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“Pray Without Ceasing”




Sheriff’s Office Busts “Major Pill Supplier” A Waynesboro man described by Sheriff Ric Wilson as a “major pill supplier” has been arrested on four counts of Sale of Schedule II drugs. Jody White Swinea, 28, of 975 Greeson Hollow Road, was originally booked under $200,000 bond but Circuit Judge Stella Hargrove ordered him held without bond

Jody Swinea

because he is on probation on previous charges. He had reportedly almost completed the third of three consecutive 11-month, 29-day probation terms when he was arrested. Swinea had been under surveillance by Sheriff Wilson, Chief Deputy Gerald Baer, and Investigators Kenneth Martin and Jason Davis. He was suspected of obtaining and reselling the prescription drug Roxycontin, a generic for Oxycodone, with a “street value” of as much as $30 per pill. Swinea was arrested on Wednesday, December 30 shortly after officers say they observed him

obtaining pills through an accomplice who used a legal prescription at a local pharmacy. Sheriff Wilson said the terms of his probation revocation required him to serve at least 75 percent of the original probation sentence which would mean about 27 months in jail on the previous charges. In General Sessions Court Monday, Swinea was arraigned and assigned a courtappointed attorney but later in the day retained Charles Bates as his attorney. He is scheduled to appear in court again on January 19.

When It Was Really Cold . . . . By: Randy Brewer Winter came early this year and seems determined to hang around with a vengeance. It may be cold now but just think of how bad it would be without good ol’ global warming! We’d have ice bergs floating down the Tennessee River! Actually, our quaint little cold snap seems like a dip in a hot tub compared to what happened back in January 1985. We’re fast approaching the 25th anniversary of the coldest recorded temperature ever in these parts. In the early morning hours of Monday, January 21 of that fateful winter, the National Weather Service recorded the coldest all-time temperature in Nashville- 17 degrees below zero. The January 24, 1985 Wayne County News reported that the record cold night had been preceded by a four-inch snow. School was out, the roads were being scraped, and plenty of Wayne Countians had busted pipes and flooded basements. I can recall that WDXE radio in Lawrenceburg

had a young meteorologist named Barry Roberts who recorded 22-below that same night in a hollow where he lived over in West Point. It just so happened that I lived in a similar hollow in east Lawrence County near the Giles County line. Brock Hollow was the place where I rented a little four-room frame house with a tin roof and no insulation. My water source was a little spring about 100 feet from the house where an above-ground pump in a small well-house sucked the sparkling clear water out of a fruit jar nestled at the bottom of a small pool. My old pump had been re-welded from two previous freezings and I had become real careful about keeping the water

flowing when it got cold. The well-house had been insulated and heat lamps installed. That particular winter I had placed my Ashley wood stove in my kitchen which worked just as well as having it clutter up my living room. On that record cold night I went to bed with my kitchen water running and the wood stove box packed with wood, surely enough to keep the place warm even on the coldest of nights. Wrong! I woke up around 3 A.M. and could immediately tell it was freezing inside the house even while covered with multiple layers of blankets. Worse, I could hear a sizzling sound coming from the kitchen. I got up and discovered (Continued On Page Two)

Rewards Offered For Stolen ATVs The Wayne County Sheriff’s Office is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to arrests of suspects in a recent rash of All Terrain Vehicle thefts. Information can be phoned into the Crime Fighters line at 7222300 or by contacting the Sheriff’s Investigators office at 722-3615,

Extension 5. A description of the stolen ATVs follows: *Polaris 2002, Freedom 500 with winch, red, white, and blue with VIN4XACH50A32C616 294, stolen from a Weatherford Creek Road residence on July 23. *Suzuki 1995, 250 Quadsport, blue with a

Flags Wave As Guard Deploys. . . Large crowds turned out in Waynesboro on December 29 at the local National Guard Armory and around the Square (above) to give our Guardsmen a grand send-off as they returned to Camp Shelby, MS to continue to train for deployment to Iraq. At right, Dana Simmons prepares to give husband Jeremy a going-away kiss. (Last week’s front page photo was Collinwood Guardsman Brandon Whidden and his son Will.) Thanks to all who contributed to the effort to bring the troops home for a six-day Christmas vacation!

Local Health Care Facility Will Expand With Grant The Natchez Trace Family Health and Birth Center on Highway 99 is expanding thanks to a $555,000 federal stimulus grant. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act dollars were made possible because of the facility’s status as a federally-qualified supplier of health care to the uninsured and underinsured. Administrator Claudine Bruyns said the expansion would increase the facility’s size from about 3,500 sq. ft. to 6,600 sq. ft. and allow for the renovation of another 1,100 sq. ft. The expansion will

add nine exam rooms and improve the patient services area. “The additional space will allow us to provide care for more people in need of health care in a more efficient manner,” said Ms. Bruyns. “As the health care crisis continues, we hope to be able to provide affordable care to everyone.” The Natchez Trace Center began in 1993 when a group of community leaders formed the Natchez Trace Maternity Center, a free-standing birthing center. In 1999 a grant was applied for through Vanderbilt’s School of Nursing who in cooperation with the

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W.K. Kellogg Foundation planned to establish five free-standing birth centers in Tennessee. The grant application was approved and on April 19, 2001, the Center began seeing patients and later that month delivered its first baby. Since that time over 500 babies have been delivered there and hundreds of women have come for not only pre-natal care but also well-woman care. “We soon realized the need to provide care for the whole family so in February 2007 we added complete Family Practice services,” said Ms. Bruyns. “Now we are able to provide (Continued On Page Two)

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inconvenience kind of cold we’re having now starts to get to you over the next several days, just picture poor ol’ me standing in that freezing water knowing that an expensive new water pump lay in my immediate future. This morning (Monday) the temperature in International Falls, Minnesota was 34 degrees below zero. Man, we’ve got it good in these parts! Just keep the pets in at night and leave that water dripping when you go to bed- springtime and the melting of our polar ice caps are just a couple of months away!

. . .Family

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. . .When It

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to my horror that the wood fire had expired, and the plunging temperature had caused the water line to my kitchen sink to burst. There was about an inch of water on the floor that I could tell would soon become a skating rink. There were now two choices, neither one of them good. Either let the flood continue and the ice

rink form or shut off the water and have the old pump freeze. I needed a new pump anyway so I shut off the water (luckily, the break was above the valve) and let the old pump go. The fun part was sweeping that freezing water out of the back door at what must have surely been the depth of the never-before-norsince cold of that night. So if the minor

health care to the whole community regardless of gender or age.” In May 2009 the Center became part of LifeSpan Health in Savannah, Tennessee. The Center’s current name reflects the wide range of services now offered. LifeSpan Health is a Federally Qualified Health Center whose services include: Family Practice, OB/

Sunday - January 10th - 5:30 P.M. Monday - Wednesday January 11-13th - 6:30 P.M.

Seminar is FREE, a love offering will be taken

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“Contending For The Faith” By: Leo Potete

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By Jan Hicks

types of insurances and all TennCares. The staff includes two Family Physicians, Dr. Nancy Armetta and Dr. Anjeanette Hall; a Family Nurse Practitioner, Patricia Catlin: and two Certified Nurse Midwives, Elaine Wakeland and Bess Greevy.

WINTER HOURS: 10 - 8 Tue. - Thurs. & 10 - 9 Fri.- Sat.

Bible Teaching and Preaching

Crossing2Freedom is combining the two into one “A Healing Journey”

GYN, Pediatrics, General Surgery, G a s t r o e n t e r o l o g y, Mental Health Counseling and VA services. The LifeSpan partnership allows the Center to offer clients a sliding fee scale (based on the patient’s income and household size) for services and access to contracted services such as dental care and radiology. In addition, the Center accepts most

Fine Food - Country Home Cooking

Crossing2Freedom Guest Speaker - Jan Hicks

The Natchez Trace Family Health and Birth Center staff includes (left to right) Bess Greevy, Certified Nurse Midwife, Dr. Nancy Armetta, Cindy Rucker, RN, Kelly Hill, Patient Services Rep, Elaine Wakeland, Certified Nurse Midwife, Beth Brewer, Medical Asst., Patricia Catlin, Family Nurse Practitioner, Claudine Bruyns, Administrator, and Leigh Ann Risner, Referral Clerk.


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Sharing Hometown Recipes, Cooking Tips and Coupons By Janet Tharpe

A Flavorful Twist To Pork Tenderloin

(Channel 8) P.O. Box 10 Savannah, TN 38372


Make a New Year’s Resolution that sticks

Take Charge

‘Spinach and feta just make for the best combination!’ -Liz Carrier, Bluff City, TN (Pop. 12,405)

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or me, there is not much that beats the smell of pork tenderloin and bacon to warm up a cold winter evening. In fact, I chose Liz Carrier’s recipe for Spinach & Feta Stuffed Pork Tenderloin to serve for Christmas Eve Dinner! The lovely presentation makes the effort worthwhile - my family has been raving for days. See step-by-step photos of Liz’s Pork Tenderloin recipe along with thousands of other recipes from hometown Americans at:

Liz Carrier

You can also share your recipes and access coupons for recipe ingredients! Enjoy and remember, use “just a pinch”...


Spinach & Feta Stuffed Pork Tenderloin What You Need 16 oz fresh spinach 4 oz feta cheese 1 clove garlic, minced 1 tsp worcestershire 12 oz pork tenderloin 4 peppered bacon slices Salt & pepper, to taste

Directions ‡ Preheat oven to 450. ‡ Cook and drain spinach. ‡ Mix spinach with cheese, garlic, worcestershire, salt & pepper; set aside. ‡ Filet tenderloin, then spread spinach mixture in the tenderloin.

‡ Roll meat up to enclose ¿lling; wrap bacon slices around the tenderloin. ‡ Place in roasting pan and bake for 15 minutes; reduce heat to 400 and bake until meat thermometer registers 160. ‡ Enjoy!

Submitted by: Liz Carrier, Bluff City, TN (Pop. 12,405) - Online at:


1/5/10 4:41:44 PM


Suspects Caught Cooking Meth Off Railroad Bed Road Two south Wayne County men were arrested by Sheriff’s Investigators December 15 as they allegedly cooked methamphetamine in one of the suspect’s car. James Mark Lowery, 30, and Nathan William Ritter, 21, both with separate Iron City addresses, were caught

cooking meth in a wooded area behind Ritter’s Railroad Bed Road home. Investigators Kenneth Martin and Jason Davis were following up on reports of suspicious activity in the wooded area accessible off Campbell Lane, a dirt road connecting to

James Mark Lowery

Nathan William Ritter

Lowery was charged with Evading Arrest. The car was seized and declared a bio-hazard due to some of the toxic substances used to make meth. Each man faced a preliminary hearing January 5 and remain in jail under a total bond of $152,500 each.

. . .Rewards

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Ingredients and paraphernalia used to manufacture methamphetamine are displayed on the hood of a 2008 Suzuki Ventura seized in the recent arrest of suspects James Mark Lowery and Nathan William Ritter, both of Iron City. See related story. Railroad Bed Road. observed cooking meth The officers walked and arrested. Lowery down what Investigator attempted to run but Davis called a “pig path” Investigator Martin that led to Lowery’s 2008 caught him after a brief Suzuki Ventura parked chase. about one-quarter mile Both are charged with from Ritter’s house. Initiation of a Process The suspects were Intended to Result in the Manufacture of Meth and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Ritter was also charged with Simple Possession while

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hole in fender over the right rear tire, stolen October 7 from a May Branch Loop residence. *Polaris 2002, Ranger 4-wheeler mule with front winch, VIN 4XARB42A72D824563, stolen on November 22 from a May Branch Loop residence. *Yamaha 1997, Big Bear 2X4, green, VIN JY44UHW 03WA044247, stolen from a Pumping Station Road near May Branch Loop residence on December 24. *Honda 2000, 400 EX, red with a missing left front wheel, and a Honda

2001, 400 EX, yellow with a shark mouth grill stolen from a Sherrill Drive residence on August 7. *Honda 1998 4 Trax, TRX 300 FW, Motor #TE15E9009702, tan, and a Honda TRX 420 SE8, VIN 1HFTE354584111620, black with storage compartment passenger seat, stolen from a Bundrant Hollow Road residence on September 23. *Honda 2004, red, stolen from a Skelton Farm Road residence on December 11. *Polaris 2003 or 2004, green, stolen from a Little Hope Road residence on December 22.

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DO YOU REMEMBER--• what the British did that started our revolution? • how we got the Constitution? • the electoral college? • what the Constitution says about prayer, abortion, bailouts, welfare, schools, taxes, and health care?

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WHO IS SPONSORING THIS COURSE? • Hal Rounds, a member of the Bar of the Supreme Courts of Tennessee and the United States, a Viet Nam veteran, and a resident of Fayette County for seven years. • Tennessee Senator Dolores Gresham, who represents Wayne County.

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PAGE FOUR -THE WAYNE COUNTY NEWS - WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6, 2010 She is survived by three sons, Bennie H. Staggs and wife Connie of Ethridge, TN, Ronnie Staggs and wife Louise of Waynesboro and Terry F. Staggs and wife Glenda of Lawrenceburg; a daughter, Beverly Staggs of Lawrenceburg; seven grandchildren; seven greatgrandchildren; a sister, Velma Viscek of Collinwood; several nieces, nephews and a host of relatives and Gunner Hayze Lauderdale was stillborn Monday, De- friends.


