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UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA Monthly Newsletter November 2016

Live to Serve. Love to Serve.

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Letter from the Editor Hello All! For starters, thank you all so much! November is a month of showing gratitude and thanks to those who most deserve it. Because of this, I want to let you all know that I am incredibly grateful to all of you for the friendships I have made with many of you and the service that you have all put forth! The effort that I have seen this month and every month prior in our club has been amazing. The service that our club has put into the community has largely impacted many different organizations. Our first weekend this month was especially a success. We were able to accomplish three service events in not only one weekend, but one day! It’s also exciting that each of these events were a real success (those who were running the events actually applauded the service of our members). What it comes down to is that our club is a great one and has really shown our capabilities as a service club and as a whole group of friends! Thank you and I wish you the best of luck in the final stretch of classes this semester with finals! Yours in Service, Chantel Leon Bulletin Editor 2016-2017


Letter from the President Hey everyone, It has been another amazing month with all of you. We have taken a part in awesome events such as the Ronald McDonald House, the Melanoma Walk, and the Tucson Celtic Festival. Each these listed events were incredibly special because the responses from each one were extremely positive. The Tucson Celtic Festival sent multiple letters thanking us for our our help, we got a donation from JACKIE for our hard work at the Melanoma Walk, and the Ronald McDonald House is always excited to see which dish we'll cook up next! I am so happy to be involved in a club that makes such a positive impact on our community and I thank you all for being such dedicated and fantastic members. We are nearing the end of the semester but I hope that you all can keep up this strong work as we move forward. We have quite a few holiday events coming up as well as the infamous (at least in our club) Tucson Marathon. I can't wait to see you guys at these events. Also get ready for our Secret Santa! It's going to be a blast! Good luck during these final weeks of school. You all rock and I know that you will all do great! Best, Michael Zimmerman President 2016-2017


Member of the Month Our member of the November month is Jessica Beauvais! This month she went to multiple events and is also our first new member to write for the bulletin!

Congratulations Jessica!

Nick’s Fun Fact The CKI twitter page was founded in June 2009, 2 years and 3 months after twitter was founded. The first international CKI president was Kenneth B Creasy. The CKI 50th annual convention was in 2005 and the theme was “50 never looked so good”! 4

Melanoma Walk This year was the 7th annual Melanoma Walk and our club was able to be a part of it! This event is meant to raise awareness and funds to end Melanoma, which is a treatable form of cancer. Many people were walking to support loved ones who were battling melanoma, won the fight or sadly lost the fight. The goal of these walks are to end this form of cancer once and for all. It is put on every year by the Skin Cancer Institute at the U of A. Our roles in this event consisted of directing people to rooms that they can get cancer screenings, helping sell raffle tickets, and assisting the photographer. Overall, those organizing the event were extremely gracious to the help he provided at the event.

Tucson Celtic Festival The Tucson Celtic Festival was a new event that was proven a great success for our club. The Tucson Celtic Festival is a way of celebrating the Celtic Heritage of those here in Tucson. This is an annual event that many people enjoy every year. Those who run it are kind and were very gracious to our club for joining them and volunteering. Our club was primarily in charge of the kids’ section, we worked games. While there our club had a stand representing CKI along with Kiwanis. This was the first time we have done this event, though it will likely not be the last! 5

Friends-giving Celebration With so much gratitude shown toward us with our recent events it is so special to be able to turn to each other and show how much we care. The weekend before the Thanksgiving break many of us gathered for a night of entertainment and fun. This event was a “sleepover” where we encouraged PJs and Onesies! Those who came enjoyed pizza along with two movies, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Sing Street! At our following meeting we had a potluck in celebration of the break and holiday. We joined in laughter and fun while eating the snacks that we brought. Thank you to everyone this semester, it’s fantastic to be enjoying your company at the meetings and events!

Ronald McDonald House The Ronald McDonald House “Chef for a Day” events are always classics for our club. This month we were able to do it not only once, but twice. Every time we go we have a great time, and it seems so do those who live and work there. At the past two events at the Ronald McDonald House, we made Chile and Enchiladas. Both of these meals were very well received. The Chile was so well received that an employee came to us and asked us if we could make it again the next time we came. This event is always a joy to do, considering we are helping families of children receiving medical attention who often times have had a long day in the hospital come hope to a fresh meal! 6


Upcoming Events We are now in the season of giving. Every year when the holidays come around there are many families who don’t have enough to afford the festivities and many parents who are unable to provide gifts this holiday season. On December 3rd we will be helping local families both find and wrap presents. We will be taking the children to the store with a budget from Kiwanis and they will choose what they like. Then we will get together and wrap the presents with hot coco. This will be an exciting holiday experience. Our first semester of this year is coming to an end! This means we have a break and a new semester of CKI ahead of us. Next semester we have a special event… DCON! The district convention will be held in Flagstaff, AZ and will have a candy theme! For those unfamiliar with the district convention, it is an event where we celebrate the term of the 2016 district board and chairs and to elect our 2017 board. The DCON registration is now open! Don’t miss out!

Future CKI events  Holiday shopping spree o Dec 3  Present Wrapping o Dec 3  Ronald McDonald House o Dec 3  Secret Santa Meeting o Dec 13  Tucson Marathon o Dec 10  HAPPY WINTER BREAK!


Reflections from a New Member Written by, Jessica Beauvais

I really like CKI. I wait for club meetings like Jim Halpert waited for Pam Beasly to admit she loved him back. I wanted something both enjoyable and rewarding, and I found CKI. All the people I’ve met have been very friendly and welcoming, and perhaps I fit in with this crowd. The events so far have been a blast; I’ve had a lot of fun at places like the Celtic Festival, the Ronald McDonald house, and the Melanoma walk, and I’m really looking forward to December, especially picking Christmas gifts with the kids from Flowing Wells. I’m excited for new events to come!

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Bulletin November 2016  

Enjoy the November bulletin! Filled with service and fun!

Bulletin November 2016  

Enjoy the November bulletin! Filled with service and fun!