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China’s Xanthan Gum Production Keeps Growing Steadily Tag: xanthan gum, China, production, consumption, raw material, supply, demand, future, development, output, crude oil drilling fluid, food, beverage, pharmaceutical, export Summary: CCM’s latest on xanthan gum reveals that China will still be a large xanthan gum production base worldwide, analysing the current situation of production, consumption and raw material cost etc.

  Guangzhou China, July 6, 2011 – A newly-released report on xanthan gum by CCM, entitled Production, Market and Benchmarking of Xanthan Gum in China has come out recently. The latest edition report is more detailed on the supply situation of raw materials and consumption pattern of xanthan gum.

With precise analysis of China's xanthan gum industry, future investment opportunities may be found in this report or enlightened after reading the report. You might be inspired by the clear picture of competitive landscape within the industry so that you can make wise investment decisions.

As an important xanthan gum producer in the world, China experienced the tough time in 2008 due to the financial crisis, but recovered stably in 2010. With 12 active producers nationwide, China's total output of xanthan gum reaches 38,615 tonnes in H1 2011.

Crude oil drilling fluids, foods & beverages and pharmaceuticals are the top three consumption fields of xanthan gum in China. Thanks to the recovery of global food and beverage industry, the demand for food grade xanthan gum has been increasing in recent years. Food grade products with higher price than other grades can bring more profits to their producers. Therefore, the rising demand and expected profit drive the increasing output of xanthan gum.

China exports most xanthan gum to the US, Saudi Arabia, Russia in 2010. The quantity is larger than that in 2009, thanks to economic recovery worldwide. The top two exporters are Shandong Deosen Corporation and Fufeng Group Co., Ltd.

In the next few years, China will still be a large xanthan gum production base worldwide, and the product will still be export-oriented.

The report focuses more on the following aspects:

- Introduction to capacity and output of xanthan gum - Production situation of xanthan gum in China - Production cost of xanthan gum - Export situation of xanthan gum in China - Detailed description on consumption pattern, apparent consumption and application fields of xanthan gum in China - Forecast on supply & demand and export of xanthan gum in China by different scenarios

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China’s Xanthan Gum Production Keeps Growing Steadily