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ISSUE 13 January 6, 2017

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January 6, 2017

Flour Bluff Messenger

By Jeff Craft

Doing it in the Bluff

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Dumping it in The Bluff After a year of traveling all over the Encinal Peninsula, I’ve seen the same thing so many times and in so many places, and I’m tired of being angry about it. I want a solution. Here’s what’s been stuck in my craw for as long as I’ve been here: anywhere there’s vacant land, magical garbage fairies seem to appear and leave piles of tires and construction debris. Then the couches and appliances appear, after that, it’s pretty much considered a public dump. I have personally spent a lot of hours picking up trash from the many empty places in The Bluff, and like almost everyone who tries, I beheld the sisyphean nature of my labor and lost all hope. I still pick up trash if it’s really close to where I’m standing, but the truth is, I’ve been beaten. Its humbling, to know that the criminals who bring a truckload of tires to our coastline and leave them there have outsmarted us decent folk at every turn. But getting beat just means its time to try a different approach. I thought of a few, but it turns out it’s against the law now to shoot someone for littering. Whatever, we’ll have to come up with a plan C.

Division Road, another Bluff road that’s invisible to Corpus Christi Plan A sucks. The people dumping junk in the best fishing spots, and few remaining wild areas do their thing and then we’re all supposed to organize a cleanup day to pick up their junk. I know I can’t be the only person who sees how terrible that plan is, so what’s left?

Look across the Oso

Seriously, who are these people? The actual dump is like a 10 minute drive from anywhere, and it’s free. You know what, don’t tell me who. Best not to know I think. aI went with a few friends around The Bluff for drinks before the main event, then it was off to the beach to watch people blow up wildly dangerous fireworks. If you grew up here you might not realize how awesome that is. The best

The Flour Bluff Messenger Issue 13, January 6, 2017 Next Issue: January 20, 2017

Jeff Craft, Publisher Contributors

Ryan Rock

Shirley Thornton

Greta Molina


Jeff Dolan

John McKenna

Mike Aradillas

Jimmy Buck

Get a good look at these trash piles by the old rail bridge. Their days are numbered. The mainland side of the Oso bay was basically a landfill 10 years ago. I remember exploring the area and finding entire cars half-buried in the mud. It’s not like that now. Now the Oso Wetlands Park is actually a nice place to walk or bike around. and there’s a bridge connecting that park to The Bluff. The old rail bridge at the end of Holly Rd is still there, and it connects directly to one of the few half-wild places left on The Bluff. Yes, it needs a little work, but it is a bridge, and if it could be made into a hike / bike path, suddenly it’s possible to bicycle from The Bluff to Holly Road without taking your 10-speed on the freeway.

Letters policy

Clean up the Mess

Letters must be signed, and the author may be contacted to verify his or her identity. Letters to the Editor may be edited to fit the space available.

The most important thing about claiming the wild area along the Oso is we can stop its transformation into a junkyard. Throw in some nature trails, clean up the area and The Bluff takes one more step away from the trashy reputation that still haunts us.

Contact Jeff Craft (361) 443-2137 Facebook: Total circulation is 10,000 copies. Distribution includes locations in Flour Bluff, and select areas of North Padre Island and Corpus Christi’s South Side.

Division Road Division Road is another perfect example of how Corpus Christi just pretends we don’t have a street where there’s clearly a street. It’s an unpaved stretch of road that also seems to attract magical garbage fairies, and the occasional high school student sneaking off to tweet something. But yep. Because we have a stretch of land that nobody is willing to claim, it transforms itself into a garbage dump.

John McKenna caught these folks reading The Messenger at Lorelei fireworks show I ever saw was driving through El Paso on Interstate 10 during the 4th of July. I’m pretty sure every single person in El Paso shot off at least 10. The show on the beach this year was pretty impressive, and it just happens on its own. Of course I can’t condone setting off fireworks where it’s not allowed, its dangerous and nobody should do it. But the great thing about Texas is they’ll sell them to you anyway. It is nice to welcome the new year with explosives though. Here’s hoping 2017 brings you one year closer to wherever you’re headed.

