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Brown brings experience, new energy to CCHS band The music made famous in James Bond movies is the theme of the marching performances this fall by the Chester County High School Marching Eagles Band. Keith Brown takes over the lead of the band as new band director after more than 16 years at Milan. However, don’t expect Brown to sneak around like the infamous “007” secret agent. Instead, Brown is putting the band out front and more in the open in 2012 with more competitions, performing at every CCHS football game, and possibly additional community events. Brown replaces Clay Canada who directed the marching band for much of last year after Tom Hay unexpectedly retired during the school year due to health issues. Hay had been at CCHS for 19 years, leading the band to unprecedented levels. Canada returns to his former position as choral director. Brown, who attended the University of Tennessee at Martin, and Union University, was co-director at Milan for three years, and lead director for 13 years. He doesn’t intend any major changes at this time, other than the expanded presence at the CCHS football games. They will, however, sit in the home grandstand instead of the end zone area where the band has been for the last few

years. “My philosophy is our job on Friday nights is to support the football team and cheerleaders,” said Brown. The number of competitions the band will take part will increase this year from four to six, which can make for some exhausting weekends, but Brown feels the Friday night performances serve as a good warm-up for Saturdays. There are currently more than 70 members in the onfield show including 47 winds, nine guard members, nine battery, six front ensemble, and of course the field commander. “They’ve been working really hard. It’s like football really, it’s been hot but it’s made them tougher,” said Brown. “I’m real pleased with what they are doing. We only have few seniors, but a good freshman class.” First competition is Sept. 15 at UT-Martin. Band parents are urged to attend the parents’ meetings which take place on the first Tuesday night of every month in the band room of the high school. Brown is married to Janice Webb Brown, a teacher at East Chester Elementary, and they have two children and two grandchildren.


Illustration by James A. Webb, Independent

The Chester County High School Marching Eagles band has expanded its schedule in 2012, going from four to six competitions, plus they expect to be at every CCHS football game this season.

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Chester County Junior High School 2012 Football Cheerleaders Front row from left: Co-Captain Emily Colbert, Captains Maddy Collins, and Brianna Bailey, and Co-Captain Kelsey Maness. Second row: Abbie Epperson, MacKenzie Moore, Lyndie Hickman, Alex Malone, Milyn White, and Tessa Hinson; third row: Claire Garrison, Rheanna Colbert, Baylee Smith, Kaela Guinn, Kaitlyn Wilson, and Skyler Nash; and back row: McKenzie Henley, Whitley Lovelace, Emily Eads, Grace Wray, Neely Henry, Reanna Callins, and Hanna Hopper. Cheer coach is Heather Jenkins.

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Chester County High School 2012 Football Cheerleaders Front row from left: Bailey Henley, Kaitlin Stewart, Whitney Young, Haley Wilson, and Katie Hatch; middle row: Megan Lewis, Heather Rawles, Lacy Hodum, and Breanna Barham; and back row: Shelby Hardy, Kelsey Yarbrough, and Sydney Watson. Cheer coach is Diane Stewart.

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Chester County Junior High 2012 Girls’ Soccer Team Front row from left: First row: 8th Grade Captains - Paige Pipkin, Madelyn Miskelley, Candice Barber, and Lauren Austin; second row: Elaine Enfinger, Lucy Johnson, Elyssa Ledford, Kaela Guinn, Bryce Morris, Kayla Thomas, Jessica Jones, Meghan Cherry, Skylar Holland, Sydney Wilson, Alyson Plunk, Shaina Wiggins, and Anslee West; third row: manager - Hanna Holder, Micah Barber, Madalyn Quarles, Greyse Lentz, Caitlin Jones, Tatum Keen, Tina McBee, Alexis Davidson, Belen Williams, Abbey Allen, Brooke Weekley, Reyna Thomas, and Eden Jones; and back row: coaches Tommie Kirk, and Hunter Callis.

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Chester County Junior High 2012 Girls’ Soccer Schedule Date Opponent Location Aug. 20 Lexington Lexington Aug. 23 Jackson Christian Henderson Aug. 25 CCA (JV only) Dyersburg Aug. 27 Trinity Christian Jackson Aug. 30 St. Mary’s Jackson Aug. 31 University School Henderson Sept. 4 Lexington Henderson Sept. 7 Martin Henderson Sept. 10 Crockett County Alamo Sept. 13 Henderson County Henderson Sept. 15 Paris Henderson Sept. 17 Haywood Brownsville Sept. 18 Selmer Selmer Sept. 22 District Tournament Begins, TBA

Chester County Junior High 2012 Girls’ Softball Schedule Time 5:00 5:00 11:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 6:00 5:00 5:30 10:00 5:00 5:00

