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Photography Workshop for Non-formal School Teachers September 2013

Mission: Empower women through photography, as a tool of expression and education. Women, who hold “half the sky”, are still oppressed today. Launched in 2013, Lensational is based in Hong Kong, empowering women through photography. In August 2013, Lensational expanded into Pakistan. We are proud to partner with the Citizens’ Commission for Human Development for a series of photography workshops. Lensational has been awarded the Resolution Fellowship by the Resolution Project, a US-based NGO. It has been featured by press in Hong Kong, Australia and Indonesia. For more information, please visit

Meet Our Teachers

Teachers nurture the children as gardeners nurture the plants. One needs love, care, patience and perseverance.

Gulnaaz Shehzadi • Teaching for about 7 years • I was inspired by my sister who used to teach students at home, so I chose to be a teacher

• I see a very good future of girls’ education in Pakistan • I liked the workshop , I feel now I can use the camera of my cell phone properly, especially I got to know about the meaning of my favourite color

Uzma Batool

• Teaching for about 14 years • Those people who could not provide education to their children due to poverty inspired me to be a teacher • Now in Pakistan girls and boys are being educated on equal level however circumstances are different in rural areas . Girls are not provided with education in some areas • I enjoyed attending this workshop and gained information we learnt about colors and the meanings they carry

Shagufta Nazeer • Teaching since 1996 • I was inspired by my interest to be a teacher • In Pakistan attention is being paid to girls’ education. We are hoping to progress in the Education sector as more and more people are now convinced to provide education to girls • I got information about photography about which I was not aware.

Rubina Malik • Teaching since 1996 • I was inspired by Benazir Bhutto to be a teacher. She is a leader I look up to and she cares about the poor people. • If a boy is educated its just for himself whereas a girls education will benefit the whole family • I can take pictures but now I think I can take good pictures after attending this workshop.

Shazia Shaukat • Teaching for about 8 years • I wanted that poor children should also have better future which inspired me to be a teacher • I see a very bright future of girls regarding education • this workshop is a nice idea , we take photography for granted , but hearing about its advantages I would like to learn photography

Amna Shaukat • Teaching for about 5 years • Poverty and my interest inspired me to teach children • Providing education to girls so that they may be helpful in future in every walk of life • Photography really shows the whole story. It’s a good technique. Women can also benefit from this workshop if they learn it by heart.

Ayesha • Teaching since 3 years • I wanted to educate poor children that was my inspiration to be a teacher • In Pakistan mostly girls are not allowed to get education , if they are educated they can change the future of Pakistan • If we learn photography its beneficial for us. We can capture our functions and events so that we can see it in future

Farzana • Teaching since 1997 • My knowledge and interest inspired me to become a teacher • I see a very good future of girl’s education in Pakistan it would help to eliminate unemployment as girls would also contribute financially to their society • This workshop would help me in providing easiness and expertise in taking photographs and I would like to adopt it

Memona Amaan • Teaching for 1 year • I became a teacher to to spread knowledge for the progress of Pakistan • The future of education for poor girls seems quite impossible and those who are interested to get education can work for the progress of Pakistan in future • Photography is a good source to keep people in our memories and to convey our emotions to others

Photography ... A two-way interactive process ... A testimony of friendship



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