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Industrial Cluster: Trend of Pesticide Industry in 2011

Summary: Industrial cluster is the trend of pesticide industry in 2011.

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July 13, 2011, CCM - Looking back on the overall relocation cases of pesticide manufacturers that CCM reported over the past year, it's not hard to find industrial cluster is progressing in pesticide industry. A lot of pesticide manufacturers have moved into local chemical industry parks in recent years and more are carrying out or planning for the move into chemical industry parks in 2011, according to CCM’s July issue of Insecticides China News. Industrial cluster will help pesticide industry get rid of the current jumbled situation. The major characteristic of current pesticide industry in China is that pesticide manufacturers are widely distributed and some are even located in urban districts, which goes against management and greatly affects the living conditions of local residents. It is not only a trend but also a must that pesticide industry develops towards industrial cluster and gives way to environmental protection. As a highly energy-consuming industry with heavy pollution, the industrial cluster of pesticide industry will gather pesticide manufacturers together and save them cost of environmental protection and transportation. Usually a chemical industry park has a complete environmental protection system that pesticide manufacturers don't have to build by themselves. And the layout of a chemical industry park is usually designed to cover the whole industrial chain, which means that pesticide manufacturers can find proper suppliers of raw materials within the chemical industry park and little transportation fee will be spent. Resource consolidation from upstream to downstream is the best benefit that pesticide manufacturers get by relocating to local industry chemical parks, based on the latest issue of Insecticides China News from CCM. Moving into chemical industry parks in some regions of China is a task for local pesticide manufacturers. Taking Jiangsu Province for example, it requires that all pesticide-related manufacturers shall move into ten assigned chemical industry parks. Those manufacturers fail to move into the assigned chemical industry parks in time as required are not allowed to produce pesticides or build any new production lines. And other local chemical industry parks except those assigned ones will not receive pesticide manufacturers' applications anymore. As investigated, most pesticide manufacturers in Jiangsu Province positively respond to the requirement. Currently, some major pesticide manufacturers like Nanjing Redsun Biochemical Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. take the lead and stations in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park. Via the implementation of the requirement, Jiangsu Province aims to optimize the distribution of pesticide industry and cluster leading pesticide manufacturers in the assigned chemical industry parks.

Source: Insecticides China New July 2011

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Industrial Cluster: Trend of Pesticide Industry in 2011  

Industrial cluster is the trend of pesticide industry in 2011.

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