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Flour Bluff Messenger

January 6, 2017

New Ambulance in Flour Bluff: A Gift That Can Be Opened but Not Used By Shirley Thornton Nueces County E.S.D. #2 (Flour Bluff Fire Department) will commission its first ambulance (M95) today at 9:00 a.m. The $35,000 vehicle, bought with ESD#2 tax dollars, is a fully licensed and accredited vehicle and will be manned by off-duty firefighter/EMT and firefighter paramedics from different agencies in the area, all who fall under the same medical director and medical protocols as the City of Corpus Christi Fire Department. For the primary ambulance to be put into service, a back-up vehicle had to be purchased for an additional $25,000. With the purchase of a stretcher, heart monitor, medical supplies, narcotics, medicine vault, oxygen tanks, radios front and back, a laptop, and various other amenities required by law, the total cost to put the mobile emergency unit on the road came in at around $100,000. What a great gift for the Flour Bluff and Padre Island citizens! At least it could be. As of this writing, it appears that the City of Corpus Christi will only allow the ambulance to answer calls outside of the city limits unless specifically requested by a CCFD officer as per the current mutual aid agreement. This means that the Flour Bluff and Padre Island residents who actually paid for the ambulance with their tax dollars will receive zero benefit until the ongoing legal issues with the city are resolved. Having M95 in service would have been extremely helpful a few weeks ago when CCFD Medic 13 on Waldron Road in Flour Bluff received a call for a person having chest pains on Yorktown Boulevard, just across the street from the ESD#2 fire station where M95 is housed. Before the city ambulance could pull out of the firehouse, another call came in. This time it was for a child hit by a car. A decision was made to attend to the child first. A second ambulance had to be called from another fire station much farther away to respond to the heart-attack victim. Officials from ESD#2 said that multiple calls in a single response area are common on a weekly – and sometimes daily – basis. While a fire truck may also respond to a medical emergency, only ambulances carry the required narcotics to treat patients suffering a medical emergency.

At the height of the tourist season, the existence of another ambulance in the areas of Flour Bluff and Padre Island could certainly prove to be a welcome gift for all – that is, if the ambulance can be dispatched immediately when needed. In the month of July 2016, 25% of the EMS calls in the Flour Bluff community were answered by a unit other than Medic 13, the unit assigned to the Flour Bluff area. Currently CCFD has eleven ambulances responding to calls throughout the city. In addition, ESD#1 (Annaville) supplies two ambulances. Still, both departments struggle at times to meet the EMS needs of the City of Corpus Christi in the event of multiple calls. At one point, this fully stocked, licensed, ready-to-roll vehicle was to be used as a “second out” vehicle. That means that regardless of the proximity of the call to the ESD#2 station, a Corpus Christi Fire Department ambulance will be dispatched first. Even if a person gets hit by a car directly in front of the ESD#2 station, Medic 13 will be dispatched from the Waldron Road station three and a half miles away with a school zone and three red lights along the way. Negotiations between ESD#2 and the city have created a roadblock for M95 to be used in the best way for the citizenry, that is to function as Nueces County ESD #1 (Annaville Fire Department) operates. Annaville FD currently has two ambulances that answer calls within the city limits. The primary Annaville ambulance

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Open Monday - Friday 10 am - 6 pm 361-980-7055 Facebook: ohanatime 302 NAS Drive (Just before the base entrance)

