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Math 8 1 st 9 Weeks Benchmark Review 2008

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Choose the best answer. 1) A computer password consists of 5 vowels. The password is case sensitive, which means upper-case and lower-case vowels are different characters. What is the probability of randomly being assigned the password AeiOu? 2) North Kell High School requires all staff members to have a 6-character computer password that contains 2 letters followed by 4 numbers. Find the number of possible passwords. 3) If A and B are independent events such that P(A)=

4 3 and P(B)= , what is 5 4

P(A and B)? 4) Wyne has two boxes. Box 1 contains 4 bows, 3 clips, 2 headbands, and 3 bands. She also has a second box containing 2 bows and 3 combs. If Wyne selects an item from Box 1 and then an item from Box 2, what is P(bow, comb)? 5) The lottery has 20 balls in each machine containing numbers 0-19. There are 2 different machines. What is the probability that each machine would produce a 9? 6) Sari rolls two 6-sided numbered cubes. What is the probability that the two numbers added together will equal 3? 7) The Black and White party is being catered. The caterers offer 3 appetizers, 2 salads, and 3 main courses for each student to choose for dinner. If the caterers would like 36 different combinations of dinners, how many desserts should they offer? 8) There are 52 cards in a deck. What is the probability of drawing an King or a spade? 9) There are 52 cards in a deck. What is the probability of drawing an three, replacing it, and then drawing a Jack? 10) If A and B are independent events such that P(A)=0.27 and P(B)=0.32, what is the P(A or B)?

11) Akala is building a wooden planter for her flowers in the shape of a right triangle. She has calculated the longest board to be 12 feet and one of the other boards to be 10 feet . What would be the length of the other side? 12) To the nearest meter, how long is the diagonal of a 6 m. by 9 m. rectangular court yard ? 13) Which point on the number line is closest to 28 ? A B C D -1



14. Estimate the ± 139





Estimate the ± 179

15. Is 42 rational or irrational? Is 169 rational or irrational? 17. Simplify: Simplify:

6 12

18. Subtract: 3 2 − 7 2 19. Simplify:

5 10

20) What is 7( n −3) when n=1? 21)When is an exponent expression equal to 1? 22) Simplify: 7-3(74) 23) A lab technician measured the bacteria and found it to be 7.3x 10 −3 inches. What is this number in standard form? 24) What is the product of 20,000 and 30 written in scientific notation? 25) Simplify the quotient and write the answer in scientific notation: ( 9 x10 5 ) ÷ (3 x 103)