Gunner Hayze Lauderdale

cember 28, 2009 at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, TN. A graveside service was held Wednesday, December 30, 2009 at 3 P.M. at the Lutts Cemetery in Lutts, TN with Herbert Brewer officiating. Burial followed with Shackelford Funeral Directors of Wayne County directing. He is survived by his parents, Steven Wesley Lauderdale and Erica Ann Brewer; a sister, Jayden Ann Lauderdale; grandparents, Libby Lauderdale and Stacey Brewer; great-grandparents, E. J. and Mai Brewer, James D. Harris, and Mary Poole all of Waynesboro, TN and Virginia Lauderdale of Elkmont, AL; He was preceded in death by grandparents, Steven Allen Lauderdale, Earl J. Brewer Jr., and Mary Ann Brewer. Jan. 6-(ojb) Wayne County News (Waynesboro, TN) Jan. 6, 2010

Barbara Jean Tilley Sims

Funeral services for Barbara Jean Tilley Sims, 52, of Collinwood, TN were conducted Wednesday, Dec. 30, 2009 at 1 P.M. at Shackelford Funeral Directors Chapel in Collinwood with Dewayne Staggs officiating. Burial was in Memorial Gardens in Collinwood. She departed this life on Friday, Dec. 18, 2009 at Maury Regional Hospital in Columbia, TN. She was born September 10, 1957 in Hardin County, TN, the daughter of Geneva Iva Jay Wright Tilley of Collinwood, who survives, and the late Leamon Tilley. She was a homemaker. Other than her mother, she is survived by son, Patrick Sims; daughter, Misty Craig; grandchildren, Sierra Nicole, Leamon Lee and Dillon Cole Hatfield; a sister, Brenda Tilley Clay all of Collinwood; nieces, Sarah and Elizabeth Clay; and nephew, Jimmy Clay. Jan. 6-(ojb) Wayne County News (Waynesboro, TN) Jan. 6, 2010

Ethel Earlene Hinton Staggs Funeral services for Ethel Earlene Hinton Staggs, 79, of Lawrenceburg, TN, were conducted Thursday, December 31, 2009 at 1 P.M. from Shackelford Funeral Chapel in Waynesboro, TN with Jason Love and Larry Janes officiating. Burial followed in Highland United Methodist Church Cemetery, Lawrenceburg. Mrs. Staggs departed this life on Tuesday, December 29 at her residence in Lawrenceburg. She was born June 21, 1930 in Wayne County, TN, the daughter of the late Lonnie and Sally Fraley Hinton. In addition to her parents, Mrs. Staggs was preceded in death by husband, Harvey H. Staggs; a daughter, Patricia Diane Staggs; a grandchild, Tina Denise Vines; sisters, Bessie Bratton and Louise Bratton; and a brother, Glen Hinton. Mrs. Staggs was a factory worker and a member of the Church of God. She was a woman with a kind heart and loving arms that comforted her family with a never-ending love. A rare jewel with a smile that would brighten the darkest days and precious memories that will never be forgotten.

Jan. 6-(ojb) Wayne County News (Waynesboro, TN) Jan. 6, 2010

Fred Lowell Risner Funeral services for Fred Lowell Risner, 72, of Waynesboro, TN were conducted Saturday, January 2, 2010 at 1 P.M. at Shackelford Funeral Directors Chapel in Waynesboro with Marvin Champion and Lea Thornton officiating. Burial followed in McGlamery Cemetery in Collinwood. Mr. Risner departed this life Thursday, December 31, 2009 at Kindred Hospital in Nashville, TN. He was born July 7, 1937, a son of Lurlean Lee Risner Fairris, who survives, of Waynesboro and the late Freddie Hobert Risner. In addition to his father, Mr. Risner was preceded in death by a son, David Risner and a brother, Morris Risner. He was a retired painter, served in the U. S. Navy during the Viet-Nam conflict and presently attended the United Methodist Church. Other than his mother he is survived by his wife Rose Anne Davis Risner; four sisters, June Warren, Gail Berry and Fonda Corn all of Waynesboro and Patricia Beckham of Normandy, TN; three step-sons, Bill Dearing of Los Angeles, CA, Eric Dearing and Tommy Dearing, both of Memphis, TN; a step-daughter, Lisa Sawyer of Gulf Shores, AL; and seven step-grandchildren. Jan. 6-(ojb) Wayne County News (Waynesboro, TN) Jan. 6, 2010

Mary Ruth Pusser Funeral services for Mary Ruth Pusser, age 72, of Lawrenceburg, TN were conducted Tuesday, January 5, 2010 at 2 P.M. from Neal Funeral Home in Lawrenceburg with John Olivares officiating. Interment followed in the Spann Cemetery in Lawrence County, TN. Mrs. Pusser died Saturday, January 2, at Maury Regional Medical Center in Columbia, TN. She was a native of Texas, retired from Angelica Garment Mfg., and was of the Christian faith. Her parents were the late Elmer and Fleetie Bearden Youngblood. She was also prececded in death by her husband, Raymond Pusser, brothers, Bobby Dean Youngblood, Cecil Leon Youngblood, Carl Dean Youngblood, Glenn Oneal Youngblood, John Jake Youngblood and a sister, Christina Youngblood. She is survived by two daughters, Deonna Staggs of Lawrenceburg and Teresa Matthews of Loretto, TN; a son, Jerry Murphy of Chowchilla, CA; a sister, Patsy Flowers of Gleason, TN; two brothers, Roy Youngblood of Watertown, TN and Milam Youngblood of Cardwell, Missouri; ten grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren. Condolences may be sent by way of the website at

Columbia State Community College and the South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance have formed a partnership to offer a series of Entrepreneurship Training Classes in January 2010. Information sessions will be held to allow interested individuals to find out more about the training. The FREE information sessions will be held in Wayne County at the TN Career Center (Waynesboro) at 6 P.M. on Tuesday, January 12; and Perry County at the TN Career Center (Linden) at 6 P.M. on Thursday, January 14. Christian Cahill of

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WAYNE COUNTY A.A. The Wayne County Group of Alcoholics Anonymous will begin holding its regular Thursday night meetings once again, beginning at 8 o’clock P.M. on January 21 at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church in Waynesboro. An “open speaker eating meeting” will be held on the second Saturday of each month, also at the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. A potluck dinner at 7 o’clock P.M. will be followed by the meeting at 8 o’clock P.M. This meeting is open to anyone with an interest in learning about A.A.


GRANVILLE HOLT 1-4-1940 ~ 4-19-2005

On His “70th” Birthday! Always in our hearts and minds.

CARD OF THANKS The family of Arnold Hunt would like to thank everyone for their prayers, cards, calls, kind words, visits, food, flowers, and support during the loss of our loved one. Thank you to Wayne County EMS, Dr. Joe Hall and staff and Shackelford Funeral Home for your assistance. A special thank you to Bobby Pinckley for the beautiful service and the singers from Waynesboro Church of Christ. Thank you to everyone at Waynesboro Church of Christ who prepared and served the delicious meal after the service. We are grateful for our families, friends, neighbors and coworkers who have supported us during this difficult time. May God Bless You. Carol and David Hardin, Matthew & Micah Charles and Pam Hunt, Tyler & Hannah Tony and Katie Hunt & Kayton

Cahill & Dunn CHB, Inc., a participant in the 2009 Entrepreneurship Training Class, stated that “In the current economic climate small businesses need every advantage possible in order to survive. Having been in business for 10 years, if there is anything that I have learned it is that continued education has a direct correlation to continued success. The topics in the class were designed so that you benefited whether you were just starting out or a long time business owner.” In any county where at least 10 people sign up for the training, a 10-session Entrepreneurship


Jan. 6-(ojb) Wayne County News (Waynesboro, TN) Jan. 6, 2009

Duren’s Health Mart Pharmacy is proud to introduce

Entrepreneurship Classes Be Offered At Career Centers

Your Loving Family, Sue, Pam, Ryan, Connor, Steve, Tammie, Jordan, Addison


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~ Your Smiling Face ~ ~ The Touch Of Your Hand ~ ~ The Sound Of Your Voice ~

We Love You & Miss You, Wife Joyce, Sonya & Herbie, Rhonda & Mike, & Grandchildren


Card Of Thanks

In Gratitude: 21 and ½ years ago, this town showed me and my family what love really is. My husband, Donnie Ray Hammack, had a massive heart attack and had a heart transplant five months later. During that time, you have been by our side, all the way. Your kindness, love, and support have seen us through so many rough times, how can we ever thank you. You are one in a million, and we’ll never forget what you did for us. From the bottom of our heart, thank you, so much. Dr. Joe Hall, Wayne County Ambulance Service, the staff at the emergency room, all the hospital staff, you were a blessing with your support during the loss of Donnie, thank you. Shackelford Funeral Home, what can we say, you carried us through it, thank you. Wayne County Bank, you’ve always been there for us, thank you, so, so much. To this town, Waynesboro, TN, our family and friends, for all your kindness and love, thank you. To Bro. Billy Wright and Bro. Larry Janes, you gave us strength and courage through our sorrow, thank you. Wileda, Alecia, and D. J. Hammack, Troy Hammack, Sherry and Randy Wallace and Family, Wanda and Jeff Smith, and Kenda, Shelia and Bobby Carroll Jan. 6-(ojb)

Theft Suspect Flees Christmas Furlough One of two Lauderdale County men arrested in Wayne County on theft

In Memoriam IN LOVING MEMORY OF JEFF GORDON ON HIS BIRTHDAY 1-10-59 ~ 1-2-06 Happy Birthday Jeff You have been gone four years and eight days, and today the 10th you would have been 51 years old. My how time flies, an empty house, an empty chair, a Son’s love, no longer there. A broken heart, tear filled eye, another soul to fill the sky. Many memories in our mind, some we laugh, some we cry. The times we shared, the laughs we had, things we miss when we think of you Son. Missing your laugh, we will never again hear. That is the reality that fills us with fear, no more smiles on your face, no more warmth of your embrace. The last hug, the last kiss, the last “goodbye” leaves us with our last wish, to have you Son with us today. Sadly Missed and Dearly Loved, Happy Birthday Jeff Mom Jan. 6-P.-(ojb)

charges remains at large after skipping out on a Christmas furlough granted in Wayne County General Sessions Court. According to Sheriff Ric Wilson, suspect Todd Johnson failed to turn himself in on December 26 after receiving the furlough from Judge James Ross because Johnson wanted to spend Christmas with his children. Johnson and co-suspect Mitchell Terry were arrested December 10 in Lauderdale County as a result of an investigation by Kenneth Martin and Jason Davis of the Wayne County Sheriff’s Office. After receiving information that a

stolen 4-wheeler may have been driven into Wayne County, Martin and Davis found tracks leading to a residence on the J.B. Pigg Road in Cypress Inn. A 4-wheeler matching the stolen vehicle’s description was located in the woods near the house. One of the home’s residents said the two suspects had arrived at his house the previous day and Todd Johnson had borrowed his cell phone before the men left on the 4-wheeler. The Lauderdale County Sheriff’s Dept. was notified, the men were arrested, and the 4-wheeler returned to its owner. Mitchell Terry remains in jail. ***** Investigators Martin

and Davis also recovered a reportedly stolen generator from the home of Michael Dixon on Green River Road in Waynesboro on December 28. They were responding to a tip that the generator was at the home and upon arrival noticed that the house had no electric meter but several extension cords running from a generator in a nearby shed. The generator fit the description of one stolen from Jeff Kilburn at 1181 Highland Road in Collinwood. Dixon was arrested and is out on bond pending a preliminary hearing on theft charges. ***** Investigators Martin and Davis also made a truck theft arrest on

December 28, charging Teresa Smotherman of 207 Morrow Street of taking a Ford Ranger truck belonging to Stephen Joel Stutts. According to the arrest report, Ms. Smotherman told officers “I didn’t steal the truck, I went to the store and just kept going and have returned the truck and it is not hurt.” She was arrested on theft charges but is free on bond pending a preliminary hearing.

21st Century Community Learning Center Grant And Lottery For Education: After School Grant

In Loving Memory of


Mary Louise Spain

Wayne County Schools FREE FOR ALL STUDENTS

On Her “100th” Birthday

1-2-1910 ~ 2-11-2000 Frances Voce and Family Sue Holt and Family


Jimmy Turnbow Waynesboro City Commissioner February 2nd 2010 Your vote and support is greatly appreciated!


The family of Linda Plunk expresses our gratitude and thanks for all you did during the loss of our Mother. A very special thanks to all the fire departments and Sheriff’s departments who worked the scene, Roger Balentine and Shackelford Funeral Home, Cornerstone Church of Collinwood for the use of their facility, and Brother Jimmy Pearcy and Brother Brandon Skelton for the kind words spoken at her service. Your kindness will never be forgotten. The Children of Linda Plunk

Jewel Sanders Will Be Preparing Income Tax Returns At The Old Shelter Ins. Office In The Barlow Shopping Center Beside Piggly Wiggly.

My New Number Is:



The 21st Century Community Learning Center Grant and the Lottery for Education: After-School Grant has provided funding for students in Wayne County to attend the afterschool programs. The focus is on providing academic learning opportunities, enrichment opportunities, and recreational activities for students.



Society News To Sing C’wood Church Of God

The Woodalls will be singing at the Collinwood Church of God on Sunday night, January 17 at 6 P.M. The public is invited to attend.

Busy Year For Quilters Guild!! This year the Square Quilters Guild has worked, had fun, and learned new things relating to quilting.

They visited the Ronald McDonald House in Nashville, carried 35 quilts to them, and toured the home. Then a fun day

Natural Bridge

was had by all with lunch and shopping. In March they had a lady from Fayetteville, TN that came and presented her trunk show. They saw many beautiful quilts, table runners, pillows, and Christmas items, all which she had hand made. They appreciate everyone that gave a donation on the fan quilt for which they received $1,100.00 on the quilt, with all the money going to the Relay For life. The guild is appreciative to all the many people that helped in this event. The group gave two donations to the school for items for the school children. In November several of the ladies went to Nashville, for a day out to shop, and have a fun day. At their regular meeting they had the election of officers for the year of 2010. Those elected was President Karen Sweney, Vice president Shelby

The Wayne County News

Hood, Secretary Linda Keeton, Treasury Karen Chiginsky and Mary McGee, and project committee Dale Himes, Karen and Mary. They have made two quilts as a special love gift, and finished another one. At the December meeting, the group enjoyed a covered dish lunch with special guests their husbands. They also finished filling the Christmas stockings and delivered them, and also a meal from Golden Goodies. The guild appreciates everyone that gave a donation on the beautiful house quilt that has been on display at the Wayne County Bank. This money goes to the charities of Wayne County, and they appreciate all your help over the past five years. Anyone is welcome to join this group. They meet on the first Monday of the month, at the

To Sing At Shawnettee Jan. 17

Mike Lefevre and Priority will be singing at Shawnettee United Methodist Church on Sunday, January 17 at 6 P.M. Also singing will be The Caltons. Everyone is invited to attend. First United Methodist Church of Waynesboro. For information you may call Karen at 724-6980 or Linda at 724-4901.



Anniversary Jan. 2, 2010

Gentle Exercise For Everyone Call Or Visit Website for class times and places

Karen Fletcher, RYT 931-722-5096



To Two Great People! Love, Your Children & Grandchildren

Welcome Center Report Dec. 27 - Jan. 2, 2010 Number Of Visitors: 228

States Represented: 15

AL, CA, CO, FL, IN, KY, LA, MA, MI, MS, OH, TN, TX, UT, VA Other Countries: 4 Canada (Ontario, Quebec), Catalina Island, Narobi, Kenya, Spain


HOSTS 18 Allen, Berry, Will Brown, Anthral Copeland, Clara Nell Duesterhoft, Durrell Erickson, J.B. & Reba Hollis, Daffo & Harley Holt, David & Martha Montgomery, Dorothye McGrath, Twila McGrath & Madison, Gene Nelson, Linda Spangler, Mary Lewis Stricklin, Jewel Thompson.

