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The wheels have been set in motion as the City of Martensville looks to start building its new city hall next month





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Warman Wolverines’ Isaac Jackson leaps high into the air to deliver a spike during a volleyball tournament hosted by Warman High School over the October 20th weekend.

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Warman Fire Department members clean up the scene of an early-morning fire Friday at Tomas the Cook Restaurant on North Railway Avenue

Popular Warman restaurant suffers major damage in fire

Damage is extensive following an overnight fire at a restaurant in Warman. According to Warman RCMP, firefighters were notified of an alarm just before midnight Thursday, October 18 at Tomas the Cook Restaurant on North Railway Ave. A small fire was in progress and was quickly extinguished, however, the building suffered extensive smoke damage. The restaurant building also houses Flamingo Pizza and the Sahara Sports Bar. Warman Hotel, located next door, was unaffected

by the fire but was evacuated for precautionary reasons. No one was inside the restaurant at the time of the blaze and there were no injuries, police added. Firefighters were on scene for approximately three hours fighting the blaze. Once it was extinguished, fire crews remained at the building the following day, working with RCMP members to investigate and evaluate the extent of the damage. The cause of the fire is under unknown but initial reports indicate it likely started in the kitchen area.

Good thing the parks aren’t named like Warman’s newest school For several months (okay, it’s been a couple of years, but who’s counting) readers have stopped me on the street, bent my ear at the rink (and one time I was even approached at the golf course!) and asked why I never write a column on a regular basis. The answer has been and, up until this issue, was always that I had no time to properly think through a concept, put it on paper in draft form, re-write it, then edit it into a presentable, legible, thought-provoking piece. In other words, I just didn’t have time to do it regularly. And my grandfather always said if a person can’t be regular...well, I’ll spare you his advice. But, here we are in the busiest time of year for us in the paper business and apparently I don’t have enough on my plate. I have so much time on my hands that I asked my dedicated staff (God bless ‘em) if I should start writing a weekly shoot ‘em up, wring ‘em out hard nosed editorial column each week. The answer was a resounding “YES!”. I think the urge to merge written words can be traced way back to a day over two weeks ago (yes, a long time ago in our business). Reading the accounts of newspaperman Cy Warman (not to be

confused with that flashy Korean pop singer Psy) and how he regularly kept up with the colourful characters in the wild west town of Creede, Colorado. You see, Cy called it as it was and pulled no punches. If someone deserved praise, they were praised. If someone deserved a printed word lobotomy, they got it. This Cy was definitely Gangnam Style in his era! Now, I’ll be the first to admit times have changed. And they’ve changed in a big way. I’m sure it would be disappointing to Cy. We now have things like privacy policies, freedom of information requests and the Youth Criminal Justice Act that protects the identities of our beloved criminals under the age of 18. That said, I’ve always been a believer the local paper should offer a forum for readers to get things off their chest. As I just mentioned, time hasn’t exactly been on my side as the paper has grown. Resources have been stretched to the limit and anyone who knows me personally can attest to the time I spend volunteering on various boards and organizations. That all changes now. Without providing the rope and a tree, it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. The first order of business this week is to call out and offer up some advice to our school division. Next time a school needs to be named, use some creativity and drop the word

Two Cents on 2

people. Thankfully the city didn’t lower expectations and name them Warman Community Park One, Warman Community Park Two, etc. etc. I, for one, am really glad to know city council used some creativity.

“community”. After what was likely many meetings and brainstorming sessions, the best our school division could come up with was Warman Community Middle School? As I would proclaim with a raised brow and a mocking sneer after shanking a seven-iron from 165 out: Really? I won’t go so far as to say my six-year-old son could do better picking a name but, sadly, it would be close. And based on the reaction around the city I’d say I’m not alone with the word “really?” There is nothing wrong with the word community. In fact, many good things can be associated with its usage including the terms community newspaper and community association. But, were all the other good names already taken? There is no doubt a long list exists of distinguished educators and community leaders that should have their names attached to the buildings we are erecting. In fact, Warman recently named three parks after such

***** The province seems to be putting off building a badly needed interchange at the junction of Wanuskewin Road and Highway 11. Despite the fact it is the site of multiple fatal crashes and even more injury collisions, nothing seems to be moving the government to improve the safety at this incredibly busy location. You don’t suppose there is a good reason for this, do you? The only thing I can think of is that once built, the new perimeter highway around Saskatoon will preclude the need for an overpass at that location. According to the RM of Corman Park map, the new perimeter highway will intersect with Highway 11 at the Millar Avenue extension. Smart money bets this is where the overpass will be built and the only northbound traffic on Wanuskewin past Penner Road will be traffic merging onto Highway 11. In the meantime – until some sort of perimeter highway is built – we will sadly see more tragic headlines


and photos from that corner. And here’s a newsflash: We could also use a couple of other interchanges at the entrances to Martensville and Warman, too. I guess Christmas is just around the corner so we had best try to stay on the nice list. ***** The City of Warman. I like the sound of that! Let’s party! We only get to become a city once so I expect so see nothing less than a full house at The Legends Centre on Saturday starting at 12:30. Bring your camera, your appetite and your skates as it will be a day to tell your children and grandchildren about. And don’t forget to wear Rider green! ***** Have an opinion on something you’ve read here or elsewhere in the newspaper? Or maybe something you’ve seen or experienced recently is deserving of an opinion. Your feedback in the form of a Letter to the Editor is greatly appreciated! Send your letter, complete with a daytime telephone number for verification purposes, to: or text message (140 characters or less) anonymously with your comments to: (306) 291-0104.


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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 25, 2012 • PG. 3


Warman becomes province’s newest city this weekend Warman will officially become Saskatchewan’s 16th city next week, and everyone is invited to the celebration. A special event is slated for Saturday, October 27 at the Legends Centre in Warman, beginning at 12:30 pm. Provincial Municipal Affairs Minister Jim Reiter and Warman Mayor Sheryl Spence will kick off the event by signing the paper declaring Warman a city and unveiling Warman’s new logo and flag. A short program features a pictorial retrospective of the community’s history and a special address by Bryan Warman, a grandson of Cy Warman, the distinguished writer for whom the new city was named. A congratulatory video message from Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall will also be screened. Warman was first incorporated as a village in 1906. While the population declined in the 1930s, it recovered in the 1950s and became a town in 1966. In the last decade it has mushroomed in size, and currently ranks as the sixth fastest-growing community in Canada, accordTHINGS TO SEE & DO ing to the 2011 national r A live broadcast of the census. Saskatchewan Roughriders game The official populaon a giant screen in the Legends tion is pegged at 7,084, Centre, starting at 2:00 p.m. up from 4,769 in the 2006 census. This 48.5 r A Taste of Warman featuring percent growth rate was delicious food available from the second-highest in Warman’s many fine restaurants the province for towns r Free public skating at the and cities. Legends Centre arena And that growth is r Free horse-drawn wagon rides continuing. The populaand indoor children’s activities tion has grown signifir A giant fireworks display at dusk cantly since the census r An evening hockey game figures were released. featuring the Warman Wildcats A total of 223 building senior team vs. Dundurn permits for single family dwellings have been issued so far this calendar year by the municipality, along with 33 multi-family units. Warman Mayor Sheryl Spence said the time is right for the community to become a city. Not only is the population well above the 5,000 minimum required for city status in Saskatchewan, the municipal election October 24 is the ideal opportunity to welcome the community’s first city council. “The community of Warman has grown from village to town back to village to town and now to city,” said Spence. “As we approach 8,000 residents we will now turn the next page in Warman’s history by becoming Saskatchewan 16th city. We are very excited about the opportunities and possibilities that will come with this new status. Warman is and will continue to be the best place to live, raise your family, work, play and retire. Please join us in celebrating this very special occasion.” Full details of the Warman City Celebration event are available in this issue and also online at the municipal website: and also at the Clark’s Crossing Gazette website: .

An artist’s conceptual drawing of the new Martensville City Hall

UNDER ONE ROOF Construction of new Martensville City Hall planned to begin next month By TERRY PUGH

Four years after becoming a city, the final piece of the puzzle is being put into place for Martensville, the second fastest-growing urban municipality in Canada.


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Construction of the new Martensville City Hall will likely begin sometime in November, after a general contractor is selected to oversee the project, says Scott Blevins, Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) for the city. Blevins said the design for the building is now complete, and the city has released an architect’s rendition of what the new city hall will look like. “It’s pretty exciting, because it’s one step closer to becoming a reality for Martensville,” said Blevins in a phone interview Friday, October 19. “The project is going out to tender over the next week and, hopefully based on that, we’ll get some good pricing from contractors,” noted Blevins. “It appears to

be an opportune time to put out a tender for this type of building because contractors seem to have caught up with other projects or have expanded their capacity and can now take on something like this.” Tenders for the new multi-million dollar building opened October 22 and the bidding process will close in early November. A decision on the successful contract will be made by the end of November.


During the 2012 municipal budget deliberations, Martensville Council adopted a resolution approving expenditures for designing and constructing a new city hall. The decision was necessary, noted Blevins, because the city department offices are widely-separated at the present time. “Currently the administration operates out of three separate facilities, which make the day-to-day business very difficult for residents looking for information,” he explained. “We’ve had complaints from taxpayers because it’s very frustrating and inconvenient to have to run back and forth between different buildings.” The new city hall building will be located on city-owned land adjacent to the existing Civic Centre, with the main entrance facing the intersection of 1st Street South and 1st Avenue South.

The building will be big enough to accommodate the current staff and the projected needs of the municipality five to 10 years into the future, noted Blevins. “It’s going to be just under 11,000 square feet,” he said. “The concept includes a functional facility that is sharp but not elaborate. The design will also incorporate plans for expansion rather than having to construct a whole new facility in the future as the community grows.” The design of the building was done by Maurice Soulodre Architect Ltd. Blevins said the construction work should start as soon as possible, once the general contractor is selected. “The foundation, with the piles and grade beams can all be done in the coming months,” said Blevins. “This work can continue right through the winter, because there is no basement. The only things below ground are the piles.” Blevins said the city will be encouraging the successful contractor to use as many local sub-contractors as possible during the construction period. “We want to have as much local flavour to this project as we can,” he said. “We have quite a few construction contractors in Martensville, and when we look at evaluating the tenders, that will be one of the things we take into account.”



Body found following vehicle fire Police are investigating a suspicious vehicle fire and death in the RM of Corman Park south of Saskatoon. According to Saskatoon RCMP the incident occurred just before midnight on Tuesday, October 16. At approximately 11:52 p.m. Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services were called to the vehicle fire west of Highway 219 at Baker Road, near the Corman Park landfill. The body of a male was discovered in the front seat of the vehicle. Members of the Saskatoon RCMP remained on scene overnight. Members of the RCMP Major Crimes Unit North, Forensic Identification Unit,

RCMP collision analyst, RCMP police dog, the Provincial Coroner, as well as a provincial fire scene examiner all investigated the scene later that day. The investigation remains a sudden death investigation at this time and RCMP are treating it as suspicious


When it comes to the


until proven otherwise as in any death investigation. The identity of the deceased has not yet been determined and an autopsy took place earlier this week. The cause of the fire has yet to be determined. Police are asking anyone with any information in regards to this sudden death and fire, please contact the Saskatoon RCMP at (306) 9755173 or if you wish to remain anonymous, Saskatchewan Crime Stoppers at 1-800-2228477, *8477 on Sask-Tel Mobility, text TIP206 plus your tip to CRIMES (274637), or online at www.saskcrimestoppers. com where you can also view information on other unsolved crimes.


Controlled detonation conducted at Corman Industrial Park Those out for a leisurely Sunday morning drive south of Warman perhaps heard a couple of loud booming sounds. At around 11:00 technicians from the Saskatoon Police Service Explosive Dispos-

al Unit set off two large explosions in a pit at a business in the Corman Industrial Park. Saskatoon Fire and Protective Services and MD Ambulance assisted in the controlled detonation of the expired materials.

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Offerseverance based on 2013 Sorento LX AT. of the Municipalities Act with sulted in significant respect Sorento to hisSX pecuniary intershown costs to the RM; ests.” - apparent breaches of the The Reeve may also have Municipalities Act and the breached Section 123 of the RM’s Code of Ethics by the Reeve Mel Henry was among many within the RM of Corman Municipalities Act by impropReeve; Park who were put under the microscope by investigators erly calling special meetings, - an apparent lack of transHWY (A/T): 5.5L/100KM ture of the problems within the parency in major decision but the RM exceeded his authority with been made public 2013 SEDAN CITY (A/T): 8.0L/100KM regard to purchases of RM council amended an earlier de- RM, the public should be in- making processes; to the RM election - a divided council where cision and opted instead toATre- formed prior equipment and inappropriateFOR UP TO OWN IT FROM WITH lease a summary of the report for Reeve, slated for Wednes- good governance practices are ly drawn on the RM’s finances ≠ $ bills. after it$was vetted by its legal% day, Oct. 24. The summary of not followed and where bullyto pay his own legal the report was made available ing and dictatorial behavior is The findings BI-WEEKLY are includ- counsel.DOWN Authorized Coleman Dealer MONTHS APR report summary at the RM office October 19 and demonstrated on both sides. ed in the summary of a re- The bi-weekly for 60October months, amortized 84 months $0 DOWN PAYMENT. was posted on the RM’s webalsooversays thewith administration port released Friday, Repair, Maintenance, Installation One significant finding of Forte SX shown $4,646 remaining balance. Offer includes $1,050 “3 payments on us” savings . 19 by the RM of Corman Park and governance of the RM is site as well as numerous media the report was that there was BASED ON A PURCHASE PRICE OF $17,450. Offer based on 2013 Forte Sedan LX MT. 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LLP be engaged immediately “undertake extensive gover-t Military Benefi WE’VE GOT Fully Licensed and Bonded YOU COVERED LIKE USnance ON The report, approved by While noting one instance through the RM’s legal counsel facilitation and Assistance trainMobility the RM of Corman Park coun- where competitive hiring prac- to conduct an independent re-LEARN ing MORE. to ensure that Council opTO *5-year/100,000 km Rebate worry-free comprehensivefunction cil last July and commissioned tices were not followed, the re- view of the operation, erates effectively,Grad fairly and in see dealer for details warranty. by the RM’s legal counsel, was port states the investigators and adherence to policy and accordance with the Munici8 - 2241 Hanselman Ave. Saskatoon, SK. prepared by the Investigative found no evidence of any finan- procedures by Administration palities Act and best practices. 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Eligible models include 2012/2013 Rio4-Door and Rio5, 2012/2013 Forte Sedan, Forte Koup and Forte5, 2012/2013 Sorento and 2012 Soul ing forensic audit of the Corman Park during counsel. for forensic strategic plan, as well as un1.6 L AT or MT models. $500 can be redeemed, at customer's choice, towards the purchase of a winter tire/tires for their new Kia vehicle, in the form of a cheque in the amount of $500 or as reduction of $500 from the negotiated selling price (before taxes) of the new vehicle. Some conditions apply. See your Kia dealer for complete details. Offer ends October 31, 2012. 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Story time

School outdoor story-board aims to make literacy, learning fun By TERRY PUGH



Langham Elementary School librarian Leeanne Yellowlees (left) facilitates the opening page of the school’s “story-board” project that was set up in the schoolyard during Education Week October 15-19 Langham School Principal Laura Prefontaine (right) was one of several teachers who bundled up and staffed the different stages along the outdoor story-board path while students read the pages.

e, u l a v ry a n i d r Extrao innovation , quality industry and an arranty w g n i d lea

tudents at Langham Elementary School got a taste of the great outdoors while brushing up on their literacy skills during Education Week last Wednesday. The school posted an innovative “story-board” around the perimeter of the school ground last week, where students read the book – page by page – as they made their way along the schoolyard fence. Younger students were paired up with their older “care partners” who helped them read pages from the book, “Olivia saves the Circus”. The cold, windy conditions didn’t faze the students, who obviously enjoyed the novel experience. “We want to make this an annual event,” explained Langham School Principal Laura Prefontaine. “By posting the pages outdoors, we’re encouraging everyone to come and view it. We’ll leave it up for the entire week so not only the kids can enjoy it but the entire community can come and read it with their children.” The story-board event was just one of several events at the school during Education Week, all with a “circus” theme and all aimed at including the larger community. A “circus parade” was held Thursday, October 18 and a daylong “cardboard arcade” event on Friday, October 19. Leeanne Yellowlees, Librarian at Langham Elementary School, said the idea for the story-board came from an article she read about a librarian in Vermont who tried it out in a small town and met with great success. “I thought it was just a wonderful idea to get kids out with their parents and their families,” said Yellowlees. “They get the benefits of outdoor exercise and reading together. It’s a different atmosphere – a different environment that helps get children excited about reading.” Yellowlees said reading is usually viewed as a passive experience, and many children find it difficult to sit still and read. “The challenge is to make learning fun for kids,” she said. “This generation of children is bombarded with so much fast-paced electronic entertainment coming at them, and reading a book may seem boring to them by comparison. We want to make things interesting and get them involved in reading in a physical way. When they’re excited, it makes them want to learn more.” Prefontaine said the story-board event and the circus theme created a lot of excitement throughout the school. “Every single teacher is involved, and the students are really pumped to have something like this,” she said. “It’s exciting to see how reading can become an adventure for the kids.” TERRY PUGH | CLARK’S CROSSING GAZETTE


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501 South Railway St. W - WARMAN



First snowfall brings new crop of collisions The first major snowfall of the season means busy times for paramedics. Troy Davies of MD Ambulance says the first snowfall of the year on Tuesday, October 23 resulted in several crashes on the highways around Saskatoon. Three of the collisions happened on Highway 7, and

also resulted in several vehicles sliding off roads. Davies said paramedics also anticipate an increase in slips and falls that occur outside. Proper footwear is imperative, especially for seniors. “Each year when we see a change in the weather we see an increase in crashes,” said Davies. “Drivers need to be re-

highways and creates black ice,” explained Davies. “We are asking drivers to take the extra time to get adjusted to driving on slippery streets and slow down.” MD Ambulance also reminded people to clean walkways in front of their homes and businesses.

minded to slow down and get used to driving on slippery streets again.” He pointed out that even though there is snow on the ground, that doesn’t always mean there are freezing temperatures. “If the weather is near the freezing mark, snow is melting once it hits the streets and


Highway 16 collision claims a life One person is dead as a result of a two-vehicle collision on Highway 16 near Paynton. Lloydminster RCMP reported that at approximately 9:15 PM on October 16, 2012 a 1968 Chevrolet Impala was involved in a collision with a 2012 Dodge 5500 flat deck truck hauling a trailer.

