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NHTV: now and then


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The Creative Lab

New arrival at the Mezz


Dubai: growing innovation


The tourism shift

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Dubai: from the desert to the sky The master of arts in European tourism management stops


The master of arts in European tourism management stops


iPad at CC’s Breda

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Quelle surprise! Foodloose

The city of lights

Hotelkamerveiling: the highest bidder wins


The downside of 3D


Theme parks around Europe

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Internship at Sint-Maarten The rebirth of vinyl

Innovation within imagineeing Plan de campagne


From black and white to 3D


Bad Innovation

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Paul Verhoeven’s entertainment experience Steve Jobs: the rise and fall of a legend It’s a kind of magic


Berlin rebuilding: and even better than ever


Feng Shui: the harmony of positive energy

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Singapore’s new global footprint Under Construction




Puzzle: innovations





1966 On December 6th the first public lecture of NWIT (The

Netherlands Scientific Institute for Tourism) was given

in Café ‘t Zuid at the market squire of Breda by mr. Dr. L. van Egeraat. The “Tourist Officer” study programme starts with 58 students and 12 employees.

Written by Kelly de Rybel - van Campenhout

Three weeks later, student union Phileas Fogg was founded!



Traffic Academy Tilburg (VAT) starts. With 1 study

On August 1st, NWIT and VAT (Traffic School Tilburg)

and innovative course and it starts with 90 students

Tourism and Transport studies or NHTV (Nationale

programme; Traffic Management. It is a very modern and 9 employees.


nh tv

fuse into one school named Netherlands Institute of

Hogeschool voor Toerisme en Verkeer).


now and then 1990 The master European Tourism Management is NHTV’s first master programme ever!

Four years later, the Leisure Management study was

introduced, followed by Hotel Management and Logis-

tics and Economics in 2001.

2001 Because of its international position the school changes its name to NHTV Breda University of Applied Sci-

ences. The English language has become more of a rule than an exception.

2011 Nowadays NHTV has over 7000 students and almost

700 employees. Most of the studies are taught in English. The school offers eleven professional bachelor

programmes, three master programmes, three associate professorships and more! All studies are divided over five academies: Digital Entertainment Academy;

Tourism; Leisure; Urban Development, Logistics &

Mobility and Hotel & Facility Management. These different academies are spread over four different locations in Breda. •




creative lab

NHTV is a university with lots of interesting departments, full of great students and lecturers. With over 8000 students and more than 300 academic staff members, creative ideas flow all over the place. That’s why Paul Buchanan decided to actually do something with it. He created the Creative Lab. written by Loes van Fulpen.

What is the Creative Lab?

Christoph Hemkendreis, one of the speakers of the

Paul Buchanan. They’ve had 5 events since. It is a

was Movember, which is a project that raises aware-

A year ago the creative lab was founded by lecturer

networking platform for students, lecturers, alumni, local companies and everybody else who is interested in

participating. It’s all about discussing business ideas,

finding new contacts and sharing opinions towards latest innovations and developments.

“I felt it would help participants express their ideas without thinking about credits… kind of a place to be more experimental. Also I felt that in doing so it would

ness for prostate cancer and collect money by growing a mustache in the month November. “The Creative Lab is a great opportunity to share an idea with

people who might have a completely different view on it. This has the advantage that errors in your concept are identified immediately. Consequently, your project

reaches the next level and you get tons of feedback to improve the concept.”

help create an identity of what we do at IMEM- bring-

Derk Hueting, Breda DuurSaam, decided to present

what everyone is up to - bands / artists / young en-

young people, to discover the ‘sustainable level’ of

ing together all the specializations as well as seeing

trepreneurs and also people just coming together to talk”, said Buchanan.


last creative lab, presented two ideas. One of them

his idea because he was interested in the opinion of NHTV, and to look after some ideas to enrich their

plan. “We’re trying to connect all the creative power we can find to realise that sustainable city. The idea


Paul buchanan; creative lab initiator

is to start a creative process with all participants in

Breda to develop a plan for the Sweet Inspiration, the former place of CSM, the sugar company in Breda”.

Ahmed Hamadi, communication department of the

“I felt it would help participants express their ideas without thinking about credits…”

Creative Lab, sees the creative lab as a great gateway for students and young entrepreneurs to network and come together and get things done.


But what does a meeting of the creative lab looks like?

speed dating concept, but in a creative and slightly

It all starts with the creative calibration, followed by creative fusion and finally creative reaction. Creative.Calibration

During the creative calibration lecturers and business

Creative Fusion basically represents the well-known less romantic setting. The general idea is to let people

from different backgrounds (students, lecturers, experts from the industry) meet and discuss their creative ideas.

people present their latest ideas for a product or ser-


from different points of view.

in a discussion section of the meeting. You can give

vice to gather creative people and receive feedback

During the creative reaction you can give your opinion your opinion, share your interests and change others



The creative lab crew

people’s minds. The thesis will vary between recent local news, and old but still relevant transformations in the subject that you are interested in.

`“It puts the speaker in a different position and mindset.`”

But what would be the distinct difference? Accord-

ing to Buchanan the difference is that “They are all spelled differently.”

According to Buchanan, it is important for students to


also get constructive feedback.

The audience is one of the most important elements

of the creative lab meetings. Christoph Hemkendreis

The future plans for the creative lab really depends

mixed as possible so it creates a huge variety of views

tinue to create some good vibes, hear about amazing

argues that it is very important that the audience is as on the ideas and gives speakers a lot to think about.

Silke Regel, IMEM lecturer who was part of the audience during the last meeting, agrees with this state-

ment. “Firstly, it puts the speaker in a different position and mindset, if he/she has to present for an audience

so versatile in expertise and background. Secondly, the audience provides versatile feedback and input”, said Silke.


be able to feel comfortable asking questions, and to

on you! “Let’s hope we can all work together and con-

talented individuals, and challenge each other to keep on going”, states Buchanan.

If you didn’t know where to go with your creative flownow you know! •

Check out their website:

Special thanks to Ahmed Hamadi

NHTV GENERAL | BREWED The gadget guide

Are you proud of your new gadget and want to show it to all your friends? They will tell you that your gadget is totally from last week. Want to solve this problem? Want to be on top of the newest gadgets and technology? Or just want to read the latest world news? Go and visit the gadget guide written by Marlene Stoffelen is much more than just a gadget guide. You can find the latest trends and techniques within

million dollars because she thinks that the food killed her husband.

Science has proven that men are funnier than women

and that you can get really drunk from gummy bears.

I know that you’re all thinking about trying out these gummy bears… Who is the nerd now! •

Want to read the rest of these stories and find out more

interesting and funny posts and movies?Activate your Internet and go to the website.

The place for all your answers:

gadgets on it. I hear you thinking: “This is only for gadget nerds..”. No, it’s not! From design and humor, discussions, live-blogs and investigations to the latest details of the Iphone and world news. Gizmodo is for everyone!

Did you know that the world’s biggest insect is so

huge that it can eat a carrot? This insect is as heavy as three mice and even bigger than some birds. But

don’t worry, you won’t find this insect crawling under your bed. Unless you live in New Zealand…


Or want to visit immediately? This QR code was made for you!

And what about the food in airplanes? Some people like the tasteless food but most people prefer McDonalds when they arrive at the airport. Currently there is a woman who is suing an airline company for one





New arrival at the

mezz Nowadays every company has to do deal with marketing. Marketing is everything, but that was not always the case. The new Director of the Mezz, Frank van Iersel, will tell us more about the beginning of concerts and its marketing. written by Marlene Stoffelen

New Director

From January 1st 2012, we will have a new director

However, Frank wanted something different. “I am at

and has built up a nice media career. He was one of

this is the time. I was looking around and saw there

at the Mezz, Frank van Iersel. Frank lives in Tilburg

the four founders of ‘Noorderligt’ and worked for many years for 031. At the same time, he was active with the

organisation and production of festivals such as Mundial,

a certain age now and if I want to do something else, was a place at the Mezz. The Mezz always was some

kind of special for me. It has the

“The Mezz has something different’’

Monsters of Rock Boulevard

right capacity. It is not too big,

but it is also not too small, either. I am really enthusiastic about the concert hall’’. The band

and Boulevard Den Bosch and he did the first edition

stands really close to the audience and this will give

rector of the Culture Yard in Vlissingen, a city agency

Mezz has something different’’.

of ‘Breda Barst’. The last eight years he served as dithat runs several locations and festivals.

that extra feeling between band and audience. ”The



“With a lot of competition, you have to stand out. Be different.�

frank van iersel, new director of the mezz

During the time Frank worked with the projects be-

All in all, marketing was important, but at the time

spoken, but also on the marketing side. Marketing is

marketing did not have the concept that we know

fore the Mezz, a lot has changed. Not only technically

a very big part of the business. It brings a lot of ad-

vantages, but sometimes it can also bring you on the wrong track.

Back where it all began. At the time, four men in Tilburg were looking for a place where they could make and play music. They hired an old cinema centre and

now. There was publicity, but websites did not exist

and no one had ever heard of Twitter and Facebook, yet. People came and visited 013 because there was

not much else in the term of concert buildings and 013 had a certain atmosphere that people were attracted to.

started a place for concerts. The hall could be filled


years. When these fourteen years were over they

the competition was high. This was the point when

with a thousand people. They did this for fourteen decided to go bigger and started 013. This way they

were able to show more variety in shows and give the smaller bands also a chance to perform and grow.


when the most concert buildings started to develop,

More and more concert buildings were developing so marketing as a concept came in. What can we offer, what does the consumer want and what kind of

performance are they looking for? Where do they live and how can we reach them? “The programmer and


the marketer are the most important people within a cultural centre. It does not matter if it is a theater or a concert building’’.

With a lot of competition around, you have to stand

out. Be different than all the others. You have to be on top of the marketing, but sometimes it can also bring

disadvantages. You can lose the creative moments when you have some really good ideas and plans

for publicity, but you are thinking too much inside the lines. Yes, it is a nice idea, but what would the target audience think, would it fit and work? If you always use this way of marketing thinking, it can threaten

the spontaneity of ideas. On the other side, marketing is everything. It is very wide. From a clean hall to the bartenders and from the whole program to the performances. Everybody is working a little bit on the marketing.

If you look at marketing as a whole, play with it, but stay creative. As we hear a lot here in school and many of us have learnt: ‘’Think outside the box’’. •

“The programmer and the marketer are the most important people within a cultural centre.”