COMMISSIONER City Of Waynesboro

Early Voting Starts Jan. 13-28 Election Day Tuesday, February 2, 2010

“Your Vote Needed And Appreciated”




Collinwood Church of God

205 1st Ave. North - Collinwood, TN Phone 724-4859 Senior Pastor: Richard Bane


Sunday, January 10th Wednesday, January 13th Sunday Services start at 11 A.M. & 6 P.M. Monday through Wednesday Services start at 7:00 P.M. each night

Well the time has come for another year and another Birthday. This young lady is very special to many people. She has grown up before our eyes as you can see and she will soon be 25! Alanna, you are the Best Sister and Daughter anyone could have! May God Bless you in all he has in store for you, keep you and watch over you! 01-10-85

We Love You, Mom, Dad & Johna

Evangelist Chris Reaneu will preach each service and there will be powerful praise and worship with special solos. Directions: Church sits directly beside Hwy 13N on the North side of town.


Junior Civitan Club Has Successful First Ever Fall Poker Run Saturday,


7, the Wayne County


Jennie Reaves; running North 00 degrees 21 minutes West 56.78 feet; North 27 degrees East 48.83 feet; and leaving said Billy Vencion property and crossing a corner of Kenneth Reaves’ property described in Deed Book 130, Page 241, North 59 degrees 48 minutes East 61.44 feet to a point in the north line of said Andrews. Street Address: 1307 Shawnette Road, Collinwood, TN 38450 Current Owner(s) of Property: Kenneth Rumbaugh and wife, Robin Rumbaugh The street address of the above described property is believed to be 1307 Shawnette Road, Collinwood, TN 38450, but such address is not part of the legal description of the property sold herein and in the event of any discrepancy, the legal description herein shall control. SALE IS SUBJECT TO TENANT(S) RIGHTS IN POSSESSION. All right of equity of redemption, statutory and otherwise, and homestead are expressly waived in said Deed of Trust, and the title is believed to be good, but the undersigned will sell and convey only as Substitute Trustee. The right is reserved to adjourn the day of the sale to another day, time, and place certain without further publication, upon announcement at the time and place for the sale set forth above. If the highest bidder cannot pay the bid within twenty-four (24) hours of the sale, the next highest bidder, at their highest bid, will be deemed the successful bidder. This property is being sold with the express reservation that the sale is subject to confirmation by the lender or trustee. This sale may be rescinded at any time. This office is a debt collector. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

Sale at public auction will be on January 14, 2010 at 2:00 PM Central Standard Time, at the east door, Wayne County Courthouse, Waynesboro, Tennessee pursuant to Deed of Trust executed by Kenneth Rumbaugh and Robin Rumbaugh, husband and wife to Alan C. Betz, Trustee, on July 24, 2007 at Book 99, Page 251; conducted by Shapiro & Kirsch, LLP Substitute Trustee, all of record in the Wayne County Register’s Office. Owner of Debt: Regions Bank d/b/a Regions Mortgage The following real estate located in Wayne County, Tennessee, will be sold to the highest call bidder subject to all unpaid taxes, prior liens and encumbrances of record: Described property located in the Tenth (10th) Civil District of Wayne County, Tennessee, and more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at a stake standing in the north margin of the Shawnette Creek Road, the same being the southeast corner of the Billy Vencion one (I) acre tract; runs thence with Vencion’s east boundary line North 9 degrees East 130 feet to a stake near an apple tree; thence South 81 degrees East 184 feet to a stake; thence South 9 degrees West crossing Shawnette Road at 105 feet, in all 133 feet to a stake in the center of a ditch with cherry tree pointers; thence up ditch South 63 degrees 30 minutes West 81 feet to a stake with cherry tree pointer; thence North 59 degrees West 128 feet to the point of beginning. ALSO CONVEYED HEREIN is all our right, title and interest in a 20 foot existing driveway easement, further described as follows: Lying and being situated in the Tenth (10th) Civil District of Wayne County, Tennessee, and BEGINNING at the point of intersection of the center line of Shawnette Road with the center line of a gravel driveway running north onto Billy Vencion property described in Deed Book 68, Page 707, Register’s Office, Wayne County, Tennessee; leaving Shawnette Road and running with the center of said gravel driveway, said center line being the center line of a 20 foot wide right-of-way serving a 0.6 acre lot being purchased by Kenneth Reaves and wife,

Shapiro & Kirsch, LLP Substitute Trustee Law Office of Shapiro & Kirsch, LLP 6055 Primacy Parkway, Suite 410 Memphis, TN 38119 Phone 901-767-5566 Fax 901-767-8890 File No. 09-022767 Dec. 23, 30, 2009, Jan. 6, 2010

Allen Wilkerson Best Hand Prize

Junior Civitan Club hosted their 1st annual Fall Colors Poker Run. The event was organized to benefit the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Funds collected have amounted to over $2,600 and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation was very

In Loving Memory of

Arvil Holt On his 95th Birthday! Your Loving Family, Mettra, Children, Grandchildren & Great-Grandchildren

Southgate Cinema Complex

appreciative of the donation. The Fall Colors Riders enjoyed a beautiful scenic route which began at the Crossroads Café on Bear Creek Road where players drew the first card of their five card hand. The ride continued to Maz’s Market in Hardin County, Country Girl’s store in Clifton, Dale’s Market in the Chalk Creek Community then back to the starting place to draw their final card to complete. Each rider was given a T-shirt to commemorate the event. The Best Hand prize of $250 was awarded to Allen Wilkerson and Phillip Risner was awarded $25 for the Worst Hand. The ride was put together and mapped out by Rickey Wright who gave so much time and effort to make the event a success. Junior Civitan Members were stationed at each of the stops

Phillip Risner - Worst Hand Prize

along the route for riders to select their card. The members also had donation tickets available for which prizes were drawn for at the end of the ride. Some members worked all day at Crossroads Café tending to various jobs to make everything run smoothly. Lots of great food was available for the riders and the general public – chicken stew, hot dogs and hamburgers with all the trimmings and let’s not forget all the goodies for dessert. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food,

fellowship and fun. Darrell and Nancy Sherrill so graciously allowed the club to have the event at their place of business. Local businesses around the county and surrounding counties generously donated prizes, food and funds to support the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation fundraiser. Ina Butler, Club President, on behalf of Wayne County Junior Civitan is appreciative to all for the support given toward their effort.



410 Florence Rd Savannah, TN

Movie Info. Hotline


Admission: Adults $7.50-Children $5.50 Seniors $5.50 - Matinee $5.50


JAN. 8 - JAN. 14 #1 - Alvin and the Chipmunks (PG)

Fri. - Sat. Sun. Mon., Wed., 7:00 - 9:05 2:00 - 7:00 Thurs. 7:00

#2 Sherlock Holmes (PG-13)

Fri. - Sat. Sun. Mon,. Wed,. 6:45 - 9:30 1:45 - 6:45 Thurs. 6:45

#3 Its Complicated (R)

Fri. - Sat. Mon,. Wed,. Sun. 6:50 - 9:25 1:50 - 6:50 Thurs. 6:50

#4 - The Blind Side (PG-13)

Mon., Wed., Fri. - Sat. Sun. 6:40 - 9:15 1:40 - 6:40 Thurs., 6:40

#5 Avatar (PG-13) Fri. - Sat. Sun. Mon., Wed., 7:30 1:40 - 6:40 Thurs., 6:40

#6 Did You Hear About the Morgans (PG-13)

Sun. Mon., Wed., Fri. - Sat. 6:55 - 9:10 1:55 - 6:55 Thurs. 6:55

FEATURING THE WOODALLS ~ No Admission Charged ~ ~ Donations Greatly Appreciated ~ Everyone Is Invited!!

Closed on Tuesdays year round!


100 E. Tennessee St. - Collinwood, TN 38450 - 931-724-9000

Sunday, January 10th 2-4 P.M. *FREE BLOOD PRESSURE CHECKS

*Drawings For Wellness Physicals, A Consult With Dr. Marc Lerner, DC, Chiropractor And Many Other Prize Give-A-Ways


Dr. Marc Lerner, DC, Chiropractor Urgent Care Center

SERVICES AVAILABLE: •On-Site Lab (Including 15 Minute Flu Testing) •DOT/Physicals •Ultrasound •Urine Drug Screens •PT/INR Testing •Minor Procedures •Pulmonary Function Testing •IV Antibiotics/Hydration •EKG •Pregnancy Tests •Diagnosis And Treatment Of Acute Illnesses •On-Site X-Ray •Weight Loss Management Program

Stan Bevis, ANP-BC Pat Castleman, ANP-BC Jason Black, ANP-BC R. Reams Powers, MD Donna Norris, FNP

OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK - Monday - Friday 8 A.M. - 6 P.M. And Saturday 8 A.M. - 2 P.M.



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Sports News Wildcats, LadyCats Resume Action Following Classics The Wayne County High School Wildcats and Ladycats resume district action this Friday night as they host Collinwood. The teams had a busy holiday classic schedule as the Wildcats traveled to Jackson to face Trinity Christian School and Jackson Christian. The Ladycats made the long journey to Orlando, FL to participate in the KSA Girls’ Holiday Basketball Classic at Disney World. The Ladycats, competing in the Purple Bracket, won their first contest by forfeiture as they didn’t play the contest scheduled with Marion Mercy School from PA. They then lost on the second day to Parkview High School from WI in overtime. On Wednesday, they bounced back to claim the consolation game of the bracket by downing Aliquippa High School, also from PA, by the final score of 53 – 39. With these games under their belts, the teams resume local action against Lewis County on Tuesday before hosting Collinwood. Against Trinity Christian, the Wildcats fell behind in the first period, but bounced back to take a two point lead 31 – 29

by halftime. In the third, TCS tied the contest, but the ‘Cats came on strong in the fourth, with Micah Brantley hitting a pair of big three-point goals and 8 points as the ‘Cats took the win, 61 – 54. Tyler Rice led the way with 22 points, 11 rebounds, 4 steals, and 3 assists. Stevie Beckham scored 12 points and had a rebound, a steal, and an assist. Brantley finished with 13 points and had 5 rebounds, a steal, and an assist. Hagan Edwards had 7 points, 2 boards, and an assist. Peyton Parish scored 4 and had 5 boards, 2 steals, and an assist. Caleb Keating had a basket and 3 rebounds. Tyler Dixon had one point and two rebounds. Austin Rice had 5 rebounds and a steal. Against Jackson Christian, the ‘Cats went up 10 - 8 at the end of one as Tyler Rice had 7 opening quarter points. In the second, the offense managed only 8 points as the ‘Cats fell behind 26 -18. They never overcame the deficit and lost by the final score of 52 – 48. Tyler Rice finished the game with 19 points, including 4 threepointers. He also had 8 rebounds, 3 steals, and 3

Four Sons Auto Sales

assists. Stevie Beckham had 7 points, 2 boards, and 3 assists. Peyton Parish added 6 points and had 2 rebounds, 2 steals, and 2 assists. Micah Brantley scored 5 points and had 4 rebounds and an assist. Caleb Keating scored 4 points and had 3 boards, while Austin Rice hit a three and had 5 rebounds, 4 steals, and 2 assists. Hagan Edwards and Tyler Dixon each scored 2 points. Edwards had 2 rebounds, and Dixon had 8 boards and a pair of steals. On Tuesday, the Ladycats faced a team from Wisconsin, Parkview High School. The Ladycats took an 18 – 15 lead in the first, but saw the Wisconsin team tied the contest by the half. In the third period, the Ladycats scored only 4 points, and trailed by one, bet tied the contest at the end of regulation. In the overtime period, the Ladycats missed 4 free throws and saw the game slip away as they fell to the loser’s bracket, 52 – 51. Carly Daniel scored 17 points to lead the ladies of WCHS. She had 6 rebounds, 5 blocks, a steal, and 5 assists. Samantha Bell hit for 14 points and had 4 boards

Wayne Furnace Church of Christ

The Wayne County News and a steal. Kelsey Risner scored 10 points and had 2 steals and 5 assists. Jordan Risner scored 6 points and had a rebound, 2 steals, and an assist. Taylor Ann Skelton and Tori Reed each scored two points. Skelton had a steal, a rebound, and an assist, while Reed had 3 boards, a steal and 2 assists. Liz Daniel had 2 rebounds, a steal, and an assist. In the consolation game on Wednesday, the Ladycats matched up with Aliquippi, Pennsylvania. The game got off to a very slow start as the score wah 4 – 3 in favor of the Ladycats at the end of the first period. In the second, the Ladycats hit for 19 as 5 players scored and double the score on the girls from PA, 24 – 13. The third quarter, saw the Ladycats go cold,

managing only 5 points again, but they came on strong in the fourth and scored 24 to take a 53 – 39 win. Samantha Bell and Carly Daniel each scored 15 in the contest. Bell had 7 boards, 3 blocks and a steal, while Daniel had 9 boards, 4 blocks, 2 steals, and 2 assists. Jordan Risner had 10 points and 3 boards, 2 blocks, and 2 steals. Kelsey Risner and Liz Daniel each scored 4 points. Kelsey had 2 rebounds, 2 steals, and 4 assists, and Liz had 4 boards and an assist. Tori Reed had 5 points, a rebound, and a steal. Taylor Ann Skelton had 2 rebounds, a block, and a steal. The teams host Collinwood Friday night and then travel to Perry County on the 15th in big district contests. Come

What A Spread!!!

Jeremiah Hensley, age 14, killed this 11 point buck while hunting in Cypress Inn on December 22, 2009. The deer sported a 24 inch spread. Pictured with him is his dad Stan Hensley. Jan. 6, 2010-P.

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Wayne County Bridle & Saddle Club Annual Membership Meeting January 13th At The Club House at 6:00 P.M.

