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The line here shows that Selena is giving an ‘open invitation’, suggesting that she is free for her lover for whenever he wants as she will always want him. As she sings these lyrics, they are amplified by her actions of her sitting on the floor, visually showing she is waiting. At the beginning of the song she is telling her lover that despite anything, she will be waiting to begin a relationship with him. This further proves the point that her lover has full control over their relationship rather then her.

This sentence can imply that she wants to show off how much she loves him and to establish their relationship. The fact that she states “this love ain’t finished yet” could mean that she is hoping to rekindle a relationship with a previous ex.

At the start of this verse, she indicates how much she wants to be with him due to how loving he is in a relationship. By saying ‘let me get that’, it sounds more like a question, showing her submissiveness.

‘Come and Get It’ by Selena Gomez

As the song starts, she establishes the fact that she yielding towards her lover. She is waiting until he tells her when he's ready. This shows she has little control over the relationship. When these lyrics are being sung, the camera takes the shot of a high angle of her to show that she is vulnerable. At the end of the first verse, she tells us that she is perhaps obsessed with her lover despite not wanting to be. This is due to the use of ‘addicted’ which many people connect to drugs as they are also addicting. Because of this implication, Selena could be saying that her lover is like a drug to her. Here, Selena is telling us that she trusts her lover as she is not shy to do anything to show her love towards him. She won’t regret it later on if it means she will be with him.

This whole verse confirms with the audience that she is obsessed with her lover and that even if he tries to leave her, she won’t let him. As the word ‘addicted’ can be associated with drugs, she could be suggesting that she is also a drug to him since there ‘ain’t no way to stop it’ meaning their relationship. In this shot, she is seen in close proxemics with a male and seems to be telling him this face to face.

Selena repeats the build up to the chorus to make it clear to the audience and her lover that she trusts him and will do anything to show her love.

The bridge describe the relationship between the characters, how she is chasing after him and knowing that it will be worth it in the end. This doesn’t necessarily mean that he feels the same way.

‘Come and Get It’ by Selena Gomez

This song fits with Laura Mulvey’s “Male Gaze” theory as the song idolises women as being objects for men and obeys men's needs. The very first verse of the song supports this as she tells the audience that she is waiting for him to come to her to start their relationship. The costumes chosen also show off her body while the makeup shows off her lips, making her appear alluring to the male audience.

Selena repeats the term “when you’re ready come and get it” as a way to keep reminding her lover that she is waiting for him to come and get her.

The last chorus of the song is like the beginning, establishing the fact that she is ready and waiting for her lover. It repeats the fact that she has little to no control over the relationship.

At the start of the song, Selena sings “take away your things and go”. Despite this sentence meaning literally, it could also imply that Selena is telling him to leave her alone and that no part of him is welcome. While these lyrics are sung, minor characters enter the shot and are shown with their things. It is implied that they’re running from the father in the family. In this sentence, ‘pieces’ describes the way in which she feels. It means she has been shattered like a mirror and she feels like she can’t put herself back together again.

By saying this, the singer could be saying that the lover is not worth her time as he has broken her already. It is usual in split couples to avoid each other after they break up. From this sentence, we can tell that the singer is set in her decision for thinking it is best to end the relationship. As she doesn’t state that she won’t be changing her mind like him, it could be saying that she is refusing to change her whole self rather than just a part.

‘Same Old Love’ by Selena Gomez This sentence could mean that she has been in multiple relationships and she has heard the same excuse more than once. It could possibly mean that she isn’t hurt by the prospect of breaking up anymore since she’s “not one to forget”. However, this contradicts the line sung later on stating she “doesn’t believe it” and that he “left her in pieces”.

The words “my body’s had enough” is quite a common thing to say among those who have been broken up with. It means that you are devastated and it can effect your mental self badly.

During the last part of the second, we see that the male in the song is prone to changing his mind quite a lot and so perhaps, he might like to try at their relationship once again.

In the second bridge in the song, the first part changes from ‘I’ to ‘you’. This changes to the fact now the male is now unable to believe that he is hurt from the end of the relationship. This could be because he wants her back however, she doesn’t, as found by the previous verse.

The way that love ‘tears her up’ can also connect with the next sentence that it ‘feels like she’s blown apart’. This is because they both reflect the idea that it breaks you into pieces that are unable to put back together again.

By Selena repeating herself that she is ‘sick of that same old love’, she could be trying to persuade herself that she is. By going over the phrase multiple times, she could be trying to make herself believe it since being in a break up can hurt so much and make a person want to believe that they are so over it to try and get rid of the pain.

‘Same Old Love’ by Selena Gomez

Richard Dyer's theory on 'The Paradox Of The Star' fits with this music video as the lyrics present her as a normal person. Throughout, she doesn't boast about her celebrity lifestyle, instead, she sings about relationships that anyone can go through. This makes the singer, Selena, relatable to her audience so they can connect to her.

By the singer saying that she is ‘on her knees’ shows that she is weak and vulnerable, even to the feeling of love. The pose also symbolises defeat and that she has given up with falling in love anymore. The singer repeats the phrase that she is ‘sick of that same old love’. This implies that she is familiar with the prospect of being in love and that all love feels the same and is no longer special. This is why she calls it ‘same’ and ‘old’. Since she knows it so well, she could find that she has become ‘sick’ with knowing it so well. At this part in the music video, she is shown as powerful and taking a stand against her ex, showing that she is in control instead of him.

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