is a “first out as the closest unit” vehicle, while the other ambulance is second out to a CCFD unit. No one at ESD#2 seems to know why the rules for the Flour Bluff units would not be the same as they are for Annaville. All that ESD#2 Chief Dale Scott has been told by the CCFD is that he must wait on clarification from the city’s legal department about the Flour Bluff unit answering calls within the city limits. In the meantime, many Flour Bluff medical emergencies have to be answered by ambulances responding from as far away as the CCFD stations at Airline and Gollihar, Weber and Saratoga, Kostoryz, or Padre Island. There are certainly enough 9-1-1 calls coming in to warrant full use of M95. MetroCom, the local 911 dispatch team, serves a population of 340,000 citizens in Nueces County, which includes 302,000 Corpus Christi residents. According to the MetroCom page on the city website, in 1993, “Nueces County commissioned a communications study, which resulted in MetroCom. The study called for a development of a single Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) for all 911 emergency calls and dispatch functions within the areas served by the City of Corpus Christi and Nueces County.” On average, the call takers answer 600,000 calls and dispatch 466,000 first-responder vehicles per year. With that many calls, it seems the new ambulance would be viewed as a huge asset for the whole city, especially for the citizens of Flour Bluff and Padre Island, the folks whose tax dollars paid for this additional medic unit. Until the legal issues are worked out with the city, M95 will only be allowed to answer calls in the unincorporated areas of the county, even if the call comes in from the house across the street from the ESD#2 Fire Station where M95 is housed. UPDATE: As of 5:00 p.m., January 3, 2017, the ESD#2 unit was given permission to serve as a “mutual aid” ambulance. This means that the city can request the unit if it is needed, but the unit will still not be dispatched on a regular basis or as a “closest out” unit. For example, if the Chief hears or identifies an ambulance is coming from an extended distance, he could request “mutual aid” and use the ESD#2 unit. But, without an EMS agreement, the FBFD will not be dispatched, according to the city attorney.

January 6, 2017

Flour Bluff Messenger

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! By Brent Chesney, Nueces County Commissioner, District 4

Let me take a moment to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Despite all the struggles this country has had we are still the greatest country on Earth. I believe that with all my heart and feel blessed to live and work in this country and in Nueces County. My message this month is a short one but nonetheless still important. Let us all take a moment to remember those we have lost, those that serve our country and

Del Mar College will open on the 4th January 2017, so if you still wish to register for any of the Senior Computer Classes you may do so on and after that date, if there are any vacancies. If you register, PLEASE BRING A FLASH DRIVE.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Let’s make it a great one. Please call on me for any help at Brent.Chesney1@nuecesco. com or 361-888-0268.

Veterans’ Talk Radio Program

General Meeting January 23rd at Grace Community Church Guest Speaker Stacie Talbert Anaya Mark your calendars for January 23, 2017. FBCC will hold its first general meeting of the new year at 6:00 p.m. at Grace Community Church on Flour Bluff Drive.

The Veterans’ Radio Show will return to Thursday mornings at 9 on 1440 KEYS on the 7th of January. Please listen and call in with your comments and any questions you may have.

Flour Bluff Worship Guide

The next Veterans Round Table Meeting will be on the 10th January 2017 from 9 - 11 a.m., Del Mar College for Economic Development, 3209 S. Staples. Hope to see you in the New Year.

Diabetes Education and Support Group A free monthly program, meets every 3rd Wednesday of the month from 6:30-7:30 pm in the family support building at St. Peter’s by the Sea, 1541 Waldron Road. To register, please call Tina Baier, RN / Wesley Nurse at 361-937-1477

Alateen Group Meeting Wednesdays 6:30-7:30 pm in the youth building at St. Peter’s by the Sea, 1541 Waldron Road


The guest speaker will be Interim Director for Parks and Recreation Stacie Talbert Anaya who will give updates on Parker Park and other parks in the Flour Bluff area.

Everyone Welcome to Lord of Life Lutheran Church 1317 Flour Bluff Drive

This event is open to the public. A short FBCC meeting will take place prior to Ms. Anaya’s presentation. A question and answer session will take place after the presentation. Founded in 2016, the mission of the Flour Bluff Citizens Council is to identify and discuss issues impacting the Flour Bluff community, to inform and advise policymakers regarding those issues, and to enrich the Flour Bluff community through civic engagement, fundraising and volunteerism.

Rumors Computer Classes for Veterans Round Table Seniors Meeting

those who have served our country. Many of those serving our country are not home for the holidays with their loved ones but remain firmly in my prayers and hopefully in yours. As 2016 winds to a close let us always remember and never forget that Jesus is the reason for the season.

Flour Bluff Citizens Council

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Corpus Christi Parks and Recreation Department Interim Director Stacie Talbert Anaya will provide updates on improvements to parks in The Bluff

Worship: Sundays 8:00 and 10:45 a.m.

