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Azoxystrobin Capacity Grows Rapidly in China

Summary: The capacity of azoxystrobin technical has witnessed rapid increase in China ever since 2010.

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July 11, 2011, CCM - As an excellent strobilurin fungicide, the capacity of azoxystrobin technical has witnessed rapid increase in China ever since 2010, mainly aided by its bright market prospect both at home and abroad as well as Syngenta's patent expired in China last year, according to CCM’s July Issue of Fungicides China News 2011. Statistics from CCM international show that there are six active producers of azoxystrobin technical in China so far, with capacity of 1,000t/a. It is estimated that azoxystrobin techncial's capacity will keep fast growth in the near future, exceeding 2,000t/a in 2012 with more and more producers joining into the industry. According to CCM's investigation, Jiangsu Flag Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Flag), a professional agrochemical producer in China, is about to launch its azoxystrobin techncial production line with capacity of 200t/a in the next days. In addition, some domestic players in the pesticide industry, such as Lier Chemical Co., Ltd., Taizhou Baili Chemical Co., Ltd., Chongqing Unis Chemical Co., Ltd., etc., are currently preparing to build azoxystrobin technical production lines, most of which are to be put into production in 2012.

It is said that the annual sales value all over the world has reached about USD1 billion in 2010, compared with USD895 million in 2008, which makes it become real "king of fungicides". So far, azoxystrobin has been registered in about100 countries and applied on over 120 crops to be against various diseases. AS one of Syngenta's major products, its capacity of azoxystrobin techncial has reached 6,000t/a in 2010 from original 1,500t/a as this fungicide with high efficiency and broad spectrum has been in popularity in recent years. Most azoxystrobin produced by domestic producers are exported to overseas market, especially to South Africa, Latin American and Europe. At present, the export amount of azoxystrobin formulations is much larger than that of azoxystrobin technical, and the largest species of formulations exported is azoxystrobin 250g/L SC, based on the July Issue of Fungicides China News 2011. Among all azoxystrobin producers, Jiangsu Frey Agrochemicals Co., Ltd. (Jiangsu Frey) with capacity of 200t/a is the largest domestic exporter. According to CCM International's export

analysis, Jiangsu Frey's total export amount of azoxystrobin (techncial and formulations) reached about 43 tonnes in 2010. With the expansion of azoxystrobin capacity in China, the price of azoxystrobin techncial also witnesses decline to some extent, less than USD77,150/t (RMB500,000/t). It is estimated the price downtrend will go on in the future with the domestic other producers gradually join into the production. Although the price of azoxystrobin saw decrease in the domestic market, it is still much higher than that of most fungicides, such as triadimefon, propiconazole, tebuconazole, prochloraz, mancozeb, carbendazim, etc. Under the circumstances, the demand for azoxystrobin in China would not increase rapidly in short time. However, more and more intense competition in Chinese azoxystrobin industry is unavoidable. Therefore, for the domestic producers, enhancing the promotion of azoxystrobin products as well as improving the product quality through technological innovation are their main task at present and for a long time.

Source: Fungicides China News 1107

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Azoxystrobin Capacity Grows Rapidly in China  

The capacity of azoxystrobin technical has witnessed rapid increase in China ever since 2010.