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Overcrowding in area schools aggravated by delay in portable classrooms rooms. An additional two permanent classrooms were added to the school in 2008.

a joint high school between serve to have quality educa Pavloff said the staff of the tion, and noted that the school Warman and Martensville overcrowded schools are dowhich would serve as a vodivision is putting increased ing their best to provide top A delay in the delivery of cational and apprenticeship emphasis on regional planquality education to the stusix portable classrooms for PORTABLES A STOP-GAP high school, where students ning. dents, but it’s getting harder two Martensville elementa While the delay in getting can learn the trades as well as the space crunch increases. “We need to plan for the fury schools will aggravate the relocatable classrooms is frus- “The staff is to be comas get their high school diploture,” he said. “One of the problem of overcrowding, says trating, the real problem is mas.” things that I’d like to see is mended for what they’re able Larry Pavloff, chair of the that school construction is to do,” he said. But in spite Prairie Spirit School Division not keeping up with the rapof this, we think the crowd(PSSD) Board of Trustees. id growth of Martensville and ed conditions may be starting CFP Warman, according to Pavloff. to affect student achievement. Guiding Your Financial Goals WEBSITE EXCLUSIVE “For the past three years We know it is affecting the Get stories like this plus more photos we’ve been telling the govern- staff’s working conditions and Providing a variety of services: before anyone else! Breaking news • Estate & Financial Planning ment that it just doesn’t work as it happens online for free at: job satisfaction, and we don’t Larry Pavloff • Life Insurance to put portables in like to see that, but we can’t • Mutual Funds ville and Warman,” said Pavdo much with our limited budGord Martens • GICs, CFP “It’s very frustrating,” said loff. “These are growing citrooms that still haven’t been get. The province controls the • Critical Illness Insurance Pavloff in an interview on ies. They’re not marginal or delivered may be delayed by Our Goal purse strings.” • Long-Term Care Protection Wednesday, August 28. “We several weeks. One of the sup- outlying areas. Portables are The PSSD Board chair • RRSPs Gord Martens has been affiliated with found out a couple of weeks a quick fix for a short-term pliers, Modus Structures, is said the overcrowding issue  To help ago that the portables will be problem, but this growth is based in Alberta and is con300 128 4th Avenue South, Saskatoon, SK Toll-free is acute at the elementary Sentinel for over 25 years delayed and it’s not just a litnot likely to slow down anytracted to provide the majori(800) 667-3929 choices Phone: 652-7225 Fax: 665-7754 schools, but it is also a probtle delay either. Some of them ty of the classrooms. The com- time soon.” lem with high schools.  To sim Through Sentinel, I am able to offer you, the may not arrive until Novempany was hit with unexpected Relocatable classrooms, he “Even with the expansion  To help ber and it takes a while bedemand for its product in the said, are “only delaying the client, a full service financial buffet, and renovation to the Marfore they’re ready to be used. wake of the severe flooding in necessity of building new tensville High School, by the  To pro utilizing the services of the Mutual Fund, By the time the electrical schools.” southern Alberta earlier this time it’s built, we’re already friendly and plumbing is hooked up, it summer. The other supplier Pavloff said the fast-growis , CFP going to need a new high Gord Martens Life Insurance Deadline and Mortgagefor brokerage placing could be January before the ing centres get “150 to 180 new school,” he said. Versatile Concepts, smaller  To wor Classified Ads is Monday at 12 p.m. kids are finally in.” com- Goals company based in Vonda, Sas- students in each of theseOur operations of our corporation. Pavloff said taxpayers deachieve Call (306) 668-0575 Fax (306) 668-3997 munities every year. katchewan. Gord Martens has been affiliated with SUPPLIES DELAYED “That’s the equivalent of aTo help you make sound financial Our experience and expertise lie in assisting According to the PSSD ofnew school every three or four CLASSROOM CRUNCH Sentinel for over 25 years choices. clients in the complete financial and estate fice, the Saskatchewan Minyears,” he said. “When you Valley Manor School is in istry of Education allocated consider that, on average, a desperate need of addition To simplify a complex process. Through Sentinel, I am able to offer you, the planning process from the early six portable classrooms for al classroom space, according school accommodates between  To help you save taxes. full service two Martensville elementary 450 to 500 students. We’ve exto the client, PSSD.aThe school’sfinancial pro- buffet, accumulation periods through to retirement SAT SEPTEMBER 14TH 2013 schools. Five of the portables plained this situation to the jected enrolment this year is  To provide you with accessible, utilizing the services of the Mutual Fund, and post-retirement periods of life. are destined for Valley ManMinister of Education and se-friendly, and professional service. 690 students, compared to 614 11AM- 4PM or School while one is earnior officials in the Ministry last year. regular Life Currently, Insurance and Mortgage brokerage marked for Venture Heights classes are being conducted in on numerous occasions, and To work with you and for you to PARKING LOT ACROSS Financia operations of our corporation. School. the school’s library, staff room even though they are aware of achieve your Financial Security. FROM CREDIT UNION BANK. While two of the relocatable and computer lab. the problem, we aren’t seeing Life M Our experience and expertise lie in assisting solution.” classrooms were delivered to a satisfactory To cope with the expanding BOUNCY CASTLE & POPCORN M Valley Manor in late August, Pavloff said the most recent enrolment numbers, Valley clients in the complete financial and estate there is still work that needs Manor has been relying heav- meeting between PSSD repreHUGE BLOWOUT SALE to be done to make them ily on planning relocatable classrooms process from the earlysentatives and the Ministry Spring, Summer NHL & UFC Software, 102 Central St W ready for occupation. The was on Monday, August 26. for several years. According Warman, SK Melissa & Doug Summer Toy’s,300 - 12 through “We’re to retirement PSSD office noted that all of continuing to advocate to the accumulation PSSD office, periods the school Jewlery & MUCH MORE...Saskato (306) 931-7800 the portables were supposed on behalf of the students and will have 17 relocatable classand post-retirement periods of life. to have been completely ready rooms once the new ones are the community,” he said. S7K 1M by the start of the school year. installed. The original school Phone: The four relocatable classEDUCATION QUALITYFinancial Management Corp. portion has only 11 classBy TERRY PUGH

Gord Martens


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Clark's Crossing Gazette - September 5, 2013 issue  
Clark's Crossing Gazette - September 5, 2013 issue  

Clark's Crossing Gazette - September 5, 2013 issue