Haircuts Highlights Perms Straighteners Relaxers Up-do’s Razor Cuts Master Colorist

Happy New Year!

Make a fresh start with a new look! Call Greta for an appointment today!

2919 Waldron Rd (361) 939-8488

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Flour Bluff Messenger

Flour Bluff Business Association Community Christmas 2016

January 6, 2017

January 6, 2017

Flour Bluff Messenger

Flour Bluff Business Association Community Christmas 2016


361.937.0404 Attendent on duty



2923 Waldron Rd, Corpus Christi, TX 78418

Discover why over 17 million homeowners trust us.


ily – 8am
















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Michael Duren Morgan, Agent 5515-B Saratoga Blvd Corpus Christi, TX 78413 Bus: 361-992-3636


With your new home comes new responsibilities – like protecting your new investment with the right amount of homeowners insurance. That’s where I can help. LIke a good neighbor, State Farm is there.® CALL ME TODAY.

State Farm Lloyds, Dallas, TX

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Letters to the Editor

Flour Bluff Messenger

The Knockout Game

January 6, 2017

Thieves, Addicts Create Dangerous Environment at Timon’s Ministries

Families Seeking Assistance Fear Dangerous Environment The homeless in Flour Bluff have sev- safe or suitable place for women or children eral places that provide meals. I worked as to come for lunch. There are fights in the a volunteer at Timon’s Ministries on SPID lunchroom, loud shouts of profane and vulgar for about 9 months. Coming to Timon’s language, and a total disrespect for the rights was somewhat of a “culture shock” for me of others. A woman whom I love dearly by as I had never been in a the name of Kelly “homeless environment” and her daughter before. Timon’s provides I do not believe Timon’s is a safe came to Timon’s many beneficial services or suitable place for women or to get a monthly to the elderly, the disbag of groceries, children to come for lunch. abled and to low income and to eat lunch families. The problems from time to time. arise when some of the homeless refuse to Kelly is from a good family, and is a good abide by civilized standards. Due to illegal Christian woman who does use drugs or alcodrug and/or excessive alcohol use, Timon’s hol. Because she is quite attractive, the “predhas faced the problem of people drinking on ators” among the drug addicts began to solicit the property, rampant theft, unruly behavior, and accost her. I warned to remain alert, and people laying drunk, drinking and loitering to avoid conversing with the Timon’s crowd near entryways to Timon’s. Some of the because many of the lunch crowd are known frequent panhandling, women being accosted drug addicts. She became frightened, and or treated disrespectfully, elderly people although she needs help with groceries, she being solicited for rides, or for money have does not want to return to Timon’s because made people apprehensive about coming to of her bad experience with aggressive drug Timon’s for the help they need. From my addicts. Kelly is a classic example of why so perspective, the drug addicts and alcoholic many of the non drug addict families have homeless have “taken control” of Timon’s stopped coming to Timon’s for the help they and are driving away the people who need need. help the most. I do not believe Timon’s is a John Montgomery of Flour Bluff

Timon’s Ministries Becoming a Haven for Crime Hola! What happened to Kelly? First of all, Timon’s Ministries of Flour Bluff, Texas ... It’s become the “Community Feeding Trough” for the local meth-heads and other derelicts and degenerates. The low income families and others who need assistance are fearful to come there. It is not a safe place anymore for women and children. Career criminals, drug addicts and drunkards loitering and panhandling on the property have made Timon’s a stronghold of potential danger for the elderly, the disabled and for single women who are NOT drug and/or alcohol addicts. The rules need to be enforced to make Timon’s safe again. Do I need to get the Federal Law Enforcement Agents on North Shoreline Blvd, or the Federal Drug Enforcement Agents involved in this situation to get results? Will Kae Berry finally tear herself away from perusing the latest women’s fashions on the internet to begin enforcement of rules? THINK! Amen y Gracias Anna Victoria Gonzales Riverdale, New York (USA)

Unity Mr. President. As we move forward into 2017, Let us pray for unity, not division. Let us show the fruits of faith in each other, encouraging others to abandon destructive elements and to embrace the traditions of our forefathers. Let us show the world that love is the mighty power that overcomes all obstacles. God Bless America Again! Amen. John & Kelly from USA 1st Corinthians Chapter 13

Christmas Delivered by Moose This Year.