1971 The United Arab Emirates is a constitutional federation of seven emirates: Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Umm al-Qaiwain, Ras al-Khaimah and Fujairah. Although four-fifths of the UAE is desert, according to the UAE embassy the UAE are “one of the world’s

fastest growing tourist destinations” and have “all the right ingredients for an unforgettable holiday: Sun,

sand, sea, sports, unbeatable shopping, top-class hotels and restaurants, an intriguing traditional culture,

and a safe and welcoming environment.” written by

Charelle Casander


1985 With a fleet of more than 160 aircraft, Emirates flies

The opening of Hard Rock Café in Dubai is known to

world, and is expanding constantly. Over 1,000 Emir-

very edge of Dubai’. However, this landmark will soon

to over 100 destinations in 66 countries around the ates flights depart from Dubai each week and account for nearly 40 per cent of all flight movements in and out of Dubai International Airport.


long-term residents as ‘the landmark that marked the be replaced by the Dubai Marina, an aquatic-sports harbour which was completed this year.


2006 The construction of The Palm Jumeirah was announced in 2002 and the construction finished in

2006. The Palm Jumeirah is an artificial chain of is-

lands designed in the form of a palm, it is the first of the three islands called the Palm Islands. The Palm

Jumeirah now is the world’s largest offshore residential development.



Along with the opening of the luxury hotel Burj Al Arab,

Dubai Metro is a driverless, fully-automated metro

outstanding architecture. Simultaneously with the Burj

in 2006 and several lines are still being constructed.

the hotel immediately becomes well known due to its Al Arab, Dubai becomes well-known around the world as well.

network in the city of Dubai. The construction started However, the first section of the Red Line was opened in 2009 and already is in operation. •




from the desert to

the sky

Most popular countries improved their original tourist attractions bit by bit, but not every country has always been as popular as it is now. When having a look at the areas that have been through a fast paced development in the field of tourism, we can indicate several striking examples, of which the most interesting is Dubai: An emirate that twenty-five years ago was nothing more than a plain desert...written by Charelle Casander



Dubai is one of the seven emirates of the United

located next to New Look and Forever 21, as well as

the Arabian Peninsula. Although the emirate devel-

the shops are not the only thing that makes this mall

Arab Emirates, a state located in the southeast of

oped through the oil industry, one of its main revenue sources today is the tourism sector. As told by Wilma

Frietman, a Dutch expat who has been living in the emirate for over twenty-five years, when she got there

“you could still see a lot of its local heritage, which by now has almost completely vanished. In the early

eighties you had the impression you were living in a desert, whereas this is hard to imagine these-days.”

“In the early eighties you had the impression you where living in a desert.”

Virgin Megastore and Boots Pharmacies. However,

so interesting; In the mall one can also find a cinema, an ice skating rink, as well as Dubai Aquarium in

which lives a whale. Dubai Mall is not the only innovative shopping centre in the emirate; Twenty-three big malls are situated in the area. Ibn Batutta Mall is one

of the more outstanding malls, being split into six main

courts all representing a different region of the world: China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andulasia.

Walking from one court into another feels like walking from China into Egypt.

Dubai gold souk

Dubai has a big variety of tourist attractions, of which

one of the most traditional is the Dubai Gold Souk, an authentic market at which only jewellery is sold. Dubai

is the cheapest place to obtain gold which makes this souk a real bait for tourists. Next to that, Dubai is a

tax-free area, meaning that in general the emirate is

like heaven for shopaholics. Other more traditional attractions are the well-known Desert Jeep Safari and

Desert Skiing (skiing on the sand, yes). However, when planning to go skiing in Dubai, sand is not the only option: Ski Dubai, which is situated in the Mall of the Emirates, is one of the largest indoor ski areas in the world, featuring the world’s first indoor black run.

Although shopping has been a tourist activity for years, Dubai adds something to the experience of shopping with its enormous malls. Dubai Mall is the

world’s largest shopping mall, with 1.200 shops of all purposes. The big brands Hugo Boss and Lanvin are



“Dubai adds something to the experience of shopping” Dubai’s state of the art hotels are a big tourist attraction

lantis The Palm has a Dolphin Bay where visitors can

consists of three hotels and is crossed by waterways

and a maze of underwater halls and tunnels named

as well. The Madinat Jumeirah complex, for example,

accompanied by gondolas which serve as water-taxis

through the resort. The complex features the style of old Arabia, including a traditional Arabian souk. With an interesting variety of shops, restaurants, and bars

The Lost Chambers. All these delights are open for

people not staying at the hotel as well, and in that way serve as an enormous tourist attraction.

to entertain visitors throughout the day and during

In general, the decor and architecture of the hotels are

a source of unlimited amusement. The famous Hotel

hotel Burj Al Arab – often mistaken for being a 7-star

the night, Madinat Jumeirah is not only a resort, but Atlantis is located on the artificial island The Palm. At-

Madinat Jumeirah: Waterway crossing the Madinat Jumeirah complex


swim with dolphins, a water park called Aquaventure,

the biggest tourist draws, as shows the 5-star luxury

hotel. The Burj Al Arab is designed to mimic the sail


of a ship, and the interior design reminds of a con-

and Outdoor World, Eco-Tourism World, Themed Lei-

lavish materials. Another example is the Armani Hotel

World, and Downtown. The development of Dubailand

temporary Arabian fantasy, with vibrant colours and

which is designed and developed by Giorgio Armani and is situated in the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world.

An aspiring development regarding tourism entertainment is Dubailand, an entertainment complex being built in Dubai. Dubailand is not a traditional theme

park, it is rather seen as a city of its own, divided into

six zones: Attractions and Experience World, Sports

sure and Vacation World, Retail and Entertainment was put on hold in 2008 and has not been resumed

as late as today, but when finished it will be twice the size of Walt Disney World Resort. Nevertheless,

Global Village, located in the ´Attractions and Experience´ zone and said to be the world’s largest leisure,

tourism, and entertainment project, is up and running.

It is the first premier cultural, entertainment, and shopping destination in the region, with diverse cultures,

theatre, art, commerce, and cuisine gathering from across the world.

As may be clear, with the years that passed since Wilma and her husband, also a Dutch expat, left for Dubai, the old Arabic mystique has disappeared completely.

It got replaced by the modern world of skyscrapers, well-thought out developed residential areas, shopping malls, restaurants, and theme parks. From this it can be concluded that the emirate of Dubai is one big

innovation by itself. But, although when being there

one is able to stare one ‘s eyes out, one question remains: Do the locals still feel at home in this culture of tourism, high living-standards, and luxury? •

“It can be concluded that the emirate of Dubai is one big innovation by itself.”



The tour Booking holidays online instead of at the travel agency has many advantages for customers, but what is in it for the agencies? We asked NHTV’s own Tourism students for their take on this shift in the tourism industry. written by Paul Melters

In an environment where everybody appears to be

dealing with work 24/7, finding the time to book a holiday seems to be a hard task of its own. Internet is taking a prominent place in finding information and taking action nowadays, and that also holds for the travelling

industry: Why would you leave your house and pay for the services of a travel agent, when you can just as easily find the information yourself? And this from your own house on your own computer?

Searching and booking holidays online is an activity

that is becoming increasingly popular among customers. Holiday-bookers attain information about quality

no longer via the knowledge of their local travelling agent, but via reviews from other holiday-bookers that

already visited the desired destination. The online of-

fer of holidays appears to be much bigger than the offer your travel agent can provide you with. Also, you

can search through all possibilities yourself and there

even are websites that let you compare holiday offers with just one mouse-click. Finding the cheapest

holiday offer could not be easier! And what is more

satisfying than booking a holiday you composed completely by yourself?! The list of advantages for the customer goes on and on.

However, the NHTV’s Tourism students we consulted agree that the supplier-side of the story is a lot more

challenging. Competition is increasing while prices



ism shift “Tour operators have to take care of way more factors than before.” decline. In an eye-wink, the customer can see which

role of competition increased enormously, tour opera-

prices are the lowest, and what the current bargains

to pay more attention to customer relations and after-

holiday offer is the cheapest, which tour operator’s are. This makes that booking a holiday on the Internet is much more transparent. For tour operators,

this means they have to take care of way more factors than before. They have to make sure their prices

are low, while the offered quality has to stay high. Bad

reviews will decrease sales, no matter the pricing of

tors must excel in offering the best quality, they have

care. When never hearing something from a tour operator again after having booked a holiday with them, the customer is less likely to book a holiday via that

same tour operator next time, than when the operator stays in touch with the customer. •

the holidays offered. Next to that, tour operators might

have to expand their services in order to receive income from other activities – like providing holiday-

makers with excursions, or transfers from the airport to the hotels.

When asked whether booking holidays online will affect customers’ loyalty towards tour operators, the Tourism students all agree it will. However, it depends

on the tour operator itself. In an industry where the

Special thanks to Isabeau, Linda and Lisanne



“European Tourism Management” (ETM) has been a master program at the NHTV for more than 20 years, offering the possibility for students to travel within Europe. However, at the end of this academic year, this master program will stop to exist. Written by Anne-Loes van Prooijen

The ETM program was organized and taught by six

leading tourism institutes in Europe simultaneously: Bournemouth University (UK), Hochschule Heilbronn

(Germany), Högskolan Dalarna (Sweden), Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Spain), Université de Savoie (France), and our own NHTV University of Applied Sciences.

However, NHTV’s academy for tourism decided to cancel this master program from the next academic

year (2012-2013). Why? There are three main reasons.

The first reason is the fact that during their bachelor,

the academy’s graduates already had many opportunities to go abroad; Whether through an exchange program, or through an internship abroad. The desire

to study ETM so that you can travel to another European country therefore became less attractive.

Next to that, the name European Tourism Management implies that students will only be able to study

and travel within Europe. An international course, on

the contrary, does include countries all over the world and therefore is much more preferred by students. Cultural differences between European countries are

becoming smaller and smaller; People already know a lot about other European cultures. The interest for



“Maybe in 20 years all higher education will be classified as ‘university’. This will make it easier for Dutch, as well as for foreign students to study in the Netherlands. Next to that, the problem about what kind of title you obtained after graduating will be solved as well.”