Hwy. 64 East Waynesboro, TN



Sun. School/Worship 9 A.M./10 A.M. Sunday Evening 6 P.M. Wednesday Evening 6:30 P.M. Cary Crews, Minister Phone 722-3010

POEM UNDERCOVER CHRISTIANS Sometimes, in Law Enforcement, Agents stake out others. This is known by them to be, Working “undercover.� This is so that they, unseen, Can learn what evil’s brewing. So the good guys can watch the bad, And find out what they’re doing. In dealing with the devils lot, The cops can’t always play “fair.� They don’t want the crooks to even, Know they might be there. But you and I, as kids of God, Have a different kind of mission. None of us are called to be, “ U n d e r c o v e r Christians.� We should always let our Light, Shine bright as it can be. Let others see just what a difference, God’s made for you and me!

Cash Sales or Buy Here-Pay Here Available

Stk. #

out and support out ‘Cats and Ladycats. “GO TEAMS!� --Submitted

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P.O.   BOX156 - WAYNESBORO, TN 38485        (DEADLINE JANUARY 14, 2010)

Show them how much we love The Lord ! Praise Him with no shame ! Show others all He’s done for us ! Even given us His name! Don’t go out with head hung low, And on your face, a frown. Be the same way you are at church, When you might go to town. We must make sure all blind eyes see. And all deaf ears must listen. And we just cannot get this done, As “Undercover Christians.� We must insure all others know, Exactly what we’ve found. And also, if they won’t come in, Exactly where they’re bound! So, if you’re an “Undercover Christian,� You can’t serve God a lot. Come out from “undercover,� please, And show others what you’ve got! Johnny McLemore Jan. 6-(ojb)

THURSDAY Thursday, January 7 2 Ribeye $ Steak Dinners 19.99 With Baked Potato Or French Fries, Salad Or Slaw, Drink Included All

All Day, Night Special

Bradley’s Restaurant 124 S. High Street - Waynesboro - 722-5929


farm news The Wayne County News, Inc. - 4-H News & Farm Report


Deadline is Jan. 15 ~ Private forest land owners seeking assistance to manage their forests can now get help with the cost of developing a detailed forest management plan. The USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) is currently accepting applications from landowners to receive funding to hire experts who specialize in developing multi-resource forest management plans. The application deadline is Jan. 15, 2010. “We want to make sure Tennessee forest landowners know that there are cost share programs available, so they can use them to improve natural resources on their private working lands,” said John Rissler, Acting State Conservationist for the NRCS in Tennessee. “Conservation practices help the land by making it more productive through improved water quantity and quality, air quality and wildlife habitat.” Private lands certification, carbon markets, biofuels initiatives

and potential new tree planting programs present a myriad of forest management opportunities for private forest landowners. Many of the federal, state and private programs associated with these opportunities require forestlands be managed based on a tract (i.e. property) level, multi-resource forest management plan. Having a plan in place helps provide the landowner with a path to achieve their objectives and positions them to participate in other forest management programs. The Tennessee Department of Agriculture Division of Forestry provides similar services with year-round sign-up through its Forest Stewardship Program. Landowners interested in either plan are advised to contact their local Division of Forestry area forester who will help them determine which plan is more appropriate. “Demand for multi-resource forest management plans is on the increase as landowners position themselves to take advantage of new opportunities to implement forest management on their properties,” said State Forester Steve Scott. “Our Forest Stewardship

Program has been providing this service for years, but we are seeking partnerships with other government agencies and the private sector to ensure the short term demand for multi-resource forest management plans can be met. “NRCS’s EQIP is one such example of how we hope to get more assistance to landowners to meet their individual objectives, which ultimately benefit

their surrounding region through the multiple benefits forests provide to society.” More information on these and other forest land assistance programs can be found online http:// or agriculture/forestry/, or by contacting your local TDA Division of Forestry office (731-9253157)or NRCS District Conservationist office (931-722-3553).

CONTROL YOUR ENERGY COSTS • There are many easy and inexpensive ways to conserve energy in your home, and keep money in your pocket. • Controlling your thermostat at energy efficient, yet comfortable, temperatures is the easiest way to cut down energy costs. • Other ideas include lowering your water temperature, insulating the water heater, plugging leaks, installing storm windows, cleaning your furnace filter, using a low-flow showerhead, washing with cold water, maintaining appliances, and using compact fluorescent lamps. We are affected by rising energy costs and a growing concern that we need to start living a more sustainable lifestyle. A great place to start is reducing energy

use in your home. Below are easy and inexpensive home energy ideas to save on your energy bill by as much as 40 percent, and in the process, conserve natural resources. Control Your Thermostat You can reduce your heating bill by keeping your thermostat at an energy efficient and comfortable setting during the day and turning it down at night when you go to bed and when you are away from home. A recommended temperature is 68 F during the day and 60 F when you are sleeping or away during the heating months. You can save about 1 percent for every degree you lower your thermostat. If you feel chilly, try putting on a fleece or using a blanket while watching TV. Lower Your Water Temperature Your hot water is probably hotter than what you need. Most water heaters are set at 140 F, which is needed only if you have a dishwasher without a booster heater. Turn the temperature down to 120 F (medium

setting on a gas heater dial), and you can reduce your water heating costs 6 percent to 10 percent. Many electric heaters have both an upper and a lower thermostat to adjust. Be sure to turn the electricity off at the circuit breaker first before adjusting an electric water heater. Insulate Your Water Heater Wrapping your water heater tank in a blanket of fiberglass insulation can reduce heat loss 25 percent to 45 percent, resulting in a savings of 4 percent to 9 percent on your water heating bill. Plug Leaks You can reduce your home’s heat loss quickly and easily with inexpensive materials. To reduce air leakage under exterior doors, buy an inexpensive door sweep. If your door leaks around the entire frame, install foam weather-stripping with adhesive backing between the door and the frame. If you do not use your fireplace much and it does not have a door, make sure the damper is closed and the opening is sealed. Cardboard and tape can effectively do the job. Use caulk to seal along the basement sill plate and around door and window frames. Also seal small holes around water pipes and stuff or spray insulation into larger holes around plumbing fixtures. Heat also leaks out of light switches and electrical outlets. Inexpensive foam gaskets that fit behind the cover plates easily solve this problem. Every hole you plug means fewer drafts and lower heating bills. Install Storm

Windows On windows, use clear weather-strip tape along the gap where the glass meets the frame and seal any cracks. On doublehung windows, tape over the pulley hole and use rope caulk between the upper and lower windows. Once you have sealed air leaks around your windows, you can double their insulating value by installing storm windows. This is especially important if you currently have singlepane windows. Adding another layer of glass or plastic creates a dead air space, and trapped air is a good insulator. Plastic film window kits are the lowest cost option and can be easily installed on the inside of your existing windows. Be sure the air space is at least ½ inch and not more than 4 inches. Clean or Replace Your Furnace Filter All forced air furnaces have filters that keep dust and dirt from blowing into your house. It they are not periodically cleaned or replaced, dirty filters can greatly affect the furnace’s heating ability and waste energy. Some filters are disposable, while others can be washed and reused. Do not reuse disposable filters. A new filter can often be purchased at a low cost. Clean or replace your furnace filter(s) every one to three months during the heating season. Use a Low-Flow Showerhead A standard showerhead sprays you with up to 8 gallons per minute of warm water. Replace it with a quality low-flow showerhead.

Propane Bottles Filled At Bundrant Car Care Highway 64 East Open 5 A.M. - 10 P.M.

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A hearing aid for the digital age. Sleek. Beautiful. Barely visible when worn. And inside, the most advanced processor available. Starkey’s new S Series hearing aids with Drive Architecture deliver smooth, clear sound and automatically transitions between sound environments. Welcome to the next generation.

performance 3x more powerful with multi-core processing for virtually no whistling, better hearing in noise and telephone compatibility.

comfort Comfortable, high-resolution sound with smoother, seamless transitions between quiet and loud environments. Automatically sets to situations and levels for you.

personalization ™

Unique PrescriptFit hearing and lifestyle assessment ensures hearing aids match your hearing loss and individual hearing needs.

NEW INTRODUCTORY PRICING on S Series II Aids. FREE PrescriptFit™ hearing and lifestyle assessment

Talk to the experts about how new technology can improve your hearing. Call now for a FREE demonstration and PrescriptFIT for S Series - hearing at the speed of life.

Through 9/09

Diane K. Brink, M.S., CCC-A, F-AAA Nationally Certi¿ed Audiologist

HEARING CARE CENTER 307 West Gaines Street • Lawrenceburg, TN


Has Your Social Security Disability Been Denied?

DYE & VANDER HORST, PC Attorneys At Law

Dana Dye

Allston Vander Horst



Call Us For Help. No Attorney’s Fee Charged Unless Your Case Is Won! Tennessee Does Not Certify Specialists In The Law And We Do Not Claim Certification In Any Listed Area.


CLASSIFIEDS 32’ Taurus Camper, Air Conditioning, Heater, Refrigerator, Twin Beds, With Fold-out Couch, Dinette, (Needs Some Work Done On Inside), $1,000.00, 722-9508. Dec. 30-tf-(ojb)

DELL LAPTOP College Ready, $400.00, Under Warranty, 731-925-6183. Jan. 9-tf-(ojb) Gems and Junk Furniture, Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Freezers, Antiques, Collectibles, 307 Hwy. 13 South, Collinwood. 724-6072. Aug. 3-tf-(ojb)

FOR SALE: 2003 Ford Expedition Eddie Bauer, Leather, 3rd Row Seat, 86,000 Miles, $10,500.00, One Owner, 722-5079 or 7225579. Nov. 25-tf-(ojb) FOR SALE: Dressed Barn Lumber, Beavers Tie and Lumber, 931-722-3658. Dec. 9-tf-(ojb)

FOR SALE: 1740 Sq. Ft. House, Carport and Storm Cellar, $125,000.00, 931-7224166. Sept. 24-tf-(ojb)

FOR SALE: Polaris 2000 Xpedition 425, Reduced $2,500.00. Call After 4:00, 722-7367 or 722-8189. Dec. 9-tf-(ojb)

MIDDLE TENNESSEE FENCE. All Types Of Fences Professionally Installed. Chainlink, Farm, Plank, Vinyl. 931-332-0760. July 15-tf-(ojb)

Hay FOR SALE: Round and Square Bales. Delivery Available, Quantity Discount, 931-722-7541. Dec. 30-Jan. 6-13-20-27-(ojb)

FOR SALE: Used Appliances, Washers, Dryers, Stoves, Refrigerators, At Linden Repair, 228 West Main, Linden, 931-589-2044. July 15-tf-(ojb) FOR SALE: 6.8 Acres Wooded Land, Topsy Area, $15,000.00; Also 35.8 Acres, $1,950.00 Acre; 20’ Gooseneck Trailer Tandem, Needs Floor and Jack, $500.00. If No Answer, Leave Message 931-722-7781. Jan. 6-P.

Firewood FOR SALE: Truck Load, ALL SPLIT, $50.00, 1¼ Rank (5’ x 10’), 722-7716. Dec. 30-Jan. 6-13-20-P. CLEARANCE! Liquidation of Repo’d & Foreclosed Arch Buildings. Due to the ENORMOUS RESPONSE we only have a few models left! Display Discounts! 1-866-352-0469. Dec. 30-Jan. 6-P. Wood FOR SALE: 4x8 Rank, 931-332-3871. Dec. 30-Jan. 6-P.


(931) 724-5488 OR (931) 676-7894


and General Practice WE ARE A DEBT RELIEF AGENCY We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code

(931) 762-1915

C. Wayne Tomerlin Attorney At Law 28 Public Square - Lawrenceburg, TN WE ARE YOUR MOBILE HOME PARTS AND SERVICE HEADQUARTERS!

We are licensed, bonded and insured to move, set-up, buy and sell new and used mobile homes. We carry a complete line of parts, including interior and exterior windows, doors, tubs, toilets, kitchen and bathroom items, and more!

Up2Code, Inc. 757 W. Main St. * Hohenwald, TN 931-796-0019 * 931-628-0549 Parts * Sales * Service * Repair

4 bedrooms, 3 baths, basement, CHA, pasture, woodland, 2 ponds, 39.5 ac. +-. $275,000.00

REDUCED.... 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, CHA, creek, carport, pool, metal building, fenced front your, nice front porch, 3.32 ac. +$110,000.00

Excellent Storage or Workshop, 28x70 (1960 Sq. Ft.), $4,700.00, As Is Where Is; 6 – 16x80’s From $16,995, Del. Included; 28x56 Doublewide, $8,500.00 As Is Where Is; 28x80, 4 Bedroom, Only $29,900, Del. Included. Lemmond Mobile Homes, 1085 Hwy. 20 East, Tuscumbia, Ala. 35674, 1-888-300-6775, 1-256-3830808. Dec. 30-Jan. 6-(ojb) 98 Chevy Cavalier Z-24 Convertible, 32 MPG, Good Shape, 6 Cylinder, 2.4 Lt., $2,800.00, 722-7716. Jan. 6-P. FOR SALE: 2000 Daewoo Nubria Wagon, Low Miles, Great Car, Auto, Air, $2,200.00. Day 724-6407, or 332-1106. Jan. 6-(ojb) FOR SALE: Taurus, 90,000 Air, Sharp, $4,895.00, Day 332-1106. Jan. 6-(ojb)

2002 Ford Miles, Auto, Great Car, 724-6407, or

FOR SALE: 94 Honda Civic, 250,000 Miles, $1,500.00, OBO; 2001 Ford Ranger, 140,000 Miles, 3.0, 5 Speed, Excellent Condition, $3,900.00, OBO; 332-6990. Jan. 6-P.

Need Dozer Work??


FOR SALE: Antique Dining Room Suite With 2 Piece Buffet, $1,000.00; Antique Victorian Couch With Matching His and Her Chairs, $2,000.00; 20 Panels of Dog Ear Fence and Some Posts, $200.00; 722-8717 or 363-7482. Jan. 6-13-(ojb)

FOR SALE or RENT: 2,000 Sq. Ft. Bldg., $89,000.00, 676-5400 or 731-607-5434. Jan. 6-13-(ojb)

Living Room Suite, Leather, Sofa Sleeper With Two Matching Leather Chairs and Ottoman, $450.00; Also 6 Chair Dining Room Table With China Hutch, Cherry Stain, $200.00; 931-332-6115. Jan. 6-13-P.

