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China Crop Protection Summit CCPS 2012 to be Held in Shanghai Tag: China Crop Protection Summit, CCPS, CCM, pesticide, agrochemical, strobilurin fungicides, bio-pesticide, seed coating, 2,4-D, foliar fertilizer, food safety, farmland integration, Non-crop, GM RICE, agriculture industry investment, Crop protection Summary: CCM will hold its brand event China Crop Protection Summit (CCPS) 2012 on March 8th and 9th , 2012, in Ramada Plaza Gateway Shanghai, China.

CCM will hold its brand event China Crop Protection Summit (CCPS) 2012 on March 8th and 9th , 2012, in Ramada Plaza Gateway Shanghai, China.

CCM has 3-year-experience in hosting CCPS. This year, the summit covers 2 workshops and 15 highlight topics in China’s crop protection industry. The latest information of hot crop protection products, trends & highlight, governmental policies and regulations, global and overseas market will be shared in CCPS 2012.

During the event, you might learn the prospect and future trend of various hot products, such as strobilurin fungicide, bio-pesticide, 2,4-D, seed coating and foliar fertilizer. What is the development of different market hotspots, including food safety, farmland integration, GM RICE and Non-crop in China?

With the release of series of governmental policies, such as China's 12th Five-Year Plan for Pesticide Industry and the increasing tight environmental policy, what influences will these policies make on key players in China? What market strategies should key players adopt to benefit from the policies?

How about the crop protection market in Australia and Eastern Europe? What are the new opportunities and challenges of global crop protection market? Renowned experts and delegates from leading companies will attend the summit to share their expertise ideas about the above highlight questions. You can not miss it!

Come and join us to brainstorm and discuss various hot topics in China’s crop protection industry in CCPS 2012! If you register for the conference now, you'll benefit from our exclusive early bird discount! For further information about CCPS 2012 and how you can get involved, please contact us at

Outline of CCPS 2012 is as follows:

Pre-Conference Workshop: Workshop 1: Process technology for producing agrochemical actives - the foundation for profitable business Workshop 2: Investment opportunities in China's agriculture industry CCPS 2012 Conference: (1) Hot crop protection products Topic 1: Bright prospect for strobilurin fungicides in China Topic 2: Market situation and future trend of bio-pesticides in China Topic 3: New opportunities for development of 2,4-D Topic 4: How to develop seed coatings in China Topic 5: Attractiveness of foliar fertilizer market in China (2) Trends and highlights Topic 1: How to deal with the challenges of food safety in the next 10 years in China? Topic 2: The globalization measures of Chinese agrochemicals enterprises Topic 3: Relationship Marketing in the Chinese agricultural input market at the retailing level Topic 4: The development progress of GM RICE in China Topic 5: Non-crop market situation and opportunity in China (3) Regulation and legislation Topic 1: China's 12th Five-Year Plan for Pesticide Industry Topic 2: The increasing tight environmental policy in China (4) Global and oversea market Topic 1: Market situation and trend of Crop protection in Australia Topic 2: Current situation of crop protection in Eastern Europe Topic 3: News situation and future trend of global crop protection market (Guangzhou China, September 29, 2011)

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China Crop Protection Summit CCPS 2012 to be Held in Shanghai