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Jasmine and Jamie’s Wild Adventure By:Sara Maherali Decmeber 7,2010

Table of Contents The Haunted House………………………….…………………...…..2 Being the Popular People in School……………………………6 Seeing the Ghost………………….………………………..………..…..9 Coming Home………………………………………………………………12 Trapped……………………………………………..............................15 The Ghost……………………...……………………………………………..17 Vanishes……………..............................…...………………………20 Moving out of the Haunted House…………………….……22 Disappearing……………………………………………………………..25 Dead………………………………………………………………………...…28 Back from the Dead………………………………………………………31

Chapter 1 The Haunted House There was once a girl, she lived near a haunted house so whenever she walked home from school, she always past the Big old haunted house. Her friend dared her to knock on the door; she was so frightened she never knew it could be this dangerous she got so scared she ran away. Her friend also got scared, but she was brave so she stood there like a minute extra, then she also ran away. The next day came, her friend told everyone about the wild adventure they went on yesterday. Everyone was now proud to hang around Jasmine and Jamie. That day, Jasmine and Jamie were proud of them and actually wanted to go back to the haunted house, so they did and they knocked on the door quite a few times, this time they stood there for several minutes. No one talked, it was a moment of silence but this time they stood there for a long time. They were anxious, Jasmine and Jamie told everyone again and this time there were even more 6th graders that wanted to hang out with them. A few days went by, and the people that thought that they were cool invited some of their very own friends and they planned one day of every month and on that day they would all go to the haunted house together, and most of the people that would run away. After that they were the only girls and then one by one the boys would leave and the last people there were Joshua, Jamie’s little 5 year old brother, and of course Jasmine and Jamie. None of them were scared, after a while Jasmine and Jamie also made Jamie’s Sister Joanna popular in the school they went to. Everyone wanted to hang out with them. Before any of this happened they were all kids that had no friends and were always with no one but each other. Jasmine has always been scared of everyone and everything.

After a while, everyone started to like them and people still came to the haunted house to see them. Jasmine actually could be really interesting because she is only 12 and does all of these crazy things, in only 5 foot 12, and there is only one reason why the boys are all over her because of her beautiful smile, hazel colored eyes, and her nice smooth hands. A few more reasons are because, she has smooth shoulder length hair with a nice skinny body (she is also a cheerleader.) Whenever Jasmine has nothing to do and is home with her nice older brother or sister, they all love to swim; play baseball, basketball, and all of them have a girlfriend or boyfriend so they all hang out together. Sadly, Jasmine and her family had to move from the house Jasmine was born in which was in Los Angeles, California to a new mansion in Coppell, Texas. The best part for Jasmine and her brothers and sisters is that in their new house there is a plasma TV in every room, there is a spa and swimming pool ( a huge one,) it had 4 floors, and the house looked like a celebrity owned it from the outside. The haunted house was very scary to live in Jasmine couldn’t even sleep a single night without waking up or having a nightmare. She was horrified of the strange noises that were coming from odd places like, behind the fridge, from the attic, basement, the bedrooms, and from the closets in the house. At night the windows would make so much noise that her family was really scared to even go close to a window. The next few days, went by smoothly but not after that a next night at 12 am in Jasmine’s brother’s room the windows glass shattered everywhere. No one was happy about this incident, Jasmines brother had to go to the hospital because he had glass stuck in him. It was in his arm, head, stomach, and many other horrifying places. No one was happy, and everyone started to think that Jasmine and Jamie were big time liars. It turned out that there was one piece of glass that was stuck in his heart so he started to bleed and an hour later Jasmines 14 year old brother past away.

Now that everyone heard about what happened to Jasmines brother everyone started to like her, well some people did for the fact that they felt sorry for her and they would also hate to be in such a difficult situation. Her best friend her only friend Jamie also felt sorry even though it was just the two of them she didn’t care Jasmine was her best friend since kindergarten and they really didn’t want to break a perfect friendship between the two of them even when they are mad at each other or for any other reason. Everything was back to normal, and people actually did want to be her friend because she was funny, smart, intelligent, and sweet. After a while, she was the most popular girl in school; but, the haunted house was still pretty scary. The scariest thing was that she met the ghost that killed her very own brother, the horrifying ghost told her what he did to the others that lived in the haunted house and he didn’t do anything bad to Jasmines brother and he did to the other poor children that are adopted or orphans. After that little talk, Jasmine was not feeling as bad and she told the ghost that she is going to have a party at the haunted house so he doesn’t do anything to the other children that are Jasmines friends and even after they leave don’t ever go to haunt the children. The party was so much fun for everyone and that was all that was going around in school. People were having so much fun that Jasmines party that it didn’t end till 12 am when it was supposed to end at 9pm. The next day, someone made a rumor that Jasmine and Jamie were liars because no one ever answered the door of the haunted house. Everyone hated the girl that spread the rumor and it turns out that it was Jasmine and Jamie’s worst enemy Barbra Jackson. Barbra hated everyone since no one liked her since she was a 12 year old slob, that picks her nose, harasses others, wears ugly clothes, does not pay any attention in class, and the worst of all even the teachers hate her and always give her fs even if she actually got a 100 %. Poor Jasmine and Jamie, everyone hated them and no one like to talk to them, people were not happy they were tricked by 2 big fat liars. In the school, they were in a group called the bossy group, just because they are popular in

school, when those girls found out that they were liars, they kicked Jasmine and Jamie out. People started telling Jasmine and Jamie that they will be hated for the rest of their lives.

Chapter 2 Being Popular in School Well apparently, being popular in school is not to fun, because sooner or later you can’t be popular anymore since people start making rumors about you. In the bossy group one of the girls just got kicked out since Barbra made a rumor that they kissed the schools weirdest guy ever. Another girl was kicked out by a rumor that they have a dog that bit her friend. The worst part was that it turns out that Barbra Jackson was once part of the popular group. No one ever knew that Barbra was part of the bossy group, but some people actually did believe it and even the main girls say it comes and goes “I have been the most popular girl in school ever since I started pre-school and I got kicked out quite a few times but I survived and I became part of it again for a little while, look at me now I am not part of the group any more, right.” After the girls had that discussion Jasmine and Jamie became much more comfortable with not being in the bossy group, but they still felt like killing Barbra. For some reason, Barbra became part of the bossy group again and everyone was on her side, thanks to Barbra, Jasmine and Jamie was hated by everyone around them. People always gave her an evil eye, there were a few people that actually were nice to them and that was their families and not everyone from their family only a few people still liked them and they were their parents and brothers and sisters. People were so mad at them they became popular since they were hated so much, they were happy but they felt like they had to fix the problem but they just didn’t know how to fix it. Jasmine went over to Jamie’s to figure out how to solve the problem but they just couldn’t, they got so mad at their selves for doing causing this problem but they just don’t know how it had happened. Jasmine finally thought of a plan, the plan was to ignore each other at school, or

