participated in recent community conversations as part of IPM’s engagement efforts. We want to make sure that our reporting matches and reflects the issues our listeners feel are most important to them. You’ll hear features from the Life on Route 150 series throughout the month of June on Morning Edition and All Things Considered. You can also listen to stories and find pictures, data and other information related to Route 150 on IPM’s new community engagement website,

Your pledge drive favorites return Many of the programs that proved most popular with our WILLTV supporters are back for the June pledge drive. Check the TV listings (page 12) for Saturday, June 4 through Sunday, June 12, for such favorites as Suze Orman’s Money Class; Rock, Pop and Doo Wop; Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughn In Session and Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2. PATTERNS • JUNE 2011 1

Rumblings of Imminence:


wM Ne


Zone c i m s i rid Se

When Nathaniel Schurter was a student at Southern Illinois University, he was surprised to see emergency instructions posted about how to deal with an earthquake. It was his first introduction to living in the New Madrid Seismic Zone. Now the Champaign filmmaker has made a documentary about the zone, Rumblings of Imminence, airing at 7:30 pm Thursday, June 2, on WILL-TV.


The program looks at a series of earthquakes near New Madrid, Mo., 200 years ago that rocked the entire eastern half of the North American continent. The event represents one of the largest releases of seismic energy anywhere in the world during the last 25,000 years.  Witnesses reported that the Mississippi River ran backwards, the ground rolled like the swells of an ocean and giant chasms opened

and closed in the ground. The original settlement of New Madrid fell away into the Mississippi River. For the people living in the region, it seemed as though the end of the world was upon them.  The documentary also examines the likelihood of an earthquake in the zone today, and how it could have an impact far beyond the Midwest. “It’s clear that the Midwest is ill-prepared for another earthquake,” Schurter said. “Much work needs to be done if we hope to avoid a major catastrophe.”

Little girl, big talent Jackie Evancho: Dream with Me in Concert (7 pm Sunday, June 5, WILL-TV) marks the solo concert debut of the 11-year-old girl with an extraordinary soprano voice. After her debut on America’s Got Talent, she was the youngest star of Great Performances’ Hitman Returns: David Foster & Friends that aired on WILL-TV in March. In that program, she performed virtuoso interpretations of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Pie Jesu and Puccini’s O Mio Babbino Caro. This new Great Performances concert, filmed on the grounds of The John and Mable Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, Fla., will celebrate the release of her first full-length CD. 2 PATTERNS • JUNE 2011

A new series on WILL-AM this month looks at some of the big debates in the field of American education. Whose responsibility is it to provide public education? How should it be funded? Who should determine a public school’s curriculum? Should teachers be held accountable for student achievement? Elizabeth Goldsmith-Conley, a ChampaignUrbana educator who has taught at every level from nursery school through college, is producer and host of the four-part series, Examining Education, airing at 6 pm Saturdays. “Educational issues are being debated and getting a lot of news coverage. There’s the race to the top, teacher accountability, along with adopting core standards and whether that means a national curriculum,” she said. “The series looks at some of these issues and tries to put them in a broad context.” The first part about the responsibility of providing education features James Anderson, University of Illinois professor of educational policy studies, and Andrew Coulson of the Cato Institute, who debate the best way to achieve a quality education for all children. Anderson believes it’s the state’s responsibility and Coulson thinks a more efficient path to universal literacy is through the marketplace. In part two about the funding of public education, Ralph Martire, executive director of the bipartisan Center for Tax and Budget Accountability, analyzes school funding problems in Illinois and offers solutions. Other experts discuss the pros and cons of privatizing public education. Part three on school curriculum features Judy Wiegand, director of secondary curriculum and staff development for the Champaign School District, explaining the factors that shape the actual curriculum of the district’s schools. Other guests will include

nationally known educational experts who will provide an overview of the historical forces and ideas that shape curriculum, and look at the Common Core State Standards movement. Part four covers teacher accountability. How accountable are teachers for student achievement? How should they be evaluated? One of the guests will be Thomas Kane, a Harvard professor who is project director of a Gates Foundation study exploring the effectiveness of valueadded assessment of teachers. For a full list of and information about the experts interviewed in the series, visit

It must be summer — the History Detectives are back! The History Detectives begin their 2011 season at 7 pm Tuesday, June 21. Mysterious airplane engine parts lead Eduardo Pagán to a forbidden Hawaiian island where he finds a heroic story often overshadowed by the raid on Pearl Harbor. Then Elyse Luray tries to match metal shavings to the right cannon. What role did these shavings play in the early hours of the Civil War? An early 20th century saddle puts Wes Cowan on the trail of Yakima Cunutt. How did this rodeo champion change Hollywood movie-making? At 8 pm Tuesday, June 28, Wes Cowan decodes the message and the strategy behind a U.S. World War II propaganda leaflet. Next, Gwen Wright traces a cherished family watercolor painting to the world of Tiffany stained glass to discover how Tiffany opened a window of opportunity for early 20th century women. And almost a century later, Tukufu Zuberi unites a nephew and a son of two Spanish Civil War soldiers immortalized in a touching eulogy. Photo: Courtesy of Stephanie Berger

