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Purpose of  Pyramids • • • •

It was believed that a pyramid would help the  pharaoh get to heaven. It was also believed that a pyramid would  protect the kings body and possessions. The pyramids of Giza were built as the final  resting place for three kings. Step pyramids were built as a huge stairway  to heaven.

Construction of  Pyramids • • • • •

The pyramids were mainly made out  of limestone. The stone was quarried near the site. They used a ramp to move the stone A large pyramid could take twenty  years to build. They used a water plant called   papyrus as rope to move the stone.

Fascinating Facts • • • •

The great pyramid is 482 feet tall  and was built with 2,300,000  blocks. Late pyramids had many traps. Many people believe in a curse  called “The curse of the  pharaoh”. A piece of bread 5,000 years old  was found in a tomb!                                          


Purpose of Pyramids • It was believed that a pyramid would help the pharaoh get to heaven. • It was also believed that a pyramid would prote...

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