Date Aug. 16 Aug. 20 Aug. 21 Aug. 23 Aug. 27 Aug. 30 Sept. 4 Sept. 6 Sept. 10 Sept. 11 Sept. 17 Sept. 20 Sept. 22 Sept. 25

Opponent West Middle Scotts Hill Scotts Hill West Middle Decatur County Jackson Christian Crockett County Jackson Christian Trinity Christian Trinity Christian Decatur County Crockett County Middle School Tourney Lexington

Location Henderson Scotts Hill Henderson Denmark Henderson Jackson Alamo Henderson Jackson Henderson Parsons Henderson TBA Lexington

Time 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 TBA 4:30

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Chester County Junior High 2012 Girls’ Softball Team Front row from left: Kelsey Pirtle, Megan Bates, Lauren Lofton, Bailey Hall, and Madison Williams; second row: Morgan Moore, Faith Fesmire, Hanna Hopper, and Baylee Smith; and back row: Mikayla Weeks, Hailey Kesler, Peyton Davidson, Bailey Hinson, and Skylar Nash.

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Chester County High School 2012 Girls’ Volleyball Team Front row from left: Natalie Clayton, Cynthia Beene, Annsley Poston, Jana Frye, and Bre Lockett; middle row: Katelyn Faulkner, Presley Robinson, Alyssa Gately, Faith Hearn; and back row: Madison Newman (manager), Autumn McDaniel, Jantzen Robinson, Ashton Webb, Madison McCaskill, Ashley Faulkner, Madison Cherry-Reed, Brooklynn Davidson, Morgan Hays, and Kasie Beene. Not pictured: head coach Susan Humphry and assistant coach Molly Risley.

Chester County High School 2012 Girls’ Volleyball Roster No.


1 2 3 4 5 6 8 10 12

Katelyn Faulkner Autumn McDaniel Bre Lockett Morgan Hays Brooklyn Davidson Cynthia Beene Presley Robinson Natalie Clayton Jana Frye


Grade 11 9 12 10 10 12 11 12 12

14 15 16 22 23 26 49 50 52

Ashton Webb Madison Cherry Faith Hearn Jantzen Robinson Ashley Faulkner Annsley Poston Kasie Beene Alyssa Gately Madison McCaskill Madison Newman


9 10 11 9 10 12 10 11 10 9

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Chester County High School 2012 Girls’ Volleyball Schedule Date Aug. 20 Aug. 21 Aug. 23 Aug. 25 Aug. 28 Aug. 30 Sept. 4 Sept. 6 Sept. 7-8 Sept. 10 Sept. 11 Sept. 17 Sept. 18 Sept. 20 Sept. 24 Sept. 25 Oct. 1 Oct. 4 TBA Oct. 16 Oct. 18 Oct. 24-26

Opponent Fayette-Ware (DH) Scotts Hill Jackson Central Merry Freed-Hardeman Tourney Trinity Christian Liberty Tech Magnet Hardin County South Side River City Tournament Lexington McNairy Central Jackson Central Merry Liberty Tech Magnet South Side McNairy Central Lexington Corinth Madison Academic District Tournament Regional Tournament Sectional Game State Tournament

Time 5:00 5:00 4:30 TBA 5:00 5:00 5:00 7:00 TBA 5:00 5:00 4:30 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 5:00 TBA TBA TBA TBA

Location Eagle Gym Scotts Hill Jackson Sports Center Jackson Eagle Gym Savannah Jackson Memphis Eagle Gym Eagle Gym Eagle Gym Jackson Eagle Gym Selmer Lexington Eagle Gym Eagle Gym TBA TBA TBA Murfreesboro

Chester County High School 2012 Golf Team Above left, from left: Trey Deming, Triston Hall, Logan Alexander, and Colin McPherson; and back row: Nick Burns, Josh Laster, and Jacob Williams. In photo at right: Hannah Chasteen and Chase Ross.

Chester County High School 2012 Golf Schedule Date Aug. 9 Aug. 13 Aug. 14 Aug. 20 Aug. 21 Aug. 28 Aug. 30 Sept. 6 Sept. 10 Sept. 11 Sept. 13 Sept. 17 Sept. 18 Sept. 24

Opponents Lexington McNairy Central Scotts Hill, Lexington South Side Adamsville, McNairy Ct. Riverside Adamsville Riverside Scotts Hill Bolivar Cent., South Side Bolivar Central Trinity Christian Madison, Trinity District Tournament

Time 4:00 4:00 4:00 3:30 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 4:00 TBA

Location Lexington Selmer C.C. Chickasaw Woodland Hills Chickasaw Chickasaw Adamsville Tenn. River Club Tenn. River Club Chickasaw Bolivar Humboldt Chickasaw TBA