THE MASTER OF ARTS IN EUROPEAN TOURISM MANAGEMENT STOPS tourism students is likely to be focused on countries

study beyond European borders as well. However,

these countries and cultures.

and not an internationally known ´Classical Master´.

outside of Europe, since they are less acquainted with

this master is still only an Applied Sciences Master,

The second reason concerns money, since the tuition

It is remarkable that when having earned a master title

The Netherlands, studying a master course is quite

with master diplomas in other countries. It is an is-

fee is very diverse among universities in Europe. In

expensive, whereas some other European Universities are funded by the government completely. High

expenses can provide a lot of trouble for students who want to study the ETM course at one of the affiliated

universities. They will have to pay the fee the particular university asks for and in that way, the tuition fee can influence the choice for this master program.

Students may want to study in a country outside of Europe, since studying within Europe does not give them any benefits regarding money.

Where most countries regard every kind of higher education as ´university´, The Netherlands makes a

distinction between theoretical education (‘universit-

eit’) and practical education, applied sciences (HBO). Eight years ago, law decided that all applied sciences universities could develop their own master programs. NHTV and the Academy for Tourism developed the

master program Tourism Destination Management

(TDM), offering students the opportunity to travel and

in The Netherlands, this diploma is hard to compare

sue a lot of Dutch universities have to deal with. Rami Isaac, lecturer at the academy for tourism and knowing everything about tourism master programs at the NHTV, told: “Maybe in 20 years all higher education

will be classified as ‘university’. This will make it easier for Dutch, as well as for foreign students to study in the Netherlands. Next to that, the problem about

what kind of title you obtained after graduating will be solved as well.”

At the moment, the academy for tourism is developing

a new ‘classic’ master program. This program should widen the offer and opportunities for tourism students

who would like to continue studying after having obtained their bachelor degree. This will create more opportunities to reach the title of ‘master’, either through

an applied master course (Tourism Destination Management), or through the forthcoming new classical master degree in International tourism. •



Quelle surprise!

Are you ready to try something different? Then this is might interest you. More and more restaurants have surprise menus, a great way to get to know new courses! written by Simone Verberne



This issue of Brewed is all about innovation. How can


Flinstering is a cosy restaurant on the Grote Markt.

you bring innovation into your own life? It does not

Flinstering stands for cosiness, warmth, passion and

mean that you have to change your lifestyle drasti-

quality, and it is important that their guests can enjoy

cally, but it gives you something to think about.

a nice evening of dining. 076-5140141

You can bring innovation to your own life by buying

there are also smaller things you can do.

new clothes, a new phone or changing your room. But


Parc Breda, situated on Grote Markt, is a restaurant Imagine you are in a restaurant. You have no idea

and cocktailbar where you can wine and dine on a

what you want to order. What are you going to do?

daily basis. In the weekend, after 10PM, Parc turns

You can order the same menu you usually order, you

into a club where the lounge and dance music create

can try another menu, but you can also do something

a great atmoshpere.

totally different for a change. You can order a surprise

076 - 51 40 632


What is that, a surprise menu? As the name already

tells you, the menu is a surprise. It is composed by the

Soho Kitchen

Situated on the Grote Markt, in the city centre of Bre-

restaurant itself, and you will not know upfront what

da, near the Grote Kerk, you can enjoy lunch, dinner

the menu will be. This surprise menu is a great way to

or Soho’s high tea. Soho has a cosy terrace with a

get to know new meals, or menus and it is fun to do

view on the historic streets of Breda.

and it gives your night out a special dimension! Are

076 – 52 17 975

you ready to try this? Here are some possible restau-

2 3

rants in Breda!

Paviljoen de Colonie Breda

The colonial decoration with cathedral glass, old paintings and authentic pieces of vanished age give a cosy and natural ambiance. De Colonie likes to welcome you in this timeless and unique ambiance so you can enjoy the hospitality and tasty culinary creations.




076 - 521 40 82

4 •





iPad at cc’s CC’s is a restaurant located on the Grote Markt in Breda, it is the first restaurant in the city that uses iPads instead of regular menu cards. Speaking of innovation! written by Laura van Wely


Once seated in the restaurant, guests at CC’s are

expensive to change the menu several times a year.

as the menu card, as the menu is displayed on the

the menu, through which CC’s became a lot more flex-

handed an iPad. The device will be presented to them screen of the iPad. By touching the screen, guests

can scroll through the menu! On the left side of the

screen guests can choose from different options: Dinner for children, wines, and so on. When it is quiet in

the restaurant and not all the iPads are needed as menus, guests can use the iPad to make pictures,

check in on Facebook, or simply browse the internet. CC’s started off with two iPads to find out whether it

With the iPad it is a lot easier to make adjustments to ible. The restaurant now is able to change the menu

more often, to only add or remove just one dish, or to

adjust the prices. In this way the restaurant can correspond better to its guests wishes, by, for example, replacing an unsuccessful dish for a more popular one.

Above all, the iPad has a far longer lifetime than the magazine style menu cards.

would be a success or not. However, when it turned out it was, the number of iPads was increased to ten! Why an iPad

The owner of CC’s, Patrick van Asch, is the initiator of

this new concept. Before CC’s started to use the iPad, they had menu cards in use which featured a magazine style. The transition from the ‘magazine menu’

to the iPad has several reasons. First of all, the costs to print the magazines were quite high, which made it


“By touching the screen, guests can scroll through the menu!”


Who uses them?

Every staff member of CC’s has access to the iPad

and knows how to use it. Introducing the devices

therefore did not cause any problems. However, only

“The reactions of the guests are very good, everybody is enthusiastic”

the managers have the privilege to change the settings of the iPad. Innovation

‘t Hart is a restaurant in Breda that used to have touchscreens with which guests could place their order and

send it to the kitchen straight away. Guests at CC’s though cannot send their orders to the kitchen directly, this still is the waiter’s job. CC’s thinks that the use of

Enthusiastic? Visit CC’s and experience a new way of menu presentation!

iPads in restaurants will increase because of it being


track of new developments, and using an iPad as a


an eye-catcher. Also, many businesses like to keep menu card sure is a big innovation! Reactions

However, what do the guests think of this new concept? The reactions of the guests are very good, everybody is very enthusiastic about it, even the non-

technological guests. Next to that, employees of CC’s

Grote Markt 24


076 520 77 49 E-mail

now have a great icebreaker! •




What do you think of when hearing the term ‘food design’? Probably you will think of art with food, the image of a food product, and many other things. But what does food design actually mean? written by Simone Verberne Food design is a new innovative way of looking at the world of food. Basically it combines art with food. It is

ing developed in the domain of food, as well as in new methods of packaging food, and other new concepts.

However, food design is also about the shape of food,

why is food shaped the way it is? And are there better ways to shape food? Think of square shaped melons

to fit the freezer more easily. And why are candy bars the size they are, and not an inch longer or shorter?

not only about designing the way food is presented,

The artistic view-points on food design is about new

aging, about experimenting, about contrasts, about

who look at food from the artistic point of view do not

but also about coming up with new concepts for packbeing bold, about being a rebel, about technology, and about a lot more.

Food design can be seen from a commercial point of

view as well as from an artistic point of view. The commercial view-point on food design concerns new concepts for food, like instant meals, new kinds of soup,

new sweets, etcetera. But also, for example, fun sized

tomatoes that are more attractive to children. Innova-


tion can be found in all the new products that are be-

ways of looking at the world of food. Food designers

see food as the product that will eventually end up on their plates. As a food designer stated, “We see food as creative material, instead of as a product we will

eventually eat.” This side of food design is more about

experimenting with food, about daring to think different. Food design from this view-point could be conceived as very close to modern art, which is characterized by experimenting as well. However, food design does not always concern food in an edible manner,

HOTEL AND FACILITY | BREWED it can also concern creating other things out of food. Think of the meat-dress Lady Gaga wore to the VMAs

in 2010, or of Anke Domaske, who designs clothes which are made out of milk. These are examples of products based on food, and in that way, examples of food design.

Although probably not a very innovative concept, but

“We see food as creative material There are no rules.”

surely another example of food design, are the necklaces a lot of students made out of Nibb-it Rings when they were young.

An interesting question that could be asked here is: ‘If food design is such an innovative concept, do NHTV

Hotel Management students learn about food design

as well?’ According to Remko Klasen, gastronomy lecturer at the Academy for Hotel: “Sometimes we get

an order from an external company, asking us to de-

As may be clear by know, there are several different directions within the area of food design. In art, the

artists are inspired by food and use it in their artwork and creations. Whereas in catering, the main focus is on the way food is presented: How it is organized on plates, the way a buffet is designed, and so on.

velop a nice, new concept.” The development of the

However, the most important rule of food design is:

There has even been an extra master class for stu-

rebel, about daring to experiment! As a food designer

order is always done in collaboration with students. dents that were really interested in food design. The

master class concerned the development of a number of courses for an external client. NHTV mainly aims at the catering area of food design; The commercial view-point.

There are no rules! Food design is about being a

you are free in the way you handle food: Everything is

possible and nothing is wrong! It is all about style and taste. Food design is innovation! • Special thanks to Remko Klasen.





The city of


Concerning the two topic of innovation and hotels, which city fits this theme better than Las Vegas? Las Vegas has many hotels, of which the most impressive ones are located on ‘The Strip’ – the main street of Las Vegas. Gambling, partying, dining, that is what Las Vegas is all about. But what does the City of Lights do when it comes to innovation? written by Laura van Wely

The New York Hotel is a hotel and casino complex and it is one of the biggest casinos of the MGM Mirage Group. The hotel executes the New York theme in different ways: The architecture of the complex refers to the skyline of New York, whereas the hotel towers have strong similarities with the Empire State Building and the Chrysler Building. The swimming pool in front of the hotel mirrors the New York Harbour with a replica of the Statue of Liberty and the Brooklyn Bridge. Next to that, inside the hotel wings and departments are named after New York districts like Manhattan.

Las Vegas is known as the city of gambling, fine dining, and shopping. Featuring countless Casino Resorts and Associated Entertainment, it is the entertainment capital of the world, an image that is mainly being uphold by the hotels including all their entertainment facilities. When thinking of a hotel, you think of a building with nice and comfortable rooms, and where everything is taken care of for you: Room service, a restaurant for breakfast and dinner, a bar, a swimming pool. On top of that, this paradise of luxury you think of, is located in a nice country where you would like to go on a holiday to. However, Las Vegas has hotels that are even better than your imagination: The hotels in Las Vegas have achieved such a high level of innovation, it is beyond imagination.


