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Tag: PLA,PVA,LDA,PBS,PA12,Biomass fiber,Biboo fiber,Algae fiber,Bio-based polyether polyol,Bio-based acrylic acid,Biodegradable agricultural film Summary: Rainbow Fine Chemical is preparing to establish two wholly owned subsidiaries to produce bio-degradable materials with total capacity of 13,000t/a -13,500t/a, while the company's previous investment on bio-degradable materials in 2010 hasn't yielded any profit.

Published on the 8th every month, Biomaterials China News is a monthly publication released by CCM. It offers timely update and close follow up of China’s various kind of Biomaterials market dynamics, analyze the market data and trends. Biomaterials China News including 12 to 14 topics in one issue per month, will bring you the latest information on the latest market dynamics, company dynamics, new biomaterials products, new biomaterials technology development, new legislations and policies and raw material supply dynamics that are shaping the market.

Following are headline news of the latest issue of Biomaterials China News: Corbian Purac shows high-performance PLA in K 2013 Bio-based PU for shoes has passed the acceptance check China's import volume of castor oil and its derivatives decreases in Sept. 2013 In Sept. 2013, China imported 11,396.7 tonnes of castor oil and its derivatives, with an average import price of USD1,257/t. Both the import volume and import price recorded monthly declines from Aug. 2013. New extracting season for cassava begins in Sept. 2013 China's import volume of fresh cassava and dry cassava reached 284.6 tonnes and 410,184.3 tonnes respectively in Sept. 2013. China's PLA import volume down while export volume up in Sept. 2013 In Sept. 2013, China's import and export volumes of PLA were approximately 576.6 tonnes and 60.8 tonnes respectively. The import volume decreased, while the export volume increased compared to Aug. 2013. Elevance completes commercial production of bio-based C18 diacid Elevance announced that it has commercialised bio-based C18 diacid at its plant in Gresik, Indonesia. C18 diacid can be used to manufacture nylon, polyurethane and other products. Construction of Blue Ridge Tunhe's biodegradable PBS program going smoothly On Oct. 16, 2013, Blue Ridge Tunhe announced that 46% of its biodegradable plastic program, with a production capacity of 160,000t/a, has been completed, and that the whole program is estimated to be completed in 2014. China's bamboo fiber industry developing rapidly in 2013

China's bamboo fiber industry is developing rapidly in 2013, which may further intensify the competition within the industry. Four institutions jointly develop PLA mulching film China's PTA industry is in a predicament in 2013 China's PTA industry is in a predicament in 2013, due to the serious overcapacity, high production costs and weak demand from downstream industries. Hismer Bio-Technology's chitosan fiber wins the award of "Chinese fabric star" In Oct. 2013, the Hismer fabric, which is produced by Hismer Bio-Technology Co., Ltd., won the award of "Chinese fabric star" in the PH Value 2013. The Hismer fabric is a chitosan fiber, and is noted for its strong performance and qualities. Overview of China's PAM industry in 2013 China's PAM industry is developing steadily in 2013. However, firms producing low-end products such as APAM are faced with fierce competition while there is still a short supply of high-end products such as CPAM. YFY Yangzhou's straw-based paper program enters operation On Sept. 17, 2013, YFY Yangzhou announced that its straw-based paper program has been put into operation in Yangzhou. China's potato price increases in July-Aug. but decreases in Sept. 2013 The domestic potato price witnessed a significant rise in July-Aug. 2013, before falling gradually during Sept. 2013. China's sebacic acid industry witnesses a good momentum of development China's sebacic acid industry is witnessing a good momentum of development in 2013, and enterprises are actively improving the quality of sebacic acid and establishing new production lines. K 2013 will be held in Dusseldorf from Oct. 16 to Oct. 23, 2013 Two companies start the world's first cellulosic ethanol plant

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Find hot news in biomaterials china news 1311  

PLA,PVA,LDA,PBS,PA12,Biomass fiber,Biboo fiber,Algae fiber,Bio-based polyether polyol,Bio-based acrylic acid,Biodegradable agricultural film