Members of the Moose Lodge collected gifts and groceries for five Flour Bluff families this Christmas. Each family received enough groceries for a big Christmas dinner and toys for the children.

Retired swimming coach Bill Barton was brutally attacked by hooligans playing “the knockout game” I am writing about the “knockout game” being played by young kids who are usually but not always associated with gangs. “Wiki” says that to play the game you find an elderly person (preferably female) and knock them out with one sucker punch. I was an unwilling participant, in a movie house in the dark, the movie was playing and I was down in front walking from one side to the other looking for my wife, who had found seats for us while I got the refreshments. As I was looking up in the stands I tripped over a pair of cycle boots and kind of remember saying something in the way of an apology before I was knocked out with a blow to the back of my head. When I came to and made it over to the ticket taker I thought I had fallen and said so. However, a couple of days later I complained of severe back pain. My wife took one look and said Bill, there is a boot print on your rear end and what I thought was a fall turned into something else. This picture is what it looked like after about four days. The knockout l suffered has changed my life. Brain damage, from swelling and bleeding into my brain gave me a three week stint in the hospital where I had been in therapy because I could not walk a straight line without a cane. The injury involving my back is complicated with nerve damage and the pain is constant. I have coached swimming and diving for sixty years and presently have a team of 130 swimmers and 6 coaches. I have written workouts for my National group since December 4th but have conducted my first complete workout just this week without the help of an assistant, although I could manage only two out of five days. I also managed to go to Junior Nationals with my wife driving me, where I stumbled around on deck for a

few days while my swimmer made consolation finals, but I cannot remember it. Each day shows some improvement, I am lucky there. I am in therapy with “Dan” a friend, and former swimmer who has a thriving therapy business here in Corpus. My goal going in was to be where I was before the injury. We are working Cardio along with my Brain Trauma and could not be more pleased with my recovery so far. Another friend advised me to talk to a private investigator, and I did. The P.I.’s advice was to watch YouTube because sometimes the end result of this game is for the perp to put it out there for the world to see. It might be several months but apparently they like to brag. I cannot think of a single group of people who use YouTube more than swimming coaches or other sports minded folk. Therein lies the reason for this letter. When you are searching YouTube next time for an underwater shot of Michael or whatever, once you find and study what you are looking for could you type in “knockout” and see what happens. Who knows you might see me getting my rear end kicked. I will be easy to spot, because I was wearing my USA SWIMMING cap that night. The double thickness of my cap saved my life. Anyone seeing me and this cap on YouTube should please call or email the investigator at: Shawver Associates 361-880-8968 I thank you, beforehand, for any information you may send. Respectfully yours; Bill Barton

January 6, 2017

Flour Bluff Messenger

Field Trip to Morgan’s Wonderland

In Northeast San Antonio there’s a special theme park designed to be accessible to special-needs individuals and built for everyone’s enjoyment. The completely wheelchair-accessible park features more than 25 attractions, including rides, playgrounds and other colorful elements. Since the day it opened, Morgan’s Wonderland has allowed anyone with a special need to enjoy the park free of charge. The Flour Bluff Special Education Department is planning to take their students to Morgan’s Wonderland in May. While the

students won’t be charged to enter the park, scheduling busses, finding chaperones and providing meals all cost money. To help pay for the trip, the Moose Lodge of Corpus Christi will host a fajita fundraiser on February 18th. All funds will be presented to the school and earmarked to pay for this trip and related expenses. The Moose Lodge is located at 3533 Rodd Field Rd, near the new Valero gas station. For more information or to make a donation to the Morgan’s Wonderland field trip, please call (361) 992-1491


Wednesday - Saturday 8p - 2a

Happy Hour Every Day Noon - 8p

Daily Drink Specials Barton St. Pub • 10618 SPID • 361-937-3167

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Beer Lovers’ Group Will Promote Craft Beer With Events and “Beer Shares” Craft beer, defined as beer made in a traditional or non-mechanized way by a small brewery, is big business in cities north of Corpus Christi. Refined beer enthusiasts appreciate the flavors and complexity of these types of beers over a mass-produced beer. Local beer enthusiasts have grown impatient waiting for that trend to come to town and have created a strategy to get Corpus Christi talking about and drinking more craft beer