The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is a replica of Venetia. The hotel has 4.049 suites and a casino of 11.148 square feet. The complex is known for the canals where you can float on in traditional gondolas like in Venetia, while the ceiling gives you the impression that the clouds are moving with you. MGM is the biggest hotel in the world and is inspired on the MGM movies. In front of the hotel there is a 15 metres high golden lion, which is the symbol of the MGM Movie Studios. The hotel has real lions as well, that you can visit during your stay or when you are visiting the hotel. Como Lake is situated in front of Hotel Bellagio and has a size of 3 hectares with fountains that can reach a height of 70 meters. The construction of these fountains cost 53 million dollars. Many more innovative hotels are situated in Las Vegas, such as the Luxor and the Circus Circus. On the whole, visiting The City of Lights will be an experience of innovation by itself. Viva Las Vegas! •


“The hotels in Las Vegas have achieved such a high level of innovation, it is beyond imagination.”




The Highest bidder wins Holidays, who doesn’t love them? To make staying in hotels more affordable, in February 2008 Klaas Stekelenburg created Nowadays, the website has 363.636 visitors every month and sells hotel stays as hot cakes. written by Yanicke Agnes

you decide what you would like to pay and with a little luck, you win the auction. The website offers a lot of benefits for its visitors, but the hotels affiliated to the website probably benefit even better from it. It is the last option to make money out of a room that otherwise would not have been occupied. Next to that, the website is a promotion channel for the affiliated hotels: Having seen the hotel on the website, people are likely to remember it when

The concept of Hotelkamerveiling is simple, but very effective: Hotels offer their rooms for less money. For the customer it becomes more attractive to go on a short holiday, because the prices are a lot cheaper

planning a holiday later on.

“For students it is a great way of enjoying luxury for an affordable price!”

than what you would have paid normally. Next to that, with the wide variance in hotels affiliated to Ho-

Nevertheless, there as well are disadvantages to us-

telkamerveiling, there always is a room available that

ing when planning a holiday.

meets your wishes.

Every hotel has its own type of visitors. Especially expensive hotels, which are not affordable to everyone,

NHTV Hotel Management student Annemijn van der

will attract a specified target-group. According to

Vorm looks at the service offered by Hotelkamerveil-

Annemijn: “As a hotel management student, I see the

ing from two perspectives. She tells us: “When speak-

risk that when offering rooms for a significant lower

ing as a student, I think it’s a great website, mostly

price, you attract other visitors than you are used to

because it’s so cheap. Especially now that they offer

have in your hotel. In some cases, this could have a

packages including hotel stays and dinners, the low

negative effect on the image of your hotel. If I were a

prices make it very tempting to go on city trips more

manager of a 4-5 star hotel, I would think twice about

often.” This probably is the opinion of most visitors of

offering rooms on Hotelkamerveiling. The customer is

king and we want to keep all visitors happy. I think the website is not suited for every hotel, but it is a

Think about your work week. Pretty hectic, right? A

great way to keep your business running, especially

stay at a hotel can offer a relaxed weekend for al-

in times of economic crisis. Yet, for students it is a

most everybody, and therefore Hotelkamerveiling can

great way of enjoying luxury for an affordable price!”

serve almost every kind of person. Whether you want to stay in a hotel nearby or go abroad, Hotelkamer-

Look for great offers on

veiling offers hotels in over 50 countries around the

Thanks to Annemijn van der Vorm. •

world. Once you found a hotel you would like to visit,



Annemijn Van der Vorm, Hotel student



We always try to manufacture the best products possible. One way to reach this goal is innovation. This also has its downside, though. written by Niels de Zeeuw

When James Cameron’s Avatar came out in 2009,

3D cameras are meant to recreate the events of ver-

a lot of movie studios decided to follow his example

gence and accommodation. However, this recreation

and also make 3D movies. Critics immediately start-

is not flawless. Movie viewers are still looking at a

ed doing what they do best, stating that the produc-

screen instead of real 3D visuals. The viewer’s eyes

tion of 3D movies would only be a trend. Also, mov-

have difficulty understanding this. “In 3D, the natural

ies would be turned into 3D after they were already

linkage between vergence and accommodation is

finished, making the 3D effects bad or almost non

broken.” Banks says. This causes the symptoms that

existent. These issues are as good as gone now. 3D

some 3D movie viewers have.

is not perceived as a trend anymore and movies are

One way to prevent headaches, fatigue and visual

made in 3D from the start of the production. But, as

discomfort is sitting further away from the screen.

two problems disappear, another one appears.

The closer you are to the screen, the more difficult it seems to be for your eyes.

With more 3D movies appearing in theatres and more people seeing them, some complaints have come

Another way to prevent all those discomforts during

forward. Amongst them are headaches, fatigue and

the movie is 2D glasses. 2D glasses are created to

visual discomfort. These are all complaints of movie-

make 3D movies 2D again. This is how it works: 3D

goers after watching a 3D movie. Professor Martin Banks researched why 3D movies cause these complaints and put it in an article: “The Zone of Comfort: Predicting Visual Discomfort with Stereo Displays”. Banks explains that people’s eyes do two things in order to see 3D. They “verge” (rotate slightly inward or outward so that the projection of an image is always in the centre of both retinas) and they “accommodate” (change the shape of each lens to focus the image on the retinas). This is way people can see 3D.



movies are 3D because the projector projects two separate pictures. The combination of those pictures makes a movie 3D. The 2D glasses block one image, letting the other image through. Both glasses let the same image through, so that you see the same image with two eyes. So next time, if you go to the cinema and you think about skipping a 3D movie because of a headache, make sure you have a pair of 2D glasses! Now you can enjoy the same movie as your friends, but without those annoying 3D effects. •

“Headaches, fatigue and visual discomfort. These are all complaints of moviegoers after watching a 3D movie”



Internship at Sint maarten Nikki Balsem is one of the many girls who took internship at Heineken, Sint Maarten. She tells us about her time on this party island! written by Kelly van Tuyl

mately 400 dollars a month. Sint Maarten is an expensive island because all goods need to be imported by ship or airplane. So costs for food and beverage are overall more expen-

Through a document with companies which NHTV

sive than what you would pay for in the Netherlands.

provided, Nikki picked the most wanted and inter-

It is actually a very primitive island as well; a lot of

esting brand name on it: Heineken. She contacted

jungles and forest can be found on this island.

the company after doing some research about whom she had to get in contact with. After writing a resume,

Nikki’s actual first task was working, with three others,

a solicitation letter and a motivation letter she had a

for the marketing department at Sint Maarten, and or-

conversation at the head office in the Netherlands.

ganising the 30th St. Maarten Heineken Regatta. Af-

She was one of the 20 candidates who applied for

ter a while she got more and more responsibility such

this internship. An internship at Heineken is not easy to get, but after signing her contract she got her plane ticket to Sint Maarten paid by Heineken itself. Not bad, but that is not all. Besides the plane ticket she got an apartment to live in and a telephone- all extras were paid by Heineken. To move around on the island Nikki had the ability to use the Heineken car as well. Besides these nice extras she got a salary of approxi-


"I had to make a planning, schedule, pay these girls' salary, hire and fire team members".


Nikki Balsem (left) with her tesm

“Everywhere you walk on that island, you see Heineken.” as taking care of the promotion team, which included 5 girls at that moment. “I had to make a planning, schedule, pay these girls’ salary, hire and fire team members”. Besides that she worked on other projects as well. Nikki worked approximately from 8am till 5pm from Monday to Friday. There was always work that

“Everywhere you walk on that island, you see Heineken.” Not only the logo of the brand, but umbrellas,

promotion material, flags and all kinds of other stuff. Which makes you feel proud of working there, Nikki tells me. You have the change to meet a lot of people,

entertainers, visit clubs and you get the change to see

a lot of Heineken as well. Together with the marketing manager and another trainee they enjoyed their time on the island. It was a good experience and definitely worth trying to do so! •

needed to be done and it took much responsibility. Clubs where Heineken gives their parties are mainly Tantra, Bliss and the Soggy Dollar Bar. She organised the parties, decorated the location, planned the promotion team and made sure that all the promotion material came to the correct location. Of course, she

Interested in an internship at Heineken. Look at for options.

had to visit these parties as well, but she definitely didn’t mind doing so. During these visits she met several artists like Chuckie and Bob Sinclair.




parks around Europe


Hollywood Tower Hotel, Walt Disney Studios.


Innovation is great, but it is not always welcome. Sometimes you want to go back in time or even better, be in a place where time does not exist! There is only one place where you go... Theme parks! written by Niels de Zeeuw

In 2010 the twenty best theme-parks in Europe were

4. Efteling - Netherlands

visited 56.3 million times. Us Europeans love theme-

The Efteling is famous for its great use of themes.

parks and most of us cannot get enough of them. This

There, nothing is ordinary. Even the rubbish bins are

cannot compare to the Americans, though. The num-

attractions. The Efteling designs its own attractions.

ber of visits, in 2010, to the top twenty North-Ameri-

Because of this, everything is new and innovative.

can theme-parks was over 120 million.

There is a nice amount of rides. But even without the rides, this park is amazing. You can have fun, even by

1. Disneyland Park - France

just walking around. Although the Efteling is not the

With its typical American style, Disneyland Park is the

most popular park in Europe, the Dutch often claim

favourite theme-park for a lot of people. This is mainly

it is.

because of the great rides that the park has. There are many rides to be found in the park, each bigger

5. Tivoli Gardens – Denmark

than the previous one. Aside from the rides, the park

Tivoli Gardens is a beautiful theme park best known

is beautifully designed, with fairytales all around. So

for its age. It is the second oldest theme park in the

even if you do not like the rides, you can still have a

world. You can still experience the older theme park

lot of fun. The parade is great of course, as expected.

fashion in many ways. If you do not like the attractions

This is something only Disneyland Park can.

that much, you can also just walk in the beautiful gardens. This piece of history is definitely worth a visit.

2. Walt Disney Studios - France While this theme-park gets a lot of criticism, it seems

Now that you know the five best theme parks in Eu-

to be a popular park. It is located in Paris, like the Dis-

rope, you also know what to do next vacation! Be sure

neyland Park. So, you might want to visit it after you

to check some theme parks out when you are in the

go to Disneyland Park. It is a movie park, so if you like

neighbourhood! And remember: Innovation is fine,

movies and you like the action that you see in movies,

but sometimes timelessness is more important!•

then you should definitely check it out! 3. Europa Park - Germany While not everyone knows this park, it is the best nonDisney park in Europe. It is famous for its rides and its great use of themes. If you like rides, you must surely check this one out!



“Although the Efteling is not the most popular park in Europe, the Dutch often claim it is”

Schipschommel, Efteling.