just tell everyone to come over to the haunted house and they will prove that a ghost really lives in that house. So they had Jasmine sister dress up as a ghost and told everyone to come over, people were proud they did but then Jasmines sister did her job and jumped jump out of nowhere to scare the children and surprisingly everyone was sacred and ran home to their moms. People actually started to like Jasmine and Jamie again so they started getting mad at Barbra for accusing them and thankfully Barbra got kicked out of the group and Jasmine and Jamie got put back in to the bossy group. Everyone hated Barbra and no one ever went closer than 30 feet to her so Barbra doesn’t touch them. People were even embarrassed to talk to her, since she was so boring and had lots of jealousy in her. People accused her of what she said, like Mr. Wacky said “how dare you accuse my best student, she never talked to you so why did you get into her business.” Barbra got in trouble and she felt sorry for Jasmine and Jamie, she wanted to apologize but they wouldn’t talk to her; therefore, she found out Jasmine and Jamie’s address and sent them a sorry card. They really weren’t expecting anything from the person that made fun of them and had no friends. Each person in the school found out about what Barbra sent them and everyone was happy, but there was just one problem, if people found put they were friends they would be the most embarrassed 7th graders ever. So a few days went by, they made a deal with Barbra that they would be friends with her but not at school, she could come over but you can’t come directly from school, the list went on and on. The rule they said was most important was that they can’t be seen together at school, and don’t say anything when people are making fun of each other, and go along with it. People started asking if Barbra actually sent a postcard or something else, and they said no one sent me anything, just so no one was hated even more. One of the cheerleaders told the coach “ if Jasmine does not change from being team captain then I am going to quit and join another club in school at least I won’t have to stay with the 2 out of 3 most hated kids in school.” Jasmine found out about what happened and

told the coach that she is quitting cheerleading, since everyone on the team hates her. “For today I will come for practice but in a few weeks don’t be surprised if you don’t see me in cheerleading ever again.” Jasmine told the coach, but the coach says, “ well your our best cheerleader you can’t just quite like that, everyone thinks your awesome and people tell me they want to ask you out since you’re so popular in the school since everyone hates you.” Jamie was outside waiting for Jasmine and she was not too happy about any of this since there was nothing wrong with Jasmine it is just rumors around school, and no one should be hating Jasmine it’s not her fault it is Barbra’s. Jamie is not happy, but then thankfully Jasmine couldn’t find anything else to join so she went back into cheerleading, but quite again since no one cared about she and she dropped her from the pyramid so now she has a broken foot, hand, nose, and a fractured figure. Jasmine didn’t come to school for the next two months and every single day Jamie would come to school take Jasmines homework and sit with her until 6 or 7 pm and helped her understand what she learned in school today. People were giving Jamie presents to take to Jasmine in the hospital and soon there were like 5 people bringing in gifts just for Jasmine, and when the mail man came by the there was a cart full of cards, sorry cards for poor old Jasmine which is not having too much fun in the hospital. Thankfully, unlike her brother she didn’t die, and then her mother would only have a single child. The cheerleaders even told the coach that they want Jasmine to be team captain once she is feeling better. After a while, Jamie told Jasmine that there were people that wanted to come and visit her in the hospital, Jasmine said it is alright if they come as long as Barbra is not seen as being our friend.

Chapter 3 Seeing the Ghost After Jasmine got better, she went straight back into the haunted house. By the way, Jasmine is the only one that could see the haunted ghost. Even Jamie can’t see the ghost, but there is a special power that the ghost has that makes everyone see him and see what he is doing. One day, Jamie came over to Jasmines house to hang out and to talk, for Jamie the main point was to help Jasmine feel better and forget about her leg. Jasmine’s sister Joanna would have been a great help if she didn’t go to college. Jasmine only had Jamie now and they both depended on each other, people felt so sorry for Jasmine that the first week she came back to school she had her books sticking out of her backpack but most of it were gift baskets, card, and one card said “ Dear Jasmine, I feel so sorry for you, but even though you might not like me I really like you. My number is 856-656-2367. Sincerely, Joey P.S. I am the star quarter back of the school football team.” Jasmine was extremely happy to hear that the cutest guy in school is asking her out. People were amazed when Jamie told Barbra and the word spread out, the quarter back of the school football team is asking her out. The worst part is that Jasmine will have to come to every single game and probably have to go to the dance with him. Jasmine called Joey and said “Hi, is this Joey, this is Jasmine from school. I saw the card you sent me and I am so happy you sent me that card. I am going to get out of the Children’s Hospital in a week or two so I was wondering if you are interested in the head cheerleader. I

know I got kicked out but I rejoined and the Coach said she wanted me to be the head cheerleader again, so I guess I will be coming to every football team and watch you play as the star quarter back.” There was no voice and then it finally came out and Joey said “I really like you too and I was wondering if you would like to go out once you come back to school and feel better. Plus don’t be mad if everyone is asking you if you are really going out with Joey just say yes because someone spread it around school that I asked you out, I have to go, bye.” She was so happy, there was really only one nurse she liked at the hospital since she really makes her feel at home, and she shows Jasmine pictures of her own children. The best part is that now I have a boot on with a cast underneath and the doctor said to walk a little but don’t over use your leg, so one day Jasmine asked the nurse if she would walk around with Jamie and one little kid around the hospital and said, “of course.” She said yes and at that moment Jamie was also there so she said “why don’t I take you to Jamie and we could take Brendon and Samantha along with us.” Jamie was pleased that the nurse asked her and she said yes since everyone in the hospital was so nice and helpful. Brendon and Samantha were really happy that Jasmine and Jamie came along with them. They were all so happy and in the play room there was a photo booth so Brendon, Samantha, Jasmine, Jamie, and the nurse all got into and took a pictures and one copy per person so they could remember each other when they leave. The next thing Jasmine knew was that the nurse went outside since there was a new arrival, this kid had a problem with his heart and kidney, and they were both bleeding. People were so sad when they saw the child, the worst part about Brian the new kid is that he is only 5 years old and there are already problems in his body going on. People were feeling so bad for the little kid; therefore, Jasmine and Jamie were now allowed to walk around the hospital so they always went to the Brian’s room because he was not feeling good. Apparently, it turns out that Brian was Joey’s little brother, so Jasmine was nice enough to tell the people that worked at the hospital that Joey has come to visit her. So as quickly as they can