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CHESTER COUNTY INDEPENDENT • Thursday, August 30, 2012

2012 CCHS Football Coaches

2012 CCHS Football Roster No. 1 2/4 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 25 27 30 32 33 34 40 41 42 43 46 47 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 62 63 65 66 70 71 72 76 78

Name Sam Kesler Jonathan Murley Kyle Kesler Jarrett Wilson Trannard Cobb Colton Hearn Veto Swain Peyton James5-8 Julian Stephenson Ryan Stanfill Trey Hatch Dalton Sheffield Bo Morris Seth Lay Seth Ross Tyler Seagraves D.J. Holloway Payton Rowland Matthew Butler Brennan Conaway Branton Stephens Savaughn Trice Reed Matthews Wilson Miskelly Dylan Maness Malcom Tipler Maison Gray Kobe Brooks Daniel Dailey Eric Arnold Clay Massengill Josh Agee Samuel Myers Cole Lindsey Hunter Knight Tyler Teague Samuel Freeman Colton Plunk Cody Harris Tyler Butler Chance Robbins Cole McEarl Chase Johnson Kyle Jester Clayton Lindsey Hunter Swope Skylar Sheffield Tristan Marshall Terrill Cockerham Pablo Salas Mason Scott Brandon Stokes Chase Knipper

Ht. 5-11 6-2 5-11 5-7 5-11 5-8 5-10 150 6-0 6-0 5-5 5-11 5-8 5-7 5-10 5-7 5-11 5-7 5-10 6-0 5-8 6-1 5-10 5-8 5-9 5-10 5-9 5-10 5-7 5-8 5-11 5-7 5-11 5-10 5-8 5-8 5-11 6-0 5-10 5-11 5-8 5-9 5-11 6-1 6-0 5-11 6-2 5-11 5-10 5-11 6-0 5-11 6-0

Wt. 170 185 190 140 145 140 175 11 150 150 100 165 120 130 140 145 205 130 180 170 140 180 150 150 170 155 150 190 130 180 165 170 180 225 207 175 210 220 245 205 255 230 245 210 200 250 310 225 185 250 250 205 270

Yr. 10 12 11 9 11 12 12 Q 9 9 9 10 9 9 12 11 12 12 12 10 9 10 10 9 9 9 12 9 9 9 9 9 9 12 12 11 10 9 10 11 10 9 9 11 12 9 12 10 12 12 10 9 9

79 80 83 85 86 87 88 89

Taylor Harrison Tristan McCalmon Timothy Sikes Logan Dykes Monty McNeal Carson Naylor Josh Connor Joey Alexander

5-10 5-8 5-9 6-1 6-0 6-0 6-8 5-8

210 150 180 140 180 140 135 150

11 12 10 9 11 10 9 11





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Chester County High School Football Team

Michael Hodum Eric Quinn Derek Pritchard Clint Rider Randall Todd Ryan Coleraine Chad Hanna Andy Morris David Kirkwood Sarah Todd Scott Johnson

Head Coach Offensive Coordinator Defensive Coordinator Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Chaplain Manager Trainer Team Doctor

Chester County High School 2012 Football Schedule Date Aug. 10 Aug. 17 Aug. 24 Aug. 31 Sept. 7 Sept. 14 Sept. 21 Sept. 28 Oct. 5 Oct. 12 Oct. 19 Oct. 26

Opponent Jamboree Adamsville Hardin County Jackson C-M Dyersburg Bolivar Central Open McNairy Central Lexington Liberty Tech South Side Fayette-Ware

Location Eagle Stadium Adamsville Eagle Stadium Jackson Eagle Stadium Eagle Stadium Selmer Eagle Stadium Jackson Eagle Stadium Somerville

Chester County High School 2012 Freshman/Junior Varsity Football Schedule Date Opponent Aug. 27 South Side (JV) Aug. 30 Bolivar Central (Fr) Sept. 6South Side (Fr) Sept. 10 Scotts Hill (JV) Sept. 13 Hardin County (Fr) Sept. 17 Adamsville (JV) Sept. 20 Humboldt (Fr) Sept. 24 Trinity Christian (JV) Sept. 27 TBA (JV) Oct. 1 Jackson Cent. Merry (JV) Oct. 8 Bolivar Central (JV) Oct. 15 McNairy Central (JV/Fr)

Location Jackson Bolivar Henderson Scotts Hill Henderson Adamsville Humboldt Henderson Henderson Henderson Henderson Henderson

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Chester County Junior High 2012 Football Team Chester County Junior High Football Coaches

Chester County Junior High 2012 Football Schedule Date Aug. 9 Aug. 16 Aug. 23 Aug. 30 Sept. 4 Sept. 13 Sept. 20 Sept. 27 Oct. 4

Steve Robinson, Head Coach Todd Lewis, Assistant Coach Jeff Cupples, Assistant Coach Mike Showers, Assistant coach

Opponent Location Time/w/l Adamsville Henderson Won Bolivar Henderson Lost Univ. School of Jackson Jackson Lost West Henderson 6:30 Hardin County Savannah 6:30 Lexington Lexington 6:30 Jackson Christian Henderson 6:30 Trinity Christian Henderson 6:30 Selmer Selmer 6:30 * Junior Varsity games before each contest, 5:30 p.m.

