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Christmas is just around the corner and we all are looking forward to gift-giving and more meaningful fellowship. As the start of this season, no one expects though to count trials as one of these gifts but they sure are as our Church helps unwraps the value behind your trials and turn them into awesome gifts. What should keep you going and have in mind when faced with trials? Trials can happen to anyone. No one is exempted no matter where we are in our walk with the Lord. But trials don’t always happen to you because of God’s will; sometimes you cause your own trials. Don’t despair but instead confess to God if you caused your trial. Whatever you can and cannot do, you should take it to the Lord in prayer. Increase your faith if the answers don’t come right away because there is something about delayed answers that makes you closer with God. Trials can reveal God’s attributes. And these attributes could be His perfect timing; His personal attention; His purposes and; His power. If you think you’ve done all you can but still the answer eludes you, keep on praying and wait for God’s perfect timing. Open the Bible to read about God’s plan for you and let the Bible lead you in the right path. Trust God, not your mind or your feelings alone and let His power work in your life. Trials can turn into triumphs and awe. When you make godly decisions your trials will turn into triumphs and awe. How awesome when you find your trials eventually lead you to uncover the gifts of wisdom and character within you and make you triumphant in the end with God’s leading and grace. Trials are either controllable or uncontrollable. Bring yourself to do your best, get counsel and seek God’s will for the trials that you can control; while you lift and surrender to God all those you cannot control. Let’s learn to thank our trials and use them to build ourselves and let them turn into triumphs and awe!

Christmas Unwrapped  

Zachariah and Elizabeth

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