she took Joey to see his little brother there he was in surgery, the doctor came out and said there is some bad and good news, Joey said “ let me hear the bad news first,” the doctor said okay “ your brother has been put onto many medicines, “ the good news” Joey said, “ your brother is still alive, he is very lucky most of the time people would die if they were in this bad of a situation,” Joey was so happy that Brain was okay. He was so happy, he asked the doctor a few more questions, a few hours later Joey was allowed to go see Brian; he was awake so they talked to each other both of them happy to see each other. Both so happy to see each other they started crying, happy crying. After a while, Brian and Joey’s parents came by to see the two of them since they were so happy about the good news and they heard the bad, Brian became a good friend of Jasmine’s and Jamie’s. Therefore, Joey became good friends with Jamie and Jasmine. Now that Joey knew which room Jasmine was in after school he would caller her from Brain’s room and tell her to come down so Joey could help her and so both of them could help Brain if he doesn’t understand something, sometimes when there were football games, Jasmine would stay behind and watch Brian while Joey would go with the games with his wonderful team mates. For Jasmine, Jamie went and they would be talking on the phone about what is happening at the game and just to make Brain happy Jasmine would also tell him so he could stay happy and have some faith in his own brother. Everyone found out about what happened to Joeys little brother and then everything went over to Joey, the gifts, and cards.

Chapter 4 Coming Home

Finally, the day has come, Jasmine finally gets go back home and live her normal life again. Of course, Jasmine has a boot on her leg so she can walk around school easily but it is still difficult to be the person that skipped school for the last month and has a hurt leg. Jasmine and Jamie were so happy to finally see each other again at school again, there were so many people asking how it felt to be in the hospital. Thankfully, Jamie was also included in the conversations so she didn’t feel left out, then Joey came along and asked Jasmine if she made up her mind and then she said yes. People were happy and mad at her for dating the hottest boy in school. She was happy and then was asked to go to the movies, the posy group actually got Jasmine and Jamie back in, Jasmine was put back into cheerleading and Jasmine said “if I am a cheerleader, than Jamie will be a one two or I quit.” The coach for the cheerleader, she was confused, she thought there might be too much to learn and she doesn’t know what position she will be. The cheerleaders told Jasmine, “that they were sorry about the way they acted, and also told her that we are okay with you being the head cheerleader and this time we will respect you for sure. The coach also said if we don’t we are kicked out of cheerleading and we really don’t want that to happen to us.” We were mad at you but not anymore, and actually we want to be your friend. When the day was over, Jasmine went home and she was not too happy, she was talking to herself and said “the first day I am back and there are so many problems to solve.” Jasmine quickly finished all of her homework and then went on over to the hospital to say hi to everyone, and of course there was one main reason she went, today at school there is a football game and of course she needed to help Joeys brother in the hospital so she told Jamie to go to the game. Well apparently, she was not too happy that she made Brain watch the game because the school team loss. People were sad that the team loss, if they didn’t lose this game they would have became the city champions in football and tennis. At least tennis won the state championships, and now everyone on the tennis team is popular in school. Jasmine was part of the tennis team until she hurt

her leg. Jamie called we were talking on the phone and then Joey walked into the room with a limp on the right leg. Joey walked into the room and told her I saw Jamie at the game today, you should have come now that we are going out because after the game the football players go out with their girlfriends. Joey was happy to see his brother, but then Brain started to talk, “you could have easily made 5 more touch downs but you and your team was not trying hard enough.” There was an odd moment of silence and Joey looked at me and so did Brain I was confused and then I said, “I have to get going because I have to make dinner for the family and there are guest coming over to our house today.” Joey went and gave Jasmine a big hug and then Jasmine went head and gave Brain a hug too since he was getting angry. Joey walked me down and apparently the entire football team was standing outside and gave Jasmine a dozen balloons since Joey was a good friend to them and now Joey’s girlfriend. People were so happy for them and the next day she came to the hospital and told Joey and Brain that I will not be able to come to the hospital when there is a football game for now on since I am the head cheerleader again and neither will Jamie since she is now also a cheerleader. Joey was really happy about that and apparently the guy who Jamie likes is also on the football team so if they go out everyone on the football team will have a girlfriend. And apparently, the guy who Jamie likes, Michael, likes her to and Joey told him that Jamie likes him so now they are going out with each other. People were so happy about all of this and now everyone is happy. Michael and Jamie always have a great time right after the football games and so do Joey and Jasmine. After school, Jasmine, Jamie, Joey, and Michael all went to the hospital to see Brain. Brain was extremely happy to see everyone and after a while, Brain figured out that Michael was on the football team and started giving lectures about what they could do to make the team better. One of the nurses, walked into the room and asked for Joey, Joey went outside and there he was talking on the phone with his mom, she said “I am at home right now but, I have to leave for a business trip and she will be

gone for 2 to 3 weeks. Of course Joey told Brain and he was okay with it, Brain was not to surprised and then he told us, “Our mom goes away all the time thanks to her job and we are okay with it, as long as me have a home and our family is happy Joey and I are all right to stay home.” Jasmine felt bad for them so she called her mom and asked if Joey and Brain could stay over for the next 2 weeks. Jasmine told them “it is okay with my mom and me if you stay over at our house for the next week or so because she wants to get to know you better and she thinks you guys are great kids.”

Chapter 5 Trapped There they were Jasmine, Jamie, Joey, Michael and Brian sitting in Jasmines room doing homework, helping each other. It was 5 P.M and they were all finally done with their homework, the door was shut no one spoke to each other, therefore; there was an odd moment of

silence around. Brian finally said “I am done now,” it was still quite no one replied to Brian except for an odd voice in the closet which he never heard before. Scared to death, Brian was freaked out his self. Michal moved but fell back down then slowly Jasmine and Jamie started to get up. His own brother Joey started to make weird noises like pencils cracking but in Brian’s mind it was a ghost breaking peoples bones while they were sitting there staring right at Brian. Jasmine started talking to herself about how boring it was to sit in a boring old hospital and heard the nurses running around and people walking down the hallways. Poor Brian, he was scared not knowing what to do and when he tried to open the door knob and it broke. They were all talking to their selves Jasmine and Jamie talking about the cool boys and of course their boyfriends. While Michael and Joey were talking about football and their girlfriends, Joey was talking about the girl that was the head girl of the posy group how cute she was. People were running outside and throwing rocks at the windows and when they broke a window they would laugh easily and would say “I will get you my pretty.” Jasmine, Jamie, Michael, and Joey were just sitting there staring into space not knowing what was happening with Brian and how confused he was, downstairs there was sound and it was the sound of people running around and breaking stuff. Glass shattering, things falling on the floor, and the sound of things getting thrown around the house, and there were things falling on the floor as if there was an earth quake that was like 9.6 which is really bad. He was sacred, trapped, and had to go to the bathroom really badly. Brian was puzzled he didn’t know what to do there was still a sound of breaking things going on downstairs and old ladies started screaming at the kids that were throwing rock everywhere just to be evil and to break windows. Now Jasmine and Jamie were starting to wake up and started asking Brian, “what in the world is going on here, this is not the way to act when everyone is sleeping.” Michael and Joey woke up sleep walking around the house, not knowing what is going on around them. Joey bumped right into a wall and while Michael was walking around he stepped on glass and jumped