2012 Sixth Grade Schedule Date Sept. 8 Sept. 15 Sept. 25 Oct. 2

Opponent Alamo Univ. School of Jackson Jackson Christian Decatur County

Location Alamo Jackson Jackson Henderson

Time TBA TBA TBA 6:00

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Chester County Junior High 2012 Football Roster No. Name 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 16 17 18 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27


Cody Compton Christian Ballard Tyrese Williams Jake McCaskill Logan Denbow Marvin Cliff Braden McLain Ty Patterson Logan Melton R.J. Bauer Brian Napoli Jusino Prather Tony Moody Tyler Butler Peyton Anderson Bryce Petty Drek Jarrett Darayon Cruz Colby Farley Zach Garner Grant Matthews Cortez Thoman Darrian Dancy Nick Newman

8 8 6 7 6 7 7 8 8 8 8 6 6 7 6 8 8 7 7 8 8 6 6 8

29 30 32 33 35 36 40 41 42 44 45 46 48 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 60 61 62 63

Brennan Phelps Blaze Neely Riley Doles Jimmy Issacs Cheyenne West Jacobi Griffin Edmond Dotson Caleb West Kyler Barnes B.J. Burton Jacobi Williams Keelin Busby Taylen Eskew Rodney Legg David Showers Tristan Young Zeke Smith Ryan Fletcher C.J. Rowland James Griffin Cody Carter Dylan Fischbach Connor Rogers Peyton Anderson Chad Lay Peyton Doles

7 7 8 7 7 6 7 8 6 7 8 6 7 8 6 8 8 7 8 8 8 8 7 6 7 6

64 65 66 67 68 70 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 84 86 88 89 90 91 94 95

Jevon Chrystak 7 Christian Walker 8 Jacob Henry 6 Nicholas Norwalk 7 Denver Davis 8 Michael Messenger 8 Jacob Laster 7 Kiernan Davis 7 Cameron Mickens 8 Jacob Bailey 8 Ke’Andre Douglas 8 Nicholas Wallis 6 Michael Scott 7 Corey Burnett 8 Peyton Lynch 8 Dalton Farley 6 Blake Smith 8 Riley Malone 8 Brandon Lewis 7 Grant Braden 8 Dustin Warren 8 Dillon Carloss 6 Austin Stacks 6 Zachary Thomas 6 J.J. Dotson 8

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Chester County High School 2012 Girls’ Cross Country Team From left: Leah Belew, Cheyenne Gilliam, Tristen Butler, Rachel Frees, Sammi Jo Ivy, Macee Payne, Rachel Leach, and Chelsea Jett.

Chester County High School 2012 Cross Country Meets Day Date Sat. Aug. 18 Th. Aug. 30 Tu. Sept. 4 Th. Sept. 6 Tu. Sept. 11 Sat. Sept. 22 Tu. Sept. 25 Th. Sept. 27 Tu. Oct. 9 Th. Oct. 11 Th. Oct. 25 Sat. Nov. 3

Meet Jamboree, Jackson State Trenton Peabody Crockett County Univ. School of Jackson Huntingdon West Tenn. Fall Classic * Trinity Christian Acad. Hardin County ** Gibson County Humboldt Regional at Union Univ. State at Nashville

Time 10:00 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 TBA 4:30 4:30 4:30 4:30 3:00 TBA

* Hosted by Jackson Christian and South Gibson ** At Horsecreek

Chester County High School 2012 Boys’ Cross Country Team From left: Keith Spain, Ben Melton, Houston Tull, Steven Hart, Noah Melaro, Micheal Whitehead, Jared Page, Austin Moore, and Farhan Manjyani.

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Chester County High School 2012 Girls’ Soccer Team Front row from left: Katelyn Wooley, Darby Miskelly, and Brook Flowers; second row: Haley Cary, Morgan Jones, Sarah-Grace McNeil, Haley Thompson, Alyssa Wallis, and Baylie Pruett; third row: Cami Malero, Taylor Scheele, Talia Hinson, and Cameron Greer; and back row: Coach Jason Judd, Ali Cooper, Savanna Welch, Carlee Morris, Houston Holdren, Erin Barns, Destiny Morris, Sarah Sells, Lauren Rogers, Claire McNatt, Taylor Griswell, Scarlett Tull, Macy Maples, and Coach Stacey Pruett.