Examining the big questions about education


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Wednesday: Deutsche Welle Festival Concerts: 2010 Beethovenfest in Bonn

German Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Paavo Jarvi, cond; Helene Grimaud, piano SCHUMANN; BEETHOVEN German Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra Paavo Jarvi, cond; Sol Gabetta, cello BEETHOVEN; SCHUMANN; et al Bavarian State Orchestra Kent Nagano, cond BEETHOVEN; BRUCKNER Sinfonica Heliopolis Roberto Tibirica, cond; Shlomo Mintz, violin TCHAIKOVSKY; BEETHOVEN Teresa Careno Youth Orchestra of Venezuela Christian Vasquez, cond BEETHOVEN; TCHAIKOVSKY

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6/1 6/8 6/15 6/22 6/29

Kevin’s get-together features music and a daily serving of news about, and interviews with, area musicmakers, plus a calendar of regional music events.

1 pm Afternoon Classics

Thursday: 2010 Gilmore International Keyboard Festival

9 am Classic Mornings with Vic Di Geronimo Join Vic for music and companionship and make each morning a classic morning!

Julie Amacher, Lynn Warfel and Mindy Ratner keep you company throughout the afternoon. Garrison Keillor’s The Writer’s Almanac is at 1:01. NPR News Headlines at 3:01.

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7 pm The Evening Concert Great orchestras from the great concert venues. Listings are subject to change.

Monday: Live! At the Concertgebouw 6/6 6/13 6/20 6/27

Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Vladimir Jurovski, cond; Nikolaj Znaider, violin ELGAR; TCHAIKOVSKY Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic Frans Bruggen, cond; Esther Misbeek, basset horn; Frank van den Brink, clarinet MOZART; MENDELSSOHN Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra Daniele Gatti, cond WAGNER; MAHLER Netherlands Radio Chamber Philharmonic Jaap van Zweden, cond; Nikolai Luganski, piano WAGENAAR; TCHAIKOVSKY; PROKOFIEV

Tuesday: New York Philharmonic This Week

Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra (Wynton Marsalis, Artistic Director) Alan Gilbert, cond; Wynton Marsalis, trumpet MARSALIS (World Premiere); R. STRAUSS; HINDEMITH 6/14 The New York Philharmonic in Prague Alan Gilbert, cond; Lisa Batiashvili, violin BARTOK; BEETHOVEN


6/9 6/16 6/23

2010 Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival 6/2 6/9 6/16 6/23


Mitsuko Uchida, cond; piano All MOZART program

New York Philharmonic This Week 6/28

Alan Gilbert, cond; Anne-Sophie Mutter, violin BEETHOVEN; CURRIER (World Premiere); BRUCKNER


Lynn Harrell, cello; Yuja Wang, piano MENDELSSOHN; BEETHOVEN Yuja Wang, piano; William Preucil, violin SCRIABIN; DVORAK Lynn Harrell, cello; Cho-Liang Lin, violin BACH; FRANCK Marc Neikrug, piano; David Schifrin, clarinet JOACHIM; MOZART

2010 Salzburg Festival 6/30

Evgeny Kissin, piano SCHUMANN; CHOPIN

Friday: Prairie Performances 6/3

6/10 6/17


Chicago Symphony Orchestra

Gilmore Festival Chamber Orchestra David Lockington, cond; David Schrader, fortepiano MOZART; LISZT ATOS Trio; Ingrid Fliter, piano BRAHMS; SCHUMANN Louis Lortie, piano; Jonathan Biss, piano CHOPIN; BEETHOVEN Grand Rapids Symphony David Lockington, cond; Charlie Albright, piano SCRIABIN; MOZART; TCHAIKOVSKY


Sinfonia da Camera (3/12/11) Ian Hobson, music director BEETHOVEN; SMETANA; GROFE TBA C-U Symphony (4/2/11) Steven Larsen, cond HONEGGER; SIBELIUS; DVORAK Hahn Bin, violin Sinfonia da Camera (4/7/11) Ian Hobson, music director MOZART; DUKAS; KORNGOLD; GOUNOD; LISZT

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7 am NPR Weekend Edition

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John Frayne’s weekly exploration of memorable recordings from the 20th century. 6/4 Jascha Heifetz’s 1930s Concerto Recordings 6/11 Compositions Composers Love to Hate 6/18 Most Popular Composers and Compositions 6/25 Furtwaengler’s Landmark 1951 Beethoven’s Ninth

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Noon Afternoon at the Opera

4 pm NPR All Things Considered

The Chicago Lyric Opera Season continues. *Note late start on 6/18 for Opera Gala. 6/4 A MIDSUMMER NIGHT’S DREAM (B. Britten). Rory MacDonald, cond, with David Daniels, Anna Christy and Peter Rose. 6/11 UN BALLO IN MASCHERA (G. Verdi). Asher Fisch, cond, with Frank Lopardo, Sondra Radvanovsky, Mark Delavan and Kathleen Kim. 6/18 *OPERA GALA (1 pm). American Sopranos and Tenors Sing the High Notes from “C to Shining C.” See article page 6. 6/25 THE GIRL OF THE GOLDEN WEST (G. Puccini). Sir Andrew Davis, cond, with Deborah Voigt, Marcello Giordani and Marco Vratogna.

