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Center for Children & Families, Inc.

The State of Children Oklahoma’s children face greater challenges today than ever before! • In 2009, 25% of all babies born in Oklahoma were born into poverty and 60% of all births in Oklahoma were paid for by Medicaid. • 42% of all births in Oklahoma in 2009 were to single mothers. • Oklahoma has the 5th highest teen birth rate in the nation. • Poverty in Norman is steadily increasing. Ten years ago (2000), 27% of the Norman Public School population was eligible for free and reduced lunch. Today (2010) that number is 42%. • Over 75% of the children in Wilson and Kennedy Elementary Schools are eligible for free and reduced lunch. • Oklahoma ranks 7th in the nation in children’s deaths due to abuse and neglect and 9th in the nation in documented cases of abuse and neglect. • Cleveland County ranked 3rd in the state in the number of confirmed cases of abuse and neglect in 2008. • Oklahoma ranks 1st in the nation in female incarceration. 65% of women in prison in Oklahoma had at least one minor child living with them prior to incarceration.

How CCFI Makes a Difference • CCFI served 1,595 children and families in 2009. • 32,325 diapers and hundreds of cans of baby formula were given to over 1,000 people in 2009. • 15 adoptions have occurred among children in Trauma Focused Services since 2007. • Only one foster-care placement change has occurred among all the children served in Trauma Focused Services since the program’s inception in 2007. • 98% of teens eligible for graduation in the TeenAge Parenting Program, received their high school diplomas in 2010 - 60% higher than the national average. • 91% of the youth in Neighborhood Centers felt more positive about their identity, values and social skills at the end of the program. • 90% of the parent/caregivers receiving ChildParent Relationship Therapy can now identify a healthy support system for themselves.

Areas of Service Healing Child Abuse and Neglect Experiences of abuse and neglect can have devastating, long-term effects on a child. CCFI’s Trauma Focused Services help children, and their foster or adoptive caregivers, overcome these negative experiences through therapy, education and support.

Supporting and Educating Parents CCFI’s services enhance the knowledge and skills of parents and caregivers by equipping them with a support network and positive parenting tools. • Bringing Up Babies is an education-based, weekly home visitation program for expectant parents and parents of babies up to one year old. • Divorce Visitation Arbitration involves support and education for separated or divorced parents through classes, mediation, counseling and supervised visits and exchanges. • Parents Assistance involves support and education for families struggling with abuse, neglect and other related issues through specialized classes and respite care. • TeenAge Parenting supports pregnant or parenting teens by providing school-based peer-support groups, home visits, parent education classes and need-based transportation assistance.

Cultivating Neighborhood Connections In partnership with the City of Norman and Norman Public Schools, CCFI’s Neighborhood Centers provide family support and youth development services in middle and elementary schools immediately after school, during the evenings and throughout the summer. Neighborhood Centers focus on helping children build a positive sense of self, develop personal responsibility and social competencies, serve the community and practice leadership, and develop healthy relationships with caring adults and peers.

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Leading Determinant of Health and Social Well-Being in the United States*

What are Adverse Childhood Experiences? Child Maltreatment

• Physical Abuse • Emotional Abuse • Sexual Abuse • Emotional Neglect • Physical Neglect

Trauma in Household

• Substance Abuse • Mental Illness • Domestic Violence • Imprisoned Household Member • Loss of Parent/Abandonment


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Compared to a person with one ACE, a person with four or more Adoption of Health ACEs in his/her childhood is Risk Behaviors two times more likely to be a Social, Emotional & smoker, 10 times more likely Cognitive Impairment to inject street drugs, and 12 times more likely to Adverse Childhood Experiences attempt suicide.

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Disease, Disability & Social Problems


Early Death


ACEs are the most basic cause of health risk behaviors. Health risk behaviors are the leading cause of disease, disability, death and health care costs.


What role do ACEs play in health and social well-being?

What are the long-term consequences? • Homelessness • Unemployment • Criminal Behavior • Prostitution

• Intergenerational Abuse and Neglect • Re-Victimization/Rape • Cancer

• Chronic Lung Disease • Heart Disease • Mood Disorders • HIV/AIDS

*ACE Study: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Kaiser Permanente,

Adding It Up • CCFI’s 2009 budget was $1,273,301.* • In 2009, 429 volunteers contributed 6,410 hours of services providing a total value of $109,285. • 2009 in-kind donations were valued at $115,333. The donations consisted of diapers, formula, baby wipes, office supplies, etc.

2009 Revenue

2009 Expenses

43% 38%

8% 3% 8% Contributions United Way Fees/Other In-Kind Grants & Contracts

9% 14%


Programs General Administration Fund-Raising

The Hope for Children Endowment was established at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation in 2010. To make an endowment gift, please visit

*Audited Financial Statements available at

CCFI Board of Directors Jennifer Newell (President) Emily Clinton (Vice President) Francine Gissy (Secretary) Mary Hatley (Treasurer) Terry Boehrer Tom Boyd Debby Burns Jim Burns Bridget Childers Steve Clark Gary Copeland Lisa Cox Mark Cox Sherry Davis Lucinda Francis Kevin Kloesel Doug Lyle Payam Nael Katy Powers Keith Reames Tony Roath Michelle Sutherlin Courtney Tennent Glenda Thomas Rose Wilderom Sarah Williams Dan Quinn (Ex-Officio) Heidi Brandenburg (Ex-Officio) Joseph King (Ex-Officio)

Thank you to our very special people!

May 3, 2010

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CCFI: A Very Special Place  

A Booklet for the 2010 Hands and Hearts Fundraising Luncheon that covers general information about the Center for Children and Families, Inc...

CCFI: A Very Special Place  

A Booklet for the 2010 Hands and Hearts Fundraising Luncheon that covers general information about the Center for Children and Families, Inc...