CCHS girls’ soccer seeks another trip to ‘Nooga In 2011, the Chester County High School girls’ soccer team finished with an overall record of 10-9-1, and a district record of 5-1, gaining the top seed in the south. It could be classified as the finest season in CCHS history since their season ended in the first round of the state tournament in Chattanooga. But what about 2012? Several of the returning Eaglettes received post season awards: Darby Miskelly, Destiny Morris, and Baylie Pruett each received all tournament selections. Miskelly, Pruett, and Sarah-Grace McNeil were named to the All West Tennessee team and named as players to watch for the upcoming season. All told, CCHS returns seven starters from last year's record-setting team. Miskelly and Pruett will once again look to lead the offense this season. Young returners Cameron Greer and Talia Hinson will look to lead the midfield players and control the flow of the game, while McNeil and Morgan Jones take control of the defensive line. Morris returns in goal as she looks to help lead the team back to another State appearance in Chattanooga. “We picked up a solid freshmen class this season,” said head coach Jason Judd. “Among those Lauren Rogers, and Claire McNatt will be looked to to provide some significant minutes and fill some big spots left open by last year's graduating class. “This year's Lady Eagles know what it is like to taste suc-

cess on the field,” Judd continued. “They know the hard work and sacrifice it takes to achieve that success. This year they will feel the pressure that comes from maintaining that success, and the feeling of the bulls-eye on their backs as opponents try to keep them from repeating last year's successes.”

Chester County High School 2012 Girls’ Soccer Schedule Date Aug. 23 Aug. 28 Aug. 30 Sept. 4 Sept. 6 Sept. 14-15 Sept. 18 Sept. 20 Sept. 24 Sept. 25 Sept. 27 Oct. 2 Oct. 4 Oct. 9

Opponent Madison Acad. McNairy Cent. Univ. School Trinity Christian Adamsville Liberty Tournament Scotts Hill Martin Westview South Side North Side McNairy Cent. Lexington Liberty Tech Fayette Acad.

Time 5:00 5:00 6:00 5:00 5:30 5:00 5:00 7:00 5:00 6:00 5:00 4:30 6:00

Location Jackson Henderson Jackson Jackson Adamsville Jackson Henderson Henderson Jackson Henderson Selmer Henderson Henderson Somerville

CCHS Soccer Roster No. 00 1 2 3 4 6 7 8 9 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Mgr. Mgr. Mgr. Mgr.

Name Grade Destiny Morris 10 Sarah Sells 9 Cameron Greer 10 Erin Barnes 9 Talia Henson 10 Claire McNatt 9 Morgan Jones 11 Brook Flowers 12 Katelyn Wooley 12 Houston Holdren 9 Taylor Griswell 9 Carlee Morris 9 Lauren Rogers 9 Sarah-Grace McNeil 11 Alyssa Wallis 11 Taylor Cheele 10 Cami Malero 10 Haley Cary 11 Haley Thompson 11 Baylie Pruett 11 Darby Miskelly 12 Savanna Welch Ali Cooper Scarlett Tull Macy Maples Head Coach Jason Judd Asst. Coach Stacey Pruett

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Freed-Hardeman University 2012 Fall Cross Country FHU Cross Country Roster Name Trent Adams Paige Atkinson Christean Covington Josh Cornett Drew Crews Anna DeBerry Abby Dickey Mary Faust Evan Farley Jordan Holloway Rachel Hoyt Bethany Iversen Hannah Jiles Hannah Leach Kierra Male Jason King Hayden Moore Jordan Saliba Sloan Scott Cassie Searcy Davis Shoulders Krista Spiceland Chris Windsor


Hometown McEwen Centerville Pelham, Ala. Piketon, Ohio Troy Dickson Adamsville Battle Creek, Mich. Benton, Ky. Clarkston Yorktown, Ind. Charleston, S.C. Decatur Newville, Pa. Summerville, S.C. Spring Hill Memphis Bartlett Cordova Humboldt Maryville Benton, Ky. Burns

Freed-Hardeman University 2012 Fall Cross Country Schedule Date Sept. 7 Sept. 15 Sept. 22 Oct. 6 Oct. 13 Oct. 27

Event Arkansas Little Rock Inv. Vanderbilt Classic Saluki Invitational Union University Meet Choctaw Open TranSouth Championship

Derrick Spradlin

Location Little Rock, Ark. Nashville Carbondale, Ill. Jackson Clinton, Miss. Jackson

Head Coach, Third Season

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Freed-Hardeman University 2012 Women’s Volleyball Team