Six, 30 Pound Pigs FOR SALE; 9 Month Old Boar; Farm Raised Slaughter Hogs; 931-589-5732. J. 6-mci

2000 Malibu, V-6, Automatic, New Tires, Good Condition, $2,200.00, 676-3996. Jan. 6-13-P. Corner Computer Desk, Excellent Condition, 3320400 or 332-2959. Jan. 6-tf-(ojb) Honda 2004 XTV 1800 Motorcycle, 6,700 Miles, New Tires, New Helmets To Match, $8,000.00; 1994 Friendship Gulf Stream RV 65,856 Miles, Loaded With Extras, $25,000.00 Or Best Offer; 1996 George Boy Pursuit, 25,916 Miles, Extras, $15,000 Or Best Offer. Must Sell Due To Death In Family. 931-8452226. All Items Do Not Need To Just Sit, They Need To Be Sold For Someone To Enjoy. Jan. 6-13-20-27-P. FOR SALE: 3 or 4 Bedroom House, 2 Bath on 3 Ac., Some Remodeling Done, 1-931628-3661. Jan. 6-13-P.

Hot Diggidy Dog Grooming

FOR SALE: Solid Oak Twin Bed Bookcase Headboard, Dresser With Mirror and Mattress, $250.00, OBO, 722-7700. Jan. 6-P

FOR SALE: Tennessee Walking Horse, Amish Buggy, All Equipment, 7225289, 722-4733 (Cell). Jan. 6-13-(ojb) 1987 Dodge Pickup ½ Ton, Runs Good; Honda 4-Wheeler, New Tires and Battery; 722-7517. J.6-13-P FORECLOSED ONLINE HOME AUCTION 800+ Homes | Bids Open 1/11 Open House: 1/3, 9 & 10 View Full Listings & Details REDC | Brkr 317462. TPS CHURCH FURNITURE. DOES YOUR church need pews, pulpit set, baptistery, steeple, windows? Big Sale on new cushioned pews and cushions for hard pews. 1-800-231-8360. www.pews1. com. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps

HUNT BROTHERS *Shingle Roofs *Metal Roofs *Rubber Roofs *Minor Repairs

For Free Estimates

Call: Aaron Hunt


Experienced At Digging Ponds, Clearing Ground, Road Work, Yard Work, Etc.

Grooming With A Gentle Touch. References Available Over 8 Years Experience! Call For Appointment




Call 722-4825


Waynesboro, TN

Probation Officer PSI Probation, LLC is looking for a probation officer for our Waynesboro, TN office. The ideal candidate will possess a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice or other related social science field. An associate’s degree and/or experience in related field may be accepted, although a bachelor’s degree is preferred. Candidate must be willing to travel and work flexible hours. Salary will be based on education and experience. Resumes should be faxed to (931) 722-7214 or may be e-mailed to


Bernie Modena - Clifton, TN

FOR RENT: 1 Bedroom Apartment, Some Utilities Furnished, $350.00 Month, 722-9699. Feb. 18-tf-(ojb) FOR RENT: Clifton Motel and Efficiency Apartments. Nightly, Weekly, and Monthly Rates. TV, Wireless Internet Included. 931-676-3616, Cell 931-332-6112. Apr. 15-tf-(ojb) Office Space Available At Hurricane Plaza, (Next to Hurricane Inn). Call For More Information! Ask For Jeff!! 931-722-5579. Nov. 25-tf-(ojb) Happy Holidays! Call About Our FREE RENT SPECIAL! 2 and 3 Bedrooms, Clean, Mobile Homes Starting At $60.00 Week, In Nice Park, 931-722-9401. Dec. 2-tf-(ojb) Building FOR RENT: Recently Renovated, CHA, South High Street. Call 7227389, Leave Message. Jan. 6-13-20-27-P. Trailer FOR RENT: 2 Bedroom, 2 Bath, 931-7225166. Jan. 6-13-P. FOR RENT: 3 Bedroom House, Central Heat and Air, Washer/Dryer Hook-up. Half Way Between Waynesboro and Lawrenceburg on Highway 64, 931-766-0879. Jan. 6-P. FOR RENT: 2 Bedroom, 1 Bath House, Hwy. 13 South, 676-7324. Jan. 6-tf-(ojb) Trailer FOR RENT: 3 Bedroom, 1 Bath. Call 931722-5166. Jan. 6-P.

“All Work Guaranteed”


SUMMERTOWN 3 Bedrooms, 2 Baths 100% Financing For Qualified Buyer






Senior Plus

Insurance Group


Addictions Treatment Manager

Seeking stability in a recession-resistant industry? Now is the time to learn more about careers at Corrections Corporation of America’s (CCA) South Central Correctional Center in Clifton, Tenn.

• Competitive Salaries • Paid On-the-Job Training

• Medical and Dental/ Vision Insurance

• Life Insurance • Short- and Long-Term Disability Insurance

• Medical Flexible Spending Account

• 401 (k) Savings and Retirement Plan

South Central Correctional Center, 555 Forrest Ave.,Clifton, TN 38425. Call (931) 676-5346 apply online

• 529 College Savings Plan

• Paid Time Off (PTO) • Leadership Training • Career Development Opportunities

CCA is a drug-free workplace & an Equal Opportunity Employer. M/F/V/D.


1947 - Apx. 30 A, 25 A. field, fenced, 42x50 Barn,3 extra L/sheds, Spg. $85,000. 2044 - 1 A, Metal Com. Blg., 4180 Sq. Ft., 600 Upper, 2 Ba, 3 Window A/C $212,500. 2043 - 2.9 A, 3 BD., 2 BA., 1700 FT. Neat M/H, Fire place, 20x14 St. Blg. $65,900. 2039 - 6.42 A, 2 Bd., 1 Ba., Home, Spg. fed pond, Crk. C/port, Cabin. $69.500. 1880 - 8 A, 3 Bd., 2 Ba., 2/St Brick, Bsmt, 20x24 Sh/Gar., Barn. $244,000. 2037 - 14.67 A, 960 Sq. ft. 2 Bd, 1 Ba Home, well, septic, metal roof, appls. $58.500. 2038 - 109 A, Pd Rd, 20X60 Metal Blg w/ concrete floor, Spring, $169,400. L Lot awesome, 2 St. Br., 4 Bd, 2 1/2 Ba, bsmt., Garden Tub, Drive in Gar. $177,500. 2035 - 10 A, 1512 Sq. M/H, 3 Bd, 2 Ba, 2 L Blgs, Crk, Fencing, $75,000. 1956- 12.9 A,3 Bd., 2 Ba., nice home, 20x40 Barn, 2 Blgs, pool, $129,900. 2032 - 2 A. Up To 237 A., Large 2 Story Home, 4 Bd., 3 Blgs, $157,500. 2031 - 5 A. Up To 237 A. 3 Bd, 2 Bath Home, Large Bldg. Creek, $93,000. SOLD 2029 - 6.5 A, 4 Bd, 2 1/2 B, Rock, Bsmt., Drive in Garage, F/Place, $118,500. 2028 - 4.88A, 4 Bd, 1 1/2 Ba, Brick, Gar, 2 Wells, Septics, Fence, 2 Blgs, $150,000. 1962 - 1.9A, 3 Bd, 2 Ba, M/H, fenced, Creek, 2 small bldgs, Appls. $32,000. 57A - 4 Bd. 2 Ba, home, L Barn, Gar., fenced, 2 Spgs, Fireplace, $214,500. Lots near Tenn. River near Sav. Owner Terms. $200 down. Owner/Agent 2026 - 5A., 3 Bd, 2 Ba, Br. Home, fenced, 2 ponds, 2 L. Blgs, Barn, $130,000. 2025 - 100x200 Brick, 3 Bd, 1 1/2 B., deck, Blg, fire place, car port, $90.000. 2023 - 5.3 Wooded, secluded acres, 1 1/2 A Spg. fed lake, near town $37,000. 2001 - 52.86 A, Crk, Spring, good timber, good road. $88,000. 166A - L. Crk., paved Rd, 89A - $189K or 77A - $83K all for $265K. 1996 - 1 1/2 A, Buffalo River, basement, 2 springs. $18,500. 2015 - 13 1/2 A, 600 Sq. ft. House, 1 Bd, 1 Ba, appl., CHA, fence, $69,500. 1906 - 5 A. trs. on Hwy 13 So., $3,800 some, $2,700 per ac., barn $6,000. On 1-tr. 1867 - 34.3 A, creek, paved rd., homesites, 1/2 fenced, secluded, $58,500. 2003 - 55 A on Co. Rd., timberland, in pines, may finance, $102,500. 2013 - 1 1/2 A, 3 BD, 1 1/2 B, Den, CHA, Hard Wood floors, $119,000. 1993 - 51+ Ac., NICE, 3 Bd., 2 Ba., Home $196,000. 1984 - 11 - 1+ Ac., Lots at edge of Collinwood $5,300 to $9,500. 1967 - 1200 AC. BEING DIVIDED $780 - $1150 per AC. Clear cut. 1971-5 Ac., 3 Bd., 2,000 ft. home, 24X24 gar., 40x60 barn, pool, Crk, $175,000. 1884 - 129 A, older home, barn, shed, crk. runs thru land, fenced. $260,000. 23A - 4 Bd., 2 B, 2400 Ft. Home, Shed, C/port, W/SH, Fenced $225,000. 1960 - 42A - Long rd. ftg. and Crk., septic, power pole, nice area $74,500. 1890 - 100 A, Paved Rd., Ele., Ph., 1/2 field and wooded, Crk on land $215,000. 1925 - 54A, 3 ponds, fenced, 40x72 barn with live in spa, $199,000. 1924 - 51A, 4 Bd, 2 B., 2000 Sq. Ft., M/H, 2 ponds, fenced, $199,000. 1895 - 2 A, 4 Bd., 2 BA, 30X40 Shop, 50X60 Barn, Appl., Now $97,500. 1885 - 3.2 or 1.8 acs, on TN River, great for development, $125,000 each. 1613 - 20A - partly on Green R. divided in 5-6A tracts, ele. Rd, $25-30,000 Tr. Tired of trying to sell your property yourself thru local advertising or with another company who is limited to doing the same advertising that you can do anyhow!! Why not list with UNITED COUNTRY – TERRY REALTY, AMERICA’S LARGEST RURAL REAL ESTATE COMPANY. Our worldwide computer links gives us names daily of potential real estatebuyers, which we mail local listings to. This all at no extra cost to you.

ALLEN TERRY, Broker/Owner PATTY TERRY, Aff. Broker/Owner LANCE WYLIE, Aff. Broker (931) 722-3686 Office

Cellular: 722-8145

To See All Our Properties Go (931) 724-5247 Res. To Our Web: Sites: E-Mail – terryrealty


CLASSIFIEDS WANTED: Land For Sale, With or Without Buildings. Send Info. To Mark Schisler, 2180 Irwin Branch Rd., Waynesboro, TN 38485. Dec. 23-tf-(ojb) DRIVERS/TEAMS, FULL SERVICE TERMINAL, NASHVILLE, TN 866-8230361. Jan. 6-13-ojb “CAN YOU DIG IT?” Heavy Equipment 3wk Training Program. Backhoes, Bulldozers, Trackhoes. Local job placement asst. Could Qualify For GI/VA Benefits. 866-362-6497. TPS TENNESSEE NATIONAL GUARD Up to 100% Tuition Assistance Education, Medical and Dental Benefits Become A Citizen Soldier Contact Your Local Recruiter 1-800-GO-GUARD. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps

BUSY 3 PHYSICIAN MEDICAL subspecialty practice in the Columbia / Franklin area has a position for a Registered or Licensed Nurse. Competitive compensation package includes health insurance, performance bonuses, and 401(k) with employer match. Allergy experience is preferred, but not required. Training supplied as needed. Phone 931-381-0831, Fax 931-380-0750. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps

PTL OTR DRIVERS. NEW Pay Package! Great Miles! Up to 46cpm. 12 months experience required. No felony or DUI past 5 years. 877-740-6262. www.ptl-inc. com. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps

BIH TRUCKING COMPANY. DRIVER Trainees Needed! No CDLNo Problem! Earn up to $900/ week. Company endorsed CDL Training. Job assistance. Financial assistance. 888-780-5539. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps

DRIVERS - IMMEDIATE NEED! REGIONAL & OTR positions available Now! CDL-A w/ Tanker Req’d. Outstanding pay & Benefits! Call a recruiter Today! 877-882-6537 www. tps

AYS EQUIPMENT SERVICES Tim Tanner - 931-306-8648 “On Sight Service” Certified Mechanic & Hydraulic Tech.

Heavy Equipment Repair & Service All Makes & Models Why move your equipment when I come to you!

DRIVERS CDL-A STRAIGHT TO Solo with 6 Months Experience! OTR, Regional, and Dedicated Runs Available! Also hiring O/O’s & CDL Grads 800564-6973 www.willisshaw. com. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps

DRIVERS CDL/A FLATBED. UP to .41 CPM Home Most Weekends $1,000 Sign-on Bonus. OTR Experience Required. No felonies. Top Earner $69,000. 800-441-4271 x TN-100. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps DRIVER FLATBED DRIVERS-- WE Have The Freight To Make You $$. Must Have TWIC Card or Apply Within 30 Days. Class A-CDL. Western Express. 888-801-5295. Jan. 6-tps


W. MILLER CO. (931) 676-3985 ~

WILLOWBROOK APARTMENTS IN WAYNESBORO, TN is accepting applications for the elderly, disabled or handicapped. 1 and 2 Bedroom units, water, sewer, trash, and grounds maintenance furnished. On site laundry facility. Rental assistance available. For More Information Call Cynthia Brewer.

