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Prosperous Future with Rapid Growth of White Biotechnology in China

Guangzhou China, June 7, 2011 – The third-edition report of Future of White Biotechnology in China was released recently by CCM. It reveals the prosperous future of white biotechnology in China by analyzing this new industry in different angles.

White biotechnology (WB) industry, which is often referred to the third wave in biotechnology, is one of the most promising new approaches to pollution prevention, resource conservation and cost reduction around the world.

Chinese government plays a crucial role on the fast development of WB industry by providing various supports, including monetary incentives and preferential taxation policies on feedstock, supply and demand of WB products, etc. Great achievement has been made in WB industry, especially in bio-energy and chemical industries.

On the other hand, the technology development of WB also accelerates the fast growing of WB industry in China. With breakthroughs in major technologies, such as strain engineering, optimization of fermentation technology, immobilized enzyme and cell technology etc., more and more biotechnology industrial products attract people around the world. Sales volume of major WB products, such as enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, starch derivatives, etc., increases dramatically.

Meanwhile, the whole brand-new WB products, such as PHA, 1,3-PDO, di-acids and bio-energy, are all introduced to the world nowadays. It has no doubt that WB products will dominate the energy market in China from now on.

Readers can benefit from this report below: -Gain a clear understanding of the industry landscape and the latest developments in R&D, production, technology advances and future trends in industrial biotechnology in China -Know the development stages and international status of key WB products of China based on basic data and the latest info -Get reasonable and constructive suggestions on the market opportunities in WB fields in China -Understand the overall situation of renewable materials supply situation in China based on comprehensive and integrated data -Get a thorough analysis of the market place for industrial biotechnology in China, the current trend and future growth prospects -Learn more about the latest advances in commercialization of WB products in China and how policies and incentives that can encourage growth

-Know more about how innovative players and research groups are driving innovation, collaboration and achieving commercial success in China

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Prosperous Future with Rapid Growth of White Biotechnology in China  

White biotechnology (WB) industry, which is often referred to the third wave in biotechnology, is growing fast in China nowadays and it is e...

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