The rebirth of People spending actual money on their music again? It might seem impossible, but it’s happening. Let’s find out why. written by Otto van Toorn

Roughly ten years ago there was a huge rise in people sharing their music via the Internet. One could easily


as vinyl pressing is up for the first time in a long while.

state that in this day and age it is normal for someone

But why is this happening now? Granted, this buy-

to access all his or her music needs through a com-

ing behavior applies to a relatively small part of the

puter and the Internet.

population, but it’s still a notable circular innovation, as vinyl pressing is up for the first time in a long while.

But something seems to be changing in the way people like to enjoy their music.In recent years, though

We asked various music appreciators for their take

the online sharing remains at an all time high, we also

on this subject and got some interesting responses.

see certain record stores regaining a certain amount

It was particularly interesting to find overlapping phi-

of attention. More and more vinyl records are being

losophies between those who are buying the original

distributed, and not only at secondhand markets any-

releases, and those ‘stealing’ them from the Internet.

more. As you will notice when you enter actual record stores, they are back; great big bins full of vinyl re-

The people who will stick to downloading

cords. They will feature trusted covers from The Bea-

Nearly all these people argued that it is an expen-

tles’ classic ‘ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’

sive hobby to always pay for the music, while they

to Lou Reed’s ‘ Transformer’. But also recent records

simply don’t seem to hear any difference between a

like “ Fallen Empire’ by Snow Patrol, and Radiohead’s

downloaded song, and the original CD or vinyl ver-

latest treasure ‘ King Of Limbs’ are widely released

sion. This is probably the main difference between

on vinyl.

them and the ‘ collectors’, as you will read further below.Some of them also stated that with the endless

Yes, we seem to have returned to an age were every

amounts of music out there these days, it’s hard for

relatively recognized artist has his record out on vinyl

them to commit to one record, by buying it.

(as well as CD obviously). The people who buy their records on vinyl


But why is this happening now? Granted, this buy-

It is hard for these people to deny the obvious above-

ing behavior applies to a relatively small part of the

mentioned financial disadvantages of paying for all

population, but it’s still a notable circular innovation,

those records, but to them it’s worth it. They claim


that it’s about the experience of listening to a vinyl

Here’s a direct quote from Heer T, a man who grew


up in a time where you had no choice but to buy the records, as the Internet was roughly thirty years from

‘It all goes hand in hand with the romantic ritual of

taking off: ‘When I was growing up you would be

selecting that one album from your collection, taking

able to buy a new record maybe once a month. You

it out, blowing a slight piece of lint off of the needle

were limited to buy one record, and when you took

of your turntable, then placing the LP, and switching

it home with you, you would play it as often as you

it on. First feeling your anticipation mount as you’re

could stand it. There was no constant critical attitude

waiting for that opening chord, while listening to the

towards the songs you were listening to, because you

classic pops and cracks. And then just laying back

were already very much invested in it; you had paid

and soaking up the music, as it takes off in a way

for the record. This enabled us to really get to know

that just doesn’t compare to pressing ENTER on your

those records, and appreciate them.”


‘ I can’t get into it that way. I need to make time in order to properly listen to music.’

‘I can’t listen to music on an MP3 player’ says music

So maybe this plays yet another significant role.

appreciator, Ben Klaver from Nijmegen, ‘ I can’t get

Maybe after years of being spoiled with all this easy

into it that way. I need to make time in order to prop-

excess to every single song ever recorded, certain

erly listen to music.’

people have gotten tired of it, and long back to a scarcity in their music.

It would seem that even though some illegal downloader’s shares these philosophies, those people ei-

Maybe when this scarcity is regained we can all enjoy

ther couldn’t afford to have such principles, or just

our music more, though we can also conclude from

find the records too expensive these days.

this article that there will always be people who enjoy their music on their computers, as well as those

We also asked someone from a different generation

we get an extra kick out of playing their originals on

for his take on the subject, as we thought maybe this


would offer us some insight to the rebirth of vinyl in our society.



Innovation within Imagineering

Jo-Ann Oskam, Leisure student

Imagineering is not actually a process, but a useful tool to create an experience. By following varying steps and carefully researching your target group, you create a plan to fit said target group. It’s a method used to dig deeper into your project, figuring out how to create a truly unique experience for your target group. written by Otto van Toorn



We asked Jo-Ann Oskam, a leisure student at the

neering, but also about thinking in different processes

NHTV, who spent a significant amount of time study-

to reach a desired outcome.

ing this subject, about her take on innovation in Imagineering.“ I really enjoy Imagineering, because it al-

When asked what she found truly innovative about

lows you to think creatively. In order to get through the

Imagineering, Jo-Ann said one would use this to put

Imagineering process, you need to think outside of

a concept together well and innovatively. “With the

the box. Every detail of the event needs to be worked

Imagineering process you look further than just put-

out”, said Jo-Ann.

ting your work out there. First, you research your target group to see what fits. Then you think of building

Jo-Ann is also part of the “Imagheroes” which is a

blocks, and experience instruments. These building

community for (aspiring) professionals, creative pio-

blocks help you put together a perfect event, and this

neers, initiatives, and (loner) companies. Also, that

way you can use storytelling to let a person see what

includes organisations which feel that the world is

it looks like. Thanks to storytelling you know what you

in need of (young) fresh talents who want to give it

want to accomplish by the end of the day, and you

there all for a better world. “This belief”, Jo-Ann says,

know what you need.” •

“drives us in our studies, work, and social life and fits nicely in the Imaginheroes’ one-liner: More you for a better world!”. Core values of the Imaginheroes are bravery, broadmindedness, freedom, ambitions, and, of course,

“With the Imagineering process you look further than just putting your work out there

imagination. The community is active on the following subjects:

For more information on this subject please visit:


Public health, well being, and sports


Society, and the environment


Education, and culture

- Development They have a strong urge towards innovation as well as entrepreneurship, and therefore the creation of meaningful and sustainable experiences: those that really matter! “The main people in this community are our students. These are young, creative, talented, and enterprising students, who are committed to society”, Jo-Anne shares. At the Imaginheroes it’s not only about Imagi-




ed de Capagne

Once you graduate you are ready for the world. Finding a job is the first step you will probably bump into. What to do? written by Kelly van Tuyl


LEISURE | BREWED Many people are looking for a job, and we can’t deny that. So what do you need to do when you want to stand out of the crowd of job applicants? Plan des Campagne: You start planning your future when you are still at school. If you have half a year left to go, start by making a page on LinkedIn! This is practically an online resume. You can ad information about your working experiences, diplomas you have as well as what you like to do outside of the business world. A good presentation of yourself is half the work! Ask around at school, at the secretary desk or your

You have also the possibility to sign in at an agency.

teacher, if they offer trainings for writing solicitation

They help you search for vacancies that might suit

letters and more. The more you practice and rewrite

you. If you have found an interesting vacancy, and

it, the better!

you have everything they ask for except one small detail, don’t hesitate to respond! Prove to that com-

Search for that specific area of industries where you

pany that you are worth it! Be confident!

would like to work because half of the people who graduate do not even know where they would like to

Once you win, and they invite you for an interview,

work. Knowing where you see yourself working helps

prepare yourself! Make a SWOT analysis of yourself.

you in the search for the job you would like.

That’s a great way to figure out both your good and bad characteristics. Also spend time on researching

Immediately start applying! If you have only a half-

the company. Probably they want someone who has

year on school left, you are ready to apply for a va-

interest in their brand and business. If you know ex-

cancy. If the company is truly interested in you, they

actly who they are and what they stand for, it will give

will wait for a few months till you finished school. Be

you a confident feeling as well.

that person they are dying for! What is also important: 20 solicitation letters. Don’t wait for that one call!

Be that person are dying for!

Tell all your friends you are looking for a fulltime job

When you finally found a job where you are very hap-

because there will always be someone who knows

py, do not stop looking for other jobs. Maybe you’ll

someone who knows that there is going to be a va-

find something more challenging or better suitable for

cancy open within an amount of time.

you. Just remember: First in, first out. The fact that

don’t apply at one vacancy… send out 10 of perhaps


you have a job at a company doesn’t mean that you will be working there six months later. If the company has to lay off someone, you’ll probably be the one who gets sacked first. So, good luck with searching and remember… always be the first one to believe in you! •


Written by Lachezar Kamenov





black and white

written by Lachezar Kamenov




1950’s & 1960’s

to be 1895. Back then the French brothers Auguste

nology of the future and the setting of Hollywood’s

The official year of birth of the film industry is claimed

and Louis Lumière held the first private screening with

the help of their invention- the cinématograph, a combination of a camera and a projector. During the future decade the world witnessed the opening of the first

movie theatre in Pittsburgh, Thomas Edison’s kinetophone made talking in films possible, and the emersion of the Charlie Chaplin’s era. 1920’s

The 1920’s mark film history with many milestones.

In 1924, Walt Disney created its first cartoon, Alice in

These years will be remembered with the rise of techshiniest star. In 1955, 70mm film is introduced with Oklahoma! and four years later Jean-Luc Godard’s

Breathless opens new possibilities for filmmakers by

changing the use of the jump cut and the presumption of time continuity. During the 1960’s Alfred Hitchcock’s

genius Psycho leaves the world terrified like never before, later the motion picture rating system debuts with

G, PG, R and X ratings, and then comes the end of the most emblematic symbol of Hollywood up till nowMarilyn Monroe dies at age 36.

Wonderland which is followed the next year by Ser-


tage. In the last years of the decade sound in film and

know it nowadays, concerning the many new various

gei Eisenstein’s Potemkin- a revolution in film moncartoon is the major breakthrough with the creation of The Jazz Singer, first feature-length talking motion

picture, and Galloping Gaucho and Steamboat Willie becomes the first cartoon with sound. In 1928, the Academy Awards are handed out for the first time. 1930’s & 1940’s

An avalanche of groundbreaking films buries film

lovers. In 1935, three-colour system was introduced

in Becky Sharp and soon after that Walt Disney astounds with the first full-length animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. During the next

The film industry rapidly changes towards the way we and non-stereotypical topics and storylines being explored. This requires the X rating to be replaced by

NC-17 (no children under 17) in 1990. In 1993, Lost

in Yonkers is edited on an Avid Media Composer system, the first non-linear editing system to allow viewing at film’s required “real-time”-viewing rate of 24

frames per second. By converting film into digital bits, film can now be cut on a computer. The same year

Jurrasic Park pushes the boundaries of believable visualisation, followed years later by the over-whelming Titanic.

years on the big screen appears the epic Gone with

3-D Era

films of all times, followed in 1942 by another immor-

can cinema, and later experienced a worldwide rebirth

the Wind, which is still one of the highest-grossing

tal classic- Casablanca. The previous year marks the

birth of the greatest film of all times which pushes the

boundaries of montage, mise-en-scène, and soundOrson Welles’ Citizen Kane.