The collision occurred on Highway 16 near Paynton. According to witnesses, the Impala was traveling westbound in the eastbound lanes of Highway #16 without headlights. The collision resulted in the death of the driver of the Impala. The driver of the Dodge was transported to Bat-

tleford Hospital where it is believed he has non life threatening injuries. No other passengers were involved. The highway at that location was shut down for a lengthy period of time as the RCMP Traffic Analyst completed his investigation. Maidstone EMS, Fire/ Rescue along with the Coroner attended and assisted with the investigation. At this time there is no other known contributing factors. More is expected as the Coroner continues his investigation. No names are being released at this time.

Monday, October 29, 2012

7:00 p.m. Mid Sask Community Futures 500 Progress Avenue Outlook, Sask.

For any further information, call our office at 867-9566 or 1-888-929-9990

Sunday October  28,  2012  

4:00 p.m.  –  7:00  p.m.   Affinity  Community  Hall  –  120  Railway  Street   LANGHAM,  SASKATCHEWAN   Come  join  us  for  Turkey,  all  the  fixings  and  great  conversation!   Adults:    $12   Children  (5-­‐12  Years):    $5   Pre-­‐School:    FREE!  

Everyone Welcome!    


A pair of sparrows grab a bite at a backyard feeder in Warman following the first snowfall of the season earlier this week.

Saskatoon man arrested for posession of child porn A 58-year Saskatoon man is in custody facing charges of Possession of Child Pornography following an arrest earlier this week. Police with the Saskatchewan Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) Unit, executed a search warrant at a residence located on the north end of Saskatoon on Monday, October 22, 2012 in relation to an outstanding investigation from Operation Snapshot. Darrel Donald Stupnikoff, a 58 year old male, was arrested and charged with Possession of Child Pornography and Distribution of Child Pornography. Stupnikoff made his first court appearance in Saskatoon Tuesday morning, October 23, 2012. Stupknikoff has a previous conviction in 2005 for Possession of Child Pornography. Stupnikoff was remanded in custody and was scheduled to appear for a show cause hearing in Saskatoon, Wednesday, October 24, 2012. The Saskatchewan ICE Unit is comprised of investigators from the R.C.M.P., Regina Police Service, Saskatoon Police Service and Prince Albert Police Service. Their mandate is to investigate crimes involving the abuse and/or exploitation of children on the Internet.

Get ready for Christmas in one day!

The Town of Osler is now booking tables for the Osler Craft & Bake Sale SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 2012 Osler Community Hall 10 am - 3 pm Crafts ` Baking ` Knitting ` Jewelry ` Woodwork

If you would like to book a table, call Jessica at (306) 239-2155

Christmas Sale November 10th

Langham &  Community  Fowl   Supper  



Something for everyone in the family!

9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Warman Seniors Band in attendance!

Warman Thrift Shop

Where every purchase made is a gift to the world

115 Klassen St. Warman 933-3293


October 28, 2011

I want to stroll over Heaven with you, some glad day When all our troubles and heartaches are vanished away Then we’ll enjoy the beauty where all things are new I want to stroll over Heaven with you. Always remembered, Always loved Eva and all the family


Prison Ministry

November 2nd & 3rd, 2012 Brian King Centre, Warman SK

FRIDAY Open House

Kielke & Sausage & Dessert Supper: 4:30 to 8pm

           (Supper by donation)

   Cake Auction: 7:00 to 7:30 pm     Music by two local groups: 7:30 to 9:00 pm


Pancake Breakfast: 8:00 to 9:30 am

          (Breakfast by donation)

AUCTION: 9:30 am Food Booth: 9:00 am to end of sale

Auction Items

A one hour Ultra Light Airplane ride (intro or sightseeing flight in Husky Norseman two place ultra-light trainer). Tools. Picnic Table. Deacons Bench. Gas Grill. Toys. Propane Barbecue. 900 lb. Steer. Emergency Booster / Charger. Ice Cream Maker. Shop-Vac. Camp Shelter. Hopper Bottom: $2500 Gift Certificate for Hopper Bottom (buyer’s choice). Large Assortment of Furniture (two dining room tables & chairs, antique china cabinet, bed & dresser & chest of drawers, desk with three drawers). Many other new & good quality used items too numerous to mention!!!

More details 306-933-4228


2012 F-150 SUPER CAB XLT 4X4





Offer includes $10,000 in Manufacturer Rebates. ELIGIBLE COSTCO MEMBERS RECEIVE AN ADDITIONAL




9.7L/100km 29MPG HWY** 13.4L/100km 21MPG CITY **

FALL IN LOVE WITH A FORD AND SWAP YOUR RIDE. VISIT FORD.CA OR YOUR PRAIRIE FORD STORE FOR DETAILS. VIEW OUR SWAPISODES ONLINE AT FORD.BLOG.CA/SWAPISODES Vehicle(s) may be shown with optional equipment. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offers. Offers may be cancelled at any time without notice. See your Ford Dealer for complete details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. ©2012 Ford Motor Company of Canada, Limited. All rights reserved. © 2012 Sirius Canada Inc. “SiriusXM”, the SiriusXM logo, channel names and logos are trademarks of SiriusXM Radio Inc. and are used under licence. ††Offer only valid from September 1, 2012 to October 31, 2012 (the “Offer Period”) to resident Canadians with a Costco membership on or before August 31, 2012. Use this $1,000CDN Costco member offer towards the purchase or lease of a new 2012/2013 Ford/Lincoln vehicle (excluding Fiesta, Focus, Raptor, GT500, Mustang Boss 302, Transit Connect EV & Medium Truck) (each an “Eligible Vehicle”). The Eligible Vehicle must be delivered and/or factory-ordered from your participating Ford/Lincoln dealer within the Offer Period. Offer is only valid at participating dealers, is subject to vehicle availability, and may be cancelled or changed at any time without notice. Only one (1) offer may be applied towards the purchase or lease of one (1) Eligible Vehicle, up to a maximum of two (2) separate Eligible Vehicle sales per Costco Membership Number. Offer is transferable to persons domiciled with an eligible Costco member. This offer can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford Motor Company of Canada at either the time of factory order (if ordered within the Offer Period) or delivery, but not both. Offer is not combinable with any CPA/GPC or Daily Rental incentives, the Commercial Upfit Program or the Commercial Fleet Incentive Program (CFIP). Applicable taxes calculated before $1,000CDN offer is deducted. Dealer may sell or lease for less. Limited time offer, see dealer for details or call the Ford Customer Relationship Centre at 1-800-565-3673. *Purchase a new [2012 F-150 Super Cab XLT 4x4 5.0L/F-150 Regular Cab for $24,995 / $17,995 after Total Manufacturer Rebate of $10,000 / $8,250 deducted. Taxes payable on full amount of purchase price after Manufacturer Rebate has been deducted. Offers exclude freight and air tax [$1,650], license, fuel fill charge, insurance, dealer PDI, registration, PPSA, administration fees, any environmental charges or fees, and all applicable taxes. All prices are based on Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. Delivery Allowances can be used in conjunction with most retail consumer offers made available by Ford of Canada at either the time of factory order or delivery, but not both. Delivery Allowances are not combinable with any fleet consumer incentives. **Estimated fuel consumption ratings for the 2012 [F-150 4x2 3.7L- V6 6 Speed SST/F-150 4x4 3.7L- V6 6 speed SST/F-150 4x4 5.0L- V8 6 speed SST]. Fuel consumption ratings based on Transport Canada-approved test methods. Actual fuel consumption will vary based on road conditions, vehicle loading and driving habits. ‡ Max. horsepower of 411 and max. torque of 434 on F-150 6.2L V8 engine. Class is Full–Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR, non-hybrid vs. 2011/2012 comparable competitor engines. ‡‡ F-150: When properly equipped. Max. towing of 11,300 lbs with 3.5L EcoBoost and 6.2L 2 valve 4X2 V8 engines. Max. payload of 3,120 lbs with 5.0L Ti-VCT V8 engines. Class is Full-Size Pickups under 8,500 lbs GVWR, non-hybrid. Super Duty: Max. conventional towing capability of 17,500 lbs. on F-350 and max. 5th Wheel towing capability of 24,500 lbs. On F-450 when properly equipped. Max. payload capability of 7,110 lbs. on F-350 when properly equipped. Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8,500 lbs. GVWR vs. 2011/2012 competitors.



24/7 at:


Agriculture back in its rightful place improvements in agricultural training – perhaps, the return of agriculture technical vocation training – to appropriately acknowledge the specialist nature of farming. In doing so, Wall is attempting to better establish agriculture as a true profession for not only just the producer, but also for hired farm operators who are not recognized in the way other heavy equipment operators are recognized. The paper is also chockfull of commitments to increased dollars on crop research and bio-tech, increased livestock production, the previously announced establishment of a Global Food Institution at the University of Saskatchewan, value-added processing and improved agriculture programs that are less ad hoc. (Wall proudly announced a 77 per cent take-up of this year’s crop insurance program.) But perhaps the most intriguing and boldest initiative in the entire paper is the goal of increasing agriculture production. The paper calls for a crop production increase of 10 million tonnes by 2020 and increase in agriculture and food exports to $15 bil-

While talking about his Saskatchewan Plan for Growth vision statement last week, Premier Brad Wall offered a reminder that we in this province best not forget: Agriculture cannot be forgotten. Oil has redefined the province’s economy in the past decade and now accounts for $10 billion in annual economic activity. Similarly, booming potash now accounts for $6.2 billion, annually. However, Wall emphasizes that agriculture in Saskatchewan accounts for a remarkable $8.4 billion in economic activity – sandwiched between the two nonrenewable resources. Yet our infatuation with oil and potash in recent times has left agriculture as the forgotten middle child. And Wall thinks that everyone – including himself – has been a little guilty of this neglect. But one of the neat things about Wall’s 66-page economic paper released last week is how much space was dedicated to rectifying this by re-establishing agriculture as one of the drivers of the Saskatchewan economy. The paper call for some


Provincial Politics

lion by 2020. Obviously, these goals are both lofty and risky. Anyone with a passing familiarity with commodity price fluctuation or agriculture’s dependency on unpredictable weather may wonder if they are all that wise. But some interesting numbers suggest these goals could be realistic. Take the most recent six-year period of 2006 to 2011 and consider how much higher yields compared with the previous six years of 2000 to 2005: canola, 32 per cent; peas, 12 per cent; oats, 27 per cent; barley, 15 per cent; and wheat, 20 per cent. Again, crop production can vary wildly year to year– depending on multipleyear weather patterns and how much farmers grow and fertilizer that can often depend on the prices. However, if one looks at the crop yield numbers from 1992 to 2011 – a healthy 20year span affording us more of a longer term view – one

sees an average crop production increase of 2.5 per cent annually. To meet Wall’s target, farmers will actually have to increase production by 3.7 per cent a year – about the average annual production increase for every crop in the past five years except oats and canola. It’s also worth noting, however, that Wall’s Sask. Party government announced in the March budget $10 million for additional wheat research – part of a record $20.4 million for crop research. The government has doubled the commitment to research since 2007 and Wall feels this investment will pay dividends in higher yielding crops. Finally, let us keep in perspective that these are just goals. The consequences of not meeting them are hardly dire. Nevertheless, in an economic paper mostly criticized for not have bold enough goals, Wall certainly has some rather bold ones for agriculture. And, after years of government neglect when it comes to the importance of agriculture, it’s nice to see agriculture retake its rightful place in Saskatchewan.

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Reader Opinions Floral dance aims to raise funds for community centre The Floral Community Centre is the focal point for people living in the Floral area. The building and grounds were, at one time, a school for the area, and it still holds all the charm that it did when it was first built. It is entirely maintained by volunteers, and is used year round. Every fall, we have our annual Floral Moon Social and Dance where everyone is invited. This year the event is scheduled for Friday, November 2 at the Floral Community Centre. Tickets can be purchased by calling Mark at 374-8886 or Perry at 373-6561. There is a DJ, cash bar, midnight lunch, a 50-50 draw and various door prize draws. The dance is aimed at raising money to help maintain the hall. Right now our current project is to install new shingles on the roof of the building. Come and have a good time for a worthy cause. Perry Ulrich Floral Community Association


Former rural municipality Reeve needs to be replaced has ordered her reinstatement Our current reeve, Mel Henadministrator was not unjustly fired ry, who and back pay for her 14 months is running for re-elec As a former councillor for Division 6 in the RM of Corman Park, I feel I must express my point of view. I was on council when some discussions were had to move the RM in a new direction. In fact, my decision to run for council was based on the indecisiveness of the Planning Department in regards to my development, Parkside Estates. Once on council, it became apparent to me that council as a whole were not fully aware of the actual operations of the Planning and Administration departments. Planning and Administration were making many decisions, that should have been brought to council, without council’s knowledge. Until my appearance as a councillor the rest of the councillors had little idea what I, or anyone else, was put through in regards to planning procedures. That is why now, I must say the dismissal of the Administrator was discussed among some councillors at the same time as the dismissal of the head of Planning (this was long before the


Published Thursdays by Jenson


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430D Central Street P.O. Box 1419, Warman, SK S0K 4S0


P ublishing

harassment charges were filed). I felt, at the time, to let both heads go at the same time would be too disruptive for council and other staff. Some councillors agreed and that is why the Planning Department was the first to be changed. Now, to say that the Administrator was unjustly fired because of the harassment charge is just not right. Her time remaining as Administrator was up, long before these charges occurred. As stated, “Ms. Knutilla was terminated because she brought forward her complaint of harassment to her employer for investigation and resolution”. In my opinion – and the reason I voted to terminate her – had nothing to do with harassment charges. Her time was up, a new direction was needed. I do hope council will do the right thing and appeal this ruling and save the taxpayers a payout on an unjustified ruling. Bill Dyck Former Councillor RM of Corman Park

tion, has stated publicly that his priority is to bring about the demise of Corman Park and the creation of a new municipality west and north of the South Saskatchewan River. He feels he has no conflict of interest in this matter. I can only equate this argument to a Quebec separatist running to be the Prime Minister of Canada whose main objective is the dismantling of Canada, with all its financial and political ramifications. This is the same Reeve that has had numerous complaints of harassment lodged by various Corman Park employees, which has resulted in a high turnover of staff at the municipal office and a high number of legal bills. This is the same Reeve who instigated the removal of the head administrator, alleging incompetence and insubordination, after she dared to file a formal complaint of harassment against him. The Ministry of Labour Relations now has ruled there was no basis for her dismissal and

TERRY JENSON - Publisher ANGELA HEIDEL - Chief Financial Officer TERRY PUGH - Reporter/Photographer

JOANNE URLACHER - Production/Typesetting ANGIE WHITEHEAD - Production/Typesetting

away from her job. Other employees will probably follow suit. As a result of Mel Henry’s actions, and those councillors that supported him, the municipality of Corman Park could be looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal costs and settlements. This is the same Reeve who cancelled the independent panel looking at the inequity in electoral divisions where one division had one-tenth of the population of another division and who actively worked against those wanting electoral reform for a more equitable election process. And this is the same Reeve, who once losing that battle, set out on a campaign to dismantle Corman Park while still being the Reeve. Hopefully the voters of Corman Park will get out and vote on October 24 to give Mel Henry exactly what he deserves: the opportunity to look for a new job. Dr. Bob Russell Riverside Estates RM of Corman Park


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VOL. 5 NO. 15




Accident sends Grandora area man to hospital Submitted by Sgt. Warren Gherasim Warman RCMP Detachment

On October 16 at 8:45 p.m. police were called to a collision between a tractor-trailer and a car on Highway 7 and Range Road 3072, west of Saskatoon. A northbound Mercury Marquis attempted to cross the highway when and was struck by an eastbound transport truck. The driver of the car was injured, but was conscious and breathing when police and EMS personnel arrived. The man, a 49-year-old Grandora area resident, was transported to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The transport truck driver, a 36-year-old Saskatoon man, was uninjured. The driver of the Mercury Marquis was later issued a violation ticket for failing to yield at an intersection.


