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Sugar Alcohol Production Cost is Rising

Guangzhou China, June 16, 2011 – Although domestic production output of sugar alcohol is high, its raw material supply is tight. It is indicated that production cost of sugar alcohol is rising.

Corncob, corn starch and glucose are the three major raw materials for sugar alcohol production. While corn is the key element to produce corncob, corn starch and glucose, price of corn is increasing year by year. Thus, production cost of sugar alcohol is rising accordingly.

The high ex-factory price leads to the decreased profit of sugar alcohol producers. It can be imagined that the production capacity will be declined accordingly.

What leads to the production decline of sugar alcohol in China? What is the current production and consumption situation of sugar alcohol in China? Will price of raw material keep going high? Which downstream product of sugar alcohol has the most potential? You may find answers in our report.

The report Production, Market and Manufacturing Cost of Sugar Alcohols in China provide you with different angles of sugar alcohol production cost, market price, consumption and future trend.

The report contains the following aspects: No.

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Content Executive summary Methodology & source Overview of sugar alcohol industry in China Major sugar alcohols and their properties Sugar alcohol industry in China Policies on sugar alcohol industry in recent years Overview of sugar alcohol industry in the world Production of major sugar alcohols in China, 2005-2009 Overview of sugar alcohols' production Output/capacity volume, 2006-2010 Sorbitol Xylitol Maltitol Mannitol Erythritol Major producers' information Sorbitol Xylitol

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Maltitol Mannitol Erythritol Production expansion information Analysis of production distribution in China Price analysis, 2006-2010 Price change in the past five years and latest price dynamics Influencing factors for price change Forecast on price Apparent consumption analysis Apparent consumption of sugar alcohols Apparent consumption analysis by different type of sugar alcohols Consumption pattern of sugar alcohols in China, 2009-2010 Overview, 2009-2010 Sugar alcohols' application in difference end-use segments, 2010 Sugar-free chewing gum Candy Baked food Beverage Injection Vitamin C Toothpaste Others Conclusion Profile Jilin Changchun Dacheng Industrial Group Company Ltd. Shandong Binzhou Sanyuan Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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Sugar Alcohol Production Cost is Rising