up in fright. Jamie and Jasmine went to go see if he is okay but his entire foot was bleeding. He was hurt horribly and Jasmine and Jamie were totally freaked out, they heard the children laughing oddly outside, Brian told them it had been going on for the last three hours. Joey finally heard the noise so he got up to check if everything is all right. He was the door and his eyes were bulging out of his face, he looked at Michael and his foot was bleeding but not as badly, then he looked at Brian, Jasmine, and Jamie they were all right except for Brian he had a big scar on his face and it was turning purple and five seconds later it was orange. Joey got up and when he did the noise started coming again that things were breaking, but this time there were a few weird things, one was that there was something scratching on their legs, and the other is that the light weren’t working. There was only one flashlight in the room and that was where there was glass all over the floor everyone huddled up in a small corner Jasmine started to feel something on her had it was her small cat that was scratching on their legs. Joey said out loud “one mystery solved two more to go.” Not knowing what to do everyone stopped talking the noise stopped it sounded like it was getting closer and closer to Jasmines room. A voice came “I will get you my pretty and all of your little friends too.” They all ran into the bathroom the door was locked they tried to get the flash light it was not going to work, the voice was getting even closer and it said “count to hundred and you’ll be dead.”

Chapter 6 The Ghost The voice make back, this time everyone was awake no one was happy. We just kept saying “we are going to die, we are going to die.” No one was happy Jasmine went to pick up her phone all it said on the screen was no reception!!! Then the sign came up and it said count to ten and you’ll be dead. Scared to death Jasmine, Joey, Jamie, Michael, and Brian started crying, the only thing that Jasmine wanted to do is be in the hospital. Brian starts crying and they all get scared, no one was happy about what was happening and Joey and Brian got really scared and they were not too happy about it. Brian had to go to the bathroom so badly that he went to the bathroom in his pants since he was not able to go to the bathroom. Michael was confused so he went to get his phone and the voice came back, “opening the door come out where ever you are. Remember count to 5 now and you’ll be dead. Joey was scared and he remembered what the football team coach taught him, always get the person into a head lock. Jamie went behind Michael and just kept on hugging him. Brian was just holding on to Jasmine so she couldn’t even get up to even give her own boyfriend a hug. Scared, the voice then talked again and said, “You are not the first ones dead.” The door knob started turn, slowly and there was just silence, just silence. Jasmine started to cry even more but she calmed herself down and so it sounds like on one is in the room. The door

creaked open more and more every second they looked at it. A voice came again, “go to sleep or I will have to kill you!!! Oh look I see you now wake up.” Brian woke up he got killed. Jasmine, Jamie, Michael, and Joey stood still, the voice came back, “I see you now get up and go run around the house because I said so.” Michael woke up the voice said, “Good, now I get a full meal tonight, but you kid that is running your saved and so is the little kid, you have passed my test.” The voice finally went away. Jasmine, Joey, and Jamie were still lying on the floor Brian told them, “this was all a test and we are safe so you guys could wake up now.” Jasmine woke up, “I am so glad this is all over but now what do we do? We are home alone still my mom is not home yet.” Everyone was happy about what was going on at the moment, but they were scared at the same time, why did this have to happen to us they thought. Jasmines mother called to see if they were okay because she heard about what just happened. She was also scared herself since they had some guest over but she told Jasmine to tell everyone to get ready because we had to go to the hospital to check on all the children. The emergency lights were on in the hospital and there were many ambulances outside with children in them. There she was the nurse that was the best with Jasmine. Jasmine, Brian, Michael, Jamie, and Joey all ran up to her. Jasmine asked, “what is going on here?” the nurse replied to her, “one of the doctor were mixing chemical and all of the sudden the light went out and there was a fire we tried to get the children out but 3 died, 10 are majorly injured and they just came out of surgery, and the rest are fine but do you remember Dr. Wilson he died just right now in this incident.” Jamie was horribly sad and went to Joey and started crying, Brian went up to the nurse and asked if his friend Jimmy was okay, the nurse told him, “ Jimmy is alright now he just went home with his family about five or six hours ago. Jamie then asked, “Is Samantha and Jacob okay.” Yeah they are alright they went home a week ago. Do you guys remember Josh, Marie, and Stephanie? They are the children that died. Michael remembered that his cousin was also in the hospital they were at right now so he asked, “is Mike

okay?” the nurse replied, “yes he went home a day or two ago. He is perfectly fine and his family was very glad to see him again. Jasmine went inside the ambulance and there he was Matthew he was not okay his entire leg was bleeding, and he was crying to see his mom. Matthew saw Jasmines face and then he said, “Is that you Jasmine?” Jasmine replied “it sure is, so how are you doing, your hand feeling any better than before when you feel off the tree?” He replied, "I am doing much better but my hand it still sore, the doctor said I have to say in the hospital for an extra week."They are taking us to another hospital right now. Jamie came up behind Jasmine and took her out of the ambulance they have to leave if you want the children to be safe.