First 3-D films were featured in the 1950s in Ameriin the 1980s and ‘90s driven by IMAX theaters and Disney themed-venues. 3-D films became more and more successful throughout the 2000s, culminating in

the unprecedented success of 3-D screenings of Avatar in December 2009 and January 2010. •



Paul Verhoeven’s Entertainment Experience On the 20th of September this year, Paul Verhoeven announced his latest en newest project ‘The Entertainment Experience’. This will be the first ‘usergenerated movie’ in the Netherlands. A few students from NHTV’s Media & Entertainment Management participate in this project. The film will be in theatres by summer 2012. written by Sophie Wilms



‘User-generated’ means that the public makes the entire movie. It was able

for everyone to enter the competition:

it was chosen as best Dutch film of all time.

Editors, producers, directors, script-

The project ‘The Entertainment Experience’ was an-

sary to complete a movie. According

got a lot of media attention in the newspapers and

writers, and every other role necesto the 73-year-old director: “This new

project gives the opportunity for candidate filmmakers to present themselves at the top of the Dutch film industry.” Paul Verhoeven will oversee

the project and the first Dutch user

generated movie will be in theatres by summer 2012.

Paul Verhoeven was born on 18 July 1938 in Amsterdam. He is a Dutch director with movies that reach a large audience in both the Netherlands and the United

States. In 1960 he made his debut with the short film ‘Een Hagedis te veel’. His first real success was the movie ‘Turks Fruit’, which

nounced on the 20th of September 2011. The project

on television. After Paul Verhoeven announced the

project, he was a guest at ‘De Wereld Draait Door’, a Dutch television show. His appearance on the show created awareness of the project to the public, which

was the intention. Paul Verhoeven wanted to create the first user generated film of the Netherlands. This meant that everybody could apply from editors

to sound producers and directors. The public makes

the movie. Besides the user-generated film, Paul Verhoeven and his team are going to create a second

film themselves. This film will be created in a short period of time and it will be a ‘remake’ of the winning

user-generated movie. Their base material is going to

had sold over 3,5 million the-

“This new project gives the

the best-visited Dutch movie.

opportunity for candidate

for an Oscar in 1974 for best

filmmakers to present

a Gouden Kalf, a prestige

themselves at the top of the

for ‘Best Dutch movie of the

Dutch film industry.”

atres tickets and today is still

The movie was nominated foreign film and it received

prize in the Netherlands, 20th century.’ He also had a

be exactly the same as the participant’s. When the film

is finished, a game will be

made based on the film. The idea of the user-generated

film was that it would be produced in eight separate parts

and each part would have a different deadline. The script

for the first part was written by Kim van Kooten, she is

few American films that were very popular. The most

a Dutch actress and screenwriter. There were many

(1987), and Total Recall (1990). His latest movie was

or her favourite part and the number of votes would

popular ones were: Basic Instinct (1992), Robocop

‘Zwartboek’ (2006), this movie also received a lot of


prizes and in 2008,during the Dutch film festival, and

entries for the first part. Everyone could vote on his

decide the winning part. Everyone was able to vote


for his or her favourite first part. The winning first part belonged to students of NHTV. They are all in the second

year of Media & Entertainment Management.

Special thanks to Nightwork films

The five students of NHTV who par-

ticipate in the project are: Piet van Steen, Pascal Adriaansen, Henriëtte

Drost, Bas Moerland and Marijn Hurkens. They are

a director’s master class by Martin van Koolhoven for

pany. The name ‘Nightwork films’ is very relevant to

Editor of the project and also thinks it is a great project

the co-founders of Nightwork films, a production comthe team because they founded the company in the

middle of the night. This also says a lot about the motivation of the team, they work hard, are enthusiastic

and passionate about what they do which is film making. Even if they have to work in the middle of the

the ‘Entertainment Experience’. Piet van Steen is the

to work on. Marijn Hurkens is the director of photography and Bas Moerland is the soundman. Together

they form a great team with a large dose of motivation and enthusiasm.

night, they keep going because they enjoy it so much.

Currently, the participants are working on the fifth part

the ‘Entertainment Experience’. They started working

first started working on the project. When the movie

The team was formed with the purpose of entering

on the first part of the project as soon as they had the opportunity. The team worked very hard to make

sure the first part was going to win. They found amazing actors to participate in their film such as Rianne Dekker, Jolijn van Dulken and William Vast. Not only

do they have great actors but they also have great

talent themselves. Pascal Adriaansen for example is a freelance web designer and provides information on the website of Nightwork film. His passion is camera

work and therefore he is the cameraman of the ‘Entertainment Experience’ project. Pascal:” The Entertainment Experience is a great project that I work on with

a lot of passion and enthusiasm.” Henriëtte Drost is the producer and director of the project. She followed

of the movie. They are still as motivated as when they is done, there will also be a game made based on the

movie. There will also be a second movie that Paul Verhoeven and his team will produce themselves.

That film is going to be based on the final user-generated movie. Paul Verhoeven really started an innovative project with his ‘Entertainment Experience’.

This kind of movie making has not been done in the Netherlands before. Involving the public in making

an entire film is a great way to discover talent and to give people the opportunity to show that talent. It is an exciting project and we are all looking forward to the final result. We want to wish our fellow students good

luck with the remaining parts and remember: VOTE for them! •


Bad innovation



Xbox hamburgers and Nintendo sandwiches! Students from the IGAD course certainly knew how to continue their love for gaming during lunch. In the canteen of ‘het Pakhuis’ students could enjoy all kinds of game related food while having lunch. That is until recently because since the new catering has set foot in the IGAD cafateria, it’s over with the fast food and in with healthy snacks for students. written by Anne Aimee Wollerich

IGAD students are hard workers, they build and develop gaming technology for hours and hours long. Still, since you can’t work on an empty stomach there should be at least tasty food available to restrain the sound of their hungry tummies and to maintain the working process of their creative brains. Nevertheless, the food that is tasty isn’t always the food that is the healthiest and that’s what the IGAD department of the NHTV also must have thought because they have kicked out most of the fast food and replaced it with healthier meals and drinks instead.


“Now the food is more expensive. I kind of liked the fact we had game related food. It was kind of “a thing” here”

“Of course we still have burgers and croquettes”,

states that “now we have milk, currant buns, yoghurt

Caterer Gilvanin says, “But now we offer a lot more

and healthier sandwiches. We still have snacks avail-

products that are a lot healthier for students”. The

able here, but we also decided that healthier food

new caterer and caretaker Gilvanin has been work-

should have its place in the canteen”.

ing at the NHTV for about three months and has seen a huge difference. He mentioned that when he first

Overall, the new caretaker/caterer is pleased with

got here, the canteen was filled with all kinds of junk

the changes, but the students we have interviewed

food. “It was funny”, he says, “because a lot of the

weren’t very pleased. “Now the food is more expen-

snacks were shaped or named to game related top-

sive. I kind of liked the fact we had game related food.

ics”. However, it was still junk food. When he started

It was kind of “a thing” here” says Tino, an IGAD stu-

working here, there were some changes made in the

dent. Quinten, also an IGAD student doesn’t care that

food selection for students. They decided to create a

much. ‘Yeah it was nice to have food that was “dif-

wider selection of food and drinks that was healthier

ferent” and game themed, but it’s not the end of the

than all the kinds of junk food they had before. He


states that “now we have milk, currant buns, yoghurt and healthier sandwiches. We still have snacks avail-

“I don’t care actually” says Jimmy, an IGAD student

able here, but we also decided that healthier food

who’s busy working on his laptop. “I mostly bring my

should have its place in the canteen”.

own sandwiches anyway”. •

“Of course we still have burgers and croquettes”, Caterer Gilvanin says, “But now we offer a lot more products that are a lot healthier for students”. The new caterer and caretaker Gilvanin has been working at the NHTV for about three months and has seen a huge difference. He mentioned that when he first got here, the canteen was filled with all kinds of junk food. “It was funny”, he says, “because a lot of the snacks were shaped or named to game related topics”. However, it was still junk food. When he started working here, there were some changes made in the food selection for students. They decided to create a wider selection of food and drinks that was healthier than all the kinds of junk food they had before. He



I skate to where the

puck is going to be, not where it has been. And

we’ve always tried to do that at Apple.



Steve Jobs Steve Jobs, the man behind the iPod, iPhone, and iPad, is no more. The cofounder of Apple passed away on the night of October 5th this year due to pancreatic cancer. Steve Jobs is remembered by co-workers as a visionary but also as a remarkable and awkward personality. But how did Steve Jobs influence the lives of others? And are those influences visible at the NHTV?

The rise and fall of a legend

written by Anne Aimee Wollerich

Steve Jobs was born in San Francisco, California,

and because of the technical background of his adoptive father he learnt to dismantle and rebuild technical equipment at a young age. The

moment his father gave him a working bench, at the age of 6,

young Steve started experiment-

But what makes Steve Jobs such a visionary with

Apple? Steve liked to associate his business with the band “The Beatles”, which he enjoyed. He said: “My

model for business is “The Beatles”: They were four guys who kept each other’s negative tendencies in

check; they balanced each other. The total was greater than the sum of the parts. Great things in business are never done by one person; they are done by a team of people”.

Some people believe his visionary skills were the re-

sult of his demanding perfection-

“Apple wouldn’t be what it is today without these experi-

ing with electronics and technical equipment, all under the


watching eye of his father, and

ism in setting trends in innovation and style.

Steve summed this

concept up in his keynote speech in 2007 by quoting ice hockey

player Wayne Gretzky: “I skate to

where the puck is going to be, not

by doing this he educated himself in technical equip-

where it has been.” And we’ve always tried to do that

Steve Jobs quit college after only one semester at

Clearly, Job’s perfectionism and insightfulness influ-

drop in at classes he found most interesting while

NHTV also influenced by Jobs? We’ll have to say yes!