5 pm Classical Music Mindy Ratner and Valerie Kahler are your hosts. NPR News Headlines at 7:01.

10 pm Harmonia Angela Mariani presents Baroque and early music. NPR News Headlines at 10:01.

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David Daniels (noon 6/4)


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Opera Gala

hits the high notes

It’s time to honor

Join this year’s fun with Roger Cooper, Michael Cervone and John Frayne for Opera Gala at 1 pm Saturday, June 18, on WILL-FM. This year’s program title is American Sopranos and Tenors Sing the High Notes from “C to Shining C.” Call in a request to 217-265-5084 during the show with the name of the artist and piece of music that you feel gives the best performance of those high notes!


Don’t miss Fathers and Sons: Keeping It in the Family, a new Father’s Day special from 5-6 pm Sunday, June 19, on FM 90.9. Join Roger Cooper as he explores the art of two-generation music family names such as Serkin, Shostakovich (right), Romero, Bach and many others.


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2:00 pm How To M: The Piano Guy Tu: Wai Lana Yoga W: Garden Smart Th: Scrapbook Memories F: Woodwright’s Shop


june tv features

New cases challenge Poirot Masterpiece Mystery! brings back David Suchet as suave Belgian super sleuth Hercule Poirot in new mysteries based on the novels by Agatha Christie. In Poirot: Three Act Tragedy (8 pm Sunday, June 19), the detective’s friend Sir Charles Cartwright hosts a cocktail party at his home where a local reverend chokes to death. Murder seems impossible, but when a second guest dies under similar circumstances, Poirot investigates further. Then, in Poirot: The Clocks (8 pm Sunday, June 26) the sleuth assists in a murder investigation, but mounting complications cause him to suspect an international political cover-up.

Celebrating the six string

Experience Yellowstone from the air

Photo: Courtesy of Masterpiece

t Grand prizmatic spring at Yellowstone

Organized by Eric Clapton in June 2010, the world’s most talented guitar players staged an 11-hour performance in Chicago’s Toyota Park for a sold-out audience of 27,000 fans. Great Performances presents the highlights in Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival 3 at 8:50 pm Saturday, June 4. Performers include Robert Cray, Cheryl Crow, Jimmie Vaughan, B. B. King, Steve Winwood, Sonny Landreth, Jeff Beck (below right), Gary Clark Jr., Buddy Guy, ZZ Top, Jonny Lang, Keb’ Mo’ and many others.

Singing about America

Photo: Paul Simon Private Photo Collection

Courtesy of Kevin Mazur (2010)

Controversial at the time, this 1969 CBS television program features footage of Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel on stage, in the studio and on tour. Also included are video montages of key newsmakers and events, including Martin Luther King, Robert Kennedy, Cesar Chavez, and the Poor People’s March on Washington. Simon and Garfunkel: Songs of America airs at 7:30 pm Friday, June 10.

This is country music Opry Memories (8 pm Thursday, June 9) will take you back to the golden era of country music with footage of original performances recently restored to top quality sound and video. Taped at the historic Ryman Auditorium, Dolly Parton, Johnny Cash, George Jones, Loretta Lynn and many others perform their biggest hits in the prime of their careers. t Country music legend Bill Anderson and host John Schneider. Photo: Courtesy of Don Olea

A new special will reveal the first-ever aerial tour of Yellowstone National Park to celebrate its natural wonders and to provide a brief contextual history of its geology, Native peoples and wildlife. Scenes include the Lamar Valley, the Geyser Basins and parts of Yellowstone as seen during the flight of a bald eagle. Above Yellowstone airs at 7 pm Tuesday, June 7.

PATTERNS • MAY 2011 11

WILL-TV Friday Night Public Affairs 7:00 Washington Week 7:30 Need to Know

BritCom Saturday Night 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 11:15

As Time Goes By The Old Guys Keeping Up Appearances Black Books Red Green Show Doctor Who Doctor Who Confidential

1Wednesday 7:00 American Masters (TV-G) Maestro James Levine: 40 Years at the Met. Learn how Levine has transformed the Met, elicited legendary performances from leading singers and nurtured new generations of artists. Repeated 4 am Friday; and 2:30 am Sunday. 8:00 Great Performances at the Met (TV-PG) Nixon In China. Composer John Adams conducts the Met premiere of his most famous opera, featuring baritone James Maddalena in the title role. Repeated midnight Thursday; 1 am Friday; and 1:30 am Monday. 11:00 Charlie Rose

2Thursday 7:00 Illinois Gardener 7:30 New Madrid Seismic Zone: Rumblings of Imminence (TV-G) See article page 2. Repeated 12:30 am 6/10. 8:00 Hustle (TV-14) Picture Perfect. Mickey and his team set up an elaborate scam to swindle a greedy gallery owner by faking an early Mondrian painting. 9:00 This Old House Hour (TV-G) 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose

