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NatuRe’s Appeal

Donations allow the Foundation to continue its support of the District’s mission and bring Champaign County closer to nature. - Land acquisition and restoration - Natural and recreational area development - Natural and cultural resource preservation - Educational experiences for everyone

Success! Your donations in 2012 provided the opportunity to develop, protect and enhance many places and programs at the District. Two of our largest projects, the Museum of the Grand Prairie Education Center and the Homer Lake Natural Playscape, are now open and being enjoyed by many. Donor opportunities still exist for these projects as well as the many others showcased here. Our continued success in 2013 can only be accomplished with your help. We have many ways to donate and you can designate your gift to a specific effort. We thank you in advance for your support and wish you the best for a safe and bountiful new year.

Contributions to the Foundation directly aid the District in a variety of projects and activities that further its mission. The Forest Preserve Friends Foundation is a Not-For-Profit Corporation for charitable and educational purposes. The Foundation also promotes public awareness of the goals and mission of the Champaign County Forest Preserve District. Forms of support include fundraising, volunteerism, and collaborative relationships with other agencies.





Homer LaKe NatuRal Playscape Daniel J. Olson Executive Director

Foundation Board Members

Educational Opportunities

Museum Education Center

Some schools in Champaign County will be getting a boost from the Faith Vidoni and Marian Van Dyke Educational Grant. Dennis and Mary Vidoni have donated $5,000 in honor of their mothers to the Champaign County Forest Preserve District. The gift will be used to bring environmental and cultural education into the classrooms of schools that are challenged to provide such opportunities. It will also provide students the opportunity to experience an outdoor Forest Preserve Friends Foundation classroom at one of our preserves. You can help sustain this educational grant over many years by donating to P.O. Box 1040 | Mahomet, IL 61853 the effort. 217.586.3360 | fax 217.586.5724

Tom Berns Bob Epeseth Robin Hall Joseph Lamb Maureen McCord Dan Noel Dan Olson Will Timmons Mary Ellen Wuellner

Forest Preserve Friends Foundation P.O. Box 1040 | Mahomet, IL 61853

Non-Profit Org. US Postage PAID Permit No. 42 Mahomet, IL

Habitat Restoration Champaign County is entirely in the Grand Prairie of Illinois. The first Europeans to visit the area would have found a sea of prairie wildflowers and tall grasses covering much of the county. Very little of this landscape still exists. Through our prairie restoration efforts, the District is committed to showcasing the county’s ecological heritage by providing spaces where visitors can picture the landscape as it once was. Beyond the historical and aesthetic appeal of the prairie, however, we are deeply committed to reestablishing the biodiversity of these lands that has been gone for decades. Over the past six years, the District has restored almost 180 acres of prairie. Please help us restore an additional 20 acres over the next year. Although well known for its prairie, Champaign County historically had many forests along rivers and in prairie groves. The process of restoring a forest is much like that of restoring a prairie. The planting area must be properly prepared and seeds and young trees must be cared for over many years. Reforestation efforts at the District include both the planting of seedlings and the direct sowing of seeds. Over the past six years, we have reforested approximately 37 acres. We have plans to reforest an additional 14 acres over the next two years. The restoration process begins long before one could go out and feel they are immersed in the prairies of centuries ago. The process involves extensive planning, site preparation, planting, and nurturing the young prairie to its full potential. Your contribution to our restoration efforts will help reduce pollution, provide shelter for wildlife, and reduce flooding.

We have set up three convenient ways for you to donate. Thank you for your support! By Phone

Call District Headquarters at (217) 586-3360 to donate over the phone. The office is open Monday through Friday, 8:00am - 4:30pm.


Go to to make your donation quickly and easily with Paypal! The FFPF does not sell or trade donor information.

2012 Donations

$2,000 & above Marian Edwards Dennis & Mary Vidoni $1,000 - $1,999 Daniel & Stacy Olson Ann F. Panthen

The Family of Joyce & Bud Woodside Charles & Janet Keller Robeson Family Benefit Fund Lynn & Will Timmons

$500 - $999

Heidi Foil Jerry Pagac Kelly Hoffman Scott Schingel J. Ralph & Stephanie Alexander Susan K. Redhed

$250 - $499

Eleanor Blackmon Mary Ellen Wuellner Dan & Rhonda Proctor John & Karen Baker Chuck Thompson

$100 - $249

Land Acquisition

Conservation of natural areas within Champaign County is the District’s highest priority. We have been very successful in acquiring grants, but the vast majority of grants require matching funds. A gift toward land acquisition increases the District’s ability to protect Champaign County’s natural resources, provide educational and recreational opportunities and reduce pollution.