Willowbrook Apartments 722-3317 Development Rural

Hunt & Son Roofing, Inc. ROOFING TYPES ~Shingle~Metal~Rubber~Foam~


Energy Savings up to 50%!!! 931-722-3048 / 931-722-5542 / 931-722-5579

NEW HOUSE FOR RENT Valley Housing Is Accepting Applications For

EAGLE CREEK FRAME SHOP: Custom Framing and Matting. A Large Selection of Prints, Frames and Mirrors. Earl and Sarah Cook, 931-676-5451, www. Sept. 19-tf-(ojb) NOTICE: We Imprint Your Napkins For Weddings, Showers, Teas and Anniversaries. Two Day Service. Duren Drugs, 7225466. Sept. 26-tf-ojb Would Like To Buy Farm or Woodland. Call Paul Taylor, 722-7114 or 722-9483. tf-ojb HAD A WRECK? Call Quality Collision Repair. High quality work with a fast turnaround. All work guaranteed. 306 Hog Creek Road, Waynesboro, TN 38485. 931-722-7114. tf-ojb NOTICE: Staggs Carpentry and Plumbing. Backhoe, Rock Work, Dump Truck, Trencher. 722-7319, 7228151, 332-3868, or 796-2900. Dec. 2-tf-(ojb)

Daniel’s Seamless Gutters Free Estimates Dwight Daniel OWNER

New 3 B.R. / 2 Bath Houses


Located In Clifton

Hunt Brothers Roofing

For Inquiries Or An Application Please Call Bill, Lee, Or Terry


Metal - Shingle or Rubber Roof

Tear-Offs & Minor Repairs

Install Vents

Jerry Hunt 722-3585 “All Work Guaranteed”



COLLINWOOD, TN 931-724-5262 1-800-230-5459

If You’re Planning An Auction, Call Lineberry Auction Service, 731-9256860 or 731-607-1266. tf-ojb NOW BUYING If You’re Looking For A Fair Market Price On Your Home, Farm, or Timber Give Us A Call. We Are Looking To Buy And Willing To Pay. Call Joey Butler at 722-4729. tf-ojb Need Something Hauled Or Dug? Best Savings – Motor Home, Dozer, Backhoe, Ditch Witch, Dump Truck, Generators, Power Washer, Moving Van, Pontoon Boat Etc. Beech Creek Rentals, Leave Message For Mickey, 931-676-3171. Sept. 17-24-Oct. 1-8-P.-tf(ojb) Will Buy Junk Vehicles. Also Buy Radiators, Catalytic Converters, Aluminum Wheels. 931-722-6588 or 7221733. Oct. 29-tf-ojb We Buy Scrap Gold: Sherry’s Fine Jewelry, Gold Prices Are Sky High. Call or Come By, Talk To Sherry, 722-3664. Apr. 15-tf-(ojb)

Buffalo Fence & Gates. All Types of Fencing. Chainlink, Wood, Agricultural. 18 Years Experience. All Work Guaranteed. FREE Estimates. 931-628-7023. Dec. 16-23-30-Jan. 6-(ojb) I Will Not Be Responsible For Any Debt Other Than My Own, David Neal Hensley. Dec. 23-30-2009, Jan. 6, P

ATTEND COLLEGE ONLINE FROM Home. *Medical *Business *Paralegal, *Accounting, *Criminal Justice. Job placement assistance. Computer available. Financial Aid if qualified. Call 888-738-0607, www. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps

G&G Construction ALL TYPES OF CONSTRUCTION Residential - Commercial - Industrial

931-722-3934 Fax: 931-722-9198 - Mobile: 931-722-8123 FULLY LICENSED, BONDED, INSURED




Diesel Injection Pump and Injector Rebuilding, Lift Pumps, Filters, Turbos, etc. WEST TENN DIESEL, 731925-2710. Sept. 16-tf-ojb Starters, Alternators, Batteries, Generators, Regulators, Cables. Road and Field Starter Service, Hwy. 64, Savannah, 731-9253838. Nov. 18-tf-(ojb) 3 Week Tractor Trailer Training Tuition Reimbursement, If You Qualify, FREE State Funding Avail., Superior Drivers Institute, Columbia, TN, 866941-2244, Dec. 16 thru Feb. 3-P. DAVIS BACKHOE AND BOBCAT SERVICE. All Types Of Dirt and Chirt and Driveway Drainage Work. Gary Davis, Owner, 931-2314544. Dec. 2 Through Jan. 27, 2010-P. Carpentry, Plumbing, Vinyl Siding, Tile, Metal Roofs, Build Homes, Garages, Sidewalks, Concrete Slabs, Concrete Driveways, Mobile Home Repairs, Additions, Underpinning, Plus Much More. 931-722-7303 or 931332-6847. Dec. 16-23-30-Jan. 6-MCI

Tennessee Technology Center at Hohenwald POSITION ANNOUNCEMENT ADMISSIONS AND RECORDS CLERK/BOOKSTORE ATTENDANT The Tennessee Technology Center at Hohenwald is accepting applications for the position of Admissions and Records Clerk/Bookstore Attendant. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: High School Diploma or GED; with degree and/or educational credentials preferred. Accounting/bookkeeping, math, typing and computer skills required. At least one year successful office work experience. Applicant must be knowledgeable of QuickBooks, Windows 2000/XP, MS-Office 2007 which includes: Access, Excel, Word, and Publisher. Must possess good business English and math skills. Must possess good oral and written communication skills and have the ability to deal pleasantly and tactfully with students and the public. Must have good organizational and planning skills. Willingness to develop new skills and commit to remain current in the field. Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective interpersonal working relationship with students, faculty, staff, and general public. Must have excellent professional ethics. GENERAL DUTIES: Employee is under general supervision. Work performed is in maintaining records and files, answering questions concerning admission and graduation requirements and performing related work as required. Other duties may be assigned.

TREE SERVICE & LAWN CARE Professional Tree Service At Affordable Prices

“But My Carpets Don’t Look Dirty!” Well Guess What? Looks Aren’t Everything. We Have A Full Line Of Hypo-allergenic Pillow and Mattress Encasings For Your Bedding And A Full Line Of Products To Eradicate The Dust Mite Problems Lurking Throughout Your Home and Office. DUREN PHARMACY Eastgate Shopping Center, Waynesboro, TN 38485 (931) 722-5466. Jan. 17-tf-ojb

SPECIFIC DUTIES: A. Processes student applications and enters in SIM system. B. Keeps student records and does required reports. C. Maintains bookstore, sales, purchases and inventory. D. Reviews student records and verifies that all requirements are met. E. Answers questions concerning admission requirements and transcript evaluations. F. Prepares and mails official transcripts as requested. G. As back-up, answers telephone and gives information to callers or routes calls to the appropriate officials. H. Performs other work as assigned.

cut and save! cut and save!

Bathroom Remodeling

R&R Carpentry 931-676-3166 cut and save! cut and save!

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE AND ABILITIES: A. Knowledge of business English and arithmetic. B. Knowledge of modern office practices, procedures, and equipment. C. Knowledge of organizational rules, regulations, and procedures. D. Ability to evaluate situations and make decisions. E. Ability to type accurately at an acceptable rate of speed. F. Ability to express ideas clearly, concisely, and convincingly. G. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions. H. Ability to establish and maintain an effective working relationship with students, the public and other employees. APPLICATIONS PROCEDURE: Interested individuals should deliver applications to: Tennessee Technology Center 813 West Main Street Hohenwald, TN 38462-2201 Phone: (931) 796-5351 Applications will be accepted until position is filled. Salary is commensurate with qualifications An EEO/AA/ADA Institution A Tennessee Board of Regents Institution


Community Happenings COMMUNITY EVENTS

COLLINWOOD OES NO. 422 REG. MTHLY. MTG. The Collinwood Chapter Order of the Eastern Star has their regular monthly meeting the first Thursday of each month. Meetings begin at 7 P.M. All members are urged to attend. HOLLY CREEK V.F.D. MONTHLY FISH FRY The Holly Creek Fire Department and Community Center sponsors its monthly fish fry every 4th Saturday from 4 till 7 P.M. at the VFD/Community Center. All proceeds will benefit the fire department. Everyone is invited to support this cause. COUNTRY HAM BREAKFAST BEECH CREEK There will be a country ham breakfast every first Saturday morning of each month from 7 till 9 A.M. at the Beech Creek Fire Hall. Everyone is welcome. Feb. Thru Dec. 2009-P.

ATTENTION ARTISANS OF WAYNE COUNTY The Artisans of Wayne County invite artists and anyone interested in the arts to their meetings on the second Tuesday night of each month at 7 P.M. The location of meetings rotate. To find out meeting place call 676-3118 or 6767629. BECOME A HOSPICE VOLUNTEER Would you like to make a difference and help someone in a time of need? Being a Hospice Volunteer can change your life and at the same time help the quality of life for others. For more information you may contact Josh Stults at Tennessee Quality Hospice, 722-2785. Apr. 22-tf-(ojb)

BUFFALO MUSIC & DULCIMER CLUB MEETS Buffalo Music & Dulcimer Club will meet every Monday at 2 P.M. at the First Christian Church in Waynesboro, 308 S. Main. Everyone is welcome to attend. Bring your instruments and join in. July 1-tf-MCI SOUTH CENTRAL TENNESSEE WORKFORCE BOARD LOCAL WORKFORCE INVESTMENT AREA TEN TO MET A meeting of the South Central Tennessee Workforce Board Local Workforce Investment Area Ten (LWIA 10) will be held on Wednesday, January 13, 2009 at 11:30 A.M. at the Tennessee Career Center 119 Nashville HighwaySuite 106, Columbia, TN. The South Central Tennessee Workforce Board provides oversight for the enactment of the Workforce Investment Act legislation. The Workforce Investment Act represents the first major reform and restructuring of the nation’s federal job training program in 15 years. The purpose of the legislation is to enable each state and locality to develop a unified training system that will “increase the employment, retention, and earnings by participants, and as a result improve the quality of the workforce, reduce welfare dependency, and enhance the productivity and competitiveness of the nation.� Local Workforce Investment Area Ten is composed of the Giles, Hickman, Lawrence, Lewis, Marshall, Maury, Perry and Wayne Counties. South Central Tennessee Workforce Alliance is the administrative entity for the program. PURE HEARTS DOWN SYNDROME ASSOCIATION TO MEET 2ND MONDAY Mars Hill Baptist Church in Lawrence County announces the formation of Pure Hearts Down Syndrome Asociation for families with children and adults who have Down Syndrome in Wayne, Lawrence and Giles counties. Meetings will be held on the second Monday of every month at 7 P.M. in the Mars Hill Baptist Church Fellowship Hall. Bring your family and a finger food. Beverages will be provided. Please contact Jennifer Long, 629-7122 or Amy Jennings, 762-9067 if you would like to be a part of this organization. HIGHWAY 69 VFD MONTHLY MEETING The Highway 69 V.F.D. monthly meeting will be held the second Tuesday of Each month at 7 P.M. at the fire hall. Everyone is invited to attend. FOSTER PARENT CLASSES Parents As Tender Healers (PATH) training for patient and dedicated people interested in becoming foster/adoptive parents for children and teens, with special needs will be offered each Saturday starting January 9th and continuing through February 20th from 9 A.M. until 3 P.M. at Youth Villages Columbia Office, 115 Dyer Street Suite 1. If interested please reserve a spot in class by calling Tameka Rice at 931-560-4250 or emailing tameka.rice@youthvillages. org.

Events In And Around Wayne County

WAYNE COUNTY BEER BOARD TO MEET The Wayne County Beer Board will meet January 18, 2010 at 5:30 P.M. for its regular meeting at the Wayne County Courthouse. The public is invited to attend.

CHRISTIANS IN RECOVERY SUPPORT GRP. Christians In Recovery - A support group for men and women with alcohol or drug addictions meets at 7 P.M. on Tuesdays at the Wayne Bible Center, located behind Emeralds in Waynesboro. SCHRA NEEDS VOLUNTEERS STAFF TAX PREPARATION SITES IN WAYNESBORO South Central Human Resource Agency needs volunteers to staff tax preparation sites in Waynesboro to help other people with their tax returns. The assistance is provided through the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance/Tax Counseling for the Elderly program and SCHRA. Volunteers provide free assistance to taxpayers whose income is under $49,000 a year. Volunteers assist those with special needs, including persons with disabilities, English as a second language and older taxpayers. Locations for this free service will be announced at a later date. For more information contact Jackie Hamlin at 1-800-221-2642, ext. 130. ATTENTION COLLINWOOD HIGH SCHOOL PARENTS AND STUDENTS After school tutoring is available to students in all academic areas. Contact Tina Alhashimi, Rebecca Newborn or Jennifer Vandiver at 724-4316 for more information. FISH FRY AT EAGLE CREEK FIRE HALL CANCELLED UNTIL MARCH 2010 The month of November was the last fish fry this year for the Eagle Creek Fire Hall. They will begin having them again the second Friday night in March 2010. RETIRED TEACHERS TO MEET JANUARY 11 The Wayne County Retired Teachers’ Association will meet in regular session on Monday, January 11, 2010, at Bradley’s Restaurant in Waynesboro at 11 A.M. Special guest speaker will be Jeff Skelton with the Wayne County Board of Education. All members are urged to attend. Visitors are welcome.

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Call us or Come by and see us TODAY


A Church That Cares About The Community Of Waynesboro.

“Family Owned And Operated�

101 Ralph Horton Drive Waynesboro, TN

931-722-5911 1-800-662-3118 Fax: 931-722-3718

Bob’s Deconstruction and Cleanup. Also, Driveway Gravel Hauled or Whatever You Need Hauled With A Ton Truck. Tree Cleanup. ALWAYS THE BEST DEAL! Call 722-7740. Jan. 6-(ojb) STANLEY HOME PRODUCTS, Nell Skelton, New Representative of Stanley Home Products, Available To Take Orders On The Phone or At Home. 7223598 Home, 676-7311 Cell. Jan. 6-13-20-27-P. SAY NO TO DIAL-UP. HighSpeed Internet Available Where You Live. Rebates Available. Call Custom HiTech, 888-423-5559 For Special Deals. Jan. 6-13-20-27-P. Day Care Has Openings: Infant To 4 Years, 6:30 A.M. – 5 P.M., $60 Per Week For Slot. Meals Provided. 7220038 (Bridget Mathis). Jan. 6-13-20-27-P.

REAL ESTATE AUCTION Saturday January 9 at 10 AM 962 Acres of Tennessee Land in Hardeman, Chester, Hardin & McNairy Counties, Tennessee Hunting-Homesites-WoodsCreeks-Investments Visit for Maps, Pictures & Locations. Call Owner at (731) 6321195 or Heritage Auction & Real Estate TFL#4556, 615 Pickwick Rd. Savannah TN. (731) 925-3534. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps UNRESERVED FARM AUCTION!! SATURDAY, January 16, 2010, 9:00 A.M. - Savannah, TN 38372. 5930 Hwy 128 South, 8 Miles South of Savannah at Great South Auction Yard. Selling: Tractors, Combines, Planters, Drills, Hay Equipment, Trucks, Trailers. The Great South Auction Group, TFL 5497. Much More Items @ Call 731-926-2486 for more info. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps ALL CASH VENDING! DO you earn $800 in a day? Your own local candy route. Includes 25 Machines and Candy All for $9,995. 1-888745-3351. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps

Place Your Ad On The Professional Page ! ! Twice Monthly At $12.50 Each Time Call 722-5429

PULPIT MINISTER - Mitchell Skelton

Green River Baptist Church “To Know God And Make Him Known�

Cal Hampton, Pastor Highway 13 So. Church Phone 722-5828


YOU CAN GIVE YOURSELF AT RETIREMENT. With an Edward Jones Roth IRA, any earnings are tax-free, and distributions can be taken free of penalties or taxes.* You may even benefit from converting a traditional IRA to a Roth IRA. * Distributions of earnings from a Roth IRA could be subject to taxes and a 10% penalty if the account is less than five years old and the owner is under age 59 1/2.

