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More White Biotechnology Products Pop up

Guangzhou China, June 15, 2011 – With technology improvement, production of white biotechnology products has been increased greatly. It is estimated that more WB products will pop up in the future in China.

Accomplishing breakthrough in major technologies, China has achieved great success in white biotechnology products in the past few decades.

Major WB products in China are traditional fermentation products, such as enzymes, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, starch derivatives, etc. For brand-new WB products, such as PHA, 1,3-PDO, di-acids and bio-energy, are all at introduction stage.

Based on the previous experiences of successful technology application, more WB products are likely to be commercialized in the future in China.

Which WB products will dominate the market in China? What is the supply and demand of key WB products? What business opportunities are there in the future WB products?

The third-edition report of Future of White Biotechnology in China by CCM presents you a profound analysis on the supply and demand of main white biotechnology products.

The following sections are covered in this report: No. I I-1 I-2 I-3 I-4 I-5 II II-1 II-2 II-3 II-4 II-4.1 II-4.2

Content Executive summary Introduction and methodology Governmental regulations on white biotechnology Regulations on white biotechnology, feedstock and products Environmental regulations Subsidies and incentives Other regulations Entry barriers/regulations Overview of white biotechnology industry in China Market Value estimation breakdown by category Cutting-edge technology development Development environment analysis Overview of SWOT analysis of white biotechnology in China SWOT analysis of bio-products industry SWOT analysis of bio-fuels industry

II-4.3 SWOT analysis of bio-based fine chemicals industry II-4.4 SWOT analysis of bio-based chemicals industry II-4.5 SWOT analysis of bio-materials industry III Key WB products III-1 Existing commercial products III-1.1 Bio-products III-1.1.1 Yeast III-1.1.2 Enzymes III- Îą-Amylase III- Gluco-amylase III- Lipase III- Pectinase III-1.2 Bio-fuels III-1.2.1 Fuel ethanol III-1.2.2 Bio-diesel III-1.3 Bio-based fine chemicals III-1.3.1 Lactic acid III-1.3.2 Amino acids III- MSG III- Lysine III-1.3.3 Vitamins III- Inositol III- Vitamin C III- Vitamin B III-1.4 Bio-based chemicals III-1.4.1 Acryl amide III-1.4.2 Di-acids III-1.4.3 Itaconic acid III-1.4.4 Butanol III-1.5 Bio-materials III-1.5.1 PHA III-1.5.2 PLA III-2 Emerging commercial products III-2.1 Bio-products III-2.1.1 C5/C6 yeast III-2.2 Bio-based chemicals III-2.2.1 1,3-PDO III-2.2.2 Succinic acid III-2-3 Bio-materials III-2-3.1 Starch-based materials III-2-3.2 PPC III-3 Potential products III-3.1 C3 platform III-3.1.1 Acrylic acid III-3.1.2 3-HPA III-3.2 Caprolactam III-3.3 Microalgae diesel IV Key white biotechnology players and researchers IV-1 Top 5 SOC players IV-2 Top 5 private companies IV-3 Top 5 MNC players IV-4 Startup players IV-5 Key research groups, technical suppliers and top researchers V Conclusion and recommendation V -1 Conclusion V -2 Recommendation

VI VI-1 VI-1.1 VI-1.2

Appendix Water, energy and labor cost in different areas of China Water cost in different areas of China Energy cost in different areas of China

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More White Biotechnology Products Pop up  

With technology improvement, production of white biotechnology products has been increased greatly. It is estimated that more WB products wi...