Lady Lions ranked No. 18 in NAIA preseason poll The Freed-Hardeman University Lady Lion volleyball team made its highest appearance ever in the NAIA national ratings, coming in at No. 18 in the 2012 Preseason Coaches’ Poll released on Tuesday, Aug. 14. After advancing to the NAIA National Tournament Final Site last year and finishing the year ranked No. 21, the Lady Lions garnered enough national attention to make their first-ever preseason poll appearance in the top 25. The ranking of No. 21 was previously the best in program history. FHU will have its ranking tested early in the sea-

son when it faces No. 12 Spring Hill College from Mobile, Ala., at the Faulkner University Invitational in Montgomery, Ala., on Sept. 7. The Lady Lions also have preseason No. 9 Indiana Wesleyan, No. 11 Taylor of Indiana, and No. 25 Indiana University East on the schedule. The Lady Lions open the 2012 season on Sept. 1 with a visit to former TranSouth Conference member Lyon College. FHU currently has only four home matches scheduled, beginning with Bethel University at the Brewer Sports Center at 7 p.m. Sept. 20.

Freed-Hardeman University 2012 Volleyball Roster No. Name 2 Hannah Claiborne 5 Tabatha Peace 6 Fernanda Ferreira 7 Amanda Cunningham 9 Callie West 10 Renata Ferreira 11 Mikaela Powers 14 Emily Humphry 15 Michelle Bennett 16 Jasmine Johnson 20 Rachel Jetton 30 Allie Moss 32 Kara England Todd Humphry Jessica Vieira

Class JR SO SR FR SR JR FR FR FR JR SO FR FR Head Coach Grad Assistant

Pos. DS DS/S MB MB LIB S MH/RS S LIB MB DS/S OH RS 13th Season 2nd Season

Ht. 5-7 5-5 6-0 6-0 5-2 5-8 6-1 5-8 5-7 5-9 5-7 5-9 5-9

Hometown Murfreesboro Jonesboro, Ark. Minas Gerais, Brazil Cookeville Memphis Contagem, Brazil Big Bear City, Calif. Henderson Memphis Alamo Paragould, Ark. Covington Bowling Green, Ky.

Freed-Hardeman University 2012 Volleyball Schedule Date Sept. 1 Sept. 6 Sept. 7 Sept. 8 Sept. 13 Sept. 20 Sept. 21 Sept. 22 Sept. 25

Oct. 8 Oct. 9 Oct. 16 Oct. 18 Oct. 23 Oct. 26 Oct. 27

Time Opponent Location TBA Lyon Batesville, Ark. 6:00 Trevecca Naz. Nashville Faulkner Invitational, Sept. 7-8 3:00 Spring Hill Montgomery, Ala. 7:00 Reinhardt Montgomery, Ala. 11:00 Brenau Montgomery, Ala. 3:00 Mobile Montgomery, Ala. 7:00 Mid-Continent Mayfield, Ky. 7:00 Bethel Henderson Cumberland Classic, Sept. 21-22 2:00 Shawnee State Lebanon 6:00 Union College Lebanon 9:00 Cumberland Lebanon 1:00 Campbellsville Lebanon 7:00 Martin Methodist TBA Rhodes Invitational, Sept. 28-29 Opponents and Time, TBA 7:00 Cumberland Henderson 7:00 Trevecca Naz. Nashville 7:00 Bethel McKenzie 7:00 Mid-Continent Henderson 7:00 Martin Meth. Henderson Boneyard Brawl, Oct. 26-27 3:00 Ind. Wesleyan Georgetown, Ky. 7:00 Taylor Georgetown, Ky. 11:00 Georgetown Georgetown, Ky. 1:30 Indiana East Georgetown, Ky.

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Freed-Hardeman University 2012 Fall Golf Schedule Date Sept. 17-18 Oct. 1 Oct. 2 Oct. 8-9 Oct. 29-30 Nov. 5-6

Opponent Location Freed-Hardeman Fall Inv. Covington Blue Mountain ** Woodland Hills Blue Mountain Kirkwood National Trevecca Fall Inv. * Old Hickory Redhawk Fall Inv. Lawrenceburg Union Fall Inv. ** Jackson

* Women only; ** Men only

John Armstrong Michael Atchison

Head Coach, Second season Asst. Coach, Second season

Freed-Hardeman University 2012 Fall Golf Roster Name Darren Bart Bailey Burnett Bryant Cashion Mikayla Dodson Olivia Fowler Hannah Griffin Cody Harrington Grant James Zach Morton Travis Ross Lincoln Stemler Carson Trull Jonathan West Carson Wiley


Hometown Adamsville Buford, Ga. Hamilton, Ala. Santa Fe Covington Portland Cookeville Smithville Henderson Benton, Ky. Jeffersonville, Ind. Linden Memphis Thomson, Ga.