On October 16 at 6:00 a.m. police were called to a single vehicle collision on Marquis Drive north of Highway 16 near the Saskatoon city limits. A southbound Chevrolet Cavalier had lost control on the gravel surface and entered the ditch and rolled over. Ambulance attended and treated the driver for minor injuries. A 17-year-old female from Saskatoon was issued a violation ticket for driving without due care and attention.


On October 21 at 9:00 p.m. police were contacted to attend at the scene of a collision between a tractor - trailer unit and an animal on Highway 16, east of Maymont. Police attended and learned that the tractor-trailer unit was eastbound on Highway 16 when a large black cow had wandered on to the roadway. The truck was unable to avoid a collision and struck the cow, killing it. The truck’s radiator was damaged and the truck could not be driven and had to be towed. No charges were laid in the matter.


On October 15 police attended to a report of a break and enter to a business compound on Eldorado Street in Warman. A fence was cut and welding cable and a portable generator were stolen. Investigation revealed that at 10:20 p.m. the previous night a blue truck was captured on video surveillance backing up to the fence and a man was seen removing the items. Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact Warman RCMP or Crime Stoppers.


On October 16 police attended on 7th Avenue North in Warman to a complaint of vandalism. A resident of that area reported that the trunk of his car and his fence had been spray painted with black paint. Police attended and obtained pictures of the graffiti. The house across the street


also had profanity spray painted on the side of their garage. There have been recent incidents of spray paint graffiti in Warman recently. Anyone who knows the identity of the culprits is asked to contact police or Crime Stoppers.


On October 18 at 11:10 p.m. police responded to an alarm call at a restaurant on Railway Avenue North in Warman. Upon police attendance smoke was observed coming from the business and the fire department attended. A fire was observed in the kitchen area of the restaurant, which was extinguished by the Warman Fire Department. There were no people in the business at the time of the fire, but people were evacuated from an attached hotel as a precautionary measure. The Fire Marshall’s Office was contacted and an investigator attended to determine the cause of the fire. The matter is still under investigation. Damage to the business was extensive, but no dollar amount has yet been determined.


On the morning of October 18 police received two reports of vandalism to vehicles in Radisson. One incident occurred on Goodrich Street, the other on Alexander Street. Vehicles parked on those streets were spray painted some time over night. One of those vehicles is a school bus, which had several mirrors, windows and the headlights spray painted black. Police are seeking the help of the public in identifying the culprit(s).


On October 18 at 2:40 p.m. a man reported a Chevrolet Lumina stolen from an address on 2nd Avenue in Borden. The man advised that he had left the van parked at a job site with the keys still inside and that the vehicle contained all of his tools. When he returned later he discovered the van had been stolen. The man contacted police the following morning and advised he located his van parked at the rear of the Red Bull Restaurant in Radisson. Anyone who may have seen the driver of a 1999 Chevrolet Lumina minivan, white, in the vicinity of the Red Bull is asked to provide the police with information about the identity of the driver.


On October 16 at 10:05 a.m. police were called to the Warman Hotel for a complaint of two men fighting in one of the hotel suites. Police attended and spoke with two men who advised that they had a verbal argument and that one of them had then punched the other once in the chest. Neither men wished to pursue a police investigation. Alcohol was not involved and no one was injured.


On October 16 at 12:30 a.m.

police received a call from a rural residence near Osler. The occupants of the house reported that an intoxicated man showed up at their door asking that they call 9-1-1 because his friends needed help. Police attended and attempted to interview the man, but due to his extreme intoxication he was unable to communicate more information. Police arrested the man and lodged him into holding cells for his own safety. A search of the area revealed no other persons. The man was released the following day without charges.


On October 20 at 1:30 p.m. police were called to a residence in Osler for a complaint of a domestic dispute. When the police arrived they spoke with a female at that location who advised that she had been in an argument with her husband and that as a result he had pushed her and threatened to beat her. After she called the police the man left the residence prior to police attendance. The man was contacted by police and surrendered himself the following day. He was released on a charge of assault and is scheduled to appear in Saskatoon Provincial Court on Oct. 30. On October 20 at 6:30 p.m. police were called to a rural

residence near Maymont for a disturbance. The complainant advised police that she had attended at the residence of her former spouse to turn her children over for a visitation and that her boyfriend had attended with her. She advised that her former spouse had become angered and that there was a confrontation and that a shotgun had been displayed by her former spouse. Police attended that residence and the three children were taken by another relative until the matter could be resolved. Police continue to investigate the incident.


On October 20 at 5:20 p.m. police were called to a residence in Vanscoy for a complaint of a man entering a residence in an intoxicated condition. Police attended at the residence and located a man in a house that he did not belong in. The man was extremely intoxicated and had wandered into the residence without the consent of the owners. A 36-year-old Vanscoy man was arrested and lodged into police holding cells until he was sober. The man was issued a violation ticket for being intoxicated in a public place. No one was injured and no property was damaged in the incident.

Fall Supper DALMENY

Sunday, Oct. 28th -- 4:30 - 7:00 p.m. JJ Loewen Community Centre

Menu includes: Roast Beef, Gravy, Potatoes, Vegetables, Coleslaw, Buns, Pickles, Beverages, Dessert

Sponsored by: Dalmeny Groups & Organizations & Recreation Board Adults (13 & over) - $10 • Youth (6-12) - $5 • Preschool FREE Everyone Welcome

Warman Mennonite Special Care Home

Fund Raiser Supper Thursday, Nov. 1st 5:00 - 7:30PM at the Valley Christian Academy in the GYM

Admission by donation. Proceeds designated for New Building Fund Project

All eyes are on our Classified Ads


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• Kielke • Ham • Sausage • Homemade Desserts

To place yours, contact us Fax: (306) 668-3997 Email: Telephone: (306) 668-0575

Warman RCMP are seeking the public’s help identifying the person or persons responsible for recent graffiti that has recently appeared around Warman, including damage to the vehicle pictured FORM H (Section 45 of the Act)

TOWN OF OSLER NOTICE OF CALL FOR NOMINATIONS Nominations of candidates for the office of:

COUNCILLOR: TOWN OF OSLER Number to be Elected: One (1) will be received by the undersigned on the 7th day of November, 2012, from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Osler Town Office, 228 Willow Drive, Osler, Saskatchewan and during regular business hours Thursday, October 25th, 2012 to Tuesday, November 6th, 2012. Nomination forms may be obtained at the Town Office, 228 Willow Drive, Osler, Saskatchewan.

Dated at Osler, Saskatchewan, this 25th day of October, 2012. Sheila A. Crawford Returning Officer 12104CC02



For Positive Change


Judy Harwood - Reeve I will . . .

• provide respectful, effective leadership • voice strong support for a united Corman Park • prioritize funding for road maintenance • work to resolve our flooding issues

I have the time, energy and experience to do the job

Vote October 24th



VCA Annual Fall Fundraiser

Friday, October 26, 5:00 p.m - 7:30 p.m

All money raised will go towards the VCA building fund. Tax deductible receipts are available

A scene from the play, ‘The Big 5-Oh’ - featuring characters George amd Douglas played by Darrell Novakovski and Will Peters

Langham Theatrical Company

Menu Ham, Turkey, :

Preparing for gala opening of ‘The Big 5 Oh... carry on’ Scripts are left at home and the prompters retired (for the most part) as the rehearsals for the Langham Theatrical Company’s production of THE BIG 5 0H carry on. Excitement among the cast and crew is escalating as the count-down is on to our Gala Opening Night performance on November 1st! The formal Gala Opening Night is a new feature for the Langham Theatrical Company. Attendance at this added performance is by special invitation only (i.e. dignitaries, representatives of the press, close family members, and all of our volunteers) where the cast will be available for a special photo session following the performance. The evening will begin with a large variety of appetizers, prepared by Creative Catering, wine and other non-alcoholic beverages. Guests will have the opportunity to socialize with each other while taking in the festive atmosphere, the decorated hall, the fabulous food, and most importantly the premiere performance of this year’s show. We are thrilled to be offering this event as it gives our drama team an opportunity to publicly thank all of our many volunteers who so faithfully come back year after year. They are a vital part of the 12104MF00




‘the leech’, is coming this can mean only one thing, dinner will be late! Now to make matters even worse daughter Julie, played by Nicole Bergman, arrives for dinner sporting a diamond on her left hand. Before George has had time to process this new information he learns that Julie’s fiancé Douglas, played by Will Peters, is of all things, a Republican! If living with a dysfunctional family isn’t enough to torment George, the secret he carries of the young student stalker at the college, played by Daria Boehr, definitely is. Now add to all of this the suspense of waiting to hear the results of his latest tests and you have the formula for disaster. The Big 5 – Oh is a great comedy, one of Brian Mitchell’s best. Speaking of ‘best’, the menu for this year’s dinner is truly the best. The Friday and Saturday dinners feature Chicken Cordon Bleu and Glazed Ham; while the Sunday dinner guests will be served the traditional Turkey Dinner with all of the trimmings, including cabbage rolls and the ever favourite beet rolls, all of which are prepared by Creative Catering. Tickets for the Big 5- Oh are available by calling Wendy at 283-4413. Check the classified for show dates and times or visit us at for more info.

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OCTOBER 23 RD-27 27 TH




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Langham Theatrical Company

overall success of the annual production. The play, The Big 5 – Oh, is set in the present time and takes place in the home of George and Marie Thomas. George Thomas, played by Darrell Novakovski, is fast approaching his 50th birthday. He is disturbed by that, worried about the illness of his pet and totally irritated by the amount of mail he’s received containing nursing home brochures, applications to join the AARP, and birthday cards reminding him that he is ‘over the hill’. Even his lawyer has sent him a card suggesting….. “Review your will George, seeing as you are approaching your Golden Years”. And if that isn’t enough to make him cranky his wife Marie, played by Elaine Nemanishen, insists on baking anything and everything. For 27 years he hasn’t been able to eat his own birthday cake, he begs her to please buy him a cake this year! And then there is Marie’s loyalty to the crazy next door neighbour Kathy, played by Sonia Zacharias, who insists on bringing the urn containing the ashes of her dead husband, Steve. Why must they always have that ‘nut case of a neighbour’ over to dinner? Still reeling with the dinner guest news George is further irritated when he is told that their son Eric, played by Stuart Cameron, is coming over. If Eric,

Cost: By donation Where: In the big gym at VCA


Submitted by Sela Balzer


Potatoes, Salads, Dessert Coffee & Juice


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People are getting into the spirit of Halloween as the month of October winds down. The homeowners of this front yard in Warman have adopted a graveyard theme to spice up the neighbourhood. (Photos submitted by Jamie MacRae)




Premier spells out plan to boost growth, population Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall recentlly released the “Saskatchewan Plan for Growth”, setting a goal of 1.2 million people living in Saskatchewan by 2020, outlining his government’s roadmap for getting there, and emphasizing that improved quality of life in Saskatchewan is the purpose of growth. “Over the past five years, Saskatchewan people have seen the benefits of a growing province - more jobs, more opportunities and more revenue to deal with the challenges of growth,” Wall said. “Those benefits are why we seek growth - so we

can improve our health system and shorten surgical wait times, so we can do more for the most vulnerable people in our province, so we can balance the budget and pay down debt, so we can have more career opportunities for our young people. That’s why growth is important and why we want it to continue.” Wall said the six core activities the government can undertake to foster continued growth are: Investing in infrastructure; Developing a skilled workforce; Ensuring competitive-

ness; Increasing export trade; Advancing the province’s natural resource strengths through innovation; and Maintaining sound fiscal management. Wall said the government will invest at least $2.5 billion in infrastructure over the next three provincial budgets and also announced an immediate infrastructure commitment of $150 million from the province’s Growth and Financial Security Fund. “This is on top of the $50 million announced earlier this month for a

number of priority highway projects,” Wall said. “This further $150 million will be used to establish the new SaskBuilds Fund and will leverage hundreds of millions of dollars more through financing innovation like public-private partnerships.” SaskBuilds is a new government organization designed to drive innovation in infrastructure financing, design and delivery. “This new funding will be used to develop partnerships with other levels of government and the private sector,” Wall

said. “Our government will work with Saskatchewan municipalities to develop a municipal infrastructure program funded through SaskBuilds. When used as a base for P3s, this initial $150 million will leverage hundreds of millions more for SaskBuilds infrastructure projects”. Wall said the $150 million commitment to SaskBuilds will leave just over $500 million in the Growth and Financial Security Fund (GFSF) to manage any unforeseen events that affect the province’s finances. “The foundation of our

growth plan will continue to be sound financial management, balanced budgets and debt reduction,” Wall said. “Our government will work to maintain a target amount of $500 million in the GFSF, with any excess amount used to invest in infrastructure and reduce debt.” The Saskatchewan Plan for Growth sets a goal of reducing the debt by another $400 million by 2017, which means the debt will have been cut in half - from $6.8 billion to $3.4 billion - in the 10 years since the current government took office in 2007.



School division funding stats online Saskatchewan residents now have access to additional information on school division funding. The Government of Saskatchewan is providing visitors to the Ministry of Education website with easy-toaccess information on government operating grants and education property taxes. The education funding chart allows users to select one of the 28 school divisions in Saskatchewan, or a provincial total, from a dropdown menu. Government operating grants and education property tax are provided on a year-by-year basis for each school division from 2007-08 to 2012-13. Users can access the funding chart through the following link at As announced in the budget in March, the Government of Saskatchewan’s overall funding to school divisions in 2012-13 will be $1.73 billion. This includes $1.13 billion in government operating grants, which represents an increase of 62 per cent since 2007-08. While government grants have increased, education property tax has decreased by 18 per cent during that same period. This aligns with the government’s commitment in 2009 to provide the largest reduction in the education portion of property taxes in Saskatchewan history. For more information on the Ministry of Education, please visit


A porcupine enjoys the warm weather as it strolls through a field near the community of Hepburn in late October - before the recent snowfall. (Gazette photo by Bill Rewuski)

Join the celebration as Warman becomes

Saskatchewan’s Newest City

Saturday, Oct. 27- 2012 The Legends Centre

HIGHLIGHTS 12:30 Grand Opening of Legends Centre Ribbon Cutting


Warman Wildcats Initiation Game Warman Minor Hockey Association

12:45 City of Warman Declaration Signing Ceremony


City Celebration Cake Cutting


Fireworks Extravaganza


WILDCATS HOCKEY Warman Senior Wildcats game



THE STORY OF WARMAN “A Community History in photos”


A page from the Life of Cy Warman Special guest - Bryan Warman Jr.