Chapter 7

Vanishes Jasmine felt horrible for the poor children that had to sit in the hospital all day so instead, after school she went to go to the hospital and there it was the hospital all burnt down and then she remembered that the children went to a nearby hospital and Jasmine and Jamie fast walked so fast that they were at the hospital in less than five minutes. They went straight up to the receptionist and said, “We are looking for the group of children that were transferred her from the Children’s Hospital about 20 minutes away from here.” The nice nurse came up to us and leaded us right to the rooms that the children were in. They didn’t see half of the faces before so one by one they were talking with the small children and some of them had some homework they had to do so Jasmine and Jamie even helped them in that. They finally came to a child that they had seen before. As an engorgement to the parents, Jasmine talked to them about all the great doctors and that Jasmine just came out of the hospital and that it was painful but it’s a great experience to learn about people that you never knew before. Jasmine and Jamie went home and they also saw a few parents that apparently didn’t know that their child was moved to the other hospital. As a good citizen, Jasmine and Jamie decided to take the parents to the hospital that their child was in and so they don’t have to see so many parents cry. The parents went straight up to their child’s room. Well Jasmine didn’t go to the hospital for the next few days but then, she went and all the kids vanished. There was not a single child that was in the hospital, the Children’s Hospital was also closed no one was there either. Jasmine and Jamie both wondered about what was happening, and where all the children went. The next day came, Michael, Joey, and Brian also came along this time and still none of the children were there. They went back to the Children’s Hospital and there was no one there. There was a bench pretty close to the hospital so all of them went and sat down over there. People got really angry and no one really knew where they went so they all went

over to Jasmines house and had some crackers and jumped right into the swimming pool. They tried to figure what’s going on for hours but they just couldn’t get the answer. They went back to the hospital like 3 weeks later still no one there. Jasmine started to cry since she didn’t know what happened to the innocent children. A light bulb went on in Jasmines head. “What if we go to the next nearest hospital other than this one and the Children’s Hospital?” Jasmine said, “Well let’s give it a shot.” Jamie was surprised about how worried Jasmine was about the children, they ran and they finally got there no one was there. Michael started to feel bad for the children, well then Joey said, “You guys are all so weird, look at the time, which hospital would be open at 12 am?” Brian did have a point though; he said “what if there was an emergency at 12 in the morning you never know.” With everyone trying to figure the problem out they just went straight Jasmines house and everyone slept over there. Brian and, Joey parents were still out of town, Jamie was supposed to sleep over tonight, Michaels mom was out of town and his dad works until 6 in the morning, and they are all at Jasmines house and her mom is at home with them. They felt horrible but good at the same time. All of them were happy because they felt like detectives trying to figure out the entire problem but they felt bad because they were not doing to good on it. Bummed out Jasmine fell asleep right way, then Brian, then Jamie, then Michael, and the last person to go to sleep was Joey. In the morning, Joey didn’t wake up until 2 in the afternoon since he went to sleep so late. When he woke up there was no one at home except for Joey. Joey had been left home alone and didn’t have any idea of where Jasmine, Jamie, Michael, and Brian went. Then the door creaked open, Joey asked, “who is it?” there was no reply, then Jasmine jumped into the room and told him, “It’s about time to wake up for you.” Jamie came back and all she had in her hands were shopping bags and so did Michael.

Chapter 8 Moving Out of the Haunted House Jasmine went to tell her mom what happened but sadly, Jasmines come didn’t believe her. Joey, Brian, and Michael searched to upstairs portion of the Haunted House to look for evidence, but they didn’t find anything. While the guys were searching upstairs, Jasmine and Jamie were searching downstairs. They found evidence they started to yell so loudly that they woke Jasmine’s mom up. The guys came running downstairs and there they were

staring right at a letter from the ghost that lives in the house. Joey asked Jasmine, “were did you guys find all of this?” Jasmine replied, “It was hiding in the back of the fridge.” All of them told Joey and Michael to go upstairs and into the attic to find some evidence and while that Jasmine, Jamie, and Brian all went downstairs and into the basement. This time the boys started yelling and Brian heard them so he told Jasmine and Jamie and they ran upstairs, but they boys weren’t there anymore. They disappeared, so Jasmine and Jamie ran to the master bedroom to check on Jasmines mother. Thankfully, Joey and Michael were in there showing the evidence to Jasmines mother and she decided that they are moving back to a regular house, but not a haunted house like the one they live in. Jasmine was so happy and the best part is that there new house it twice the size and their next door neighbor is Joey. While the process of moving was going on, they found a few interesting facts about the haunted house. Well first of all, there were a million things to move so just for a relaxing moment, Joey, Michael, Jasmine, Jamie, and Brian went outside and then they found the grave of the ghost of the haunted house. Apparently, the ghost had a weird name and it was Smith Jones. He had a bad life and did suicide his self at the age of 18. He had a hard time in collage and he lived by himself so he killed his self and that was the end of his life. Apparently, the break was over so Jasmine went straight up to her room and started packing everything up and only whatever was hers. A few minutes later, Jamie came up to the room and helped her packing and they started talking and Jamie said, “I called my mom the other day and it turns out that all of us are living close to each other. Another way to say this, is that the first house is Joey’s, then you, then mine, and then Michael’s house it not directly there but there is one house and then it is his.” As Jasmine was so happy to hear this news she quickly ran up to Jamie and gave her a big hug. There was a knock on the door, standing at the

door, was Joey’s and Brian’s mom and dad. Jasmine ran down the stairs and then Jasmine fell and hit my head, Jasmine didn’t know what in the world was going on everything was spinning. Michael heard the thump of Jasmine falling on the floor and he ran as fast as he could to see if everyone was okay. There was not too much good news, well first of all, she really hurt herself and was not feeling very good. Secondly, she went head first down the stairs and hit half of her head on the handles of the stair case and the other half hit the marble floor. Jamie was really sad, she didn’t know what to do, she went upstairs and into Jasmine’s mom and told her what happened and next thing Jasmine knew was that her mom was standing right there next to her. They had to Jasmine to the emergency room, because when though she was lying on the sofa her head wasn’t feeling any better but it just kept getting worse. The emergency room was closed, so they had to take her to the hospital and thankfully it was open but not the Children’s Hospital but the regular adult hospital. Joey went with Jasmine, Jamie, and Michael to the hospital, the doctor took a really long time to come but finally he did. Michael was sitting with Jamie in a corner of the waiting room and next to them there was a couple and then came Joey. He was sitting there all alone and then Jasmine’s mom came out of the emergency area and she told Michael, Jamie, and Joey that Jasmine will be okay but her head is going to hurt for the next day or 2. Joey was really sad but when they went home Jamie and Michael went and searched around the stairs and they found out that there was one stair that had water spilled on it. They didn’t know what in the world was happening.