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Lady Lions soccer features plenty of experience

After losing big senior class, Lion soccer reloads

One thing the Freed-Hardeman Lady Lion soccer team will definitely not be short on is experience entering the 2012 season. Only one regular starter is gone from that squad, leaving head coach Jason Elliott with several returning players that will be three- and four-year starters. "Julie Bracknell was a key loss from last year's team, but this season is dominated with upperclassmen," said Elliott. "We return a lot of key players for us who have played at this level and know what we need from them. Our schedule should test them in many matches and conference play will feature a home and away

When the Freed-Hardeman Lions take the field to start the 2012 season, they will have quite a different look than last year's team. For starters, the majority of the team's offensive production from 2011 has moved on as only two players who scored goals return, leaving 40 of the 47 goals scored last season to be replaced. Also

series with Martin Methodist who is always a national title contender." Replacing Bracknell's offense (eight goals, three assists) will be an area to address but aside from that, the Lady Lions will be experienced all over the field with a projected lineup that features four seniors who have started since their freshman seasons. "We will go as far as our seniors take us," Elliott said. "Our conditioning and work rate will be important for this team to really accomplish their goals. I expect this team to really surprise some people See WOMEN, Page 22

Freed-Hardeman Women's Soccer Roster No. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 9 10 11 12 14 16 18 19 20

Name Class Sophia Fornbacher FR Abbey Adkins JR Morgan Wall JR MF Jessica KernsSO DEF Whitney Newby SR Rachel Conley SR Clare Gallagher JR Haley Barr SO Briley Collins SR Katie Hillis JR Paige Almond FR Livia Bey FR Christiana Aponte FR Alyssa Resmini SR Shelby Murray SR Alex Colunga SR Brittny Johnson JR Jason Elliott Head Coach Mauricia Campos Graduate Assistant Ryan Engineer Graduate Assistant

Pos. Ht. GK 6-0 GK 5-7 5-4 5-5 FWD 5-5 DEF 5-2 MF 5-5 DEF 5-5 MF 5-5 MF 5-8 DEF 5-7 GK 5-6 MF 5-3 DEF 5-10 MF 5-7 DEF 5-0 DEF 5-4 12th season 2nd season 1st season

Hometown Pleasant Hill, Calif. Murfreesboro Lexington Bridgeport, W.Va. Knoxville Flatwoods, Ky. York City, England Old Hickory Goodletsville Collierville Maumelle, Ark. Smyrna Knoxville McKinney, Texas Neosha, Mo. Huntsville, Ala. Jackson

Freed-Hardeman Women's Soccer Schedule Date Aug. 20 Aug. 21 Aug. 25 Aug. 31 Sept. 3 Sept. 6 Sept. 14 Sept. 15 Sept. 18 Sept. 22 Sept. 25 Sept. 27 Sept. 30 Oct. 9 Oct. 13 Oct. 16 Oct. 19 Oct. 27

Time Opponent 3:00 Truett-McConnell 3:45 Point 5:00 Harding (scrimmage) 6:00 St. Catharine Freed-Hardeman Lions Cup Labor Day Tournament Noon Louisiana College 5:00 Bob Jones 7:00 Davenport 5:00 Auburn-Montgomery 7:00 Bethel 4:30 Benedictine 5:00 Martin Methodist 2:00 Harris-Stowe State 1:00 Rhodes 5:00 Union 1:00 Bethel 5:00 Martin Methodist 7:00 Trevecca Nazarene 7:00 William Woods

Location Cleveland, Ga. East Point, Ga. Searcy, Ark. Henderson Henderson Greenville, S.C. Henderson Henderson Henderson ………. Pulaski St. Louis, Mo. Memphis Jackson McKenzie Henderson Henderson Henderson

gone are three of the four starters on defense plus the team's primary keeper. So, with 14 new names on the roster this season, head coach Jason Elliott and his team will hope to mesh quickly before opening play on Aug. 20. "Obviously losing as many seniors as we did it will be a reloading year for FHU See MEN, Page 22

Freed-Hardeman Mens’ Soccer Roster No. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 26

Name Hunter Yoches Zach Johnson Christian Falk Matias Bravo Jack Fogarty Philipp Baier Liam Morran Sebastian Henk Tafara Tinarwo Lucas Alonso Christopher Campbell Taylor Hodges Luke Dendis Tyler Garrison Joshua Court Breno Oliveira Brandon Rodriguez Dakota Chandler Caleb Lucas Lee Matabire Stefano Basso Jeremy Brown Klyne Fawcett