“Anyone interested in the complex world of beer will be very happy.” in area establishments. Corpus Christi Beer Talk, the popular Facebook group, will host and promote monthly beer events highlighting the best beer establishments and offerings in Corpus Christi. Their strategy includes creating a comprehensive and exhaustive list of everything craft beer in Corpus Christi and changing the group’s name.

not available anywhere else in town, to share with the group.

CC Beer-themed merchandise The number one request from the group was Corpus Christi-themed beer merchandise. The group will create and sell t-shirts, special drinkware, etc. with 100% of the proceeds going into future beer event budgets.

The Comprehensive Guide to Corpus Christi Beer Beer Talk has created the first draft of a one-stop list of everything Beer in Corpus Christi with an accurate list of the best, local beer bars, all local breweries, bottle shops that carry the best beer selections, local beer events, clubs, resources and more. Attendees will see this first draft and help shore it up at the January Happy Hour. “We’re not waiting anymore to see what happens,” said Hilliard. “We’re just going to do it. Anyone interested in the complex world of beer will be very happy.”

“Many years ago, I was sitting at [world renowned Austin brewery] Jester King where a ‘beer share’ was going on,” said group founder Joe Hilliard. “Almost 100 people from all over the Austin area had convened to swap and taste beers from around the world. I thought, ‘Why can’t we do this in Corpus Christi?’ So I came home and just did it.” The ‘Beer Shares’ became bigger and better over time where attendees were having the best single-day beer tastings of their lives. At the most recent Share, the group began talking and asking, ‘Where do we go from here?’

Fishing with Heart & Soul Every day! Captain Ryan Rock is a Corpus Christi Fishing Guide that knows how to have a great time AND catch fish! Take his “No Fish, No Pay” Challenge!

(313) 384-6463

“Corpus Christi has this strange characteristic where we’re 5-10 years behind the times when it comes to quality of life trends,” said Hilliard. “I’ve learned that a few people behind something can make anything happen in Corpus Christi. If we want better beer choices in Corpus Christi it’s simple: we have to get out there and show beer distributors that, ‘If you bring it to town, there’s an audience ready, willing and able to buy it.’”

Monthly Beer Events Beer Talk will begin holding monthly beer events at a rotating list of Corpus Christi’s best beer bars. The first event is at B & J’s Pizza (Staples) on Friday, January 13, beginning at 6PM. B&J’s is hosting an AleSmith Brewing Company Tap Takeover tapping three Alesmith brews.

Two Beer Shares a Year Beer Talk will schedule two of their famous beer shares each year where people bring rare and interesting beers from around the world,

Valerie McClendon demonstrates the beer-making process for craft beer enthusiasts Michael and Sandra Aradillas at Lorelei Brewing Company on NAS Drive.

because the city only grades the narrow strip of road on one Page 10 Flour Bluff Messenger side of their right-of-way, most residents have moved their Flour Bluff Vet mailboxes up to the graded area. While that keeps the mailVietnam veteran Tony Hartwell-Garza of man from getting stuck in the mud, it also presents a safety Flour Bluff has been fighting for decades to issue. Sean, who also lives on Sandy Way remembered what try to claim the benefits he was promised for serving in the military. Tony even wrote a could have been a life-threatening situation. “There was a

January 6, 2017

Still Fighting

letter to the President of the United States, explaining how he is owed back pay and was unable to afford housing.

Carpet Cleaning

In Late October, Tony got a response. From President Obama himself. He was assured the redan tapeapproximation he’d been tangled upof in line shows for over 20 years would be cut.

The red where edge of the street should be paving their driveways all the way to the graded part of the street, have m Here’s Tony Hartwell-Garza in the middle took hisfrom frustration to the stuck streets, (The carriers getting in the of December. President Obamatheir seemsmail to Tony have forgotten Tony. Nothing has changed,

With just enough room for one fire truck, and one fire hydrant, Sandy Way could become a deadly trap during a brushfire.