Chapter 9 Disappearing Jamie, Michael, and Joey went to the hospital to go check on Jasmine but when they went to her room there was no one there, it was pitch black. They went around the hospital to look for her, she wasn’t there then one by one they started to disappear at the end there was only one person left. Jamie was that one person, that was left and she had no idea what she should do. She went to front desk but the lady didn’t see any children leave the hospital. Jamie saw Jasmine and ran after her, it was some old lady walking around the hospital and she saw Michael. She yelled Michael but then she ran after him. Jamie was so happy she found Michael, but they didn’t know where Joey and Jasmine were. Then Michael said, “I was Jasmine and Joey walking around and then I lost track of them, I also saw Jasmine’s mom hugging some 60 or 65 year old guy.” They didn’t know what in the world was happening but they heard a sirin, it was the sirrin of a fire alarm. Jamie and Michael saw Joey and Jamsine outside so they went up to them to see if it was really them. It was and then joey said, “I have been trying to get her back into her room but she will not come with me I don’t know why.” Jamie went up to Jasmine but all she di was try to hit her but them Michael came and he had a pair of handcuffs in his pocket so he

got them out and put Jasmines hands together. Jasmine was totally confused and then Jamie hit Jasmines head really hard, unknowingly Jasmines teeth came out and her gums didn’t even bleed a bit. The ambulance came and Jamie took Jasmine to them and they had to do some acupuncture to Jasmine since she was acting so weirdly. A while after, she was becoming herself again and of course had no idea what in the world was happening. Jamie had a big burse on her head and then Jasmine asked, “What happened to you?” Then Jamie said, “you did all of this to me, Joey, and Michael. We went back into Jasmine’s room but this time the lights were on and there was someone in the bathroom. They had no idea what to do so they went ahead and broke the bathroom door open. There was Brian sitting inside and then he started crying and Joey told him, “everything will be alright little bro.” Brian was so happy to hear Joey’s voice. The Jamie asked him how he got in, he answered in a long way. Well first I knew that they won’t let me in by myself but then I told the lady at the front desk that I am from out of town and I really have to use the bathroom. So the lady lead me to the bathroom and inside there was one of those little handles that say pull down for alarm to turn on so I did that and the lady ran away. I went around looking for Jasmine room and I found it, I needed a place to hide so I went into the bathroom and you guys are the first people to find me. There was a big rush in the hospital hallways, there were elders that took 2 minutes to walk like a step and there were young children that took 30 steps in 2 minutes. There was a nurse that asked the children for help so of course they did help but it was not fun at all. Some of the elders oddly fell down and they didn’t know what happened, so they called the nurse and the doctor came along. The nurse told he children, “She’s dead.” Jasmine was ready to die, sadly the lady was only 55 and had breast cancer, and she had a brain tumor. There was a moment of silence and there was a small kid walking in the halls he called his

mom, his mom called 911 and the ambulance came to take her to the grave yard. Apparently, the lady that died was a mother of a 3 and 6 year old kid, she also was a single mother so her children had nowhere to go and got put into an orphanage. The children cried their heads off and were so mad at their selves for not taking enough care of their mother. The doctors had taken the children children to the examination room, and in there, they asked the children if their mother ever complained at home or if she wasn’t feeling good before she came to the hospital. After hearing the word your mother, your mother the children started crying and just wanted to go home and be left alone.

Chapter 10

Dead There the children went crying outside to their aunt. Jasmine felt bad for the young children but was kind of use to the sound of people crying in the hospital and especially when the people would stand right next to the window to her room. There was also another senior next to the room Jasmine was in but then she also died in the middle of the night. She was a great grandmother and she had her family at the hospital but before she died, she told Jasmine and Jamie that she would rather be dead then feel the pain. Jasmine was surprised about her decision, but while Jasmine and Jamie were in her room she passed away. Her family came to the hospital to tell the people that there will be a funeral happening and there will be a truck that will be picking up Kelley Jones. For some reason, he lady started to cry and just told the lady to make sure that Kelley is ready for the day. The lady felt like asking Jasmine and Jamie who they were since they were right behind her. Jasmine told her that I was the girl that had the room right next to Kelley, the lady told Jasmine and Jamie to come to the funeral. The day had come, it was Saturday morning and Jasmine and Jamie were getting ready for the sad day. They went inside and the place was packed with lots of people, everyone was either wearing white or a very little color. Jasmine got annoyed after a while because she heard everyone crying and she felt like leaving but Jamie thought it would look bad to get up and leave. The lady that went to the hospital was there and she was wearing a white and was crying the most. Jasmine and Jamie went up to her and asked, “Why are you crying so much? I was talking to Kelley before she died and she said that she would rather die than feel the pain.” The lady told Jasmine and Jamie, “Kelley was my older sister and my only sister. We were very close with each other.” Kelley had a husband but he died a long time ago, they had many fights with each other and he

had a heart attack and died. Jasmine started feeling bad and told the lady that she was going to step outside for a few minutes. Everyone went inside and sat down again, the ceremony started again. Finally the men of the family carried Kelley’s coffin back into the truck and there was nothing that was better than that. One of the men fell down since the coffin was so heavy and he fainted. The ambulance was outside; the emergency medical transporters’ (EMT) were sitting in the ambulance eating a subway sandwich. Jasmine ran as fast as she could to get to the ambulance and told them that one of the men were carrying the coffin out and feel, and he is not opening his eyes and we can’t tell what happened to him. The EMT ran inside and got the gurney and took the patient into the back of the ambulance. Everyone followed them outside but sadly, the EMT told the family that if this girl didn’t come faster to us this man could have died. Therefore, he had to go to the hospital since he couldn’t remember anything and the doctor’s just wated to make sure that he was okay. Everyone was happy that he was okay but when everyone went inside they became said again since they saw Kelley dead in a coffin. The coffin was just lying exactly where the guy dropped it at, then Jasmine, Jamie, and 5 other guys went and took the coffin to the truck and the truck took the people to the place that Kelley was going to be buried in. The men put Kelley into the ground, and one by one they got a shovel and put the dirt back on to the ground. Then, they went back inside and the women came outside and he men lead then to Kelley Jones grave and they all said a small prayer for Kelley Jones. So everyone left and Jasmine and Jamie was the last people to leave the funeral hall. They were so happy that the event was over, and then Jasmine’s mom finally came. The lady that they meet at the hospital went to go thank Jasmine’s mom for bringing the children to the funereal. Then Jasmines mom noticed something, and asked the lady if she was Isabella Anthea and, the lady replied,

“yes.” She was surprised and Jasmine’s mom told her that she was Emily Jackson and she remembered that they were best friends in high school and college.