3Friday 7:00 Friday Night Public Affairs See above. 8:30 Ebert Presents at the Movies (TV-PG) 9:00 Friday Night Mystery (TV-G) Sherlock Holmes: The Naval Treaty. When a secret treaty between Great Britain and Italy disappears, the Foreign Office contacts Holmes. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


10:00 Stop Back Pain with Dr. Vijay Vad 11:30 3 Steps to Incredible Health! with Dr. Joel Fuhrman 1:00 Eat & Cook Healthy! with Dr. John LaPuma 2:30 Above Yellowstone See article page 10. Repeated 7 pm Tuesday. 3:30 Treasure Trackers


5:00 Lawrence Welk’s Big Band Splash 7:00 My Music: Moments to Remember (TV-G) Original performances by legends of the late 1950s and early 1960s pop era, including Frankie Laine, Rosemary Clooney, Nat King Cole, The Platters and many others. 8:50 Great Performances (TV-PG) Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival 3. See article page 10. Repeated midnight Tuesday; 2 am Wednesday; 10 pm 6/11; and 2 am 6/13. 11:20 Tommy Emmanuel and Friends: Live from the Balboa Theatre (TV-G) See article page 17. Repeated 8:20 pm Sunday.

5Sunday Qi Gong: Deeper Flow with Lee Holden Over 40 & You’re Hired with Robin Ryan Suze Orman’s Money Class Doctor Who Great Performances (TV-G) Jackie Evancho: Dream with Me In Concert. See article page 2. 8:20 Tommy Emmanuel and Friends: Live from the Balboa Theatre (TV-G) See article page 17. Repeated from 11:20 pm Saturday. 9:40 Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan In Session (TV-G) The live 1983 jam session by two of the greatest musicians ever to have played the blues on electric guitar. 11:30 Jammin at Hippie Jack’s (TV-PG) Webb Wilder & The Beatnecks, Part 1.

1:00 2:00 4:00 6:00 7:00

6Monday 1:00 New Play Piano in a Flash 6:00 PBS NewsHour 7:00 Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2 Members of the original 1985 London cast and performers from the Queen’s Theatre production celebrate the world’s longest-running musical. Repeated 3 pm Sunday. 11:00 Charlie Rose

7Tuesday 1:00 Stop Back Pain with Dr. Vijay Vad 6:00 PBS NewsHour 7:00 Above Yellowstone See article page 10. Repeated from 2:30 pm Saturday. 8:00 My Music: Rock, Pop and Doo Wop (TV-G) Recorded in May 2010, this special includes new live performances and rare late 1950s and early 1960s classics from the Dick Clark vaults. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


1:00 Painting the Wyland Way: Live in Studio 6:00 PBS NewsHour


Champaign Cycle

Because good things happen when you ride a bicycle 7:00 Suze Orman’s Money Class (TV-G) Orman offers new strategies for saving and investing, building a career, planning for retirement and more. 9:00 Out In America (TV-PG) See article page 17. 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


1:00 3 Steps to Incredible Health! with Dr. Joel Fuhrman 6:00 PBS NewsHour 7:00 Illinois Gardener 8:00 Opry Memories See article page 11. Repeated 4 pm Saturday. 9:30 Behind the Britcom: From Script to Screen (TV-G) Discover how the writers, directors and actors of your favorite British comedies create the shows you enjoy. 11:30 Charlie Rose

10Friday Suze Orman’s Money Class PBS NewsHour Washington Week Simon and Garfunkel: Songs of America 1969 (TV-PG) See article page 11. 8:50 Friday Night Mystery (TV-G) Sherlock Holmes: The Solitary Cyclist. Violet Smith consults Sherlock Holmes about a mysterious cyclist who has been following her on a regular basis. 10:00 Friday Night Mystery (TV-G) Sherlock Holmes: The Crooked Man. Holmes and Watson investigate the violent death of Colonel James Barclay. 11:00 Charlie Rose

1:00 6:00 7:00 7:30

The Bicycle Specialists

Trek Fisher Dahon

506 S. Country Fair Drive Champaign (217) 352-7600

11Saturday 10:00 noon 2:00 4:00 5:30 7:00

New Play Piano in a Flash Over 40 and You’re Hired with Robin Ryan Suze Orman’s Money Class Opry Memories Rat Pack: Live and Swingin’ Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Dallas, Tex. Part 3 of 3. 8:00 Last of the Summer Wine Marathon 10:00 Great Performances (TV-PG) Eric Clapton Crossroads Guitar Festival 3. Repeated from 8:50 pm 6/4.

12Sunday 1:00 Rick Steves’ Viva Espana! 3:00 Les Miserables 25th Anniversary Concert at the O2 7:00 Nature (TV-G) (DVS) Underdogs. Two purebred dogs are selected from animal shelters, taught to hone their skills as working dogs, then tested to judge their success. 8:15 Masterpiece Mystery! (TV-PG) (DVS) Poirot X: Appointment with Death. While on holiday in Syria, Poirot finds himself drawn into a murder investigation located at an archaeological site on the brink of making a major discovery. 10:00 Ebert Presents at the Movies (TV-PG) 10:30 Globe Trekker (TV-PG) Central China. 11:30 Jammin at Hippie Jack’s (TV-PG) Webb Wilder & The Beatnecks, Part 2.