Closing remarks


LIVE BROADCAST Saskatchewan Roughriders Game on giant video screen A TASTE OF WARMAN Delicious food on-site by Warman restaurants FREE PUBLIC SKATING Horse-drawn wagon rides & Children’s Activities

Volunteers needed Contact Sarah by phone at 933-1830 or e-mail (Program subject to change)

A Taste of Warman Wagon Wheel · · ·

Pumpkin Spice Cheese Cake..............................................2 tokens Cottage Cheese Perogies w/ Cream Gravy...........................1 token Farmer Sausage on a Bun.....................................................1 token

Tina’s Catering · · · ·

Chocolate Pie.........................................................................1 token Coconut Pie............................................................................1 token Lemon Pie..............................................................................1 token Flapper Pie.............................................................................1 token

Legends RestaurAnt · · ·

Mini NY Style Cheesecake w/ Fruit Coulis..........................2 tokens Chicken Penne w/ Sun Dried Tomato Sauce.........................1 token French Onion Soup................................................................1 token

701 Centennial Boulevard, Warman

2:00-6:30PM Legends Centre

Fireworks at dusk

Chopsticks · · ·

Vietnamese Spring Rolls........................................................1 token Sweet and Sour Pork.............................................................1 token Chicken Fried Rice.................................................................1 token

Family Pizza

· · ·

Pizza by the Slice...................................................................1 token Blackened Chicken Pasta......................................................1 token Lasagna.................................................................................1 token

Tosh’s Allsports · · ·

Fish.........................................................................................1 token Fries........................................................................................1 token Burger.....................................................................................1 token

Country Style BBQ

Taste of Warman Free Public Skating

· Hand Carved Angus Beef on a Bun     (w/ Horse Radish & BBQ Sauce).......................................2 tokens · Famous Nathan’s Hotdog Sliders..........................................1 token · Country Style BBQ Baked Beans..........................................1 token

ET Delights Specials

Taco Salad in a Bag.......................................................................... $4.00 Bowl of Chili on a Bed of Rice and Bun........................ $4.00 Plate $5.50 Appetizer Platters: options and $ will be posted at the concession *Items and prices are subject to change!!


Tokens = $2.50 each

Everyone Invited

Full line of “Gluten-Free” Products

Theodore’s Bakery

135 Centennial Drive South, Martensville 933-4544

Bread, Buns, BirthdayCakes


Locally owned


Over 3,000 sq. ft. of the coolest video games, prizes and food for the entire family to experience



City Centre Plaza, 239 Centennial Drive N., Martensville

To t a l m a r ke t c o v e r a g e w e e k l y t o t h e c i t i e s o f M A R T E N S V I L L E & WA R M A N , S A S K ATC H E WA N



w w w.c c g azet te.c a

T h u r s d a y | O C TO B E R 25, 2012

Heavy equipment is used to prepare the site for Black Iron Crossing commercial development on the west side of Centennial Drive

Steady growth lays groundwork for development By TERRY PUGH


hile dramatic changes are happening at Martensville’s two major commercial developments this fall, they have been a long time in the making, says Dillon Shewchuk, Economic Development Officer for the City of Martensville. “Both Black Iron Crossing and Sunset Ridge are experiencing rapid growth right now, with a lot of new construction by national chains, and that’s what we’ve been working toward for several years now,” said Shewchuk in an interview on Friday, October 19. “It might look like it’s an overnight success, but it’s actually the result of a lot of work and discussions and planning over several years.” Shewchuk said when he joined the staff at the City of Martensville in 2009, discussions with the owner of the property, North Prairie Developments, had been underway for some time. But the land itself was not necessarily earmarked for any particular type of business. “It was not zoned commercial at that time,” said Shewchuk. “The city at that time had not ruled out residential development on either of those properties.” But the tremendous growth rate of Martensville, and the entire region north of Saskatoon, in the last few

years has really sparked greater interest among national chains and created the right conditions for development of both parcels of land. “There is obviously a realization now that there are great opportunities in the vibrant urban centres outside of Saskatoon,” said Shewchuk. “In the past they were viewed primarily as bedroom com-

munities where everyone just goes to Saskatoon to work and shop. But now they recognize that Martensville is also a great place to set up a business. There’s a big market here and people want to shop in their own communities if they can get the same goods and services that are offered in a bigger centre.” He noted that the trend

for larger shopping complexes, particularly big box retailers, is more and more to the outskirts of bigger centres, which puts those developments on the doorsteps of places like Martensville. “For those retailers, it’s a logical place to establish a location,” he said. The majority of businesses setting up in the Sunset Ridge

development are those that cater to nearby residents, said Shewchuk, noting the multifamily housing subdivision just to the east of the development represents a big market for franchises like Dairy Queen and Second Cup. The Black Iron Crossing development in the traditional commercial heart of Martensville is aimed at larger chains

because of the high visibility and larger land base. In addition, the new Martensville Wellness Centre planned for the area will accommodate a wide range of health care service. He said the existing businesses also welcome the new development because they will see an increased number of customers in that downtown area.

Co-op to establish 8-pump gas bar at Black Iron Crossing Saskatoon Co-op will soon be a permanent fixture just off the highway in Martensville in the commercial development of Black Iron Crossing. Construction on the eightpump/eight-lane gas bar, propane area, 3,411 square foot convenience store and a 24hour four-pump/three-lane card lock will start in spring 2013. All services should open about nine months after the start of construction. North Prairie Developments’ two large retail developments in Martensville are starting to take shape as business and service sector growth continues in Martensville, Western Canada’s fastest growing city. So far, Black Iron Crossing will consist of Saskatoon co-op, a major national pharmacy chain and wellness centre, and Tim Horton’s. Black Iron Crossing consists of 20

acres located between Centennial Drive North and Highway 12. It combines large retail space, smaller commercial retail units, and space for single retail outlets. The Sunset Ridge development currently includes Dairy Queen and a Second Cup. Little Caesers Pizza should be starting construction on their new building soon. Sunset Ridge is an integrated six-acre highway and service commercial site located at the south end of Martensville, fronting the Centennial Drive South service road. “The location at Black Iron Crossing gives us more room to service our customers’ needs faster, it will provide better access in and out of the site, but another reason we chose the location was the high number of vehicles that travel this particular highway every day,” says Harley Mc-

Clughan, Saskatoon Co-op Op- set Ridge should follow soon. erations Manager. “We’ve had interest from oth Saskatoon Co-op has an er national fast food chains, a existing gas bar and conve- large hotel chain, a large fornience store located on leased property “The location at Black Iron at the corner of Centennial Drive and Crossing gives us more room Main Street, and to service our customers’ plans at this point are to remove the needs faster...” fuel tanks. A deci• Harley McClughan, sion on what will be Saskatoon Co-op Operations Manager done with the building has not yet been decided. mat food store and big box “Both North Prairie and retailer, and other major reICR, as well as the City of tailers, and are currently in Martensville have been good negotiations with many,” says to deal with and accommodat- Williams. ed all of our needs,” adds Mc- “These two developments Clughan. alone should result in hun John Williams, found- dreds of new jobs for local er of North Prairie Develop- Martensville residents,” says ments who has been investing Gordon Rutten, Mayor of the in Martensville for 15 years, City of Martensville. “That’s says more announcements at good news not only for peoBlack Iron Crossing and Sun- ple who live here now, but for

Fall Supper Fridays

those considering a move to Martensville.” Dillon Shewchuk, City of Martensville Economic Development Manager says new residents say they like Martensville because of the people and the community-feel the City has. “We believe the businesses starting up here and the services being offered are resulting in higher residential growth,” says Shewchuk. “As residential growth increases, more commercial growth will follow – it’s a great situation to be in.” Gordon Rutten, Mayor of the City of Martensville, is pleased with the progress made to date by North Prairie Developments and ICR. “North Prairie has played, and will continue to play, a huge role in helping us achieve our economic development goals, and they are certainly a key to the long-term success of our City.”

at the Wagon Wheel Family Restaurant

Every Friday in October our Fall Supper Feature will be a Traditional Turkey Dinner with all the trimmings

turn to the experts





This special feature begins at 5:00 pm Fridays Call for reservations!









City Guide is a community events calendar intended for non-profit groups only. $40 plus GST will get your group or club’s events in the City Guide for up to 6 weeks (max. 40 words). Bridal shower, anniversary, birthday and anniversary notices are exempt from the City Guide.

Call (306) 668-0575 for details REGULAR MEETINGS & COMMUNITY SERVICES

New to Warman, Martensville or a new parent in either city? Welcome Wagon would like to extend their welcome. In Warman and Martensville call Krystal Selinger at (306) 384-2582 or email: klh834@ Welcome Wagon is Canada’s Neighbourhood Tradition since 1930 and is a free service provided by the civic-minded businesses in Warman and Martensville.

Warman Coummunity Band and Diamond Jazz Band meet every Monday, 7:00 p.m. @ Warman Gospel Church: 418 Central St. Bring your instrument and love of music. Fun, family-friendly, comprised of experienced players and players with only one year of experience under their belt. 242-2399.

Send your store flyers inside the newspaper Give us a call and we will provide a no-obligation quote

From one-time orders to annual contracts, we will provide you with the information you need to make the decision that best suits your company’s goals


Ashley Leik (foreground) and Kimberley Neufeld of the Warman Wolverines Junior Girls volleyball team work together to block the ball during a game against Rosthern. The Wolverines hosted a tournament at Warman High School over the weekend. (Gazette photo by Wayne Shiels)


School Webpage:


November 2012

City Website:

Keep up-to-date on daily WHS announcements, photos and more!

Volume 8

Issue 3

Dear Parents, Students and Community Members: The purpose of our newsletter is to provide all residents in Warman, Osler & area with information as to what is happening not only in education but in business, sport, community and the region. We believe that it is important that as a learning & highly involved community we share this information with everyone, not just the parents of students. Please feel free to call us at the school (933-2377) or at the city (933-1929) if you have suggestions or information for our newsletter.

WHS Running Track – Interested in walking or running? Please purchase a “Track Pass” from the Warman High School. Cost is $30 and the pass is good for the entire year. The available times for using the track are 6:00 - 9:00am and 5:00-9:00pm Monday - Friday. Please remember that no outdoor footwear or strollers will be permitted.

Bus Lane Parking - We would appreciated it if parents would NOT park in the bus lane when picking up or dropping off a child/children from school. We encourage you to use the south entrance of the school. Also, when you are entering the bus lane, please remember that the traffic is ONE WAY and that you MUST enter from Klassen Street, entering from Central Street causes traffic jams.

Garden Sheds For Sale - The WHS Industrial Arts program has an 8ft x 10ft garden shed available for purchase and will be building 2 more sheds in September and October. The cost of these sheds is material cost ($750). If you are interested in purchasing a shed please call Mr. B. Dueck at 933-2377.

W.H.S. Report Cards –On-Line Only - Warman High School report cards will be available on-line on Friday November 2nd. Please access your child’s marks by going onto Power Parent. If you need assistance, please contact the school at 933-2377.

W.H.S. School Community Council — Our next meeting is being held on Wednesday, November 21st at 6:30 p.m. in Rm. 210 at WHS. Everybody is welcome to attend! Please visit for more information on school happenings and the SCC. Please become an involved parent in your child’s education.

WES School Community Council – Our next meeting is being held Monday, November 5th at 7:00pm in the Elementary School Library. Everybody is welcome to attend! Please visit for more information on school happenings and the SCC.

W.H.S. Student Fees - A fee form was included in report cards in June. If you have not yet paid your school fees, please contact the office to make arrangements. School fees are to be paid by cheque payable to “Warman High School”. We recognize that school fees can be a financial concern for some, especially if you have more than one child attending school. If this is the case for your family, please arrange a payment plan.

Community Clean Up – The WHS SRC is willing to help individuals in cleaning up their yards before winter hits. If you have small jobs that you need help with, please call Terry Stanviloff at the school (933-2377) and he will set up a time to assist you.

Operation Christmas Child – We will be filling shoe boxes again this year to help less fortunate students overseas. The deadline for donations will be November 14th.

One of our Grade 12 students, Dustin Gasmo, is in the middle of a great Fundraising Campaign in support of the Children’s Wish Foundation. The SRC is planning a couple of fundraising opportunities in the school to help support Dustin.

Multicultural Club: - This club is open to students who have come from different countries and/or celebrate their cultural traditions. The purpose of the club is to meet as a social group, set up activities that educate others of the diverse cultures within the school and make new friends. Call Mrs. Balon-Smith for more information: 933-2377.

Seniors Fitness Class started up on October 10th at the Senior Citizens Drop-In Centre from 10am-11am please feel free to drop into this program.

Warman High Remembrance Day Ceremony: - Looking for a community trumpet player to play the Last Post, for the Warman High Remembrance Day Ceremony on Wednesday November 8th, 10:ooam-11:15am. Please contact Matt Linner: or Sean Brandt: 933-2377

Parent-Student-Teacher Conference (Grades 6-12) Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences for WHS will be held on Tuesday, November 6th (4:00 – 5:00 & 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.) and Thursday, November 8th (4:00 – 5:00 p.m. & 6:00 – 8:30 p.m.). There will be no school for W.H.S. students on Tuesday, November 13. A conference instruction sheet will be sent home with all students. To book your conferences, please log on to http:// Students are asked to accompany their parents to the conferences. Lost and Found will be on display during parent/teacher interviews. Any items left after these evenings will be given to charity. During P/S/T Interviews, all parents are encouraged to attend the following Parent Information Sessions: "Social Media" presentation Warman RCMP

Ice Times, Public Skating and Shinny The Legends Centre has ice rental times available please contact Andrea for more information - 933-2210. Public Skating and Shinny times will be updated on our facility schedules tab at or on Facebook under Warman Recreation.

Power Parent Individual Workshops with Mrs. Besic in the library Post-secondary booths presented by University of Saskatchewan, University of Regina and SIAST




Community Events SCARED SCRIPTLESS PLAYERS is in its 5th season and looking forward to a great production in March!! We have some important dates for our followers to take note of in the upcoming months. CALL FOR AUDITIONS: WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 7 @ 7:00 PM @ THE LEGENDS CENTRE

The Scared Scriptless Players are pleased to announce the name of their production for their 5th season is Moon Over Buffalo. The hilarious comedy Moon Over Buffalo centers on the characters George and Charlotte Hay, fading stars of the 1950's. At the moment, they’re playing Private Lives and Cyrano De Bergerac in rep in Buffalo, New York with 5 actors. On the brink of a disastrous split-up caused by George’s dalliance with a young ingénue, they receive word that they might just have one last shot at stardom: Frank Capra is coming to town to see their matinee, and if he likes what he sees, he might cast them in his movie remake of The Scarlet Pimpernel. Unfortunately for George and Charlotte, everything that could go wrong does go wrong, abetted by a visit from their daughter’s clueless fiancé and hilarious uncertainty about which play they’re actually performing, caused by Charlotte’s deaf old stage-manager mother who hates every bone in George’s body! A perfect set up for a role in the aisle comedy ! Roles for 4 males, 4 females Ages range is 20’s to 70’s Rehearsals begin Thursday, January 3 @ 7:00 pm and will be held every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday from 7-10. PRODUCTION DATES: Fri, Sat, Sun matinee, March 15, 16 & 17, 2013

Warman Community Association Craft & Bake Sale November 17, 2012 @ WHS To register your table please call Sharon @ 934-5914 Bev @ 931-3775

Curl up with a good book this winter and you could win! Just fill out an entry form at the Warman Library for every book that you read between November 2012 and February 2013 and you will be entered into a draw for fabulous prizes! Open to all ages.

You’re invited to Warman’s Annual Town Christmas Party Saturday, December 1 Cocktails 600 - 700 p.m. Supper 700 - 900 p.m. Entertainment 900 - 1000 p.m. Entertainment by Local Community Groups Tickets are available at the town office Supper & Entertainment: $20.00 per person Tickets must be purchased by Friday Nov 23.


