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encouraging, equipping, and engaging Christians to live out the gospel through health care among the poor and marginalized Ezabelle Hayek and Christina Humphries

Hometown Scholars

What if we really empowered dreamers to attend medical school and return to serve in their community? We recently talked to Gary Cloud, V.P. at A.T. Still University of Health Sciences, about his passion to “dare children to dream”. This simple value is fundamental to their Hometown Scholars program. Through Hometown Scholars, A.T. Still partners with CHCs to get young people who have academic potential and the heart to serve in their own hometown into medical school. Hometown Scholars was developed to level the playing field for students from under-resourced communities. They look for students who are likely to serve those most in need and would be willing to return to serve their neighborhood through community based clinics.!Dr. Cloud, one of the founders, emphasizes that this is “a strategy of the health center movement – not simply a program. We want to make sure we are getting the right folks into the school – to do a better job of producing healers.” Christina Humphries is a 4th year dental student at Arizona School of Dentistry at A.T. Still. “I believe that God has been calling me to a life of ministry with and for the underserved; After growing up in a medically underserved area and serving on global medical missions teams, I witnessed firsthand the disparities of medical access and resources between populations, and my passion has been to reduce these inequities. After completing my dental and public health degrees, I can see myself working at a community health center.” Hometown Scholars was designed by Tom Curtin, MD, then Chief Medical Officer of the National Association of Community Health Centers, and by Dr. Cloud.! While working as a hospital administrator, Dr. Cloud noticed how many students used CHCs and DSH hospitals for training, but later chose to work in areas where resources were plentiful instead of in the often

understaffed health centers in their home neighborhoods.! Later as a member of the Arizona Association of Community Health Centers, he was enlisted to recruit providers for their community health centers. This effort confirmed the lack of providers who were burdened for “the least of these”. This led to a partnership between AACHC, and A.T. Still’s Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine.! Hometown Scholars currently feeds students into one of the medical schools, both dental schools, and the Physician Assistant program. ! Gary and his wife, Cindy practice what they preach. Cindy started a ministry in Grant Park, AZ that serves neighborhood kids who are unchurched and often un-parented. This quickly grew to around 60 kids who consistently participate in Bible lessons, crafts and food.! The Clouds are acting on what they’ve learned at CCHF conferences about incarnational ministry, and are in the process of building a home in the same area to better love their neighbors. How can CCHF members participate? Community clinics become channels of empowerment by recognizing young people with potential – with the right kind of heart, and by “coaching” them. We can share this pathway for them to realize the dream of becoming a doctor or a dentist, and envision them to serve their community. When the time comes, recommend and endorse potential students to Dr. Cloud and A.T. Still. Several students are already in training because of the partnership between A.T. Still and CCHF. Gary hopes that CCHF clinics will “help young people keep that dream alive, mentoring and coaching them up into their role in God’s kingdom. We have this responsibility. The CCHF community is a perfect place for that message. Hometown Scholars is one of the tools they can use to build the kingdom.”

Financial Update

Dr. Gary Cloud with four Hometown Scholars at the CCHF Conference


Clinics at a Glance 2

Greater Love CCHF Conference


Crossroad Health Center Cincinnati, OH


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clinics at a glance Three hundred clinics nationwide are striving to deliver distinctively Christian healthcare to the poor. There’s almost always two or three dozen groups in various stages of development. Here are three clinics who are a valuable part of our community. Please offer them your prayer, counsel and encouragement.







22 Sue Davis was a 22-year old nursing student when God gave her, and a small group in her church, a vision to provide health care for the population in the eastern side of Bolingbrook. The clinic officially opened in 2003 and currently cares for 1,200 patients. In 2016 they had 2,500 patient encounters.!

2003 Founded by Dr. Timothy Powell!the ! health center opened in 2003.!Their guiding vision is!to serve those who cannot afford medical care with quality health care in the name of Jesus Christ.!Fredericksburg Health Center!has!served!over 40,000 uninsured patients!through the years and!strives!to minister to the whole person!-!body, mind, and spirit!-!in order for healing to come about in all three!areas.


Now an FNP who serves as Executive Director, Sue makes time to pray with everyone who comes to the clinic even if they’re not patients. She has seen many miracles, healings and restorations done by God. Bolingbrook Health Center is thankful to God for the increase of volunteers and patients and also for the opportunity to extend their clinic by adding dental and vision care.

