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Golf Rules SECTION I. Rule 1.1. Golf Course Administration. All play is under the supervision of the Golf Professional and his staff. Violation of the Golf Course Rules as defined herein can result in a Quality Incident Report being filed with the Rules Committee. Any Member may report a Golf Course Rules violation by notifying the Golf Professional. Rule 1.2. Times of Play. A. In general: 1. Weekdays, except Mondays & Holidays— 8:00am until dark. 2. Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays—7:30am until dark. B. Exceptions: 1. The course is closed on Monday except when Monday is a major holiday, at which time the course is open on Monday and closed on Tuesday. 2. Ladies have priority on the first tee on Thursday, before 11:00am, except if Thursday is a major holiday. 3. Men have first tee priority on Saturday prior to 11:00am. An earlier tee time may be approved by the Golf Professional based on his discretion. 4. The Golf Course Superintendent has the authority to determine when the golf course is unfit for play and may close the course to play. 5. The Golf Professional may close the course for play in the event of inclement weather in the area until such weather has left the area. 6. Board approved tournaments have priority on the course. Rule 1.3. Monday Play. Golf play on Monday, other than Board approved tournaments, is prohibited. Violators are fined. Rule 1.4. Guest Policy. Members are required to register all guests in the

Golf Shop prior to play. Failure to do so results in a fine and/or suspension. Resident Guests are guests whose primary residence is within 50 miles of the Club. Resident Family Guests are immediate family members, i.e., mother, father, brother, sister of Member and spouse whose primary residence is within 50 miles of the Club. Non-resident Guests are guests whose primary residence is located more than 50 miles from the Club. Rule 1.5. Times of Guest Play. A. Guests playing with a Member may play Tuesday through Friday except that the 1st tee is reserved for Members only from 11:00am to 1:00pm each Friday. Guests may play from 10th tee during this time period if no group is on the 9th hole and only with the Golf Professional’s approval. B. Resident Guests and Resident Family Guests playing with a Member may begin play on Saturdays and Holidays after 10:00am. The Sunday restriction on guest play is rescinded. C. Non-resident Guests playing with a Member may begin play on Saturday after 10:00am and anytime on Sundays and Holidays. D. Unaccompanied guests playing without a member, but approved at the discretion of the Golf Professional, may only play Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after 1:00 p.m. A golf member must request permission from the head golf pro and the general manager on behalf of the unaccompanied guest. If approved, the unaccompanied guest fee will be $180 plus the cart fee for each unaccompanied guest. Guests are only allowed a total of 8 rounds of golf per year either as a golf member’s guest or a golf member’s unaccompanied guest. E. Times of guest play may be modified at the discretion of the Golf Professional.

Rule 1.6. Guest Fees. Standard Fees are $90 and Special Fees are $180. Guests are limited to play the golf course no more than eight times in the calendar year (excluding MemberGuest events approved by the Board.) In the event a guest has exceeded the eight time limitations, the Golf Professional may extend, at his discretion, one additional round at the Special Fee rate. All guests playing without a Member in the group or playing unaccompanied at the allowed times (see Rule 2.5 D) are charged Special Fees. Immediate family members pay $50.00. It is the responsibility of the host Member to insure their guests abide by the Rules at all times. Guest fees must be charged to the hosting Member’s account. Rule 1.7. Attire. All players, including guests and juniors, using the course or practice facilities must be neat, well groomed, and wear proper golf attire. A. Shorts. Must be mid-thigh or longer and be a Bermuda-style. No tennis shorts, jams, cut offs, exercise apparel, or swim suits. B. Shirts. Men’s shirts must have collars and be tucked in at all times. Men’s mock collar turtleneck shirts are permissible. No T-shirts, tank tops, tube or halter tops. C. Trousers. No blue jeans, jogging or warm-up pants of any kind. D. Shoes. All golfers are required to wear appropriate shoes as approved by the Golf Professional. Metal or other spikes may be changed for approved soft spikes in the locker room upon request. Rule 1.8. Member Play. A. All play should begin on the 1st tee. However, at the discretion and with the approval of the Golf Professional, groups may begin play at the 10th tee. Groups beginning on the 10th tee have no priority when turning at the 1st tee. Starting play at any hole other than the 1st tee without the approval of the Golf Professional will result in a Quality Incident Report filed with the Rules Committee for each Member in the group. B. All golfers, (Members or guests) must register to