Saturday November 24 @ The Legends Centre Come for a fun fun--filled afternoon of crafts, games, sleigh rides & treat bags, skate outside on the outdoor rink & get your picture taken with Santa

Warman Recognition Awards The Town of Warman is accepting nominations to recognize the people in our community that make our community a great place to call home! The categories are ▪ Volunteer of the Year ▪ Youth of the Year ▪ Citizen of the Year ▪ Community Group of the Year Nominations must be in writing and include the volunteer’s name, reasons why you are nominating them, and they must have lived in Warman for the entire 2011 year. Please drop off or send your nominations to the Warman Municipal Office by Thursday, Nov 22.

s to






Warman High School Career Education Information


Wrestling -Great News!!! Warman High School is offering wrestling again for its students. Last year both our Senior and Junior teams had a lot of success. Two of our Senior athletes represented Warman at the SHSAA Provincial Championships last year. As for our Juniors, 11 athletes went to the Saskatoon Pupsel Tournament at the end of March and 9 of the 11 medaled. The 2012-13 looks to be exciting once again, our Senior Team is open to all males and females at Warman High School in grades 9-12. The Senior team will be staring on Dec. 3rd. The Junior team, which will consist of all males and females grades 6-8 will start January 8th. Again it is open to everyone regardless of size or ability. - If you have any questions feel free to contact Jesse Reis, Matt Linner or

Erin Hoffman at Warman High School

Grade 6 Boys Soccer Season 2012 - Our Grade 6 Boys Soccer team had a very successful season. The Boys played a number of regular season games, including a mini-tournament in Osler. The team finished the regular season with a record of 6 wins and 1 loss. A special thanks goes out to all our players for their hard work and dedication this season. Thanks also goes out to my assistant coach, Ms. Filson, for her effort and dedication to the Grade 6 Soccer Program. Our 2012 team included: Adam Power, Benson Cook, Carson Hall, Chase Kirkland-Bennett, Griffin Martens, Holden Knights, Josh Kaup, Emman Miguel, Germaine Lindo, Ethan Windrum, Colton Podgursky, Colby Gustafson, Carson McClughan, Riley Goertzen, Andrew Konanz, Brayden McLean. Coaches, Mr. Fast, Ms. Filson

November 3rd - 3rd Annual Champions Basketball Coaches Clinic For basketball coaches at any level. Special Guest Coach: Lisa Thomaidis (Head Coach - U of S Huskies Women's Coach and 2012 Canadian Women's Olympic Team Assistant Coach) Other Session Presenters: Jackie Lavallee - (Assistant Coach - U of S Huskies Women's team, Former Head Coach - National Under 16 Team, Huskie Alumni) Trevor Mirtle - (BSI - High Performance, Provincial Juvenile Team, Walter Murray Boys, Huskie Alumni) Kory Dawe - Provincial Team Coach, BSI Clinician, Centennial Collegiate Boys) Cost: $70 for the day - includes lunch. Contact: WHS for more details. Grade 6 Girls Soccer Season 2012 - Our Grade 7 girls Soccer team had a very successful season. The Girls played a number of regular season games, including a mini-tournament in Osler. The team finished the regular season undefeated with 7 wins. We are hosting the North Play-off tournament on Friday, October19th. If we win the North Ply-off tournament will face the winner of the South tournament for the Championship game during the week of September 21st. I would like to thank all of the players for their dedication and hard work. A special thanks also goes out to my assistant coach, Mr. Amroy Besic, for his effort and dedication to our team. Our 2012 team included: Jayda Sachs, Erika Power, Jillian Power, Payton Allan, Keyonna Young, Roxy Shoemaker, Layne Hryhoriw, Amy Remeshylo, Abby Chowns, Taylor Bradshaw, Josie Hayward, Caitlin Neufeld, Masen Sideroff, Jackie Szydlowski, Shanna Olshanoski, Camryn Lehne, Mariyah Olafson, Alyssa Evans, Madison Hill, Coaches, Mr. E. Folden, Mr. Amroy Besic December 4th - U of S Huskies Womens Volleyball Team playing an exhibition game vs. Team China WHS Cheerleading – Cheerleading has started, and we have 45 students involved, and we look forward to a great season! Grade 6 & 7 volleyball - Thanks to all those students who turned up this season. The students learned a great deal and their skills improved. See you next year during volleyball season. Try to get into camps! Sr. Girls Volley Ball - November 2 & 3r beginning of playoffs in Clavet! Jr. Boys Basketball - Junior Boys and Girls Basketball starts up in November. There will be try-outs for Grades 7-9 players. Two teams will be formed for play in League. Sr. Basketball - season will start on Nov 14 and 15 with tryouts and the first minitournament with the boys is on Nov 23/24 at North Battleford Comp High School. The boys and girls are in a league this year and we have home game on Nov 28th boys and girls against SCS.

he atfor our

Magazine Back Issues


The library always appreciates any back issues of 2011-2012 magazines that would interest High School Students

Upcoming Events: Nov. 6 U of S , U of R & SIAST Information @ Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews Nov. 8 U of S , U of R & SIAST Information @ Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews Nov. 13 & Nov. 14 – Spotlight on Nursing - registration required Nov. 14 Parent Information Night at SIAST - registration required Nov. 15 Spotlight on Therapies - registration required Nov. 16 Lunch – U of S Admission and Awards Session in computer lab. Students: please attend if you plan to attend the U of S next fall. You will start your admission process at this session. Nov. 20 – Spotlight on Pharmacy and Professional Cooking Nov. 22 – Spotlight on Emergency Services/Paramedic Nov. 29 – Medical Diagnostics Info Session – registration required. ****** Please see Mrs. Bayne for registration details or more information. Grade 9: TAKE OUR KIDS TO WORK DAY -Grade 9 students will be spending a day at work with a parent/guardian on Wednesday, November 7th, 2012. On Nov. 7, grade 9 students across Canada will experience a day in the life of an adult - at work. This annual, national program, enables the entire community - parents, teachers and employers to play an important role in the career development of young Canadians. To access program related materials for parents, teachers and employers, see Post Secondary Information The RCMP is holding a Career Presentation on Wednesday, November 6 (6:00 p.m.) at SIAST Kelsey Campus, Main Building, Room 317. This event provides students with the opportunity to learn more about becoming a regular RCMP member and attendance at this type of presentation is mandatory for anyone considering applying to the RCMP. Registration is required -- to register, call 1-877-726-7472 or Great Plains College provides several Spend-A-Days, which allow Grade 11 and 12 students to gain hands-on experience in a post-secondary program of their choice at GPC. It's a full day which includes class time in the selected program, presentations from professionals in the field, opportunity to shadow current students, campus tours, and information on the college's scholarships and athletics programs. Warman Campus Spend-A-Day is on Tuesday, November 13. Go to to register. See Your Future – Education and Career Fair 2012 will be held in Saskatoon on Monday, November 5th at TCU Place in Saskatoon. Universities, colleges and organizations from across Canada will have representatives in attendance to provide in-depth information for both students and parents. Go to for more information. Students interested in music are encouraged to check out the open houses and auditions at the University of Regina Department of Music on Thursday, November 15th and Wednesday February 13th Go to for further information, including a registration link. Auditions and music theory entrance exams for University of Regina Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education programs will be held on November 15, February 13, March 2, April 10 and May 16. For further information, consult the Music Department website at Campus Tours at SIAST Kelsey Campus. Wed. Nov 7, 2012 at 7:00 pm, Thurs. Nov 8, 2012 at 10:00 am Thurs. Nov. 22, 2012 at 10:00am, Thurs. Nov. 22, 2012 at 7:00 pm Please register at least two days in advance at My Choice. Ca SCHOLARSHIPS - Students are encouraged to go to and set up a free account. This provides access to a huge database of scholarships, the ability to search for schools and programs, as well as to sign up for free events, such as a variety of Webinars. Free accounts can also be set up at and Students should check these sites regularly as new awards and scholarships are added on a continuous basis.

Parent Power with Jennifer Amy - Understanding all the implications of Learning Disabilities can be overwhelming and full of obstacles. Gaining knowledge of what Learning Disabilities are, how they can be managed and knowledge of self-advocacy strategies helps parents avoid problems and pitfalls. Parent Power offers four sessions that will share information and strategies useful to parents navigating the educational system. Please join us for the following sessions all starting at 7 p.m. November 6, 2012

Developing Parent Advocacy

November 13, 2012

Helping Students to Advocate for Themselves

Where: Learning Disabilities Association of Saskatchewan 2221 Hanselman Court, Saskatoon (*Note our new location*) Jennifer Amy has been a specialized teacher in the field of Learning Disabilities for over fifteen years. She is also the parent of a child with a Learning Disability and has experienced the challenges of the education system first hand. These workshops offer her expertise as well as a format for parents to share their own unique ideas and experiences. Membership fees are $35 and registration is free for members. If you are not a member you can purchase a membership and that allows you into the sessions. For further information or to register, please call 652-4114 Ext 4 or check out our website at




Warman City Council Events Town Council Meeting November 13 and 26 located at 107 Central St. in the council chambers at the Warman Municipal Office starting at 6:30pm. Doors are located on Fifth Ave. S.

Warman Municipal Election 2012 Sheryl Spence has been declared Mayor by acclamation. The Municipal Election on results from October 24th will be available on October 25th. Swearing in of the new Council will take place on October 29th Council Meeting at 6:30pm at the Warman Municipal Office





Thursday 1




WES SCC Meeting @7:00pm

12 Remembrance Day Service @ BKC

Town Office and School Closed


Town Council Mtg @ 6:30pm

No School 18






Prairie Spirit Theatre Company Performance @ BKC 24 & 25


Early Registration 7:30-9:30

Senior Citizens Lunch/ Bingo Early Dismissal



Town Council Mtg @ 6:30pm



17 Steak Night @ BKC


Recognition Award Nomination Deadline


Sonia School of Ukrainian Dance @ BKC

Comets Tournament

Early Dismissal

Ticket Purchase Deadline for Town Xmas Party

Early Dismissal 26



Operation Christmas Child

SCC Meeting WHS


Scared Scriptless Audtions 7-9pm @ The Legends Centre

WHS SCC Meeting @6:30pm

Ugly Sweater Day


Coaches Clinic

Online Report Card


Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences Nov 6-8



Early Dismissal 7


2 Great Plains College Ladies Night

November 2012


WCA Craft & Bake Sale @ WHS


Winterfest @ The Legends

Bantam Hockey Tournament


Hat Day

Midget Tier III Tournament

y it ife C L

285 Venture Cres. (306) 242-8831

Clark’s Crossing Gazette - Cities Edition Thursday, OCTOBER 25, 2012

Have you ever thought about becoming a Block Parent?

The application process is very easy and there is no cost involved. You can be a Block Parent even if you work during the day or are not a parent. The sign only needs to be displayed when you are available to help. There are currently only 28 block Parent homes in Martensville and we are looking to increase that number.

If you have any questions or would like to become a Block Parent please contact Nicole Moyer at 384-7944.

Page 19

WELLDESERVED THANKS Martensville’s outgoing Mayor, Gordon Rutten (larger photo left), receives a commemorative gavel and plaque from Martensville City Councillor Terry Kostyna at the council meeting October 16. The meeting was the final one for the current council prior to the municipal election on Wednesday, October 24. Outgoing City Councillors Kurtis Dyck (above right) and Terri Hetterly (lower right) also received plaques for their service on council from the outgoing Mayor.

Credit Unions celebrate 75 years in Saskatchewan During International Year of Co-operatives, Saskatchewan credit unions are proud to celebrate 75 years of serving the people and communities of Saskatchewan. On August 2, 1937, the first Saskatchewan credit union, Regina Hebrew Savings and Credit Union, was incorporated. This was followed in the same year by the creation of Moose Jaw Credit Union, StarPhoenix Savings and Credit Union, Sherwood Credit Union, Regina Wheat Pool Employees’ Savings and Credit Union and Sacred Heart Parish Savings and Credit Union. Although the Regina Hebrew Savings and Credit Union

eventually closed its doors, the others went on to amalgamate and still exist under different names. “The spirit of ‘neighbours helping neighbours to help themselves’ has endured and grown beyond what these founders could have imagined,” Keith Nixon, interim CEO explains. “Credit unions are now among the most reliable and stable financial institutions in the world.” Today, Saskatchewan credit unions, which at one time were jokingly called ‘penny banks’, are modern, world class financial institutions with assets of over $17 billion, serving half a million mem-

2012 TOYOTA COROLLA CE Sale priced at



bers. Their support of communities and families has helped raise Saskatchewan from the depths of the 30s depression to become a vibrant and growing province with an enviable economy. “75 years after the founding of the first credit union, we can look back at the vision of the men and women who pooled their meager funds to give even the poorest among them a chance at a brighter future,” says Nixon. “From them, we can learn that we don’t have to wait for others to come to our aid or define our future for us.” There are 60 Saskatchewan credit unions who to-

2008 ACURA TSX Sale priced at



$137.65 Bi-Weekly

$152 Bi-Weekly

Automatic with A/C, tilt, cruise & power locks. Like new with only 18,000 kms!

Fully equipped including heated leather & sunroof, only 66,000 kms!

2011 MALIBU PLATINUM Sale priced at



$152.23 Bi-Weekly One owner trade in with 19,000 kms.

2007 GMC SIERRA SLE Sale priced at



$199 Bi-Weekly Fully equipped crew cab 4x4 in excellent condition with 86,000 kms!

gether serve approximately 500,000 members across the province. Saskatchewan credit unions build lives and fulfill dreams by helping members achieve financial well-being and by investing in their communities. Credit unions celebrate International Credit Union Day on October 18, 2011 as part of national Co-op Week, October 14-20, 2012.

Saskatchewan Credit Union Quick Facts -- Today there are 60 credit unions in Saskatchewan serving 270 communities through 301 service outlets. -- Credit unions offer finan-

cial products and services to approximately 508,000 members. -- Saskatchewan credit union assets reached $15.6 billion with revenue of over $797 million. -Credit union lending amounts to $11.4 billion. -- Over 500 board members are locally elected by members of each credit union to provide strategic direction to their management teams. -- As independent financial institutions owned and controlled by their members, credit unions are shaped by community needs. Saskatchewan credit unions range in asset size from $12 million to

2010 HONDA CIVIC SPORT Sale priced at



$171.55 Bi-Weekly Fully loaded automatic with 19,000 kms.

more than $3 billion. -- In 2011, Saskatchewan credit unions returned $17.8 million to their members in the form of patronage equity contribution and dividends. -- Credit unions are a major contributor to Saskatchewan’s economy, employing more than 3,500 people. -- In 2011, Saskatchewan credit unions contributed $78,000 to international development projects to help co-operatives and credit unions in other countries. -- Over the past four years(i): -Saskatchewan credit unions have contributed $26.6 million to growing communities.

2012 SUZUKI GRAND VITARA Sale priced at



$196.55 Bi-Weekly Fully equipped 4x4 with only 19,000 kms!