At Edward Jones, we spend time getting to know your goals so we can help you reach them. To learn more about why an Edward Jones Roth IRA can make sense for you, call or visit your local financial advisor today.

“We Service What We Sell�

Harder’s Residential & Commercial Maintenance Repair. Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration, Plumbing, Electrical, Carpentry, Landscaping. Call 722-0981. Dec. 30-Jan. 6-P.

COUPLE WISHING TO ADOPT and love your baby. Help us start our family. All expenses paid allowable by Law. Call Amy & Eric at 800-717-5123. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps

SUNDAY BIBLE STUDY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 A.M. SUNDAY MORNING WORSHIP. . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 A.M. SUNDAY EVENING WORSHIP. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 P.M. WEDNESDAY BIBLE STUDY. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .7 P.M.

GREEN RIVER ROAD Larry Janes, Pastor

“Everyone Is Welcome To Come See What God Is Doing�

ROAD RUNNER DRIVING ACADEMY is now accepting students. Locations in Jackson, TN and Sharon, TN to better serve you. Class A CDL training, student tuition loans and placement assistance available, a fun environment and free housing. SHARON - 106 Industrial Park Dr., Sharon, TN 38255 (731) 456-2008 or JACKSON - 2255 A Hwy 70 E., Jackson, TN 38305 (731) 935-2500 (Located in the same building as Nationwide Express). (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps

DIVORCE WITH OR WITHOUT Children $125.00. With Free name change documents and marital settlement agreement. Fast and easy. Call us 24hrs./ 7days: 1-888-789-0198 or www.CourtDivorceService. com. (TnScan) Jan. 6-tps

Waynesboro Green River Tabernacle Sunday School. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 A.M. Worship Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11 A.M. Evangelistic Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .6 P.M. Wednesday Night Service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7 P.M.





Member SIPC

Prayer Meeting And Bible Study Schedule: Wednesday 6:30 P.M. 9:15 A.M. Call For Information On Any Of Our Programs Sunday School 10:30 A.M. Worship Evening Worship Service 6 P.M.

Employment Opportunity The City of Waynesboro is currently accepting applications for the position of part-time Water Plant Operator. Applicants must have a highschool diploma or GED and make an acceptable score on the pre-screening exam taken at the Tennessee Career Center. The preferred applicant will have good math, science, computer and reasoning skills. Starting salary for the position is $8.50 per hour. All applicants must complete a standard Employment Application at the Tennessee Career Center and submit as necessary any supplementary supporting information. Applications must be submitted by Friday, February 1, 2010. The City reserves the right to reject any and all applications for the position. For more information, contact the City Manager at (931) 722-5458, jhickman@cityofwaynesboro. org or at P.O. Box 471, Waynesboro Tennessee 38485.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 6, 2010 - THE WAYNE COUNTY NEWS - PAGE FIFTEEN HIGHLAND CHURCH OF CHRIST Hwy, 13 North – Near Buffalo River Rod Littrell, Preacher WAYNESBORO CHURCH OF CHRIST Hassell & Boyd St . – Waynesboro WAYNESBORO Sunday Bible Study 9 A.M. – Worship 10 A.M. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Mitchell Skelton, Pulpit Minister South Main Street – Waynesboro WEBSITE: S.S. 9:45 A.M. – Worship 11 A .M. COLLINWOOD CHURCH OF CHRIST KELLEY’S CHAPEL BAPTIST CHURCH Gregg Lee, Preacher Natural Bridge Road - Troy Gobbell, Pastor Sunday Bible Class 9 – Worship 10 S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. HYDES CHAPEL CHURCH OF CHRIST CALVARY BAPTIST CHURCH Cypress Inn - Nolan Burns, Minister Jerry Robbins, Pastor S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Highway 13 South – Waynesboro SOUTH HIGHLAND CHURCH OF CHRIST S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Route 1, Collinwood – Hwy. 13 Sun. Disc. Training 5 P.M. - Worship 6 P.M. Barry Anderson, Minister Wed. Even. 6 P.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. STATELINE CHURCH CLIFTON CHURCH OF CHRIST Keith Montgomery, Pastor Hwy. 114 – Clifton Tracy Love, Minister Hwy. 13 S. TN/AL Stateline S.S. 10- A.M. - Worship 11 A.M. Wed. Night. 7 P.M. Sun. & Wed. Evening 7 P.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. MT. HOPE CHURCH OF CHRIST MEMORIAL BAPTIST CHURCH Michael Andrews, Minister Indian Creek Road, Waynesboro B.S. 10 A.M. – Sunday Worship 11 A.M. Donnie Overton, Pastor FAIRVIEW CHURCH OF CHRIST S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Hwy. 13 – 12 Miles S. of Collinwood GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH Sonny Bogus, Minister Colllinwood – Third Avenue Sunday Bible Class 10 A.M. Lawrence Steiner, Pastor Worship 11 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. WAYNE FURNACE CHURCH OF CHRIST LEATHERWOOD BAPTIST CHURCH Highway 64 East Highway 64 West - Joey Franks, Pastor Cary Crews, Minister S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. S.S. 9 A.M. – Worship 10 A.M. RAY’S CHAPEL BAPTIST CHURCH BEECH CREEK CHURCH OF CHRIST 3 ½ Miles Down Hog Creek Road Wayne Kilpatrick, Minister Edd Lopp, Pastor Bible Study & Church 10 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Sunday & Wednesday Evening 6 P.M. ZION BAPTIST CHURCH TOPSY CHURCH OF CHRIST 750 Glenrock Branch Road Topsy Community S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Ronnie Pope, Minister BETHLEHEM BAPTIST CHURCH S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. 8821 California Branch Road FRIENDSHIP BAPTIST CHURCH Westpoint, TN 38486 - Tony Shults, Pastor On Eagle Creek - John Blackwell, Pastor S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Evening Worship 6 P.M. Sunday Night 6 P.M. ABUNDANT LIFE MACEDONIA BAPTIST CHURCH FOURSQUARE GOSPEL CHURCH Middle Butler Road - Mark Nelson, Pastor Highway 64 West – Waynesboro S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Dean Haggard, Pastor PHILADELPHIA BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday Service 10:30 Highway 64 West – Waynesboro Midweek Service Thursday 7 P.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. FORTY-EIGHT FREEWILL PINEY GROVE UPPER GREEN RIVER BAPTIST CHURCH BAPTIST CHURCH FREEWILL BAPTIST CHURCH Green River Road Steven Turnbow, Pastor Piney Community, Cypress Inn S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Gene Daniel, Assistant Pastor Greg Eaton, Pastor Jerry Flippo, Pastor S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. NEW LIFE BAPTIST CHURCH OAK GROVE MISSIONARY Sunday Night – 5 P.M. Highway 13 N. – Colllinwood BAPTIST CHURCH COLLINWOOD Ricky Nelson, Pastor Just Off Pumping Station Road. FREEWILL BAPTIST CHURCH Asst. Pastor, Andy Sherrill Jerry Roebuck, Pastor First Avenue – Collinwood S.S. 9-11 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Wed. Disc. Training – 7 P.M. CEDAR GROVE BAPTIST CHURCH Sunday Night Services 6 P.M. CANAAN FREEWILL BAPTIST CHURCH Southeast Corner Wayne County WILLIAMS CHAPEL Fishtrap Community - Danny Clark, Billy Hill, Pastor FREEWILL BAPTIST CHURCH Pastor COLLINWOOD Holly Creek Road S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH James Pete Turnbow, Pastor th FELLOWSHIP FREEWILL BAPTIST Tennessee & 6 Ave. – Collinwood S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. CHURCH S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. MCGLAMERY CHURCH Rocky Ford Holly Creek Mike Hammonds, Pastor McGlamery Community Collinwood Bill Hollander, Pastor CLIFTON FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Johnny Banks, Pastor S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Clifton Tennessee S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. MILLROCK FREEWILL BAPTIST Randal Runions, Interim Pastor BURNS CHAPEL CHURCH S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. FREEWILL BAPTIST CHURCH Shawnetttee Community Collinwood LUTTS BAPTIST CHURCH Highway 13 South – Collinwood Tim Hanback, Pastor Mike Calvert, Pastor Edward Burbank, Pastor S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M.

COUNTY LINE FULL GOSPEL CHURCH Buttermilk Ridge Road S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. BEECH CREEK FULL GOSPEL CHURCH Beech Creek Road - Harold Morris, Pastor WHITTEN’S CROSSROADS Sunday 10 A.M. UNITED METHODIST CHURCH FIRST PENTECOSTAL Whitten’s Crossroads Community CHURCH OF CLIFTON John Allen Berry, Pastor Elm Street – Clifton S.S. 10:45 A.M. – Wprship 9:45 A.M. Billy Wright, Pastor WAYNESBORO FIRST S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. UNITED METHODIST CHURCH PHILLIPS CHAPEL COMMUNITY CHURCH Corner Of Hassell & Songer St. Highway 13 North – Waynesboro Waynesboro, Tennessee John Blackwell, Pastor Lea Thornton, Pastor NEW BEGINNINGS, I.P.H. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M Highway 128, Clifton CLIFTON UNITED Jimmy Hayes, Pastor METHODIST CHURCH 3 P.M. Sunday School - 4 P.M.Worship West Pillow St., Clifton - Jim Rucker, Pastor COLLINWOOD CHURCH OF S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. GOD OF PROPHECY RIVERSIDE UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Railroad Bed – Woodlawn Highway 128 N. Of Clifton - Jim Rucker Steve Boshers, Pastor Worship 9:45 A.M. – S.S. 10:45 S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. CUMBERLAND PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH WAYNESBORO CHURCH OF GOD Highway 13 North – Waynesboro Highway 64 West – Waynesboro Jack Barker, Pastor Ron Smith, Pastor S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. CLIFTON PRESBYTERIAN CLIFTON CHURCH OF GOD CHURCH IN CLIFTON Dorothy Lambert, Pastor Dr. James Roundtree Pastor S.S. 10 A.M. - Worship 11 A.M. Corey Cummings, Associate Pastor COLLINWOOD CHURCH OF GOD S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Highway 13 – Collinwood FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Richard Bane, Pastor 308 South Main St. – Waynesboro S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. CROMWELL CROSSROADS CHURCH ST. CECILIA CATHOLIC CHURCH Service 10 A.M. Sunday Highway 64 East - Waynesboro Joe Risner, Pastor Father Kevin Dowling, Pastor WAYNE FELLOWSHIP CHURCH Saturday Mass 5 P.M. Highway 13 North – Waynesboro HOLLIS CHAPEL Junior Cummins, Pastor FULL GOSPEL CHURCH S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Old Railroad – Iron City - Pastor, Julie Keener WAYNESBORO S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. GREEN RIVER TABERNACLE SEVENTH DAY Green River Road, Waynesboro ADVENTISTS OF WAYNESBORO Larry Janes, Pastor Pastor – John Johnston S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. 1606 Old Highway 64 E. THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST Sabbath School 9:30 – Church 11 A.M. OF LATTER DAY SAINTS LITTLE BETHEL HOLINESS CHURCH Worship 9 A.M. – S.S. 10 A.M. On Pumping Station Road Located Linden Ward – 5 Miles Jimmy Martin, Pastor W of Linden Highway 412 S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M LIVING WATER TABERNACLE Sun. Night 6 P.M. – Tues. Night 7 P.M. JOHNSON’S CHAPEL MT. HOPE UNITED COLLINWOOD UNITED 918 West Point Rd – Lawrenceburg WAYNE COUNTY BIBLE CENTER FREEWILL BAPTIST CHURCH METHODIST CHURCH METHODIST CHURCH Shawn Moore, Pastor Morning Worship 10:30 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Highway 13N – Lower Green River 4th Street – Collinwood S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Bible Study 6 P.M. – Wednesday 7 P.M. BEREA Bobbie Martin, Pastor Jim Arrington, Pastor Sunday Evening 6 P.M. - Thurs. Evening 7 P.M. Pastors, Leo Doyle, III MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Wprsjhip 11 A.M. THE BRIDE OF CHRIST CLIFTON REVIVAL CENTER California Branch Road, Collinwood MT. CARMEL UNITED HIGHLAND UNITED HOLINESS CHURCH Clifton,Tennessee Steve Martin, Pastor METHODIST CHURCH METHODIST CHURCH Highway 13 South – Collinwood Hwy. Shayne Riley, Pastor S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Hardin Creek, Clifton Hwy. 64 E, Near Natchez Trace In The Highland Community S.S. 10 A.M. - Worship 11 A.M. CYPRESS OAK GROVE Bobbie Martin, Pastor Ray Watkins, Pastor Bro. Johnny Kilburn, Pastor REVIVAL CENTER UNITED FREEWILL BAPTIST CHURCH Worship 9:30 A.M. – S.S. 10:30 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Sunday Worship 10 A.M. – 6 P.M. PENTECOSTAL OF WAYNESBORO Pumping Station Road .EVANS CHAPEL UNITED Sunday Night 5 P.M. – Wednesday 7 P.M. Saturday Night 7 P.M. Old 99 East – Waynesboro, TN S.S. 10 A.M. - Worship 11 A.M. METHODIST CHURCH LUTTS UNITED PRATERS CHAPEL HOUSE OF THE LORD Brandon Skelton, Pastor Sunday Evening 5 P.M. Clifton Turnpike, Rt. 1 Waynesboro METHODIST CHURCH Highway 228, Clifton Sunday Morning 10 A.M. - Night 6:30 P.M. BUTLER GROVE Bobbie Martiin, Pastor Lutts, Tennessee - Jim Arrington, Pastor Bro. Jimmy Pickett, Pastor Wednesday Night 7 P.M. FREEWILL BAPTIST CHURCH Worship 8:30 A.M. – No S.S. Worship 9:30 A.M. – S.S. 10:30 A.M. S.S. 10:15 A.M. - Worship 11 A.M. FULL GOSPEL HOUSE OF PRAISE Last Butler Creek Road - Junior Daniel, Pastor MT. AUBURN UNITED SHAWNETTEE UNITED PRATERS CHAPEL CHURCH Joseph Wallace, Pastor S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. METHODIST CHURCH METHODIST CHURCH Highway 228, Clifton - Bro. Neal Burks, Pastor 10 A.M. S.S. – 11 A.M. Worship HOUSTON BAPTIST CHURCH Beechview, Clifton - Jim Rucker, Pastor Shawnettee Community – Collinwood Thursday Worship 6 P.M. CORNERSTONE S.S. 10 A.M. – Preaching 11 A.M. Worship 8:45 A.M. John Ives, Pastor Sunday Morning 10 A.M. CHURCH OF COLLINWOOD Robert Carroll Littrell, Pastor POPES CHAPEL S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. NEW LIFE FREEWILL BAPTIST 861 Dogwood Flats Road Colllinwood MT. TABOR BAPTIST CHURCH UNITED METHODIST CHURCH RAILROAD UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 2699 Buffalo Road, Lawrenceburg John Hodum, Pastor Clifton, Tennessee Off 13N. Past Bell Bridge Iron City Road W. L. Wallace, Pastor Sunday Morning 9:45 A.M. S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11:15 A.M. Worship 2 P.M. Every Sunday John Allen Berry, Pastor S.S. 10 A.M. - Worship 11 A.M. Wednesday 7:30 P.M. Wed. 6 P.M. Ron Randolph, Pastor S.S. 10 A.M. – Worship 11 A.M. Sunday Night - 6 P.M.