13Monday 7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Wichita, Kan. Part 1 of 3. Repeated 3 am Tuesday; 4 am Wednesday; and 3 am and 7 pm Saturday. 8:00 American Experience (TV-14) (DVS) Stonewall Uprising. With archival footage and PATTERNS • JUNE 2011 13

WILL-TV the stories of those who took part, learn about the June 1969 raid on the Stonewall Inn when gay men and women fought back, ushering in the gay rights movement. Repeated midnight Tuesday; 2 am Wednesday; and 3 am 6/20. 9:30 Fatherloss (TV-G) Through personal interviews, including one with Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Joel Pett, this special explores the unique grief sons face when they lose their fathers. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


7:00 Secrets of the Dead (TV-PG) (DVS) Doping for Gold. A look inside the secretive Cold War world of East German athletes, examining what drugs were used, how they were distributed and what damage they did to many of the athletes who were forced to take them. Repeated 1 am Wednesday; and 1 am Thursday. 8:00 Frontline TBA. 9:00 Independent Lens (TV-14) Two Spirits. See article page 19. Repeated 2 am Thursday; and 2 am Sunday. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


7:00 Secrets of the Dead (TV-PG) (DVS) Michelangelo Revealed. New discoveries surrounding this master artisan involve brave religious expression, personal vendettas, careful cover-ups and a gifted artist desperately trying to reconcile his loyalty to the Church with his personal belief about the road to salvation. 8:00 NOVA (TV-PG) (DVS) Musical Minds. Case studies from neurologist Dr. Oliver Sacks’ latest book, Musicophilia,


10:00 10:30 11:00

provide insight into the extraordinary impact music can have on the human brain. Repeated midnight Thursday; and 2:30 am Friday. The Lord Is Not On Trial Here Today (TVPG) The personal story behind a landmark First Amendment case from Champaign, Illinois, which established the separation of church and state in public schools. Last of the Summer Wine Are You Being Served? Charlie Rose


7:00 Illinois Gardener Repeated 11 am Saturday. 7:30 Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions (TV-G) Luzern, Switzerland. 8:00 Hustle (TV-14) Cops and Robbers. When he crosses paths with a former fraud squad officer who’s now head of security at a bank, Mickey is blackmailed into helping catch a bank robber. Repeated 5 pm Sunday. 9:00 This Old House Hour (TV-G) Repeated 4:30 pm Saturday. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


7:00 Friday Night Public Affairs See page 12. 8:30 Ebert Presents at the Movies (TV-PG) Repeated 11 pm Sunday. 9:00 Friday Night Mystery (TV-G) Sherlock Holmes: The Speckled Band. Holmes and Watson investigate the motives of Dr. Grimsby Roylott in keeping a deadly snake. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose

In-Store Nutritionist

Local r ts A natural food store offering you more local produce, dairy and meats for more than 35 years.

Strawberry Fields 306 W. S P R I N G F I E L D A V E N U E , U R B A N A • 3 2 8 -1 6 5 5 W W W . S T R AW B E R R Y - F I E L D S . C O M


Susan Kundrat MS, RD, LDN, CSSD

Listen to Susan the second Wednesday of every month in the 10 a.m. hour on WILL AM, or visit her from 11-1 every Wednesday at Strawberry Fields.

18Saturday 7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Wichita, Kan. Part 1 of 3. Repeated from 7 pm Monday. 8:00 BritCom Saturday Night See page 12. 11:30 Austin City Limits (TV-PG) Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings/Carolyn Wonderland.

19Sunday 7:00 Nature (TV-PG) Victoria Falls. Experience the changing seasons near the world’s largest waterfall as it divides two natural worlds where the countries of Zambia and Zimbabwe intersect. Repeated 4 am Tuesday. 8:00 Masterpiece Mystery! (TV-PG) Poirot XI: Three Act Tragedy. See article page 10. Repeated midnight Monday; 2 am Tuesday; and 1:30 am Saturday. 9:30 Boxing Gym (TV-PG) Verite documentarian Frederick Wiseman uses the boxing gym as an example of the American “melting pot,” where people of many races dream together of success, riches and prominence. Repeated 1:30 am Monday. 11:00 Ebert Presents at the Movies (TV-PG) Repeated from 8:30 pm Friday. 11:30 Jammin at Hippie Jack’s (TV-PG) Goose Creek Symphony, Part 1.