285 Venture Cres. (306) 242-8831





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Family Owned & Operated ~ Crematory On-Site

Terry Jenson

~ Immediate Cremation Kevin Martens ~ Memorial Services Funeral Director & Owner ~ Traditional Services 591 Centennial Dr. N Martensville ~ Memorial Tea ~ Celebration of Life (306) 242-7888 ~ Private Family Services

Publisher/Advertising Manager

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MPSM Annual Banquet -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Sunday, November 4, 2012 6:00pm Doors Open 6:30pm Supper

Sutherland Evangelical Church 110 - 104th St. W. Saskatoon Tickets $10


Junior Ukrainian Dancers from Hafford performing at Borden

Call for Proposals

Martensville Aquatic Facility Concession Author Todd Devonshire speaking about his book Rink Burgers at Borden Library event October 21

Warman Junior girls Rhythmic Gymnastic group performing at Borden October 19


To celebrate Library Week, the Borden Lakeland Library had author Todd Devonshire out to showcase his first book – Rink Burgers. Emcee was Peter Thiessen who welcomed everyone and introduced Todd who spoke on his growing up in Big River, playing hockey and after the game the biggest reward was always having a rink burger. Todd read one of the paragraphs from his book about his first puck and losing his first tooth, and also spoke of how many years it has taken to get his first book published after many rejections, then finally going to the Library’s writer in residence and getting help. Todd told of his love of the game and a fan of Boston Bruins, but all of

his extended family are Montreal fans, and when he sent a book to Don Cherry, he got an autographed photo back and comments on his book. Leanne Sargent and Gayle Wensley from the Library board thanked Todd for his presentation and gave him a mug full of goodies. Door prizes were drawn and the lucky winners were Sadie Funk, Dot Buswell, Curtis Crabb, Brenda Roberts and Phyliss Oakenfold. Sadie Funk was presented with a $25 gift certificate from Lakeland Library for winning the Lakeland Regional Library Bingo Bonanza for reading books through the summer and filling in lines on a bingo card. Sadie had filled in two lines and got drawn at the Regional level. Mugs filled with goodies went to new library pa-

trons and winning these from a draw were Bentley Burletoff, Katelyn Worona and Carol Peeteetuce. The afghan donated by Isobel Tracksell went to Avery Fairbrother and the first Dessert of the Month decorated cake baked by Ty Sargent went to Rachel Sutherland. On the 21st of each month a name will be drawn for dessert of the month. ***** To celebrate Co-op week, the Borden Co-op had free goodies and coffee on October 17 and the Affinity Credit Union had free donuts, coffee and juice on October 18 along with door prizes. ***** The Borden Community Preservation Committee held an evening program on October 19 and the hall was full to watch the performances of

the City Centre Cloggers, Hafford Ukrainian Dancers and Warman Rhythmic Gymnastics and admittance was by donation. The City Centre Cloggers are a group of women who get together and learn to do the different steps involved in clogging performed to music, along with getting good exercise. There were two groups of Ukrainian dancers: the younger dancers and a group of older dancers, all in traditional dress. The Rhythmic Gymnastic girls performed routines to music using red balls, hoops and batons. Winning donated raffle prizes were Jean Hryniuk, Mary Thiessen, Julia Bezugly, Sydney Schmidt, Sadie Funk, Joyce Orchard, Jackie Miester, Ivan Youchezin, Florence Neufeld, Lorraine Olinyk. Af-

Call for Proposals for the lease of the concession at the Martensville Aquatic Facility for the 2013 season will be accepted to the undersigned until 4:30 p.m., November 16, 2012. The operating season is June 1 to September, 2013. City of Martensville Box 970 Martensville, Sask. S0K 2T0

Camp Kitchen Call for Proposals for the lease of the Camp Kitchen building located at Kinsmen Park for the 2013 season will be accepted to the undersigned until 4:30 p.m., November 16, 2012. Interested parties are asked to submit their proposal indicating the stated lease purpose of the building and lease amount. The operating season is May to September, 2013. City of Martensville Box 970 Martensville, Sask. S0K 2T0

ter giving each of the groups an honorarium (the Cloggers donated back) for coming as they all came free of charge, the committee had a profit of $823 which is going to help finish the renovations in the basement. Coffee, iced tea and a variety of squares were placed out for everyone to enjoy. *****

Congratulations to new grandparents Albert and Doris Hamp of Radisson and Bob & Judy Kahovec of Rosetown on the birth of Andrea Brooke to Janelle and Ryan Kahovec of Saskatoon, born October 16 and weighing 7 lbs. 9 oz. Also congratulations to Jeff Beaudoin and Chris Donaldson of Radisson on the birth of Canyon Austin, born October 12.



Urban municipalities favour Record retail sales in August province’s new ‘Plan for Growth’ The Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) is pleased by the partnership opportunities available in today’s release of the “Saskatchewan Plan for Growth.” “We are pleased to hear the Premier acknowledge the key role cities, towns and villages play to a growing Saskatchewan,” said SUMA President

Allan Earle. “The Saskatchewan Plan for Growth lays out the framework for future growth, and it’s a great strategy. We are excited to partner with the provincial government to determine the specifics of how we accomplish this plan. Earle said he was happy to see infrastructure targeted. “The Premier laid out in-

frastructure as a top priority, and that’s good news for urban governments. SUMA and our members will be active partners as we work toward long-term infrastructure funding. That funding will ensure we can build the cities, towns and villages that will attract the people, and build the economy it takes to reach the government’s goals by 2020.”

August was a record month for retail trade in Saskatchewan as sales increased for the seventh consecutive month on a month-over-month basis. Retail sales rose by 0.6 per cent in the province, the third highest percentage gain among the provinces and double the national increase of 0.3 per cent, to a record value of $1.48 billion. “Saskatchewan consumers are confident in the direction our economy is heading and that is reflected in today’s


numbers,” Economy Minister Bill Boyd said. “Retail sales are an important factor in economic growth and today’s report is definitely a positive trend we hope will continue.” On an annual basis, retail sales in the province were up 9.3 per cent, the highest growth rate in the nation and well ahead of the 2.7 per cent posted nationally. “Saskatchewan’s fortunate to have had steady job growth and increasing wages for some time now,” Boyd said. “Our

new growth plan will build on our strengths so that we can continue to be an economic leader among the provinces in the months and years to come.”


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Sealed tenders from qualified General Contractors are invited to provide all labour and materials for the construction of the new Martensville City Hall. The new building consists of a free standing 988 sq. m. one storey wood frame building with related sitework including concrete walks, curbs and asphalt parking lot. The building is to be located at the corner of 1st Street South and Centennial Drive in the City of Martensville. Documents will be available from the office of the Consultant on Monday, October 22, 2012. Documents can also be viewed at the Saskatoon Construction Association. A $100 deposit will be required unless bidders are members of the Plan Deposit Fund. Fully executed tender submissions to be delivered to the office of the Consultant, no later than Thursday, November 8, 2012 at 2:00 p.m., Central Standard Time. The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all of the tenders. City of Martensville, 515 Centennial Drive South, Martensville, Saskatchewan, S0K 2T0. Maurice Soulodre Architect Ltd., 1815C Lorne Avenue, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7H 1Y5, phone: (306) 955-0333, email:

$ 110


HOW TO PLACE YOUR AD In-person: 430D Central St. W, Warman Telephone: 306.668.0575 Fax: 306.668.3997 E-mail: Postal Mail: P.O. Box 1419, Warman SK S0K 4S0 We accept Visa/Mastercard over the phone Do not send credit card information by email. Send your ad by email and call us at 668-0575 during regular business hours and we will process payment to your credit card.

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“Sunshine Housing Incorporated” Wishes to invite you to our annual

Fall Supper @ Grace Mennonite Church, Neuanlage October 27th 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. Great Food, Silent Auction & Door Prizes Your donations are greatly appreciated!

PRAIRIE LIGHT IN CONCERT at the Senior Drop-In Centre in Warman October 26 at 7 p.m. $5 at the door, coffee and dainties served. 14-2p DINNER THEATER: The Langham Theatrical Company presents THE BIG 5-OH November 2 , 3, 4, 8, 9, 10 & 11. All dinners at 6:30 pm with show to follow except for Thursday Nov 8 show only 7:30 pm and Matinee Sunday Nov 11 Dinner at 1 pm. Tickets available from Wendy 2834413. $35.00 ea or a table of 8 for $250.00. Thurs Show only tickets $20.00 ea. More info 10-6c SECOND ANNUAL OSLER CHRISTMAS STOP N’ SHOP November 3 from 10am - 3pm at the Osler Community Hall. Fundraiser for the Osler Fire Department. Concession available. For more information call Melissa 239-4788. 15-2c FUNDRAISING CONCERT Southern Alberta Low German Mennonite Outreach. Featuring the D’ Friesen Family. October 28, 2012. Brian King Centre, Warman SK. 5:30 Soup/Bun & Pie. 7:00 Concert. No Admission. Free will offering will be taken. 14-2c WANTED DISH WASHERS: The Langham Theatrical Company is offering complimentary tickets to our formal Gala Opening Night production of The Big 5–Oh on November 1st in exchange for dish washers. Please call Elaine 2834879 for details. 15-2c Classifieds by phone. Visa & Mastercard accepted. Call The Gazette at 668-0575 or fax your ad to 668-3997, email: Plan to join us July 18-21, 2013 to help Shaunavon Celebrate its 100th Birthday! See for registration details and contact information.









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430D Central Street, Warman Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. til 5:00 p.m. (Closed from 12 - 1 p.m.) Tel: (306) 668-0575 Fax: (306) 668-3997 Email:

TWO CEMETERY PLOTS in the Garden of Gethsemane at Saskatoon’s Hillcrest Gardens. Each plot can contain up to 3 remains. Options include 3 cremated remains or 1 traditional burial & 2 cremated remains. For further information contact 306-343-8190 or 306668-4341. 14-4p




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CAREERS WE ARE LOOKING for key people to expand our financial services business in this area. Experience not necessary. We will train. For an interview call 370-3631. 12-4p KITCHEN HELP WANTED Cooks, waiters/ess, etc. F/T, P/T. All shifts. Bring resume to concession @ Legends Sports Centre. Food Safe an asset but not necessary. 14-4p Wagon Wheel Family Restaurant in Warman is accepting applications for linecooks & servers - previous experience in the restaurant industry would be a definite asset flexible shift opportunities - available for days & nights. If you truly enjoy the service industry we would like to meet you. Apply in person ask to see Kim or Doug. 15c



HOW TO PLACE YOUR AD In-person: 430D Central St. W, Warman Telephone: 306.668.0575 Fax: 306.668.3997 E-mail: Postal Mail: P.O. Box 1419, Warman SK S0K 4S0



The City of Warman is seeking a full-time office clerk to perform accounts receivable, reception and general office duties as assigned. Experience in reception and general knowledge of and skills in computer applications including excel and word processing is required. Experience in Accounts Receivable would be an asset. Applicant must be people oriented, communicate effectively and in a positive manner with the public and co-workers. Completion of a business or accounting course is desirable. Please forward detailed resume including references by mail, fax or email to:

City of Warman

Box 340 Warman SK S0K 4S0 Attn: Judi Thurlow, Finance & Administration Manager email: Phone: (306)933-2133 Fax: (306)933-1987

Position will be open until filled. We thank all applicants for their interest. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted.



The Clark’s Crossing Gazette is looking to fill some newspaper delivery routes in the CIty of Martensville. Delivering our newspaper will take approximately 45 minutes to one hour per week on Wednesday evenings or Thursday. Currently looking for carriers for:

900 Block of Glenview Cove A list of substitute carriers is also being compiled so apply in-person today!

430D Central St. West, Warman


We accept Visa/Mastercard over the phone Do not send credit card information by email. Send your ad by email and call us at 668-0575 during regular business hours and we will process payment to your credit card.

Auction Sales

INDUSTRIAL SPRAYING & RECLAMATION EQUIPMENT RICHIE BROS. AUCTIONEERS Unreserved Public Auction in Lloydminster, Saskatchewan on October 31, 2012. Featuring a complete dispersal for Corner Brook Farms including: 7 Massey Ferguson MFWD Tractors, pickup and flatbed trucks, trailers, custom built sprayers, AG equipment, recreational vehicles and much more! Call 1-800-491-4494 or visit Fall Leask Antique and Collectibles Auction Sale Saturday October 27th, 2012 @ 9:00AM Coins Sell @ 11:00 a.m. Leask Lion’ s Hall Leask, Saskatchewan for Information 1-877-494-2437, PL318200SK






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SaskPower, Red Cross form unique partnership for disaster response SaskPower and the Canadian Red Cross have signed an agreement that will see SaskPower employees trained and deployed during future provincial emergencies around the province. “SaskPower is pleased to partner with a highly respected charity like the Red Cross to encourage and support disaster response and recovery in Saskatchewan,” said SaskPower President and CEO Robert Watson. “Many of our employees are already involved with their communities, and this takes things a step further.” Under the agreement, SaskPower will fund Disaster Management Training for up to 20 of its employees each year. Those employees will then be called on during times of disaster response in the province. Volunteer opportunities will also be made available to SaskPower employees who do not wish to take the full Disaster Management Training program, but would like to volunteer from time to time. Finally, a Red Cross online donation web portal will be made available to employees to make donations at any time. “Red Cross is looking forward to training SaskPower volunteers to help Red Cross respond when disasters strike in Saskatchewan,” said Canadian Red Cross Provincial Director Cindy Fuchs. “It is with thanks to the generosity of supporters and volunteers like those at SaskPower that Red Cross is able to work closely with local authorities and agencies to provide emergency services such as food, shelter, clothing and longer term assistance to those affected.”


Save money and avoid city traffic and lineups!






430D Central Street, Warman Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. til 5:00 p.m. (Closed from 12 - 1 p.m.) Tel: (306) 668-0575 Fax: (306) 668-3997 Email:


EDMONTON BASED COMPANY seeks experienced Dozer, Excavator and Grader Operators for work in Northern Alberta. Accommodations and subsistence provided. Fax 780-488-3002;



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Ads for 3 consecutive weeks run the 4th week at no additional charge.

• General Construction Builders • Invoicing Clerk

(306) 668-0575

Remember: The deadline for placing Gazette Classified Ads is Monday at 5 p.m. T.J. LOGGING of Whitecourt, Alberta is accepting resumes for experienced heavy duty operators, hoe, dozer, skidder, buncher, processor, delimber for immediate employment. Fax resume 780-778-2428. NEED A HOME PHONE? Cable TV or High Speed Internet? We Can Help. Everyone Approved. Call Today. 1-877-8521122 Protel Reconnect.

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CAPRICORN Wants and needs are two different things, Capricorn. Don’t let a young one fool you into thinking otherwise. Amazing career opportunities are in store. AQUARIUS A review of your finances reveals areas to improve on. Start with something small, Aquarius. A drama plays out at home and peace reigns once again. PISCES Taskmaster you’re not, Pisces, but taskmaster you must become if you want to get a project off your desk. Step up your efforts and learn to delegate. ARIES The financial cushion you created will give you peace of mind this week, Aries, when a purchase must be made. Savvy shopping is in order. TAURUS A last ditch effort to save a project works, and you’re on your way up the ladder. Good work, Taurus! An unusual gift from afar perks up the weekend activities. GEMINI All work and no play makes for a dull Gemini. Rearrange your work schedule and make time for some fun. You will return with a sharper focus. CANCER Hands down, you’re the most qualified person for the job. Stop waffling and start vying for the position. It is yours for the taking, Cancer. LEO Be honest, Leo. When an acquaintance asks for your opinion, give it to them straight. Only then will they be able to make the right decision. VIRGO Life gets hectic. Roll with it, Virgo! There is much to be learned. An old friend has a crazy idea—cast aside your reservations and lend them a hand. LIBRA Sales heat up, and bargains call your name. Keep tabs of what you spend, else you’ll be playing catchup for months, Libra. A health crisis ends. SCORPIO It’s your turn to shine, Scorpio. Cut loose and let your talents unfold. Love letters stir up feelings of old and passion ignites. Let the fun times begin. SAGITTARIUS You get caught up in a whirlwind of change this week, Sagittarius, and your heart is all aflutter. A do-gooder makes a serious mistake and steps on many toes.


Puck drops on senior hockey next weekend The National Hockey League lockout may be forcing the television networks to scramble as they try to fill airtime with games featuring the American Hockey League (AHL), the Western Hockey League and the Russian elite league, but there’s plenty of good hockey out there at your local rink this winter.

FORT CARLTON HOCKEY LEAGUE The Fort Carlton Hockey League (FCHL) and other senior hockey leagues kick off their season-openers in early November. The FCHL includes the Warman Wildcats, Dalmeny Fury and Hague Royals. The season begins Friday, November 2 when the Dalmeny Fury hosts the Warman Wildcats. Game time is 8:15 p.m. That same evening the Hague Royals travel to Shellbrook to take on the Elks. Game time there is 8:30 p.m. The Dalmeny Fury have a busy weekend, as they travel to Tisdale for an evening game on Saturday, November 3. Meanwhile, the Wildcats host the Bruno-T-Birds at the Legends Centre on Saturday, November 3. Game time is 8:00 p.m. The Royals’ home opener is Tuesday, November 6, when they host the Prairie Outlaws at the Hague Arena. Game time is 8:30 p.m. The FCHL held its scheduling meeting last week. The full season schedule is available online at . SASK VALLEY HOCKEY LEAGUE The Delisle Bruins begin their new Sask Valley Hockey League (SVHL) season on Friday, November 9 with their home opener agaisnt the Central Butte Flyers. Game time at the Delisle Arena is 8:30 p.m. The season schedule is available online at . SASK PRAIRIE HOCKEY LEAGUE The Radisson Wheat Kings are gearing up for the new season which begins in November. A new addition to the league this year is the Spiritwood Timberwolves. The league held its annual meeting in early October, and the schedule should be posted soon on its website at www. sphl/ .