Chapter 11 Back from the Dead Jasmine was feeling horrible about what happened because it was sad to see a dead person and put them into the ground. Pretty soon, Jamie came over to Jasmine’s house and they were both depressed. Even as a child, they thought, “why did Kelley Jones have to die, why couldn’t it be a person that was rude and didn’t have a family. After all, Kelley didn’t even have bad health; she didn’t have diabetes, no cancer, no brain problem, and no heart problems. She was a perfect lady and was very nice,

Jasmine and Jamie were talking and they came up to one point, that point was that whenever Kelley Jones needed help to do something she would pick up the phone and call Jasmine and Jamie, she would ask them to come over and usally she needed help to go to the bathroom or she wanted accompiney so they would always do it since they thought it was nice and Kelley liked them. Every few weeks, Jasmine and Jamie would go on over to the graveyard to pray for Kelley, and apparently, there were always so many people there. Jasmine asked one guy, “How did it feel like to be close friends with Kelley or be part of her family?” The guy replied to Jasmine, “well first of all, I was part of her family and she was a very nice person. Personally, I didn’t like her husband but overall Kelley Jones is one of the nicest people that I have known threw out my entire life. Everyone was so sad that they lost a good friend or a part of their family. There were many people there and a few of the kids were about Jasmine’s and Jamie’s age and it turned out that they also went to the same school as Jasmine and Jamie and one of the guys were Joey’s older brother. After a while, Joey came and I asked him what he was doing here and he said, “Kelley is my grandmother.” Then he asked Jasmine and Jamie what they were doing her and they said, “that we helped Kelley in the hospital and Isabella Anthea came in and we were in line behind her to talk to the receptionist and she asked us if we knew Kelley Jones and I told her my room is right next to hers and every day I would go help her out if she needed anything.” Joey took Jasmine to his brother and said, “This is Jasmine my girlfriend and this is Jamie Michael’s girlfriend.” While Jasmine and Jamie were there, everyone planned a day to go to the graveyard on a dark night. Well of course after what jasmine has done for Kelley they invited her and she told them, “I will be there as long as Jamie is invited and it is scary.”

They told everyone to meet at the front yard of Joey’s house and to make sure they have some snacks so if they get lost they will have some food and water to drink. Jasmine was ready for the adventurous ride, and so was Jamie they were actually wanted to go really badly. Jamie was so happy to go and since Joeys is a very good friend of Jasmine and Jamie they just slept over. For some reason, Joey’s brother was mad at him since he found out that Joey has a girlfriend and he just broke up with his. While Jasmine, Jamie, and Joey were talking in the room, Joey’s brother went up and called his ex-girlfriend to come with them on an adventures trip to the graveyard in the dark night. Well when we left there were about 10 or 12 people, it was a really long walk from Joeys house it took about 30 minutes and then when we got there there were already 3 other groups of people camping out. Both of these groups had about 40 people and they set up tents and everything. They were scared about what was happening since they weren’t even wide awake. Everyone was tied but they made theirselves stay awake, there was not a single persom hat was able to stay awake. Well, at 1 in the morning, Jasmine woke up from hearing a strange noise and since Jamie, Jasmine, Joey, and Michael were all sleeping in one area they all heard Jasmine wake up. First joey woke up and they just waited for Jamie and Michael to wake up since they were scared to go outside by theirselves. Slowly, Jamie and Michael woke up so they all went outside and there was a tea party going on, there were hands sticking out of the graves and all of them and cups of tea in their hands. After a while, Jasmine, Jamie, Michael, and Joey started drooling and the heads started to pop out of the graves. They all tried to stay calm, but when Joey looked back, everyone that came with them to the grave yard were getting their things ready to leave since they saw what was happening.

Chapter 12 Caught After a while, Joey became so scared that he called his mom but his brother didn’t let him. The reason he wanted to call his mom is because when they were walking their map flew away and they didn’t have any idea about where they were. On the way home, they past a house that had a party going on and everyone was drunk and outside there was a guy kissing someone and they had to run past the house, but it turned out that the person that threw the party is Mike (Joey’s brother best friend.) Mike was drunk and had no idea what he was doing. Joey said he was going to the bathroom but actually he went in and called is mom for help. His mom had a guest over and just old her son that she was busy so she wouldn’t have to go and pick him up. Well it turned out that they ended back up in the back of the graveyard but this time all of them were playing bingo and Kelley Jones was right there saying that she hated her family and mostly Joey’s older brother. She was having a great time but after a while, the police were checking the area if there was anyone there. They found Joey and the 12 other people with them and the worst part was that the police dogs were with them. Then Joey called his mom and his time she picked up the cell phone and told her that we are at the graveyard and the police

have caught, so you will be needing to pick us up as soon as you can, and he told her that make sure you bring the biggest car we have there are about 10 or 12 of us. One by one, Joeys mom dropped everyone home, and whenever they went to someone else’s house Joeys mom would go inside and tell the parents what happened and everyone would just be sitting outside for like 20 or 30 minutes and each and every house so when Joey got home is was about 5 or 6 am. Joey’s mom was so mad so they all had a talk and Joey didn’t go to sleep until like 10 in the morning so he wasted like an entire day since he was sleeping until 6 in the evening. Jasmine’s mom was apparently not mad at her and even Jamie’s mom. The only reason Jasmine and Jamie moms were not mad that them was because they were half asleep when Joey’s mom was talking to them about what had happened. At about 8:30 Jasmine got a call from Joey and he asked her if her mom was mad at her. She replied to him and said, “no not at all and Jamie’s mom is not even mad at her that was the best part. How about you?” Joey replied, “I am grounded number 1 and number 2 I am not allowed to go outside the house in less I am going to school.” Joey had a mad and frustrated voice, he didn’t really have any idea about what in the world was happening at that moment but he was getting annoyed of his mom. Then Joey told Jasmine, “I didn’t go to sleep until 10 in the morning and I woke up at 6 in the evening. My mom gave us like a 3 hours lecture.” You could hear Joey’s mom’s voice in the phone telling him to hang up since she needs to talk on the phone. Joey hang up but 3o minutes later when I went downstairs there was a guy Joey’s mom was kissing so guy that worked with her. There were millions of people playing outside and when I looked outside carefully Joey saw his brother. Joey ran downstairs told his mom that Patrick (joey’s brother) was outside playing with his friends and he has not shirt on. His mom ran out of the house and went got Patrick by the ear and pulled him inside, she was so mad that she said he is grounded for another 2 months while Joey could go and play outside with his friends.

He went straight to Jasmines house and told her what happened while Patrick was getting a lecture at home about you did the wrong thing and a million things that he already knew about. He went over to his cousins house with Jasmine and apparently he wasn’t I trouble either. It was the time of the family reunion but Patrick and to sit with the old people while everyone went swimming and for some reason everyone there considered Jasmine and Jamie as part of the family so they were also invited. Jasmine was happy but sad because she got to go with Joey but she had to see Patrick sit there all alone with his mom embarrassed from people. The main reason he was embarrassed was because his mom was wearing a swim suit and she is really fat and his school friends were there so he had to see everyone have fun while his mom embarrassed him. Jamie felt bad for him, but Joey told us before not to talk to his mom because that she will get mad at you instead and will let Patrick go inside the water and make you just sit right next to her on a big pink chair.

