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We thank God for the members of Mountaintop Faith Ministries for entrusting us to watch over your souls. It is our prayer that through the Word, praise, worship and fellowship that you are thankful for this assembly that the Lord has gathered together in this region. Pastor Clinton & Dr. Mary L. House WHY FAST? The Biblical practice of fasting releases the Power of God for us and through us. Mark 9:29 reads, “And he said unto them, this kind can come forth by nothing, BUT by prayer and fasting.” Fasting is more important than many of us have supposed (I trust that its’ importance will be revealed all the more as you read & study the Bible). For many, fasting is not a major Biblical doctrine or a foundational stone of faith, or a panacea for every spiritual ill. Nevertheless, when exercised with a pure heart and right motive, fasting acts as a spiritual key, unlocking doors that otherwise could not be opened. Like a window to Heaven, it opens us up to new horizons in the unseen world. Fasting is a spiritual weapon, demonstrative of Gods Power and specifically aimed toward the pulling down of strongholds of every kind. Through His Word, God has & is continuing to awaken His people up to the vast spiritual possibilities that are only manifest by fasting. 1) THE NORMAL FAST: Luke 4:2 (To abstain from eating) This is the first fast mentioned in the New Testament. It is recorded that the Lord ate nothing & afterwards He was hungry, but not that he was thirsty. Such a fast suggests that you may drink water, but are to abstain from food. In fact the human body could not survive for 40 days without water apart from being supernaturally sustained. 2) THE ABSOLUTE FAST: Acts 9:9 (To abstain from eating & drinking) Under normal circumstances, this was never for more than three days, as any longer period of fasting might have proved physically injurious. (Ezra 10:6, Esther 4:16) 3) THE PARTIAL FAST: Daniel 10:3 (To abstain from certain foods) The emphasis here is upon restriction of diet rather than complete abstention. The partial fast is of great value, especially when circumstances make it impossible or inconvenient to undertake a normal fast. Certainly, it requires less selfdiscipline and can be used as a stepping stone to the normal fast by those who have never fasted before. For example, Daniel and his three companions resolved that instead of eating meat, they would ask for vegetables and water Attend the Prayer and Anointing Service & Read the following books in the Bible: Be sure to prepare yourself spiritually and physically before fasting. Set the atmosphere. Note: Please adjust the fasting schedule to conform to your work schedule, and if under a doctor’s care, follow his/her instructions

FASTING SCHEDULE · The time of fasting will commence at 12:00 midnight and conclude at 4:00p.m beginning Monday concluding on Friday. · The Daniel fast Monday, Wednesday and Friday (fruit, vegetables, water, juice). · The Total Fast: Tuesday and Thursday. You should have nothing to eat or drink during fasting hours on Tuesday and Thursday. · Eat only one meal after 4:00p.m each day of fasting schedule. Feel free to have a healthy snack with juice and water following your meal. BUILDING A SPIRIT OF PRAYER IN THE HOME Each MFM member should select 30 minutes that they will dedicate to prayer in the home each day during the week of O’ Give Thanks. With all members participating, there will be many people praying every hour of the day for strength and development of individual families as well as the Body of Christ. VETERANS OF FASTING & PRAYER For those of you who are seasoned in fasting and prayer, you may want to fast two or more days continuously. This is fine, just exercise wisdom CORPORATE PRAYER Together, we will lift our voices in prayer for the following: Pastor & First Family The Body of Christ The Vision of MFM City, Country, Nation President & First Family Law Enforcement Mayor Freedom Sick Missions

Church Family Children/Youth Ministry Leaders Community Government Firefighters Peace Incarcerated Bereaved Armed Forces

We are asking each family to adopt one or two other families to carry in prayer during the week of O’ Give Thanks. Pray that the Lord bless, keep and shine His face upon them, gives them grace, keeps His face before them, gives them peace, that His name shall be theirs. (Numbers 6:24-27). HOME/WORK/SCHOOL At home, work, or school do the following when appropriate: 1. Read your Bible 2. Stay prayerful. 3. Maintain a quiet, spiritual state of mind 4. Refrain from unnecessary talking. 5. Encourage someone with words of love or kindness. 6. Refrain from watching television, reading newspapers, and Internet activities. (During the week of consecration, knowledge of world events can weigh you down). 7. Plan in-the home activities for the family. 8. Read the Bible together, as well as interesting fun books 9. Play Bible games. 10. Abstain from game consoles, internet gaming, and computer-based games. 11. Develop a family hobby or individual hobbies. 12. Write letters or notes to loved ones and friends. 13. Enjoy the Word on audio and video recordings. 14. Go to bed at a reasonable hour and get plenty of rest.

May God continue to bless your faithfulness to this Church. Your dedication, commitment and love for God are the key to the success of this ministry. Without a true love for Him, we could not achieve the ultimate goal and purpose of God. Your individual blessings lie in your commitment to Jesus Christ, and our corporate blessings will be accomplished because we love Him and have made the choice to follow His will.

O Give Thanks Fasting & Prayer Guide