October 10 Arns Falcons 6 vs. P.A. River Riders 0 Ledingham Steelers 37 vs. Martensville Maddogs 6 October 14 Holt Bulldogs 30 vs. Schoenhals Titans 57 P.A. River Riders 0 vs. Tinkler Raiders 46 Warman Wolverines 6 vs. Babineau Warriors 44 Arns Falcons 20 vs. Ledingham Steelers 40 October 17 Holt Bulldogs 28 vs. Martensville Maddogs 6 Tinkler Raiders 26 vs. Warman Wolverines 8

Saturday, November 3.......................Bruno T-Birds.........................8:00 PM Friday, November 16..........................Tisdale Ramblers.................8:00 PM Saturday, November 17.....................Dalmeny Fury........................8:00 PM Saturday, November 24.....................Rosthern Wheat Kings.......8:00 PM Sunday, December 2..........................Prairie Outlaws..................... 3:30 PM Friday, December 7.............................Tisdale Ramblers.................8:00 PM Saturday, December 15.....................Hague Royals........................ 8:30 PM Friday, December 21...........................Shellbrook Elks.....................8:00 PM Sunday, January 6................................Hague Royals........................ 3:30 PM Saturday, January 19...........................Dalmeny Fury........................8:00 PM

Prairie Junior Hockey League Standings as of October 22 North Division








Sask. Quakers............8..................... 6......................2................... 0................... 12


1. Mark Larsen, Terry Jenson, Ashley Olynick 2. Steve Silvernagle, Keith Silvernagle, Glen Belliveau 3. Abe Friesen, Ryan Vermeulin, Darrell McKee


1. Paul Selvey, Matt Selvey, Kent Verment 2. Cory Bru, Todd Nichol, Travis Low 3. Chris Jacobs, Angie Prystay, Tammy Bezaire


1. Mitch Samuels, Jack Sargeant, Tyler Morin 2. Bryan Zeman, Al Mezzei, Bob Beebe 3. Nelson Poole, Terry Flasch, Laurie Flasch


1. Brian Rittwage, Lori Rittwage, Debbie Davidson 2. Doug Yarnell, Scott Prestley, Nathan Churko 3. Kevin Davis, Andy Didduk, Dave Schneider


Sask. Royals................7..................... 3......................1................... 3..................... 9

1. Justin Heather, Cody Flesch, Keaton Silvernagle 2. John Giesbrecht, Henry Ens, Rod Cousineau 3. Derick Opseth, John Murillo, Scott Epp

Delisle..........................5..................... 3......................2................... 0..................... 6


Sask. Westleys...........8..................... 5......................3................... 0................... 10

Tri Town.......................6..................... 3......................3................... 0..................... 6 Prince Albert.............3..................... 2......................1................... 0..................... 4 West Central..............7..................... 0......................5................... 2..................... 2 Weekend Results Delisle 5 West Central 1 Regina 4 Saskatoon Westleys 3 Southern 8 Tri Town 5 Traveland 5 Saskatoon Royals 1

1. Randy Boyd, Daryl Sully, Cory Fleming 2. Gord Grant, Shane Grieve, Josh Heisler 3. Mike Silvernagle, Calvin Jaman, Cole Raiwet

Bantam October 10

Schoenhals Titans 20 vs. P.A. River Riders 8 Ledingham Steelers 30 vs. M’ville Maddogs 14

October 14

Ledingham Steelers 7 vs. Arns Falcons 21 Schoenhals Titans 30 vs. Knoll Panthers 6 P.A. River Riders 18 vs. Tinkler Raiders 35 Holt Bulldogs 35 vs. Babineau Warriors 15

October 17

Tinkler Raiders 27 vs. M’ville Maddogs 21

17. “___ alive!” (contraction) 18. College fee 20. “Fantasy Island” prop 21. Locale 23. Apprehensive 24. Hacienda hand, maybe 25. Fishhook line 27. Ballad 28. Shoulder gesture 29. Mourner 31. Category 32. Contemptible one 33. Grimace 34. Letters 36. Betting information seller 39. “Silly” birds 40. Greyhound, e.g. 41. Hang 43. Absorbed 44. Ringlets 46. Back of the neck 47. “To ___ is human ...”

Down 1. Literary composition 2. Handgun sheath 3. Arctic bird 4. “Check this out!” 5. 1988 Olympics site 6. Fusion 7. Building near a silo 8. Trick taker, often 9. Those who climb up and over 10. Repulsive 11. Awry 12. Out of proper order 13. Tinker Bell, e.g. 14. Eager 19. Get misty-eyed 22. Snob 24. Four-wheeled horse-drawn carriage 26. Freetown currency unit 28. Kind of fund 30. Big wine holder 31. Bluecoat 33. Lost 34. Mollusk diver 35. Scold 36. Gang land 37. Dodging 38. Drive back 39. Excessive desire for wealth 40. Explode 42. Retain with stone 44. Traveling amusement show 45. Strength 48. Clap 49. Soft porous rock deposited from springs 52. Lulu 54. “Don’t give up!”

58 60 60

-14 -12 -12

63 64 66

-9 -8 -6

62 64 65

-10 -8 -7

66 67 68

-6 -5 -4

67 69 69

-5 -3 -3

66 68 76

-6 -4 +4

Places of Worship Please email for changes


48. Layered ice cream dessert 50. Blazer, e.g. (acronym) 51. Run away lovers 53. Not worth using 55. Differing from accepted standards 56. Thaw 57. E-mail option 58. Detroit’s county

Across 1. Hits hard 6. Discompose 11. Provokes 13. Weak 15. Timid, childish man 16. “So soon?”

The Legends Golf Club - Warman September 29, 2012



2012 SilverBell Charity Golf Classic results

Warman Senior Wildcats Home Schedule

BERGTHALER CHURCH - 206 - 2nd St. West G. Buhler - 239-4761 J. Howard Peters Service & Sunday School 10:00AM AWAKENING CHURCH - 208 Main Street, Warman Sask. - 934-7007 Sunday 10:30AM Worship Service Kids’ church during service REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD - 903 - 6th Ave. South Pastor Mercy Arinze 979-7726 (church) or 242-1314 Sunday School 10 AM Worship 10:30AM ST. JOHN LUTHERAN CHURCH - 123 South Railway St. West Pastor Randy Heide 933-2365 Family Worship July - August 10:00AM WARMAN GOSPEL CHURCH - 418 Central St. West - 242-8670 Pastor Ed Martens Sun: Worship Service 10:30AM (Children’s Church during Service) Tues: Olympian Club 6:45PM WARMAN MENNONITE CHURCH - 112 - 6th Ave. North - 933-4660 Pastor: Josh Wallace - 9:45 - Adult Sunday School 10:45 Family Worship & Children’s Sunday School

DALMENY DALMENY BIBLE CHURCH - 406 Wakefield Ave. - 254-2075 Sun: Bible Discovery 9:30AM / Worship Service 10:40AM DALMENY COMMUNITY CHURCH - 121 - 4th St. - 254-2019 Sun: Sunday School 9:45AM / Worship Service 10:45AM

OSLER OSLER COMMUNITY CHURCH - 625 - 3rd St. - 239-2224 Pastor Nick Kimpinski Thurs: Youth 7:00PM OSLER MENNONITE CHURCH - 212 - 2nd Ave. - 239-2133 (fax 239-2279) Sun: Worship 10:00AM / Sunday School 11:15AM OSLER MISSION CHAPEL - 110 - 6th Ave. Pastor Bill Janzen 934-2065 Pastor John Unger 242-6683 Pastor Simon Wiebe 239-4849 Sunday School 9:30AM / Sunday Worship 10:45AM PLAINS CONSERVATIVE MENNONITE CHURCH - 3.5 miles West of Osler 931-2587 or 249-4293 Wed: Bible Study 8:00PM Sun: Sunday School 10:00AM - Worship 11:00AM GRACE GOSPEL FELLOWSHIP CHURCH - 501 - 1st St. Pastor Peter Klassen 384-3376 Communion Service: 1st Sunday 6:30PM Services: Sunday 10:30AM, Wednesday 7:30PM

RADISSON Harvest Baptist Church - 415 William St. Pastor Alan Vaal (306) 827-2262 res Sunday: Sunday School 10 AM Worship/Gospel service 11 AM / Evening service 6:30 PM Thursday: Bible Study/prayer meeting 7 PM St. Paul Lutheran Church - 402 Albert Street Pastor: Wallace Bornhuse -827-2265 Sunday Worship 11:00 AM / Sunday School 11:00 AM

BORDEN RIVERBEND FELLOWSHIP (MB) BORDEN COMMUNITY CENTRE Pastor Tony Martens 997-4924 Sunday School and Service 10:00AM • Care groups during week BORDEN UNITED CHURCH Gayle Wensley • Sundays 11:30AM ST. JOHN’S ANGLICAN Reverend Debbie Ramage • Sundays 11:30AM

ASQUITH ST. THERESA ROMAN CATHOLIC PARISH We gather for Worship in the United Church Charles Street Pastor: Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Banahene 9:30AM Worship Service

LANGHAM FIRST SASKATCHEWAN LUTHERAN CHURCH - 283-4418 Pastor Wallace Bornhuse Sunday School 9:00AM / Sunday Worship 9:00AM KNOX UNITED CHURCH - 302 - 2nd St. East - 221-5219 Minister Michele Rowe Sunday Worship 10:30AM / Sunday School 10:30AM LANGHAM EVANGELICAL BIBLE CHURCH - 47 – 5th Ave. 283-4321 Senior Pastor Greg Guarnett - Associate Pastor Justin Epp 9:45AM Family Hour (Sunday School) 10:50AM Sunday Worship Service LANGHAM ZOAR MENNONITE - 110 - First St. East - 283-4494 Pastor Abe Buhler Worship Service 10:00AM / Sunday School 11:00AM ST. MARK’S CATHOLIC CHURCH - 423 Main St. East - 283-4482 Mass 9AM Sundays

MARTENSVILLE IMMACULATE HEART OF MARY ROMAN CATHOLIC PARISH 300 - 8th Ave. South - 931-3111 Sunday Mass begins at 11AM MARTENSVILLE ALLIANCE CHURCH - Pastor Kevin Martens - 931-2434 Sunday School 9:30AM / Service 11:00AM MARTENSVILLE BAPTIST - 209 Centennial Dr. North - 931-2688 Pastors Harv Sawatzky, Tim Braun, Aaron Dalman Summer Service 10 AM MARTENSVILLE MISSION - Main St. and 5th Avenue Reverend Wilf Gaertner - 931-2100 Sunday School 9:30AM / Worship Service 10:30AM Youth 7:00-9:00PM Life Community Church (PAOC) - Martensville Civic Centre Pastor: Ken Bodvarson, 306-978-5296 Service 11:00AM

HEPBURN HEPBURN GOSPEL CHURCH - 706 - 2nd St. East - 947-2820 Pastor Dean Huber • email: Summer Hours begin first Sunday in June (No Sunday School) - Worship Service 10AM Winter Hours begin 2nd Sunday in Sept. (Sunday School for all ages 9:30AM)-Worship Service 10:30AM. Call for mid-week programs Christmas Hours: No Sunday School Sunday before Christmas, Christmas Day and Sunday after Christmas. Worship Service 10AM HEPBURN MENNONITE BRETHREN CHURCH - Lead Pastor Rod Schellenberg • Youth Pastor Greg Klassen Sunday Service: 9:30 AM Sunday School 11:00 AM

HAGUE HAGUE GOSPEL CHURCH - 112-5th St. Pastor Allen Kehler Sun: Sunday School 9:30AM / Worship Service 10:30AM HAGUE MENNONITE CHURCH - 202 - 3rd St. Pastor Ken Bechtel - 225-2211 Worship Service 10:45AM / Sunday School 9:30AM ZION EVANGELICAL LUTHERN CHURCH - 120 - 1st St. Pastor Michael Diegel - 225-4554 or 232-5023 Worship Service 9:30AM

NORTH CORMAN PARK BETHEL CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH - (located at Hwy 11 north, across the Saskatoon Shines sign) 652-4655 / Pastor Ron Smeding, Worship Service Sunday 11:00 am See website for programs



Warman High School to host provincial soccer championships By TERRY PUGH


n what appears to be an annual tradition, Warman High School is gearing up to host the 2A Senior Boys provincial soccer championships this coming weekend. The tournament is slated for Friday, October 26 and Saturday, October 27, and features the top 8 senior boys soccer teams in the province. Warman High School will be one of those teams af-

ter advancing from regionals last weekend, as well as by virtue of hosting the event. It’s a great opportunity for the school and the community, according to WHS Principal Michael Collins. “This will actually be the fifth time we’ve hosted the 2A senior boys soccer championship,” said Collins. “There are two reasons for that. One is that we’ve got great facilities – including two of the best natural grass soccer pitches in the province at Percy Hoff and

Arthur Neufeld fields, and also because we’re willing to step up to the plate and take it on.” Collins said the school first hosted the tournament in 2004, and repeated as hosts in 2005. “Since then we’ve been shoulder-tapped several times,” he said. “It’s important to have this tournament, and this will be the third time we’ve agreed to take it on so that the athletes have the opportunity to play.” He said the provincial

high schools athletics association likes coming to Warman because the facilities and the community are able to accommodate the teams and spectators, with its close proximity to Saskatoon. “They know we’re willing to do it and we’ve done a really good job of hosting in the past,” said Collins. “That’s a credit to the community and we really appreciate the support we get from the Warman Parks and Rec-

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Craig Folden, one of the coaches of the WHS senior boys soccer team, said the squad should be competitive in the tournament. “We’ve had a couple of mini-tournaments, with a few wins and a few losses and a tie, so overall I think we’ve done quite well,” said Folden. “It’s a senior boys team but we do have a couple of Grade 9 students on the team as well. They’ve been training hard and I think we should do all right.”


o c q ue R o o f Lar Roofing at it’s best ing USED & NEW PARTS

reation Department, to be able to use the community fields.” Collins said while there’s a lot of work involved, it’s worth it. “We don’t mind having home-field advantage,” he said. “And it gives us an opportunity to really promote our community. It’s a nice coincidence that the tournament takes place the same day (Saturday) that our town is celebrating the move up to city status. It’s great timing.”

Kevin Martens ~ Immediate Cremation Funeral Director & Owner ~ Memorial Services 591 Centennial Dr. N ~ Traditional Services Martensville ~ Memorial Tea (306) 242-7888 ~ Celebration of Life ~ Private Family Services

CUSTOM Nathan Gough Owner/Craftsman Borden, SK 306-280-2970


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Fire and ice:

Firefighters curling championships set for Borden, Langham By TERRY PUGH


orden may not have a curling rink, but that won’t stop the community from hosting a major provincial curling tournament next February. The Saskatchewan Firefighters Curling Association (SFFA) provincial curling championships will be held February 8-10 at the Langham Curling Rink, with the event hosted by the Borden Fire Department and volunteers in Borden and Langham. Ian Wainwright, a firefighter in Borden, is President of the Saskatchewan Firefighters Curling Association. He says this year’s edition of the provincial curling championships will be the 55th year the event has been held, and he’s excited to host the tournament. “We’ve never hosted it before, and we know there will be some challenges, but we’re confident we will make it a success and everyone will have a good time,”

said Wainwright. “Obviously one of our biggest challenges is the fact we don’t actually have a curling rink. But we’ve arranged to use the facilities at the Langham Curling Club, and they’ve been very helpful and supportive.” Wainwright said they are expecting at least a dozen teams from across the province. All the curlers are active or retired firefighters, and while most teams are made up of players from the same community, others include players from several communities. The winning foursome earns the privilege of going on to the national firefighters curling championships in March. Wainwright said a few years ago, the Borden firefighters curling team won the provincial championship and went to the national tournament. “It was a big event, with all the pomp and ceremony that goes with a major brier,” he said. “We had a 4-6 record at that tournament, so we didn’t do as

well as we thought we should have. We had a couple tough games against Quebec, and lost to PEI, which shouldn’t have happened, but in the end, it was a lot of fun and a great experience.” Wainwright said the provincial championships will be modeled on the national event, with a parade of athletes led by a bagpiper at the opening ceremonies. “We want to make up signs showing where the teams are from, and hopefully will have schoolkids carrying the signs in front of each team to show where they’re from,” he said. “We’re hoping for a lot of spectators to turn out and watch the games as well.” Wainwright said they need volunteer drivers to help shuttle the athletes to and from the rink and the Borden community hall on Saturday, February 9, where a banquet will be held for the participants. Dave Buckingham, Mayor of Borden and a member of the village fire depart-

ment, is one of the curlers on the local team. He said the community is looking forward to hosting the event, and said it will be a nice mix of hometown hospitality and competitive curling. “When you have an event like this in a major city like

get to know each other in a setting that is different from the usual training or emergency situations. “It’s important that we get a chance to meet and get to know people from other departments and other communities,” he said.