Chapter 13 Having a Good Summer Summer break has finally come. Everyone is so happy in school that they kept one of those machines that tell you how much longer until the day if over in every single room. The best part is that the machines even tell you how many more days; hours, seconds, and milliseconds are left until summer break is here. Jasmine, Jamie, Michael, and Joey all have the same last period class so whenever they have to work with a partner it is always the 4 of them. People were so happy on the last day that our teacher couldn’t even control the class. In the last 5 to 10 minutes of class, everyone would go pack up their backpacks and stand right by the exit of the school so on the last day our class was the first to get out of school. In the class there are about 30 of us but we are really loud because when we were counting down on the last day, we were so loud that teachers started to complain that my class wasn’t paying attention and started counting down with the rest of the classes. The students ran out of the front door and went straight to their friends to say bye to them and most of the kids went to their older or younger brothers and sisters and gave them a big hug and just kept telling them to go so they could go home. Well of course now that Jasmine was Joeys girlfriend and Michael was Jamie boyfriend they went to the football field and everyone would meet each other there and everyone said bye to each other. They were jumping up and down to say bye but then the football team coach and the cheerleader coach came out and everyone became quite and both the coaches told the team mates to come to the football/cheerleading party and the coach said to make sure you have either your boyfriend or girlfriend there. Then the coach came up to Jasmine and told her, “you made a big come back and the coaches were thinking about having you and Joey as the king and queen at the dance and as a favor we were thinking about having two kings and two queens. The other king will be Michael and the queen will be Jamie. Jasmine was so happy and excited

since this was going to be the best night ever. People were having so much fun at the party and Joey, Jasmine, Micheal, and Jamie all went together since they were all best friends. Jasmine was sort sad that the year was over because Jasmine had a few good times at school like being part of the posy group, being in the hospital, meeting Brain and Patrick, and having adventurous trips. The party was finally over, but just because they party was over didn’t mean that Jasmine, Jamie, Michael, and Joey were not going to see each other anymore. During break, the gang would always go to different places together, for example most of the time in summer break all of them would go to the water park another week they would go out for lunch, another week they would go to someone’s house. So they would always see each other but they wouldn’t always meet at the same place they would go to different places. People from the football team and cheerleading team would also come with them and hang out. There were always tons of people at the water park so whenever they went they would meet people from school there and they would go on all the rides together. Since Joey, Michael, Jasmine, and Jamie were all popular, if there were people at the water park they would always huddle around them. Joey told them that there were not allowed to be any kids following them and Brian came along to ask Joey something and one kid pushed him into the water. That kid got in a lot of trouble and then Joey told him, “That kid you just pushed in to that pool was my brother!” Then Joey told that kid to get lost and he was not allowed to follow them anymore. Joey dived into the water to get Brian but the water was too deep. Well of course he got Brian out but they had to take him to the pools nurse to make sure he was okay. There was another kid that decided to push Joey other brother Patrick into the pool so he also not able to follow them around. Since a different

kid was about to push Patrick in again Jasmine told him to stop because that again was Joey’s brother. Some little kid pushed Jasmine in and their older brother and sister were in the line that followed Jasmine, Jaime, Joey, and Michael so they asked the little kid how their brother and sister is and they both got kicked out thanks to their little brother. Just because Michael and Jamie are going out, some kid that has a secret crush on Jamie decided to follow along and pushed poor Michael in. After a while, there were only like one a few of the cheerleaders and football players. Jasmine decided to tell everyone rejoin since she will give them another chance, there were a million people in the line since this time they were also letting the young kids follow along. This time, the rules were harder to obey. The hardest rule was that if you touch the person in front of you, you are out of the line. The line was short very quick and the best part was that you have to stop the minutes Michael stops, and you would never know when he would stop. For example, he would stop in the middles of the stair case to get up to the entrance of the water slide so people would touch each other and on the side, Jasmine, Jamie, and Michael would see who is out. People got out very quickly on this challenge to. The last 15 people were moved on to the next level. For example, one group would go with Jasmine and then everyone who failed gets to try and then the last 15 from there would follow Michael. It kept going on and on but at the end there was only one person that won from each group and they were against each other on the last level. The last was the easiest and that level was to follow the leader and you had to do every motion that the leader does. People were mad at them but the last person in line became the winner and they could invite 10 people to follow them around until 6:30 in the evening.

The day had ended and there were many people that were following along and then the next day they went to the mall. There the crowd was and people thought that they were like the real queen and king so they went inside the shoe store and even if the shoes were a $100 some people would actually go inside the store and buy it for them. Jasmine felt sort of bad since people were wasting their own money on her. People were confused about what was happening since they heard a police man say, “put the bags down, your hands up, and shut up.” Jamie was not sure if this was a good idea but slowly, step by step they went outside and ran for the hills. Joey told everyone to leave them alone and just act normal around them, they didn’t like the odd behavior but we did like the gifts from you. The followers got mad at him so they decided to take their gifts they gave them back and went to the store they brought it from to return it. There were tons of people there at the mall, and they were confused about what was happening in the mall since they made Joey, Michael, Jasmine, and Jamie take of their clothes since the clothes they were wearing were the gifts. The shoppers decided to run so they don’t have to see the children but when they started to run the police came in and made everyone freeze so if they need evidence they have it. People were mad at the police, so the shoppers started to walk and when they did the police told them to freeze but they didn’t so the police called for backup and they brought the big German Shepherds on in. The young children started crying since they were so small compared to the dogs so they thought the dogs were going to eat them. One child went pee in his pants since he got so scared, and another little baby started drooling and for some reason the police dog fell down and didn’t get back up. When the police asked what happened, the people that were followers of Jasmine, Jamie, Joey, and Michael said, “I should be the

one that is blamed I did all of this.� Jasmine felt bad so she told the police the entire story but since Jasmine said the story and Jamie said some of it two so they didn’t get in trouble but Michael and Joey did. Their parents were really mad at them and Joey got grounded for the next 3 months and Michael got grounded for 4 and months. Jamie and Jasmine were sort of mad about that since they can’t hang out with their boyfriends. On the bright side, Jasmine and Jamie get time to hang out with the other cheerleaders and football players.

This book is about 5 children who live next to a haunted house and Jasmine and Jamie dared each other to knock on the door of the haunted house. These children had gone to the hospital quite a few

times in this story since they weren’t feeling too good so they had to go to the hospital. Most of the story takes place in a Children’s Hospital and the main character Jasmine was in the hospital 2 times since she wasn’t feeling good. The children had also been part of a few plans at school, Jasmines best friend Jamie lied to everyone that they saw the ghost that lives in the haunted house. People actually believed her but then everything turned on her.

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