Duren’s Health Mart Pharmacy

713 Hwy. 99 Waynesboro, TN 38485 931-722-9601 Toll Free: 877-749-9726 Fax: 931-722-9603

P.O. Box 736 - 215 Dexter Woods Memorial Blvd. Waynesboro, TN 38485 Jerry & Erma Duren, Owners 931-722-5466 --

the bank of Waynesboro 931-722-2265



COLLINWOOD, TN 931-724-9387

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 9 A.M. - 5 P.M. Wednesday And Saturday 9 A.M. - 2 P.M.

550 Hwy. 64 East Waynesboro, TN

503 Simmons Branch Rd. Waynesboro, TN 38485

Toll Free 1-866-888-3395 Business 931-722-3395 Or Home: 931-722-9247



Chad’s Family Restaurant

MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS Located Inside JCPenney On The Square Waynesboro - Phone 722-9212

DixieMike Handle Company Stricklin, Owner


Highway 13 South Collinwood Phone 931-724-9825

Sherry’s Fine Jewelry

Try Our Gas, Deli & Groceries Main Street - Collinwood



931-722-5579 Suites Available

676-3311 Or 722-3608 Directors - Officers - Employees

Wilbanks Body Shop 8468 Lutts Road - Lutts, TN 38471 Keith & Chris Wilbanks Paint & Body Work - FREE Estimates - Auto Glass 931-724-4581 - FAX 931-724-6614

100 E. Depot Street - Collinwood 724-2423 DAILY LUNCH BUFFET


Wayne County Assisted Living

Daniel’s Tire Shop

“A Home Away From Home” Debbie Staggs, Administrator Phone 931-722-2000 - Fax: 931-722-6891 210 Fairlane Drive - Waynesboro, TN 38485

“Heavy & Light Duty Vehicles” NEW AND USED TIRES AVAILABLE Hours: Tues.-Fri. 8 A.M. - 5 P.M.

Oil Changes - Brakes Light Mechanic Work, - Etc James Possum Butler, Owner

Phone 931-722-8823


Highway 64 West 931-722-5821 845 Hwy. 13 S. Collinwood, TN 38450

Teresa Daniels, Owner

Phone 931-724-9197


Local & Worldwide Delivery, All Major Credit Cards Accepted “Proudly Serving You For Over 25 Years” 724-4918 -303 Hwy. 13 S. Collinwood CASKET COVERS - FUNERAL - WEDDING - BALLOONS & GIFTS

C & G Auto Parts, Inc. P.O. BOX 157 - 122 S. HIGH STREET WAYNESBORO, TN 38485 (931) 722-5481

313 Hwy. 13 South Collinwood, TN 38450

Memorial Gardens Of Wayne County P.O. BOX 218 - 104 HILL ST. WAYNESBORO, TENNESSEE 38485

931-722-5488 Fax 931-722-7262


119 East Hollis St. Waynesboro, TN 38485


COLLINWOOD HARDWARE Broad Street - Collinwood, TN 931-724-4616 Roger & Keith Dixon, Owners

424 Main Street South Waynesboro, TN 38485

Tim Beckham Field Representative Phone: 931-722-3596 Fax: 731-925-6899 Cell: 931-332-0071

Woodmen of the World Life Insurance Society, Omaha, NE

Wayne Farmers Co-op 827 Highway 99 - Waynesboro Harold Pope, Manager PHONE: 931-722-3242 -- FAX: 931-722-7242 EMAIL:

PIGGLY WIGGLY Highway 13 South Collinwood, Tennessee

931-724-9112 Tennessee Quality Homecare & Hospice

905 Andrew Jackson Dr. Suite B Waynesboro, TN 38485 Office: 931-722-6094 Toll-Free: 1-866-463-4805 Fax: 931-722-7128 Office: 931-722-5010 Fax: 931-722-5084

231 South Main Street P.O. Box 589 Waynesboro, TN 38485 Life - Home - Auto - Business- Retirement - Health

Eagle Creek Custom Frame Shop EARL & SARAH COOK 3528 Clifton Turnpike - Waynesboro, TN 38485 MON. - SAT. 9 A.M. - 5:30 P.M. (931)-676-5451

Wayne County Nursing Home P.O. BOX 510 WAYNESBORO, TENNESSEE 38485 Phone (931) 722-3641 Fax (931) 722-7215

E.W. JAMES & SONS Jerry Baugus, Manager Highway 64 West - Waynesboro Phone 722-5456

Highway 13 North - Waynesboro

931-722-5965 Waynesboro’s Original Floor Store Shop At Home And Save

Hall Medical Clinic/ Family Health Group

Dr. Joe Hall - Dr. J.V. Mangubat Paula Cole, FNPC - Kendra Prater, FNPC 107 J.V. Mangubat Dr. - Waynesboro, TN 38485 931-722-2800 - Fax. 931-722-9627


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Owner: Steve Jackson Employees: Rebecca Jackson •CASE KNIFE DISPLAY •ALL BUILDING SUPPLIES AVAILABLE WITH MANY ACCESSORIES Hours: 7:30 To 4:30 Weekdays Saturday 8 A.M. To 12 Noon



424 Old Hog Creek Road - Waynesboro

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Joanie Griggs, Owner

Golden Goodies Bake Shop & Catering 633 South Main Street Waynesboro, TN 38485 “Quality Service Is Our Main Ingredient” “We Appreciate Your Business” 931-722-FOOD (3663)



855 Hog Creek Rd. We Support Waynesboro, TN 38485 Wayne County Businesses

THE GRAY LAW FIRM George G. Gray, Attorney Joshua H. Polk, Attorney P.O. Box 246 - 106 Public Square North Waynesboro, TN 38485 931-722-3646 -- Fax 931-722-9933


The Boss Says. . .

SELL ’EM ALL pre-owned bargain prices and payments











$24,988 2007 CHEVROLET









2008 KIA A9219











$198 MO





RAM 1500 LWB


$4,988* $8,988*

G6 GT 4-DR

$10,988* 2009 FORD A9187






*$9,988, FINANCED 72 MONTHS @ 7.99% APR, PLUS TT&L















* STOCK NO. A9180








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Training class will be scheduled for that county. Topics to be covered in the training are which business to start, marketing, legal structure, accounting

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Middle Tennessee for your 17 years of continuous support. 2006 Cadillac CTS

35,000 miles, Loaded


15,,900 15



2008 Saturn Aura XE

Leather, Sunroof, 15,000 Miles


14,,400 14


1998 Dodge Ram

2009 Pontiac Vibe GT

2009 Mitsubishi Galant

19,000 Miles



14,,900 14


14,,850 14


34,,800 34


2009 Toyota Corolla $

14,,800 14


15,,450 15 450

12,,900 12

13,,850 13

2008 Pontiac Solstice

Leather, Loaded, 30,000 Miles


15,,950 15 950


11,,800 11

Nice SUV, Priced to sell




12,,850 12


2008 GMC Crew Cab Teen Miles, Loaded


24,9 900



2009 Nissan Maxima Nice Car


23,8 800


2006 Saturn Vue

Nice Sporty Car

13,,900 13




2005 Mini Cooper



2004 Dodge Durango *




6,,950 950

17,,800 17

Teen Miles




Local Trade In, 40,000 Miles

2009 Chevrolet HHR LT


Local Trade in

2007 Buick Lucerne CXL

2008 Volkswagen New Beetle

Nice Car




2009 Chevy Impala

Low Miles




2009 Ford Fusion





Nice Car


Leather, Sunroof, 54,000 Miles

Nice Car, Automatic


F-474 $13,000 in Add Ons, 38,000 Miles


4,,950 950



2006 Ford Diesel Monster Truck

Ready to Roll




2009 Chevy Malibu LT

Local Trade In



2009 Scion xD

15,000 Miles, Leather




15,,900 15







Nationwide Trustee Services, Inc., Substitute Trustee c/o IMR Nationwide Trustee Services, Inc. 1587 Northeast Expressway, Atlanta, GA 30329 (770) 234-9181 (ext. ) File No.:5002.0936699TN Web Site: Dec. 23, 30, 2009, Jan, 6, 2010



SUBSTITUTE TRUSTEE’S SALE WHEREAS, default having been made in the payment of the debts and obligations secured to be paid by that certain Deed of Trust executed on March 8, 2006, by Scott Brewer and Janice Brewer to White & Betz Attorneys, Trustee, as same appears of record in the Register’s Office of Wayne County, Tennessee, under Book No. 80, Page 84, as modified by agreement recorded in Book No. 109, Page 169, aforesaid records, (“Deed of Trust”); and I interest of said Deed of Trust was last transferred and assigned to Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc.; and WHEREAS, Saxon Mortgage Services, Inc., the current owner and holder of said Deed of Trust, (the “Owner and Holder”), appointed the undersigned, Nationwide Trustee Services, Inc., as Substitute Trustee by instrument filed for record in the Register’s Office of Wayne County, Tennessee, with all the rights, powers and privileges of the original Trustee named in said Deed of Trust; and NOW, THEREFORE, notice is hereby given that the entire indebtedness has been declared due and payable as provided in said Deed of Trust by the Owner and Holder, and that the undersigned, Nationwide Trustee Services, Inc., Substitute Trustee, or his duly appointed attorneys or agents, by virtue of the power and authority vested in him, will on Thursday, January 14, 2010, commencing at 12:00 PM at the East Door of the Wayne County Courthouse, Waynesboro, Tennessee, proceed to sell at public outcry to the highest and best bidder for cash, the following described property situated in Wayne County, Tennessee, to wit: Situated, lying and being in the 8th Civil District of Wayne County, Tennessee adjacent to an west of Forty-eight Creek Road, about 0.10 mile south of the intersection with Dugger Hollow Road and more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a nail in the center of Forty-eight Creek Road, about 636.00 feet from the intersection of Dugger Road, anew corner with Creecy, et al (RB 52, 381 ROWCT); thence with the center and meanders of Forty-eight Creek Road, S 41 degrees 54 minutes 24 seconds E, 95.96 feet, a nail; S 37 degrees 20 minutes 54 seconds E, 61.39 feet, a nail; S 26 degrees 11 minutes 17 seconds E, 56.14 feet, a nail and S 14 degrees 21 minutes 25 seconds E, 72.76 feet to nail, another new corner with Timothy Creecy, et al; thence with a new division line, S 49 degrees 19 minutes 40 seconds W, passing a large cedar on the west bank of road, 771.68 feet to an iron pin set; thence N 30 degrees 52 minutes 37 seconds W, 280.89 feet to an iron pin set and N 49 degrees 19 minutes 40 seconds E, passing a large cedar on the west bank of road, 771.68 feet to the point of beginning, containing 5.00 Acres. Description according to survey of J.T. Dixon, November 1, 2004, TRLS #668. This being the same property conveyed to Scott C. Brewer and wife, Janice Brewer from Timothy W. Creecy and wife, Angela Creecy by deed dated November 13, 2004 of record in Record Book 64, Page 425, ROWCo., Tennessee. PROPERTY ADDRESS: 554 48 Creek Road, Waynesboro, TN 38485 CURRENT OWNER(S): Scott C. Brewer and Janice Brewer The sale of the abovedescribed property shall be subject to all matters shown on any recorded plan; any unpaid taxes; any restrictive covenants, easements or set-back lines that may be applicable; any prior liens or encumbrances as well as any priority created by a fixture filing; and any matter that an accurate survey of the premises might disclose. S U B O R D I N A T E LIENHOLDERS: The Bank of Waynesboro, Branch Banking and Trust Company OTHER INTERESTED PARTIES: N/A All right and equity of redemption, statutory or otherwise, homestead, and dower are expressly waived in said Deed of Trust, and the title is believed to be good, but the undersigned will sell and convey only as Substitute Trustee. The right is reserved to adjourn the day of the sale to another day, time, and place certain without further publication, upon announcement at the time and place for the sale set forth above. THIS IS AN ATTEMPT TO COLLECT A DEBT. ANY INFORMATION OBTAINED WILL BE USED FOR THAT PURPOSE.

for small business, Participants will only from the state Economic mental or physical or complaints should veteran be directed to the cash flow, pricing of be required to pay $30 and Community activity, Opportunity products or services, for the classes. The D e v e l o p m e n t status or national Equal origin in educational Officer, South Central challenges of managing Workforce Alliance department. employment Tennessee Workforce a small business, how will pay the remainder For more information and to write a business of the tuition. contact Ron Beck at opportunities. Auxil- Alliance, #8 Public iary aids and services Square, 2nd Floor, plan, and, coaching Trainers for these 931-540-1121. on how to improve the sessions are prior and South Central are available upon Columbia, TN 38401. business plans. This current Entrepreneurs. Tennessee Workforce request to individuals Funding is provided training is suitable Speakers will also Alliance does not with disabilities. WIA/ under an agreement for prospective or be professionals, discriminate on the LWIA is an Equal with the TN Dept. of current Small Business consultants, educators, basis of gender, race, Opportunity Employer. Labor and Workforce owners/Entrepreneurs. and representatives color, religion, age, Any inquiries and/ Development. • LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED • LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED • LOCALLY O W NED & OPERATED • LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED • LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED • LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED • LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED • LOCALLY OWNED & OPERATED

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Wayne County News 01-06-10  

Wayne County Newspaper Dated 01-06-10