By Mail To pay by check (made out to Forest Preserve Friends Foundation), detach this form and mail to: FPFF | P.O. Box 1040 | Mahomet, IL | 61853 I would like to make a financial donation, in the amount of: [ ] $30 [ ] $50 [ ] $100 [ ] $250 [ ] $500 [ ] Other $__________ Name: ______________________________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________ E-mail Address: _______________________________________________ Please use my donation for: [ ] Museum of the Grand Prairie [ ] Other______________________ [ ] Homer Lake Natural Playscape _____________________________ [ ] Land Acquisition ______________________________ [ ] Habitat Restoration [ ] Educational Opportunities

Ashley Sharp Anonymous Jane Nathan Janice M. Wilson Mark Toalson Galen Dale, DDS Kurt Froehlich Alyssa Mayer Sandra & Ronald Raffay Valerie Woodruff, DDS Melissa Records Sarah Sivier Bliss Jason & Sandra Partridge Joanne Sivier & Edward Wright Jonathan Sivier Katherine A. Sivier

Up to $99

Kelly Dillard Steve Fitzsimmons Michael Rogalla Henry Stokes Corey Heath Allison Jones Mary Beck Dawn Price David Smysor Karen & Thomas Atkins Jackie Christensen Pauline Cochrane Shannon & David Condon Paul & Dollie Dumontelle Carol & Hosea Hall Loretta & Paul Haneberg Richard & Kathy Hepler Libby Johnston Cheryl L. Kennedy George & Beverly Kieffer Martin Koeck, MD Joy North Marv Piwoni

Jim Barham Tom Berns Lori Johnson & Don DeCoste Michael & Nicole Eichelberger Peter Fox

Robin & Barbara Hall Harold & Mary Ellen Lawler Richard & Gloria Rayburn Kenneth & Martha Sivier Dr. Daniel Walk

Robert Sivier Steven Sivier Dave & Karen Huber Patricia VerStrat William C. Wilson Dede Akers Alfred S. Davis Robert & Mary Ann Espeseth Barb Oehlschlaeger-Garvey Heath Grote Marilyn & John Januszko Judy & Fred Juras Barbara Kuhl Joe & Janice Maddox Barbara Mann

Maureen McCord Martha Mohr David & Leslie Noyes Donald Odle John & Julie Potts Donald & Gay Roberts Steve & Deborah Rugg Orrin & Julie Sherwood Myron J. Sholem, Trustee Mona & Bryan Stevens Robert & Dianne Toalson A.R. & S.C. Traugott Brian & Wendy Waibel Christopher & Joyce White Barbara Wysocki

Paul & Kristi Lewis Ron & Sara Rhoades Pam Leiter Dawn Schultz Lea Pike Patty & Larry Tate Stan & Susan Sholem Joseph & Anne Villanti Bonnie & Jeffrey Taylor William & Ann Walters Kendall & Rosa Townsend Jim Wilcoski Scott Trees John & Claudette Basham Jerry & Jo Ann Wallace Larry & Linda Pruitt Regina Wiese Janet Gaye Wong D.R. Brooks Angie Clayton Jeff Courson Kay Hodson Sarah Davis Patrick Jolliff & Nancy Braun Margie Eastin Gloria Onstott Inga Giles Sandra & RC Sandberg Geri Lowe Kirby Pringle Becky Mills Timothy & Donna Battershell Virgil & Faye Rosendale Garland Conner Marian Wienke Janice & Ted Gill Diane & Keith Eveland Edwin & Virginia Gordon D.A. Jackson Ruth M. Jackson Christine & Stephen Snodgrass Woman's Club of Champaign-Urbana

The Forest Preserve Friends Foundation thanks everyone who made a gift in support of the Museum of the Grand Prairie, the Homer Lake Natural Playscape, and the many other projects, programs, facilities, and natural areas of the Champaign County Forest Preserve District in 2012.

We could not succeed without you.

Nature's Appeal 2013  

Newsletter highlighting donations and upcoming projects for 2013.