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Farm Road, technically) where he tells h is

Tony continues his battle with a govern- story to anyone who’ll listen or slow down fire, oh twoand Christmases ago, and there were fire trucks and ect because they h ment that is all to eager to abandon veterans. and read his sign. an ambulance down at the end of the street. The ambulance everything. Why? got stuck behind the fire trucks and couldn’t get out until they sidewalks.” pulled all the fire trucks out.” “People come d Sean wasn’t shy about sharing his frustration with the city saying ‘vote for m about his street. “Well, it sucks. We pay the same taxes as do.” everybody in The Bluff but the city tells us they can’t pave Attempts to con the road. They say if they do, it’ll be a million dollar projbeen unanswered a

Hours: Tuesday - Friday 11a -6p Saturday 10 a - 4p Closed Sunday & Monday

2138 Waldron Road • 361.657.0023

Rank Law Firm

Announces the opening of our new Flour Bluff Office Our new office is located at 9934 S. Padre Island Drive In Flour Bluff

Tel: 361-937-7265

January 6, 2017

Flour Bluff Messenger


Choosing the right hook By Capt. Ryan Rock (313)384-6463


NEW 2017 Mako Pro 17 Skiff at 2016 Price!!!

Shopping for fishing hooks can be a bit of a daunting task. Overwhelmed by options can leave you staring at the shelf as if the secret to life might be hidden there. I’ve known some guides that are very particular about hook selection and some that use the same hook for everything. My opinion on the matter is probably more complicated than it needs to be but it works for me. That is the most important factor though. Whatever you are confident with you should use. There are nearly endless amounts of hooks out there but we will talk about a few of the common hooks used in the Upper Laguna Madre. Khale hooks or croaker hooks are a great all around bait hook and probably the most commonly used hooks in the Upper Laguna Madre. They work for live shrimp under a popping cork, soaking croaker, or fishing on bottom with a Carolina rig. The khale hook is a very versatile hook which simply narrows your choice down to size. Circle hooks can be great but they can also be a disaster in the wrong hands. In my opinion the first and foremost important factor is that they are sharp. I test my circle hooks by placing the point on my fingernail. The point should nearly effortlessly stick to your fingernail. I have a go pro video from a wade fishing trip where I consecutively missed a few fish then check my hook, tie a new one on, and immediately start catching fish. For






Rollback Pricing Available For a Limited Time Only!

361-651-BOAT W W W. W A Y P O I N T M A R I N E . C O M

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many of my clients that have never fished before or never set a hook I prefer circle hooks. More experienced anglers that can’t help but set the hook as soon as a fish looks at their bait would not enjoy circle hooks. I do still set the hook when I am using circle hooks but only after I feel the weight of the fish. There are two main benefits to circle hooks in my opinion. Circle hooks are not likely to gut hook fish and when a fish is on

a circle hook it has a lower chance of spitting the hook. Last is a treble hook. Treble hooks are great at their job but there is a big down side to them as well. First and foremost, treble hooks gut hook and kill a lot of fish. For this reason alone, I cannot endorse them. If you are going to use treble hooks I encourage you to be conscious of them and the damage they can do. When choosing a hook size I try to keep in consideration bait size, target fish type and the size of their mouth. For instance, If I’m fishing for trout I may use a 3/0 to 5/0. I may use the 3/0 if my bait is small or weak. Consider how small a shrimp is and how much weight it’s carrying around when hooked. You want that shrimp to be able to move but at the same time you want as large of a hook as you can get away with on a trout because of their ability to spit hooks so well. If I’m in a school of smaller drum or sheepshead I’ll use a size 1 or 2 khale hook that can easily fit in their small mouths. When fishing with bait in the Upper Laguna Madre just about anyone fishing for any species can get away with either a khale hook or a circle hook. More experienced anglers may want to lean towards the khale hook in situations where they plan on keeping fish. Novice anglers that haven’t yet mastered the art of setting the hook may want to lean towards high quality, very sharp circle hooks. Anyone intending on doing catch and release may want to stick to circle hooks.

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