Saskatoon or Regina, it gets lost in the shuffle,” he said. “It loses its identity. So it’s nice for a small community to host something like this. It’s a big deal for us.” Buckingham said it’s also a good way for firefighters across the province to


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Nyle Segovia of the Warman Wolverines is tackled by Martensville Royals’ Brayden Heck and Morgan Upton with help from Connor Moore.

Wolverines record first-ever playoff win Warman defeats Martensville 67-30 to advance in high school football post-season By TERRY PUGH


he Warman Wolverines punched their ticket to the second round of playoffs with a convincing 67-30 win over their arch-rivals, the Martensville Royals, last Saturday at Neufeld Field. The win was the firstever playoff victory for the Warman High School 9-man football squad, and it was all the sweeter because they earned it on home turf. But while the score was a little lopsided, it was anything but easy. The teams were deadlocked through most of the first half, trading punches back and forth. The scoreboard at the end of the first quarter was 10-10, and then 17-17 with a little over four minutes left in the half. But the Wolverines broke

it open in the dying minutes of the second quarter, as the offense exploded for three unanswered touchdowns while the defense kept the Royals bottled up. The home team enjoyed a 38-17 lead at half-time and just kept the momentum going through the second half as the Wolverines took advantage of the Royals’ shorthanded roster. Adam Leik accounted for most of the Wolverines’ points, with 5 touchdowns in the game. Spencer Ulrich scored a pair of majors, while Nyle Segovia and Tyler Hume contributed one touchdown each. Segovia also kicked the Wolverines’ first field goal on their opening drive. Martensville’s Spencer Finch was a one-man wrecking crew for the visitors, scoring two touchdowns that counted and another that was disallowed because of a penalty. Brayden Heck kicked a field goal for the Royals and also recovered a fumble for a defensive touchdown in the opposition’s end zone. Boden Young added the

Royals’ final touchdown of the game in the final minute of the fourth quarter. Wolverines’ coach Tyler Scheidt was cold and wet, but happy, after the final whistle was sounded in a game played in windy, rainy conditions under threatening clouds. “I thought our kids played fantastic,” said Scheidt. “Our offense was stellar. We’ve been waiting for that to happen and it finally did today. I think in the first half we scored on every possession, so that really shows what these kids are capable of. Adam Leik had a phenomenal game, and quarterback Logan Misskey really threw the ball well today. When all the guys are doing what they’re capable of, it makes a big difference.” Scheidt also had praise for the Wolverines’ defense, which apparently learned its lesson after being outplayed by the Royals a week earlier. “They made timely stops when they had to,” said Scheidt. “We made some adjustments after last week’s loss to Martensville. The big-

gest one was we wanted to play them a lot tougher and wear them down, because they have a lot of guys that play both ways and we wanted to tire them out by being a lot more physical.” The strategy seemed to work. Martensville Royals’ coach Lyle Evanisky said while he was proud of the determined way his team played, they were a bit overwhelmed by what they had to face. “Warman played a good game,” said Evanisky. “We just couldn’t seem to stop their offense. They ran the ball well, they threw the ball well. Logan Misskey is a phenomenal quarterback. He gets the ball out there where his receivers can catch it and they can score a lot of points.” Evanisky said in the end, their already-short bench kept getting shorter as the game went on.

Royals Coach proud his players battled on despite depleted bench Continued on page 29



2012 RAM 1500 QC 4x4 SXT


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$16,500 RAISED FOR BREAST CANCER RESEARCH The Saskatoon Blades donned special onetime only pink jerseys over the weekend to raise over $16,500 for breast cancer research. The jerseys were auctioned off following their tilt Saturday night with the Everett Silvertips. Just over $9,000 was raised through the sale, with goaltender Andrey Makarov’s sweater going for the highest

Was $38,290

Sale price



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$155 Bi-Weekly


2012 RAM 2500 HD CREW CAB 4x4 SXT Was $47,640

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dollar figure at $1,200. Lukas Sutter’s jersey was a close second, fetching $1,150. The Blades also held a head-shaving drive that also raised $7,500. Michael Scissons, John Brodsky and Taylour Roseveare all canvassed funds and had their heads shaved for the cause.

Stock #M9274

2012 JEEP COMPASS SPORT 4X4 Sale price



Stock #M6105

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Warman Competitive Co-ed Volleyball League Standings to Oct. 18 TEAM Grave Diggers Scouts Mud Dogs Chosen Ones Spare Parts Hit That Wolf Pack Budsters Balls ‘n Dolls

W L 4 0 3 1 3 1 2 2 2 2 1 3 1 3 1 3 1 3


Wolverines turn focus onto road trip to Foam Lake Continued from page 28

“It was kind of frustrating to be running out on the field as many times as I had to and help kids off the field,” he said. “But that’s a testament to how hard they were playing. They weren’t afraid of contact, and they played every down like it was their last. I’m very proud of the way they played.” For the graduating players on the Royals’ roster, it was their last game in the blue and white uniform. But Evanisky said he’s confident a lot of them will go on to play the game at a higher level after they finish high school. “We’ve got some phenomenal athletes,” he said. Meanwhile, the Wolverines post-season focus now shifts to this coming Saturday, when they travel to Foam Lake for the second round of playoffs. “We don’t know a lot about Foam Lake,” admitted the Wolverines’ coach. “I’ve seen a little bit of film, but not much. I do know they have a great program in that town, and their team is consistently finishes in first or second place, so we’ll have our work cut out for us.” But Scheidt is confident this first playoff win on home turf will keep his troops fired up. “I think if we play the way we did today we’ve got a very good chance of coming out on top,” he said. “We just need to make things happen.”

Overhauled Riders in playoffs: Anything can happen A smile flashed across Brendan Taman’s face at the mention of the term “playoffs”. There’s another word the Saskatchewan Roughriders General Manager actually despises, but we’ll get to that later. The Roughriders entered this past weekend teetering on the edge of a playoff berth needing either a home win over Montreal Saturday afternoon or a Hamilton TigerCats loss at Calgary Saturday night. Well one of those two things happened. The Riders dropped a 34-28 decision to the Alouettes at Mosaic Stadium as a fourth quarter rally fell short. However, the Ticats muffed their game to the Stampeders later that evening and the Riders were able to clinch without even breaking a sweat. Backing into the playoffs? Absolutely. Apologizing


Voice of the Riders Roughriders Radio Network

for it? Not on your life. “I hate doing this because I never want to look back to last year but going from where we were a year ago to where we are now, it’s a big credit for us,” Taman said about heading back to the CFL post-season after a one-year absence in 2011, the club’s 5-13 season. “We’ve improved this team, I think there’s no doubt about that but we need to play better. We’re happy to be where we’re at, but we need to be better.” No guff. The Riders have lost back-to-back games, to

Edmonton and Montreal, here in the stretch drive and their record stands at 8-8 with two games left. The chance at a home playoff game has been blown and now the only question which remains is: are they going on the road in the West Division in the playoffs or crossing over into the East Division? Really, if you ask these Riders, it doesn’t matter. They’re in the playoffs with a rookie head coach and a roster which was completely overhauled in the off-season by Taman, his first season truly in charge of the Green

& White. They rebuilt, without using the term “rebuild”. Why? “I hate that word,” Taman grimaced. “I don’t know if there’s another word to use. I’d use it if there was but I hate that word because that’s sort of a built-in excuse to lose. “We were never gonna do that but we knew we were gonna change the team a lot. I think other teams in the past have done it, even Edmonton did very well using ‘that word’ last year. The Riders have two games left; at home this week to Toronto and then the last game of the regular season at the B.C. Lions. Who knows how things will play out? They’re looking at 10-8, 9-9 or 8-10 but they all constitute a huge leap from last year under first year coach Corey Chamblin. The key is that they’ve

clinched a playoff spot with still two games remaining, and they can now start making plans for the playoffs. As for the makeover – the “rebuild” – things went according to plan despite a lot of silent hand-wringing behind closed doors. Especially during a five-game losing streak mid-season. “I think in this league with eight teams, you can do it pretty quick,” Taman explained. “It’s not easy, but it’s a credit to the coaches and the players to have won enough games.” The current two-game slide is nothing to be overlooked but by no means is it an omen for the future. In 2010 the Riders lost four in row in October before winning game 18 and rolling into the Grey Cup in Edmonton. Hold on tight. This is where it gets fun.




Rebels big plays spell big trouble for Spartans Panthers look back on improvements made during 2012 By HILARY KLASSEN

The Delisle Rebels used a series of big plays to defeat the Meadow Lake Spartans 56-28 on Saturday in the opening round of provincial high school football playoffs. Rebels Coach Ken Byers remembers a previous matchup between the two teams. “We played Meadow Lake in 2007. We beat them in the regular season by a lot of points, like 35-40 points, and then they came and beat us in the first round of the playoffs 2827 in this massive upset in 2007. For some odd reason our players wanted to watch that game film.” When Saturday’s game was suddenly tied at 14, and when the Spartans went up 21-14, Byers added, “it was like oh jeez...2007 all over again and so it was a little scary on the sidelines. But the thing is these kids have played a long season and they know there’s four quarters in the game so they know it’s no big deal. Nobody remembers the score at half time, they just remember the end score.” Byers was right and the Spartans’ lead didn’t last long. The Rebels answered back with three touchdowns before the half and never looked back. Byers was pleased with Kyle Richardson’s game, especially since the field was wet at the start of the game and they weren’t sure how often they would go to the air. “So offensively, he played really well,” added Byers. The coach also mentioned his team’s defensive game wasn’t up to their standard and “they’ll look forward to viewing game film to see what to fix”.



The Hague Panthers’ football season came to an end last weekend. The Panthers came out on the wrong end of an 87-8 score in 1A 6-man high school football playoff action last Saturday, October 20, losing to perennial powerhouse LCBI in Outlook. But even though they won’t be going any further into the playoffs, the fact that they made it as far as they did was a positive thing for the team, the school, and the community, according to Panthers head coach Clay Kirby, who is also principal of Hague High School. The Panthers had earlier secured a playoff spot by defeating Davidson 68-12 in their last regular season game on Friday, October 12. Kirby said one of the highlights for the team this year was the marked improvement in blocking by players. “Adam Wagner and Kevin Loewen really are the leaders in that department,” said Kirby. He added that touchdowns in the game against Davidson were scored by Mark Loewen, Adam Thiessen, Justin Fehr and Luke Guenter. The tackle leaders were Brent Fehr and Mark Loewen. “As we wrap up league play, I feel good about how hard the boys work, and how positive they are,” said Kirby. “We won more games than we lost. It’s been a lot of fun.”

Rebels kicker Taylor Barber sends another one through the uprights in Delisle’s 56-28 playoff victory over the Meadow Lake Spartans In an unusual move, Kolton McKenzie lined up on special teams and, according to Byers, turned in a solid performance with several tackles. Byers added that Jeff Shirley had a good running game and Taylor Barber was on his kicking game. Taylor also intercepted a Spartans pass which led to a touchdown. Tanner “Bucket” Olson was successful in both the passing and running game. Now in Grade 12, the nickname “Bucket” has stuck with

Olson since Grade 10 when he first donned an older helmet with an unusual shape. Late in the game, Ryan Tetland finished off the Rebels attack, scampering 89-yards for a touchdown. It was the last in a string of big plays leading to a final score of 56 – 28 for the Rebels. The Rebels next playoff action comes against the Melville Cobras on Saturday at 1:00 p.m. in Delisle. Melville won last week 18-0 over Yorkton’s Sacred Heart. “It’s interesting for me,”


Byers explained. “This is the tenth anniversary of our first provincial championship in 2002 and Melville is who we beat 14-13 in the provincial final that year. This is first time we’ve played them in 10 years so hopefully that can be a good omen.” In addition to winning the contest against Meadow Lake, Delisle also came out wearing a little pink, a nod to their professional counterparts who also wore pink on the weekend to promote breast cancer research and awareness.

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Hyundai Hockey Helpers provides grants for equipment and league fees so over 1,000 deserving kids can play hockey and learn valuable life skills.

P.K. SUBBAN Montreal Canadiens Defenceman and Hyundai Hockey Helper

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Blades on hold as they wait to get going

After three steps forward, the Saskatoon Blades took two steps back…and have several days to stew about it! While it seemed as though the Bridge City Bunch had escaped the early-season struggles by winning three consecutive games, a pair of onegoal losses last weekend have mired them in an Eastern Conference standings spot that is outside of the top eight teams that would qualify for the playoffs. That hole could become deeper to climb out of as the Blades are in the midst of nine consecutive non-game days! “I think (we) just get back to the basics,” said Saskatoon associate coach Dave Struch. “It might be a good break for us to get our fitness back up, get back to the basics of our systems and get everybody comfortable with where we want to go and have a good start after the break.” The Blades scored just three goals in losses to Swift Current and Everett on back-to-back nights…two of the goals coming on the power play from defenceman Darren Dietz. “We’ll be pretty busy through the nine days here,” explained the 19-year-old Medicine Hat product. “It gives us a good opportunity to really tighten up as a group and spend a lot of time together and focus on the small things at practice. I’m really looking forward to it.” One positive going into the

break is the Bridge City Bunch’s penalty killing with 22 consecutive kills dating back to a Kootenay power play goal two Fridays ago.



Voice of the Blades on 92.9 The Bull

But, the nagging question is returning…when is it time to push the “panic button” on this MasterCard Memorial Cup-hosting season. It was one thing to say it was early in the season when the record was 2-7-0…and it might still be that way at 5-9-0. However, at what point does the answer remain, “It’s early in the season.” if the Saskatoon Blades continue to operate at less than .500 for the season! ***** BLADES PLAYER-OF-THEWEEK – Thanks to the 1-2-0 week, the pickings were slim with 19-year-old Czech Matej Stransky copping this writer’s award. The Dallas draft pick from 2011 scored an overtime winning goal last Wednesday against Tri-Cities and added two assists for three points in three games and was +1. Overall, the winger has four goals and 11 points in 14 games. ***** ROSTER CHANGES – For the second straight week, G-M and head coach Lorne Molleken pulled the trigger on a trade…


sending former first round Bantam draft pick Brent Benson to Swift Current for 6’5” defenceman Graeme Craig. Both are 19-year-old veterans. The Blades also re-assigned 16-year-old defenceman Nelson Nogier to the Saskatoon Contacts of the Saskatchewan Midget AAA League. Following is the Saskatoon roster as of Monday afternoon… Goalies – Andrey Makarov (93), Alex Moodie (95); Defence – Matt Pufahl (93), Kyle Schmidt (93), Duncan Siemens (93), Graeme Craig (93); Brett Lernout (95), Darren Dietz (93), Dalton Thrower (93); Forwards – Shane McColgan (93), Adam Kambeitz (92), Matej Stransky (93), Matt Revel (96), Nick Zajac (95), Travis McEvoy (94), Brenden Walker (92), Josh Nicholls (92), Logan Harland (95), Lukas Sutter (93), Brett Stovin (94), Ryan Graham (96), Jessey Astles (93); ***** UPCOMING GAMES – Strange only begins to describe the Bridge City Bunch’s schedule… or lack of it. The Blades are in the midst of nine days without game action since last Saturday’s loss to Everett. Saskatoon’s next contest is a visit to Regina to play the Pats on Tuesday. The broadcast is on CKBL-FM (92-9, THE BULL) begins at 6:30 with a half-hour of pre-game talk before play-by-play at 7 p.m. Regina provides the next Credit Union Centre opposition…not until Friday, November 9.

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Clark's Crossing Gazette - October 25, 2012 issue  
Clark's Crossing Gazette - October 25, 2012 issue