Reed College in Portland, Oregon, but continued to sleeping on the floor in rooms of his friends. A couple

of years later he travelled to India where he discovered Buddhism and where he experimented frequently with psychedelic drugs like LSD. He found these two experiences very important in his life because

“Apple wouldn’t be what it is today without these experiences”. A few years later Steve started the Apple with a couple of friends and the rest is history.

at Apple since the very beginning, and we always will”.

enced many people all around the world, but is the

Not only do we have a room full of Apple computers at

the main NHTV building, but the NHTV also remembered Jobs by placing flowers and a picture of Steve

at the N-building. We know Jobs was a pioneer in innovation, trendsetting, thinking outside of the box and

being creative. The NHTV shares that exact mentality of being groundbreaking and innovative. Thank you Steve, you will be missed! •



space and time. All the clicking, dragging, undoing- in no time “Ctrl+Z” becomes your new best friend. For some this is exhausting, for others- that is a mission.

An exhausting, painstaking but after all a worthy mission. I call this masochism, others call it a profession.

I needed to make sure these people are for real and

Everyone expects IGAD students to be over-creative and to be constantly busy with something new and weird. If IGAD itself stands for innovation, then what should we say about the work of this NHTV fellow…? written by Lachezar Kamenov

Slouching over your computer all day long “facebooking” and “skyping” is more of a blessing to the general

public than torture but when it comes to slouching to

actually get something done- that becomes a physical feat. Those of you (and I believe we are many),

who have spent irreversible moments of their youth in front of the laptop discovering a new fancy-shmancy

program with a nasty deadline impending, know the agony I am talking about. You are practically stuck in


took a glimpse at the mission of an NHTV soldier fighting his battles alone but still so well, that his slouching works like magic!

And here he comes! Bodo Schütze is an IGAD student doing his internship in the NCB Naturalis Museum in Leiden. He is officially working for the research

department but his work actually spreads way further

beyond the boundaries of ordinary research as we know it. Making surveys, analysing data, SPSS… no, no. That is not his “thing”. Bodo’s job was to research

to the tiniest detail a single plant- an extinct ancient cone- approximately 290 000 billion years old- and

then bring it back to life. The creation of the simulation was initiated with a microscope observation of a

3-centimeter-broad fossil which turned out to be the

home of around 300(!) organisms. From that observation was derived information about the structure of the


ancient cone, and from then on the fun could start!

flexible”, everything is connected from the very start.

mation and transform it into a 3-D plant. Moreover, a

operate with algorithms and formulas, as this is what

Bodo was assigned to study all the scientific inforgrowing plant, not just static.

In order to do his homework diligently just like every other NHTV student, Bodo had to bury himself under piles of books about paleobotany, and plant

intelligence. The creation of something so complex required hard work and sufficient knowledge since it needs to look like magic though it cannot be done with

a wand. Speaking of magic- Houdini! Not the real illusionist, but the software Houdini FX, the one that turns everything digital into magic. The same Houdini that Bodo had to learn how to use on his own and is

still learning every day as he had to start from scratch. He even claims that after all the months spent taming

the program’s possibilities, what he can do is actually apply a really small part of the potential of Houdini. What he does is called “procedural modelling” and

In order to build this cone, Bodo had to learn how to

lies in the foundation of procedural modelling. Constraints- this is the key to the over-whelming effect.

Everything is connected to everything else and each

item reacts to outside factors. Bodo’s plans even include his cone eventually growing into a flower. According to him, his work is innovative because the

possibilities procedural modelling provides are way bigger than classical animation taught at IGAD. “Now

I can set my own boundaries”. Maybe now is the moment to mention that Bodo is working with the method used for the creation of the fascinating environment used in Avatar. In fact, what he is creating right now is

actually so complicated that even IGAD teachers find

it difficult to understand and assess his work and I can

imagine the confusion- I sneaked a peek at his computer and, wow, I already had a headache…

that is where innovation is hidden. IGADers are used

Bodo has always had avid interest in plant mor-

ling expands opportunities way further than classical

though, was sort of a “cultural shock”. Bodo says that

to working with “digital clay” but procedural modelanimation. Bodo describes it as “more dynamic and

phogenesis and botany but working with scientists,

now he is constrained by data tables and is surround-



advantage number one, although this has it consequences as well. The drawback is that progress hap-

pens step by step and it takes long time before one could actually see how they are and what they have

done. His personal pros regarding this peculiar internship are the skills he has earned or improved plus a life lesson- how to work outside of his comfort zone. In

his opinion, the disturbing flaw is the fact that he work

on his own and no one could understand and/or help him. It’s easier to fight battles when there is someone to back you up.

ed by terminology he finds sometimes difficult to keep

up with. This is a major difference when you are accustomed to the creative freedom given at NHTV, the one he misses now.

I asked him honestly what he considers to be the

primary advantages and disadvantages of his pres-

ent interest and work. He pinpointed the dynamics of Houdini FX and of procedural modelling in general as


Bodo ambitiously states that he sees his future in creating environments for games. He also mentions that procedural modelling has found it stable place in the

movie industry and in his long-term prospect, when armed with stronger skills, he would consider invading

it. Well, Avatar is going to have a few sequels; you

never know what future will bring! What I can promise is that, if Bodo hits the big screen one day, there will

be enough former fellow-students sitting in the front row in the cinema, waiting to see some magic! •


We move


Margaret I U R K VOOR EEN


oneMen rence

can make a diffe

Pionier Margaret helpt vrouwen in Uganda met een microkrediet 02 Start je eigen actie en meld je aan op


Berlin; 1936

Berlin; 1945

Potsdamer Platz is one of the most important public

squares and traffic intersections in the centre of Berlin, Germany. It is named after a city called Postdam which was located 25 km to south west. Postdam

Gate became the point where the old road from Potsdam passed through the city wall of Berlin.

In 1814 it was renamed to Leipziger Platz after the



decisive defeat of Napoleon Bonaparte at the Battle of Leipzig. The Potsdam Gate itself was renamed to the

Leipziger Tor (Leipzig Gate) around the same time, but reverted to its old name a few years later.

The Friedrichstraße is one of Berlin’s famous street, which became a major culture and shopping street in central Berlin. The Mehringplatz square was called Rondell in the early 18th century. The Rondell was a

circular plaza, designed after the Rome’s Piazza del Popolo.


In the 1930s, Berlin was still a blossoming city, but

the atmosphere of creativity was getting more and

more suppressed by the upcoming Nazi regime. In the city there were a lot of different cultural influences which made the city very internationally known

and drew a lot of artistic people towards it, who literally shaped the city. Want to see an interesting video about this? Check out the QR-Code on top!


and better

than ever

Berlin nowadays is a capital city with over 3.45 million people. Because of it’s renowned universities,

orchestras, museums and celebrities it is a very popular tourist destination. On the picture you see

the Berlin TV tower that is a true landmark in the skyline of Berlin.

In the 1940s, the complete infrastructure of Berlin

Around Berlin there are various big building proj-

As you can see here in the photographs, the differ-

future. One of the biggest improvements however

was badly damaged after the bombings in 1945.

ence is quite shocking. Almost every building was

destroyed from the inside out, and all what was left was a ghost-town like devastation. Want to see real footage from the events?

ects going on that help Berlin grow in the (near)

is the Brandenburg International Airport that offers travellers a high-tech airport with ideal connections.

written by Joost van Abeelen l



w e n ’s e r o p a g n i S t n i r p t o o f l a b o gl

If you would use a time machine that would zap you to Singapore back in the 1960s, you would find yourself in nothing more than a fishing-village, not having any territory of importance at all, and no natural resources other than people. Today Singapore is rich, innovative, and sophisticated; A country with a number of 4.5 million residents, a global airline, and a first-class life sciences research centre of world size! In this article we will take a closer look at Singapore’s latest innovative footprint: The enormous, significant Marina Bay Sands hotel. written by Steffanie Eerhart


Marina Bay Sands hotel, Singapore by night.


pense stand-alone casino, being worth a shameless 8 billion dollars. The swimming pool gives the effect that the water extends to the horizon.

The hotel features over 2,500 rooms and suites, which

makes Marina Bay Sands the biggest hotel in Singapore. However, the hotel of the complex by far is not

as interesting as the rest of this integrated resort: The resort features a 120,000 m2 convention-exhibition centre including the casino with 500 tables and 1,600

slot machines, the 74,000 m2 mall ‘The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sand’, an iconic Art Science museum, two large theatres, seven ‘celebrity chef’ restaurants, two floating Crystal Pavilions, and an ice skating rink.

However, the most eye-catching element from the

outside definitely is the banana-shaped ship on top

of the three towers, called the ’Sands Sky Park’. By covering an impressive 12,400 m2, the ship stretches longer than the Eiffel tower laid down! The sky-park is

“You are wondering around in a tropical oasis.” Within the unbelievable short period of only four years,

huge teams of construction workers have managed to

build a three-tower hotel, connected by a gigantic banana-shaped sky-park on top! All three towers consist

of 55 floors and reach the terrific height of 200 metres.

dens are home to 250 trees and 650 plants, giving you the impression you are wandering around in a tropical

oasis on an altitude of 200 metres off the ground! But

above all things, let us not forget the incredible 150 metres long swimming pool, which at this time is the

world’s largest ‘infinity’ pool. At the height of 200 metres, the water gives you the illusion that it extends to

the horizon, while in reality it spills over the edge into a catchment below and is pumped back into the pool.

The in 2010 opened construction is called Marina Bay

All in all, for people who need a break, Marina Bay

is an ‘integrated resort’, meaning that it has a large

tegrated resort’ constructions in the world. Plus, who

Sands, fronting Singapore’s Marina Bay. The complex variety of leisure and entertainment attractions. This

integrated resort developed by Las Vegas Sands got

awarded for featuring the world’s largest and most ex-


able to host up to 3900 people and its landscaped gar-

Sands has proven to be one of the most innovative ‘inwouldn’t want to have the privilege to swim in a 200

metres high infinity pool to spoil their eyes on the unforgettable wide-angled view of Singapore? •






Feng Shui When it comes to buildings, there are many things that could come to mind: Construction, materials, interior, design, etcetera. However, concerning buildings, there is one specific element that is most important to some people: Feng Shui. Although Feng Shui originated in China, nowadays it has become more and more popular in Europe, America, and Australia. written by Ina Saptiono

the harmony of positive energy

What is Feng Shui?

How does it work?