Ht. 6-1 6-3 5-11 5-9 5-9 6-0 5-7 6-0 5-6 5-6 6-2 5-10 5-10 5-11 5-8 165 5-9 5-11 5-10 5-7 5-10 5-10

Hometown Chuluota, Fla. Columbia Magdeburg, Germany Santiaga, Chile Dublin, Ireland Heidelburg, Germany Neilston, Scotland Magdeburg, Germany Harare, Zimbabwe Santiago, Chile St. Andrew, Jamaica Henderson Manchester Columbia Ramer Belo Horizonte, Brazil Henderson Selmer Lake Dallas, Texas Jackson Londrina, Brazil Taft Bolivar

Freed-Hardeman Mens’ Soccer Schedule Date Aug. 20 Aug. 21 Aug. 25 Aug. 28

Time 5:00 6:00 7:30 4:00

Aug. 31

8:00 TBA 6:00 8:00 2:00 7:00 7:00 7:00 2:00 7:00 4:00 3:00 7:00 3:00 7:00 2:00 5:00 7:00

Sept. 1 Sept. 3 Sept. 6 Sept. 11 Sept. 15 Sept. 22 Sept. 25 Sept. 27 Sept. 30 Oct. 4 Oct. 13 Oct. 16 Oct. 23 Oct. 27 Oct. 30

Opponent Truett-McConnell Point Harding Alabama-Huntsville Lions Cup, Henderson, Aug. 31-Sept. 3 FHU vs. Columbia Int. Talladega vs. Johnson Johnson vs. Columbia Int. FHU vs. Talladega FHU vs. Johnson Bible Bob Jones Williams Baptist Auburn-Montgomery Benedictine Martin Methodist Harris-Stowe State Rhodes Bethel Bethel Martin Methodist Mid-Continent Oakland City Mid-Continent

Location Cleveland, Ga. East Point, Ga. Searcy, Ark. Huntsville, Ala. Henderson Henderson Henderson Henderson Henderson Greenville, S.C. Henderson Henderson ……… Pulaski St. Louis, Mo. Memphis Henderson McKenzie Henderson Mayfield, Ky. Henderson Henderson

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Women this year." Among those is forward Whitney Newby, who led the team in scoring last season with 11 goals and has 25 for her career which ranks second in program history. Midfielders Briley Collins and Shelby Murray have also been mainstays on the field since joining the team in 2009. Collins does the most damage at left outside midfield, where her crossing ability can set up scoring opportunities for others. Murray, a center midfielder, is known for her physical presence. Both also have the ability to play up top or on defense if the need arises. The remaining four-year starter is Alyssa Resmini, who is a major key to FHU's defense. She is adept at reading the ball and knowing when to challenge, and her height (5-foot-11) gives her an advantage in going for 50/50 balls in the air. Resmini will be joined on the back line by returning starters Rachel Conley, Haley Barr and Brittny Johnson. Johnson, a junior, is a three-year starter who may also see action in the midfield and at forward. The Lady Lions also have experience in goal with the return of junior Abbey Adkins, who started 13 matches. FHU opens the season with a pair of road matches plus an exhibition before coming back for the home opener against St. Catharine College on Aug. 31 as part of the 2012 Lions Cup Invitational.

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Men men's soccer," he said. "With that said, I think the players we have signed have great talent and can come in and really help our team. We lost a great percentage of our offensive production. With the loss of four-year starters Simbarashe Zvaita and Archie Marowa we have some big shoes to fill as well as scoring sensation Kenniel Hyde (19 goals)." Of the seven returning players, four started at least part-time last season. The center midfield remains intact with

Philipp Baier and Tafara Tinarwo, two players who do an excellent job of distributing the ball and getting scoring runs started. Klyne Fawcett returns at left back where he started 15 of 16 matches last season. Lastly, junior goalkeeper Hunter Yoches will bring some experience in the net after appearing in nine matches and starting four. Luke Dendis, Lee Matabire and Breno Oliveira will also look to gain more playing time after playing in reserve roles last season. However, the success of the Lions this season will ride heavily upon the newcomers. Elliott reloaded with a mix of domestic and international players, and believes his incoming class has several

players who can make quick impacts on the field. Elliott will look to newcomers Christian Falk, Matias Bravo, Liam Morran and Jack Fogarty, as well as Joshua Court and Jeremy Brown, to help bolster a defense that returns only Fawcett as a regular player. Stefano Basso, a transfer from NCAA Division II Lenoir-Rhyne College, and Sebastian Henke are likely to see time at the outside midfield spots. Christopher Campbell and Lucas Alonso, a pair of highly-decorated international players, are expected to replace Hyde and Zvaita at the forward positions. Finally, Zach Johnson will compete with Yoches for action at keeper.

Freed-Hardeman University 2012 Men’s Soccer Team

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