play in the golf shop. The order of 1st tee priority is determined by the starter or Golf Professional at the time of registration. During periods of heavy play, a starter is present on the 1st tee. C. To have your group placed on the 1st tee starting list all members of the group must be present. The starter must be notified of the names in your group and intention to start. When all players are ready and present, the starter places you on the 1st tee sheet in order of priority of appearance. The decisions of the starter regarding assigning priorities to the 1st tee sheet are final. D. Each group must consist of no more than five golfers and must have at least one Golf Member, unless approval is obtained from the Golf Professional. Groups of less than four have no priority on the course. Rule 1.9. Slow Play. If a group playing at a rate slower than standard, fails to allow faster groups to play through, all golfers in the slower group may be the subject of a Quality Incident Report and subject to Rules Committee action. Groups playing at a rate faster than the standard do not have the right to play through groups playing at the standard rate. Each Member has the responsibility to not delay or impede the speed of play on the golf course. The average round of golf at the Club requires four hours and ten minutes. All rounds should be completed within this time frame. All groups must play within one hole of the group in front of them. If the hole ahead of the group is clear, then the gap should be closed. The group should not stop at the snack bar for lunch. Anyone who stops at the snack bar and falls behind the group ahead may be subject to the Slow Play Rule set forth below. In the event the Golf Professional determines that a group is playing too slowly, he must inform that group. After the Golf Professional has so advised the group a second time, he has the authority to request the slow-playing group to skip a hole in order to speed play. No Member can enforce the Slow Play Rule, and all

complaints must be referred to the Golf Professional. In determining whether to invoke the Slow Play Rule, the Golf Professional considers the pace of play of the group in question, the pace of play of the groups behind and ahead of the group in question, the times recorded for pace of play of other groups on the day in question and the frequency such players are cited for slow play by the Golf Professional. The Slow Play Rule is applicable to all golfers, regardless of their golfing ability. A determination of slow play is made in the sole discretion of the Golf Professional. Within three (3) days of such determination, the Golf Professional must provide the Board a written report describing the factors which led to the invocation of the Slow Play Rule. Players may walk and carry their bag or ride in a cart. Rickshaw carts provided by the Club for carrying golf bags are permitted. Rule 1.10. Golf Carts. All carts whether Club-owned or privately owned are subject to the following guidelines: A. Drivers of Club-owned and private carts must have a valid driver’s license. B. The use of carts is governed by the color of the flag flying at the first tee: 1. Red Flag—carts are restricted to the cart path. 2. Yellow Flag—carts are restricted to paths and rough. 3. Green Flag—carts may drive into the fairway using the 90 degree rule. C. Carts are never permitted off the paths on Par 3 holes. D. Carts must return to the path at the limit stakes (white stakes, with green caps) and keep away from greens and bunkers. All carts must remain on the cart path around the greens and tees. E. White, out of bounds stakes are also property line stakes that delineate Club Property from private property. Carts should not be driven into private yards. F. Members are responsible for any damage to a cart while in their possession, or in possession of one of

their guests. G. Cart riders are encouraged to double up to reduce wear on the golf course. Rental carts are restricted to no more than three per fivesome, two per foursome, and one per twosome. Only two (2) golf bags and riders per cart. Rule 1.11. Privately-Owned Golf Carts. In addition to the cart rules in Rule 1.10, the following rules apply to privately-owned carts: A. A private cart must be substantially identical to the Club fleet and must be approved by the Club in writing. An owner may not change the color of the privately-owned cart. B. Owners of private carts must abide by all rules of the Club concerning proper use of the carts on Club Property and are held liable for any damage done by their cart. C. A monthly trail fee is assessed to each private cart owner. The fee is set by the Board. Private cart owners are not charged a cart fee for tournaments. D. Guests or Members riding as passengers in private carts are charged a cart fee. Spouses and dependents as defined in the Rules may ride in a private cart without fee. It is the cart owner’s responsibility to notify the pro shop that a fee is due on anyone who may ride in their cart. E. Private cart owners are responsible for keeping the cart clean and in good repair. If a cart is not clean or in good repair the owner may be censured, fined or the cart may be barred from the course. F. The Club does not service or clean an owner’s private cart. G. All accessories and cart details other than windshield and weather cover must be approved by the Club. H. Private cart owners are encouraged to allow others to ride with them so as to reduce wear on the golf course. Rule 1.12. Practice.

