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Malvern Public Library Board of Trustees January 22, 2018 In Attendance: Maggie Stanton, Priscilla Samuelson, Ellen Cannarsa, Cheryl McCabe, Erin DeRafelo, Paula Duncan, Gretchen Sorce, Elizabeth Jekot, Kelly Shea Excused Absence: Andrea Cardamone

Vice President Priscilla called the meeting to order at 7:03

Director’s Report: Programs: We had the following attendance at our programs: December: Adult Woolgatherers – 2 sessions, 8 attendees Adult Book Club – 1 session, 12 attendees Children’s Story times – 28 sessions, 402 attendees Polar Express Story times – 1 session, 13 attendees Elementary – 7 sessions, 83 attendees Victorian Christmas Craft – 1 session, 63 attendees Read to Holly – 3 sessions, 7 attendees Outreach – 1 session, 16 attendees Holiday Craft – 2 Sessions, 25 attendees Note: Attendance counts do not include hosts. 2017 Year End Totals: Totals for 2017: Total Programs: 483 Total Attendees: 6809 Average Attendees per a class: 14 Totals for 2016 Total Programs: 396 Total Attendees: 3251 Average Attendees per a class: 8 Increase of programs: 21% Increase of attendees: 109% Increase Attendee per a class: 75% increase

Statistics Door Count –December 2016 – 4,749 December 2017 – 4,427 Difference: -7% from same month last year Total 2016 - 69,341 Total 2017 - 67,225 Difference: -3% from 2016 to 2017 Circulation – December Sierra – 5,542 Overdrive – 492 Total – 5,934 – 8% decrease from same month last year. Year Total 2016 – 104,070 Total 2017 – 87,877 Difference: – 15.54% decrease from 2016 (this is an improvement over the Decrease in circulation between 2015 and 2016 which was >-21%) Envisionware December Usage – 360.25 hours of public computer usage Wifi December Usage – 1463.25 hours Total December Usage – 1,834.25 hours Upcoming Events: Sebastian Meine will host a third event in February. Working on a date for the Honey Bee Presentation. Personnel: No Report Building: The currently displayed art will be removed on the 26th. The next art installation is scheduled to be hung up on Saturday the 26th. Other: Slight adjustment to the budget. After submitting the budget to Chester County they realized they were incorrect about not listing the carry over. They gave me the account number and it is now listed on the budget revenue so it will balance out. The last bank deposit for 2017 was put in on the 29th. The library was closed all day on January 4th and closed at 1:00PM on the January 8th, we opened at 10am on January 17th all due to inclement weather. The weather has impacted a few of the programs attendance levels in January.

December Minutes: December minutes were reviewed and unanimously approved

President’s Report: None.

Treasurer’s Report: January statement has not been received, so the balance remains $2,565.61.

Old Business: Policy Update – Sick time discrepancies Motion was made to revise the sick leave policy to read: The Library Director will receive twelve (12) paid sick days per years (accrued at the rate of 1 day per month). Sick days may be carried over up to a maximum of 60 days. No payment will be made for unused sick days upon termination of employment. Other Full Time Employees will receive twelve (12) paid sick days per years (accrued at the rate of 1 day per month. Sick days may be carried over up to a maximum of 60 days. No payment will be made for unused sick days upon termination of employment. Part Time Level 1 and Part Time Level 2 employees will not receive any paid sick days. The motion was unanimously approved.

Posting of Board Minutes on website: The board has decided that beginning with the January 2018 minutes, the approved minutes will be posted on the website.

New Business: Committee Meetings – Each committee will decide on a regular date and time to meet. Committees will decide offline and report back at the February Board Meeting. Book Sale Dates - Kelly has been collecting books with the goal of having a large book sale in the Spring. The tentative dates are Thursday, April 19 – Saturday, April 21. This coincides with the launch of the annual Give-A-Thon. We discussed treating the book sale as a kickoff event for the Give-A-Thon. Volunteers will be needed beginning on Monday or Tuesday that week for setup, through the event, and after for cleanup. A suggestion was made to reach out to the NHS and NJHS at Great Valley for volunteers. The Fundraising Committee will discuss and further develop a plan for the Book Sale. Donation Levels – A patron contacted Maggie who was interested in donating and wanted to know what our Donation Levels were. We recall that at the $50 level a bookplate was given, and suggestions were made to establish levels for naming a shelf, bookcase, or room in the library.

Business Donation Levels are Bronze, Silver, and Gold, however donation thresholds for those levels are not clear. System Advisory Council – the council meets March 13 at 5:30. Maggie can attend but Paula cannot. Elizabeth will attend in her place. A suggestion was made to establish the library as a Box Tops for Education collection center. Patrons can drop off box tops which will then be distributed to the four local Elementary Schools. Some discussion needs to happen to decide how to fairly divide box tops (monthly, quarterly, or at a set threshold of box tops). The Programming Committee will discuss. Budget/Financials – By switching Worker’s Compensation providers we will save $800 this year. In addition, Maggie will look into switching photocopy and telecom providers to lower costs. Maggie asked if she was required to follow local school districts with regard to closings, delayed openings, or early closings of the library. We agreed that she has complete autonomy in this matter. Hotspots are available beginning today. We have two available. They were advertised on Facebook and Instagram as well as via signs in the library. The Facebook post was shared to the local community group pages.

Public Comment: None. MOTION was made and approved to adjourn at 7:49 Next meeting February 26 at 7:00 pm Respectfully Submitted, Gretchen Sorce

January minutes 2018  
January minutes 2018