7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Wichita, Kan. Part 2 of 3. Repeated 1 am Tuesday; 3 am Wednesday; and 7 pm Saturday. 8:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Wichita, Kan. Part 3 of 3. Repeated 4 am Wednesday. 9:00 American Experience (TV-PG) Abraham and Mary Lincoln, A House Divided: Ambition. Part 1 of 6. The story of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln’s childhoods. Repeated midnight Tuesday; and 2 am Wednesday. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose

21Tuesday 7:00 History Detectives (TV-PG) See article page 3. Repeated 1 am Wednesday. 8:00 Frontline TBA. 9:00 POV (TV-PG) Kings of Pastry. See article page 17. Repeated 3 am Thursday; and 2 am Sunday. 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


7:00 Secrets of the Dead (TV-PG) (DVS) Blackbeard’s Lost Ship. Marine archaeology team members believe they have found the

WILL-TV sunken flagship of Edward Teach, alias Blackbeard the Pirate, off the North Carolina coast. 8:00 NOVA (TV-PG) (DVS) Space Shuttle Disaster. Through interviews with astronauts and members of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board, this program offers a new look at the February 2003 tragedy over Texas. Repeated midnight Thursday; and 2 am Friday. 9:00 Bad Blood: A Cautionary Tale (TV-PG) A chronicle of how a treatment for hemophilia became an agent of death for 10,000 Americans, and the fight to make the approval system for new medicines safer. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


7:00 Illinois Gardener Repeated 11 am Saturday. 7:30 Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions (TV-G) Ireland. 8:00 Hustle (TV-14) A Touch of Class. Desperate for a lucrative con, the team decides to fleece a bitter, rich divorcee, but Mickey’s feelings for her begin to cloud the issue. 9:00 This Old House Hour (TV-G) Repeated 4:30 pm Saturday. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose

24Friday 7:00 Friday Night Public Affairs See page 12. 8:30 Ebert Presents at the Movies (TV-PG) Repeated 9:30 pm Sunday. 9:00 Friday Night Mystery (TV-G) Sherlock Holmes: The Blue Carbuncle. A mysterious jewel with a sinister history is stolen from the Countess of Morcar and later discovered inside a Christmas goose. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Wichita, Kan. Part 2 of 3. Repeated from 7 pm Monday. 8:00 BritCom Saturday Night See page 12. 11:30 Austin City Limits (TV-PG) Manu Chao.


7:00 Nature (TV-G) (DVS) The Beauty of Ugly. In the animal world, some of the most aesthetically challenged creatures are also the most fascinating. Repeated 4 am Tuesday. 8:00 Masterpiece Mystery! (TV-PG) Poirot XI: The Clocks. See article page 10. Repeated midnight Monday; and 2 am Tuesday. PATTERNS • JUNE 2011 15


9:30 Ebert Presents at the Movies (TV-PG) Repeated from 8:30 pm Friday. 10:00 Globe Trekker (TV-PG) Micronesia. 11:00 Woodsongs (TV-G) Lukas Nelson & the Promise of the Real/ Jubal’s Kin.

27Monday 7:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Washington, D.C. Part 3 of 3. Repeated 1 am Tuesday; 3 am Wednesday; and 7 pm Saturday. 8:00 Antiques Roadshow (TV-G) Politically Collect. 9:00 American Experience (TV-PG) Abraham and Mary Lincoln, A House Divided: We Are Elected. Part 2 of 6. The tempestuous Lincoln marriage weathers Abraham’s career in the House of Representatives and campaign for the presidency. Repeated midnight Tuesday; and 2 am Wednesday. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


7:00 History Detectives (TV-PG) See article page 3. Repeated 1 am Wednesday. 8:00 Frontline TBA. 9:00 POV My Perestroika. With candor and humor, five classmates tell the story of the challenges, dreams and disappointments of the last generation raised behind the Iron Curtain. Repeated 2 am Thursday. 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


29Wednesday 7:00 Secrets of the Dead (TV-PG) (DVS) Executed In Error. New findings seem to exonerate Hawley Crippen, who was convicted of poisoning and brutally dismembering his wife in 1910. 8:00 NOVA (TV-PG) (DVS) What Are Dreams? The leading dream researchers reveal the results of their works with human narcoleptics and sleepwalking cats, those suffering from recurrent nightmares and others who can’t dream. 9:00 Mammoth Cave: A Way to Wonder (TV-G) Tales of exploration and discovery covering thousands of years of history, culture and science reveal the story of Mammoth Cave National Park. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose


7:00 Illinois Gardener Repeated 11 am Saturday. 7:30 Burt Wolf: Travels & Traditions (TV-G) Burt Wolf’s Family Vacation: Czech Republic and Switzerland. 8:00 Hustle (TV-14) The Last Gamble. Mickey and his team use “the wire” con on a mark who’s just received a controversial half-million pound payout after being fired from his job. 9:00 This Old House Hour (TV-G) Repeated 4:30 pm Saturday. 10:00 Last of the Summer Wine 10:30 Are You Being Served? 11:00 Charlie Rose

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Hegedus

more tv features WILL-TV

Getting their just desserts s


What a party!

Photo: Courtesy of KPBS

In POV: Kings of Pastry (9 pm Tuesday, June 21), award-winning filmmakers Chris Hegedus and D. A. Pennebaker offer an in-depth look at the competition for the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France awards, the country’s Nobel Prize for pastry. Experience the work of 16 chefs (including Jacquy Pfeiffer, co-founder of Chicago’s French Pastry School and Chef Sebastien Canonne, above) as they whip up gorgeous, delectable spun-sugar desserts, along with plenty of drama.