A. All practice is confined to the designated practice areas. Practice is prohibited on the course. B. All Golf Members must participate in the Driving Range Plan. The Driving Range Plan covers registered guests of Members. The Driving Range covers registered guest of Members. C. The putting green is for putting only (no chipping). D. Do not remove range balls from the practice areas. E. The Range closes approximately 30 minutes before dark except as follows: 1. During the growing season (March through October) on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday, the Range closes approximately one hour before dark. Closing earlier to pick and mow the Range allows the Range to open at 7:30am the next day. 2. During the dormant months the Range closes approximately one hour before dark on Sunday only.

Club Property (excluding balls that are immediately retrievable). The only authorized removal of these balls is by a contractor designated by the Club. C. Fishing in golf course lakes and streams is not permitted from the golf course side of the lake or stream. D. No persons are allowed on the golf course, including paths and practice areas for any purpose other than to play golf. Jogging and walking are not allowed at any time when the golf course is open for play. E. Persons under the age of eighteen (18) are prohibited from the Men’s and Ladies’ Locker Rooms and Gyms. F. Professional golfers are not allowed to play in Member tournaments. G. Towels are not to be removed from the Locker Rooms.

F. Do not pitch to the chipping green from the practice tee.

H. Cart towels should be left in the carts and not removed from the premises or stored in the golf bag.

G. Rake the practice bunker after using.

Rule 1.4. Other Golf Services. MGA. The MGA is responsible for organizing and administering all of the men’s Club-sponsored competitions including the stroke-play and matchplay Club championships. To participate in such championships, a Member must be a member of the MGA. A portion of the funds generated by MGA membership dues is used to fund enhancements to golf operations, subject to Board approval.

Rule 1.2. Rules of Play A. USGA Rules govern all play. B. Proper golf etiquette must be practiced at all times, including, but not limited to: 1. Repair all ball marks on the green. 2. Place sand in all divots. 3. Rake all bunkers (both fairway and greenside). 4. Replace bunker rakes within the bunkers after use. 5. Play within the standard time for play as described in A.1.Rule 1.9. 6. Loud expressions of anger, foul language, or throwing golf clubs are not tolerated. Rule 1.3. General. A. As a courtesy to other golfers, place communication devices on vibrate or silent mode during your golf round. B. Golf balls hit into course lakes or streams become

LGA. The LGA is responsible for organizing and administering all of the ladies’ Club-sponsored competitions as well as couples-events. Participating Members must also be members of the LGA. A portion of the funds generated by the LGA membership dues is used to fund enhancements to golf operations, subject to Board approval. Members and spouses are encouraged to join the Men’s Golf Association (MGA) or Ladies’ Golf Association (LGA). Hole-in-One Club. Both the MGA and the LGA

maintain hole-in-one clubs. Each time a hole-in-one is made, Hole-in-One Club members are billed $5 each. The Hole-in-One Club member that made the hole-in-one receives an award check equivalent to the sum of such billings. Hole-in-ones and subsequent billings/awards are maintained separately for MGA and LGA members. Handicap Program. All Golf Members are encouraged to join the Handicap Program. The Club’s Handicap Program meets the requirements of the United States Golf Association (USGA). The program fee is billed monthly. If a Member has an established handicap at another facility, information supporting that handicap can be transferred to the Club at the Member’s request. Members of the Handicap Program are required to post all scores utilizing Equitable Stroke Control. Handicap terminals are provided in the Golf Pro Shop or the Men’s or Ladies’ Locker Rooms. After posting scores, sign and date the scorecard and deposit in the scorecard receptacle provided. Club Storage. Golf Members are encouraged to store their golf clubs in Club Storage. The storage charge is billed monthly and includes personalized shaft labels for identification purposes. Rule 1.5. Junior Golf. A Junior Golfer is a Member’s dependent that has not reached 18 years of age and lives with the Member

or the Member’s spouse. follows:

Playing privileges are as

A. Weekdays except Holidays—Junior Golfers that are from age 13 through age 17 that are playing without a parent may start play before 11:00am and after 2:00pm. Junior Golfers that are age 12 and under may play during the same time period as long as they are certified by the Golf Shop staff. B. Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays— Junior Golfers that are from age 13 through age 17 that are playing without a parent may start after 2:00pm. Junior Golfers that are age 12 or under may play during the same time period as long as they are certified by the Golf Shop staff. C. Junior Golfers may play with their parents on weekends and holidays, but not before 12:00 noon. D. All Junior Golfers’ play is at the discretion of the Golf Shop staff. E. Any modifications to these rules due to weather, amount of play, etc., can only be made at the discretion of the Head Golf Professional. F. Junior Golfers under the age of 16 may use pull carts from Memorial Day through Labor Day.

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