BC) and is an ancient Chinese method of arranging

to determine the precise cosmic forces that have an

Feng Shui was invented during the Han dynasty (206 human life. Traditional Feng Shui states that the way a

building is designed and decorated affects the fortune

of the people living in it. Feng Shui is based on the energy flow (Ch’i), and the laws of earth and heaven

Feng Shui specialists use compass-like instruments

effect on specific sites. Appropriate places for constructing buildings are chosen in relation to bodies of water and mountains.

to improve life. It is all about finding the harmony of

Just like fresh air and clean water nurture our bodies,

your home, office, or apartment.

the flow of Ch’i through space is blocked, weak, or

positive energy and avoiding negative energy within


The term Feng Shui is literally translated as ‘wind-

water’. Water is one of the five elements of Feng Shui, which are: Wood, fire, earth, metal, and water.

All elements represent a colour that can be taken into consideration when furnishing, decorating, or designing a building. Feng Shui believers do not only see

so does positive Ch’i nourish homes and life. When

misdirected, our relationships, wealth, health, and career could become weak as well. Ch’i should flow gently through the spaces that we created in our homes

and offices, it should flow like a gentle breeze or a winding stream. When flowing too strong, the Ch’i is

like a hurricane or flood, meaning we are not able to handle it anymore.

the artistic design of buildings, they see the important and sacred meanings behind the design; They see the world in terms of cosmic energy.



In a corporate environment, poor or bad Feng Shui

can be caused as a result of miscommunication between managers and employees, conflicts among team members, and the lack of new ideas. Therefore,

followers of Feng Shui set value on applying Feng Shui in office buildings. Feng Shui Buildings

Because Chinese people strongly believe Feng Shui has an impact on their wealth and prosperity, in China

it is a commonly used method, which became popular

in Asia as well. Many Asian countries started to execute Feng Shui during the construction of new buildings, and eventually it spread around the world. It got

more and more common to take Feng Shui into account when constructing a building, house, or office.

Though some people still regard the method as nonsense, already a lot of famous buildings can be found in which Feng Shui is applied, or that have Feng Shui


elements in their construction. Let’s have a look at a few of them!

1) City Hall, London. Located just across the Thames

River, the flowing design is ideally placed in a river type setting. However, the unique shape this building has is due to solar heating and allows it to use

only 25 per cent of the energy that is used by conventional buildings. Because of the ruling kind of position the buildings has, in Feng Shui terms it is a Metal Building, it flows the energy of metal.

2) Sydney Opera House. The construction of this

building started in 1957 by Architect John Utzon,

and was completed in 1973 under the direction of

Sir Peter Hall. Because of the angular design of

this shell-shaped building, in Feng Shui terms it is classified as a Fire Building, which is perfect for housing arts.




“It is all about finding the harmony of positive energy”

3) The Trump Tower. Donald Trump hired Feng Shui

specialist, Master Pun-Yin, to design the Trump

Tower. The main entrance was placed facing the Central Park to receive only positive Ch’i; To gain prosperity and success. A globe was placed in front

of the building to eliminate too strong Ch’i created by traffic.

Well, is Feng Shui something for you? Whether you

truly believe it or not, Feng Shui definitely has some

logical explanations behind its philosophy. It is not just a tradition, it is a way of living! •



UNDER CONSTRUCTION! A thriving city, lots of students, and thousands of people passing through every day. Obviously, the train station has to be replaced by a bigger station with the newest techniques, more train tracks, and a new look. There is only one tiny little problem‌ Who is going to pay for it? written by Joost van Abeelen



<< there is hope! The foundations of the current railway in Breda date

get an airport-like ‘terminal’ providing travel-

nowadays is already the third in line, having only been

places, and even living areas! Next to that, the

from 1855, although the train station that we know

built in 1973. However, the current station does not

meet the standards anymore, since the city of Breda wants to become one of Europe’s junction capitals that are easy to reach. For that reason, new train

tracks are needed that allow High Speed Trains to pass through.

The idea for the new train station originated in 2002, but only got off the ground in 2006 when the proposal

was signed. The construction started off well in 2009

with the realisation of two tunnels for pedestrians underneath the already existing station. But then crisis

struck, literally. The economic crisis that struck The Netherlands in 2009 found its way to the construction

sites of Breda as well. Soon the city reported that it

lacked more than 13.5 million Euros to complete the

lers with shopping areas, green areas, parking new railways will support High Speed Trains

like the TGV. Yes ladies, shopping for shoes in Paris will be easier than ever!

Along with the metamorphose of the train station, its surrounding environment will undergo a lot of changes as well. Some areas are planned

to become living areas, while other areas are

assigned to become ‘no man’s land’ for the next few years. Hold on! Don’t go out ghosthunting yet, for these areas are scheduled to

be renewed in the future. NHTV’s Urban Design students already are working on creative

and innovative plans for these areas. Unfortunately, Breda will only have money available for these plans in 2020, so they will have to wait.

project, not an amount that you just conjure out of a

Exited to check out the new station? Then scan

the surroundings of the train station, the renewal of

new train station! •

hat. Although it was possible to continue working on the station itself was put on hold. The only thing that

this QR code to take a 3D virtual tour of the

was left of the construction were some teasing posters plastered all over the station, showing what it already should have looked like by then.

But there is hope! In 2010 both ProRail and The Dutch

Ministry of Infrastructure decided to subsidise the project. The builders and planners still have to keep an eye on how much they spend, but at least they are able to continue working again.

Very promising work, to say! The new train station has been scheduled to be finished in 2015 and is said to



Friday April


Theo Maassen


On Friday, 20th April, Theo will put on a show in Chasse. Don’t be too late for tickets.


Saturday 04-02 : Musical ‘Kruimeltje’

On 4 and 5 February the heartwarming family musical ‘Kruimeltje’ will play in Chasse

Saturday 07-02 : Golden Earing

Barry, Cesar, Rinus and George in the Dutch theaters.

Plugged or unplugged, it’s a party for both the public and for the band.

Saturday 11-02 : Wolter Kroes

In the intimate atmosphere of the theater, Wolter Kroes shows more of himself. He will be supported by his band.

Tuesday 28-02 : 3JS

The popular musical trio from Volendam: Jan, Jaap,

and Jaap. With their band, they play the most beautiful songs.

Tuesday 20-03 : Within Temptation

Besides video, the band also use three short films

Saturday February


Rowwen Hèze

It’s all about the songs and the stories behind the songs of Rowwen Heze. Live at Chasse Breda.

Saturday 31-03 : Musical Saturday Night Fever

On 28, 29, 30 and 31 March you can visit the musical.

Saturday Night Fever is sexy, sassy and contempo-


rary. (There are shows also in April)

For more information visit


Monday 13-02 : Lee Scratch Perry

One of the main founders of the reggae


NHTV GENERAL | BREWED From 19 February




GENERAL Carnival

From 19 Feb till 21 Feb

On February 19th the dress-up time begins again in the south of the Netherlands. It is time for Carnival.

This will last till the 21th of February. Grab your craziest outfit out of your closet and get yourself ready. 14 Feb. Valentine’s Day

On February 14th love is in the air. This is the time to surprise your loved ones. Do you have a crush on someone or maybe you have a secret lover? We will find it out on Valentine’s Day. 30 Apr. Queens Day

On April 30th we will be celebrating the Queen’s Birthday. Are you going to Amsterdam to see famous deejays and artists or are you building your own party at home?

Friday March


Tim Akkerman Before he was the lead singer of Direct. Don’t

miss it and give yourself an evening full atmosphere.

Thursday 08-03 : Admiral Freebee solo

Admiral Freebee is the stage name of musician Tom van Laere. He has proven to be one of the most successful roots-rock artists of the Low Countries. For more information visit



Movie preview The dynamic acting duo of Robert Downey Jr. and

Jude Law once again struck the big screen this winter

and this time it was mind-blowing! The plot of the sequel of Sherlock Holmes answers the promise given

in the title as during the 2-hour screening we do witness a real game: a game of complicated, crafty, and

vicious storylines resolving in one great unexpected fi-

nale. This time Holmes, overly eccentric as usual, and the loyal Dr. Watson go after the conniving Professor

Moriarty and try to sabotage his evil destructive plan.

The journey takes them throughout Europe, involves Holmes’ lunatic brother, and meets them with gypsies, snipers, and many more. The outcome is the last thing you would have ever thought of but…of course, even

the end is not what it seems. A total must see! written by Lachezar Kamenov •

The Dark

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows December 15th

Action, Adventure, Crime 129 minutes

Director: Guy Ritchie

Script: Michele Mulroney

Knight Rises In summer 2012 we will witness what for a lot of people will probably be just the “end of a legend”, as the poster says, but the end of an era. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight will do some on-screen kick-butt action for the last time. Following the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman takes the responsibility for Dent’s crimes in order to protect Dent’s reputation. As a result he is hunted down by Gotham City Police and is forced to flee. Eight years after past and it


becomes time for Batman to return to Gotham and discover the truth about the mysterious Selina Kyle while preventing the city from the villain Bane’s plans for destruction. Don’t miss it! Will be epic! written by Lachezar Kamenov •


CD preview

Lana Del Ray

Born To Die After dropping her debut single ‘Videogames’ Lana Del Ray has been on the radar of many music lovers

around the world. Her style is quite unique in a way that she uses big arrangements for her background

music, but a very tender voice on top that creates a

haunting atmosphere. To emphasize this atmosphere

even further Lana uses handpicked video footage that

The Black Keys El Camino Although the duo of The Black Keys have already

been around since 2001 and have created over 6 al-

brings across the feeling of her music. On January

27th her second album titled ‘Born to die’ will be released. And judging on the first 3 singles we finally

have an artist that doesn’t need to rely on big production values but just her voice to convince you of listening to her.

Lana Del Ray – Born To Die – Available January 27th 2012. written by Joost van Abeelen •

bums they still didn’t receive worldwide fame. But now

we have ‘El Camino’ the bands latest studio album that separates itself from its predecessors by having

a more rock oriented sound. We’re only a couple of

weeks into 2012 but people already call El Camino

‘The rock album of the year’. That is quite a statement, but it does hold true, as soon as you pop the cd in your

stereo you get welcomed by their latest single ‘Lonely

Boy’ that has been soaring the charts the last couple of weeks. Other highlights on the album are the track

‘Little Black Submarines’, that shatters your ears with one of the best breakdowns of this year, and the track

‘Stop, Stop’ that immediately takes you back to the sound of the 60’s. With El Camino The Black Keys definitely deserve a place in the Rock Hall of fame!

The Black Keys – El Camino – Available now. written by Joost van Abeelen •




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