Tommy Emmanuel—considered one of the finest acoustic guitar players in the world— celebrates his 50th anniversary as a performer with a concert featuring some of his favorite musician friends, including Frank Vignola, Anthony Snape and Pam Rose. Tommy Emmanuel and Friends: Live from the Balboa Theatre airs at 8:20 pm Sunday, June 5.

Transformative LGBT stories


Photo: Courtesy of Armistead Maupin

Don’t miss an uplifting collection of inspiring personal narratives told through the lens of the country’s most prominent LGBT figures and pioneers, as well as many average, yet extraordinary, citizens from gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender communities. Out in America (9 pm Wednesday, June 8) weaves together diverse stories—from urban and rural America and the heartland to New England, from San Francisco to Harlem.

PATTERNS • JUNEMaupin 2011 17 Chris Turner and Armistead

membership news & events


PNC grant funds expansion of Book Mentor Project A three-year, $90,000 grant from the PNC Foundation will allow Illinois Public Media to expand its Book Mentor Project into every Champaign County Head Start preschool classroom. The project, now serving about 500 children, will train more volunteers to read and lead math and science activities in Head Start classrooms, enabling an additional 276 children to be served, said Molly Delaney, educational outreach director at Illinois Public Media. As part of the project, PNC employees will become volunteers for the Book Mentor Project and assume other volunteer roles in Head Start classrooms. “Our support of pre-K education in Champaign is a strategic initiative to address the changing needs of an economy that is increasingly based on knowledge and skills,” said PNC Regional President Doug Stewart. “Research has shown us that children who are prepared for kindergarten are far more likely to experience greater educational achievements, strive toward higher vocational aspirations and contribute to society later in life.” The grant is the PNC Foundation’s first major initiative in the Champaign area and marks the local launch of PNC Grow Up Great, a 10-year, $100 million bilingual program to improve early childhood education. Activities also include trips to the William M. Staerkel Planetarium at Parkland College and the Orpheum Children’s Science Museum. At the planetarium, children will view One World, One Sky: Big Bird’s Adventure, which introduces children to the night sky while forging cross-cultural connections. The planetarium show was created by Sesame Workshop with support from PNC and the National Science Foundation. Head Start families will be invited to four family nights at the planetarium where they can view a planetarium show and interact with their children at nine hands-on science activity stations set up around the 18 PATTERNS • JUNE 2011

Teacher Jeannie Rasmussen reading; examing dirt; and necklaces holding growing seeds (right).

planetarium lobby. These activity stations will use materials from Super Fab Lab kits developed by Illinois Public Media. “We’ve always wanted to serve all the Head Start classrooms, but didn’t have the resources,” Molly said. “This grant enables us not only to serve all the children, but to provide wonderful learning field trips and family nights, and to create learning kits for the classroom.” Illinois Public Media’s Book Mentor Project combines media with books and activities in an effort to get children excited about reading and learning. On the day the volunteer readers visit the classroom, each child receives a copy of the book to take home. By the end of the school year, each child has added six science-related books to his/her home library. The Super Fab Lab kits on nine different topics will rotate around the four Head Start locations and will contain books, tools and hands-on activities to support science learning. Illinois Public Media will provide training for teachers and volunteers about how to encourage inquirybased learning and support observation through these kits.

All PNC Grant photos: Molley Delaney


explained that this was a special gift according to traditional Navajo culture. The UP Center’s LGBTQA Film Festival begins at 1 pm and continues through the last showing at 9:45 pm. For more information including film titles and times, and admission prices, visit filmfest2011.

The Independent Lens film Two Spirits interweaves the tragic story of a mother’s loss of her son with a revealing look at the largely unknown history of a time when the world wasn’t simply divided into male and female, and many Native American cultures held places of honor for people of integrated genders. Join us for Illinois Public Media’s free public screening of the film followed by an audience-driven discussion at 3 pm Saturday, June 11, as part of the LGBTQA Film Festival sponsored by the UP Center of Champaign County at the Art Theatre, 126 W. Church St., Champaign.

The film will be shown with closed-captions for the hearing impaired and an English sign language interpreter will sign the discussion. For those unable to attend the screening, WILL-TV will broadcast Two Spirits on Tuesday, June 14, at 9 pm. Photo: Courtesy of David A. Armstrong

June Community Cinema: Two Spirits

The UP Center, which opened about 15 months ago, is a multi-service agency for youth and adults to support and promote the well-being and development of the lesbian, gay, bixexual, transgender, questioning and ally community of Champaign County.