Crossroad Health Center Cincinnati, OH! Crossroad Health Center served the community of CCHF as area hosts during the 2017 Conference in \ Cincinnati. Their clinic hosted conference site visits which were very popular and sparked ideas and conversation among the participants. Crossroad has a long and rich history, born in 1992 from a conviction that God has a special concern for the poor. The four founders of Crossroad are Chuck and Julie Schubert, Sally Stewart, and Janet Germann. Crossroad Health Center now cares for more than 11,000 patients at five clinic sites. ! The innovative Crossroad Volunteer Internship Program provides the opportunity for student interns to experience the impact of poverty on health care through direct patient contact and volunteer involvement. Interns assist physicians, nurses and administrators who are then able to share their perspective through mentorship and clinical training. This program!is unique in that students with as little as one semester of undergraduate work can make a year-long commitment and directly communicate with patients as a case manager, work on the clinical end of patient care, and establish a relationship with the providers. !

Huge thanks to the staff of Crossroad for all of the support and help at this year’s conference! We look forward to being in your neighborhood again next year.

Currently 30% of their annual patient encounters are with uninsured patients.!The clinic has!recently!contracted!with an area!nutritionist to provide nutritional care to their patients!and!is working!toward more!collaborations!with likeminded clinics!in the area. Despite some recent major funding challenges, FCHC is hoping to continue to expand services and create partnerships with other local ministries.

Final Note:

Fredericksburg CHC is!hiring! Go to to see this and other job opportunities.


The North Side Christian Health Center (NSCHC) was founded in 1993, as an anchor in Pittsburgh's economically challenged and socially depressed North Side. They are a community medical practice providing whole person spiritual and physical healthcare to all people. Annually, NSCHC provides medical and dental care to approximately 5,000 patients from two clinic locations. The clinic provides medical and dental care, behavioral health, pharmaceutical counseling, and laboratory.


NSCHC!was!the first!community health center in the!state of! Pennsylvania. The North Side Christian Health Center is a Christ centered 501(c)3 Federally Qualified Health Center . No one is turned away because of inability to pay.

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Let’s officially welcome our new Director of Student Programming, Jessie Thomas.

Greater Love Conference May, 2017 Cincinnati, OH.

CCHF Conference 2017 had 644 attendees including 96 students and residents. 82 clinics and organizations from 32 states were represented. Our three days together were packed with uplifting plenary sessions, a wide variety of workshops, CCHFx, shared meals, and a bit of free time to make the short walk into downtown Cincinnati.

Here are just a few comments from attendees: •

“Prior to this conference I was unaware of how many other Christian health ministries were out there and often felt alone in my ministry- this conference and fellowship has been an amazing source of hope and strength for me. I felt so at home with everyone- brothers and sisters in Christ all focused on the same mission.”

“CCHF conference is a highlight for us each year. Informative, refreshing and challenging, all at the same time.”

“It is so great to see CCHF thriving and seeing so many younger people at the conference.”

“Being able to attend this conference with my coworkers and getting to know them better has been a blessing. It made me realize that no matter what denomination of faith we practice, we are all brothers and sisters in Christ, and we work for a greater good.”

“I was weary coming into the conference and think I just needed to be reminded of the truth, not-watered-down. I am so grateful that I was able to attend, and look forward to going next year. Thank you, also, for making student scholarships possible. Without it, I couldn't have gone. Thank you!

“Many thanks to the childcare team with their loving attitude. My kids loved it and that’s very difficult to achieve!”

Thanks to all who attended, and to all who shared their experiences and ideas with us. We have already started working on CCHF Conference 2018. We are putting together a prayer team now for next year’s conference. Prayer is our priority, and prayer makes a huge difference as we plan and produce the conference. We want Christ at the center throughout every aspect. He is the Alpha and Omega, and we want to honor Him as such in the conference. If you are willing to be part of that prayer team, let us know by dropping us an email at

We hope to see you there next year, April 19-21, 2018, in Cincinnati, OH.

Jessie knows and understands CCHF, has lived out the mission and values of CCHF for many years, understands the challenges that students face as they seek to remain faithful to God’s command to care for the poor, and is empathetic to the challenges and opportunities that clinics experience as they work with students.She is energetic, smart, has a great personality for this type of work, and loads of experience and training in working with college students.

Stay engaged with the CCHF Community by regularly using our platform for technical assistance -CCHF Connect. You can ask directly for technical assistance and resources from other clinics, and share your experience and resources with others.

We envision a movement of God's people who choose daily to promote healing in marginalized communities in the name of Jesus. Look what has happened in 10 years! 10 years ago the CCHF community was roughly 1000 people and 60 clinics. Our community has grown to +370 clinics and nearly 5000 people. That is why we call this a movement! The need is greater than ever to strengthen individuals and organizations who are doing this difficult work, and to engage the next generation to carry it forward. Currently, this work is shouldered by only 485 individuals who give to CCHF, and only 43 monthly partners. We are asking for 100 monthly partners and 1000 one-time donors to join with us in keeping this movement moving. Please pray about your part in that. Encouraging, equipping, and engaging Christians to live out the gospel through health care among the poor and marginalized.


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