Filmmaker Lydia Nibley explores the cultural context behind the senseless murder of Fred Martinez, a Navajo youth slain at the age s Fred Martinez dancing, from reenactment in the film. of 16. Fred was part of an honored Navajo tradition—the nadleeh, or “two-spirit,” who possess a balance of Seats are still available… masculine and feminine traits. for WILL’s Masterpieces & Mysteries Two Spirits explores issues of national conTour October 5-15. If you’re interested cern including the bullying and violence in visiting locations throughout Britain commonly faced by LGBT people and the featured on Masterpiece, Doctor Who, epidemic of LGBT teen suicide. The film Last of the Summer Wine and others, also reveals the range of gender expressee the detailed itinerary and pricing sion that has long been seen as a healthy information for this guided tour at part of many of the indigenous cultures of Size is North America, and of Navajo culture in limited to 27 friends and nearly all of particular. those spaces are already reserved, so don’t delay! Martinez told his mother that he felt as if he was both a boy and a girl, and she


membership news continued


Illinois Public Media receives Lumpkin Grant for wellness initiative The Lumpkin Foundation has awarded a $20,000 grant to Illinois Public Media to fund an anti-obesity community engagement and media messaging campaign. Beginning in July, the one-year grant will fund a new reporters’ beat in the Illinois Public Media newsroom to cover active living and healthy eating on-air and online. Reporters will produce at least 12 feature stories over the course of the grant, with additional online content. The grant will also enable Illinois Public Media to produce one or two public awareness campaigns about health and activity issues, and extend the employment of a part-time coordinator for C-U Fit Families, a diverse coalition of groups that want to increase active living in the community. The coordinator is now paid by a grant from the University of Illinois Vice Chancellor’s Office for Public Engagement.

Kimberlie Kranich, director of community engagement for Illinois Public Media, said Illinois has the fourth highest prevalence of childhood obesity in the nation and ranks in the top 10 states for the highest prevalence of adolescents who are overweight or obese. “Research has shown that raising community awareness can mobilize members of the community to enact changes,” she said. “We hope our reports and messaging campaigns will make people aware of local health resources in the community, and encourage people willing to take their next step towards health.” Three years of conversation among groups involved in C-U Fit Families has created hope among the network of people interested in tackling obesity, Kimberlie said. “Now we want to move to the next level and connect content and local resources to people in Champaign-Urbana. This grant will help us do that.”

WILL’s general manager, Mark Leonard, agreed. “Jack fully participated in life, whether it was with his career, his family or his philanthropy. His civic leadership was from a previous era, sorely missing today,” he said.

Remembering Jack Richmond WILL lost a special friend and ChampaignUrbana lost a valuable member of the community with the death of Jack Richmond, 93, on Sunday, April 17. He and his wife, Marjorie, provided the generous gift that funded the Richmond Journalism Teaching Studio adjacent to Campbell Hall. “Jack always followed student productions that originated in the Studio,” said Bill Sturtevant, senior principal gifts consultant with the University of Illinois Foundation, who was a friend of Jack’s for 30 years and worked closely with him on his numerous gifts to the U of I. “He liked funding projects that benefited young people, the University and the community.” 20 20 PATTERNS PATTERNS •• JUNE JUNE 2011 2011

Among the Richmonds’ financial support for the U of I were gifts for student scholarships, the athletics department and the Alice Campbell Alumni Center. Beyond the campus, they donated to the restoration of the Champaign County Courthouse clock tower. Jack was also a volunteer fundraiser for the local Salvation Army, as well as a longtime Champaign Lions Club member whose leadership on the organization’s board was instrumental to the club’s success. The gregarious lifelong Champaign resident was a master storyteller who quickly put people at ease. “No one was ever a stranger to Jack, and it was easy to see why he did so well during his career in sales,” Bill commented.

Longtime WILL underwriter receives new honor s Kathy Munday with News-Gazette community newspaper general manager Tim Evans, who nominated her business for the award

St. Joseph Apothecary, owned by Kathy Munday, was recently named Business of the Year by the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce. Along with strong involvement in her community, Kathy believes in public broadcasting and WILL. She is currently a member of WILL’s Community Advisory Committee, and her business has been a longtime underwriter on WILL-FM. Last month, St. Joseph Apothecary sponsored Mother Would be Proud, Roger Cooper’s Mother’s Day special on FM 90.9. Kathy also supports British comedies on WILL-TV. She purchased St. Joseph Drugs in April 1992 and renamed it St. Joseph Apothecary, specializing in custom compounding of medications.  

Illinois Radio Reader was the beneficiary of just under $15,000 from the April 30 Vintage Vinyl Sale of donated records, CDs, DVDs, stereos and other equipment. Our huge thanks to: • Mike Hosier of Champaign Telephone Company for providing us with the sale space at 301 W. Marketview Drive in Champaign • Busey for opening their locations as donation drop-off sites • Armored Gopher Games and Do It Best Hardware of Champaign for donating boxes • Rick Law Roofing for picking up donations around the area Along with our dedicated group of community volunteers, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Thanks! Businesses help make Vintage Vinyl a success


217.333.6280 ||



Krannert Uncorked with Geoff Poor and David Thies, cabaret


Krannert Uncorked with Elizabeth Simpson and George Turner, contemporary jazz


Krannert Uncorked with Rick Kubetz and Terry Bush, guitar and mandolin duo


Krannert Uncorked with the Lara Driscoll Trio, jazz


Krannert Uncorked with High Cotton, bluegrass

2-4, 11, 14-15, 17, 23, 25-26 [title of show]

8-10, 16, 18, 21-22, 24 QED




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Fill out the form below and send it with your address label to: Friends of WILL, 300 North Goodwin Avenue, Urbana, IL 61801-2316


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