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Alternative lending is one of the most attractive fintech

One recent example of this maturity is CrowdBnk. This

segments for the corporate sector as a source of new potential

fintech is a digital crowdfunding platform that allows businesses

clients. It also serves the objective of democratising financial

in the UK to raise funds from investors and supporters. This

services for each company that needs cash but may not qualify

platform is unique in that multiple investors from different

for traditional bank loans. A rising number of new entrants

locations are offered the opportunity to directly lend to exciting

keeps this market active and enables it to respond quickly to

UK businesses and participate in their success. CrowdBnk

new financial product development. Banks themselves are

recently helped businesses such as the English sparkling wine

starting to be involved, which is a good signal that the Alternative

producer Hambledon or the exams revision app Gojimo. For

Lending sector is maturing.

more information visit crowdbnk.com I


What is your

climate story ?

Stephanie Godderidge, Climate & Us Programme Manager at EDF Energy, asks why so many people still find it so difficult to accept climate change


hey say knowledge is power. You may be forgiven for

It is, of course, but human nature to delay difficult

thinking that climate change is the exception to the rule;

decisions and postpone unpleasant tasks. This may explain

those who have the most knowledge – climate scientists

why the debate is still stuck on whether the changes are

– seemingly have very little power to influence how much

actually happening, rather than being about what action

action we take about it. Instead, 120 years after human-

we must take now in order to avert them – although this is

caused global warming was first mentioned, and despite

slowly starting to change.

a 97% scientific consensus, a lot of people – including

The media also bears its share of responsibility for

politicians and a large section of the media – still appear

this, playing on our fears and still giving disproportionate

to believe ‘the science is not settled’. What is it about this

exposure to the ‘denier’ camp. Look closely, and vested

particular issue that makes it so hard for people to change

interests come to the surface: political, financial, and

their view?

industrial, all of which very often go hand in hand. Our neoliberal economies are centred on free markets and minimal government interventions. Action on climate change requires big government – and new, more ethical markets. It would require not only a massive shift in how we consume, how we travel, what we eat, but also in how we relate to our environment. It would require us to change the way we apprehend the world – how we define ourselves. Never mind that, even without climate change, our way of life is unsustainable; it would take three planets to support us if everyone on earth had a UK lifestyle. For

... it would take three planets to support us if everyone on earth had a UK lifestyle

things to change, we, successful, wealthy Westerners, would need to let go of our sense of entitlement. And that may be the biggest challenge of all. But if we can see beyond that, and embrace the

Climate change is possibly the biggest story of our

opportunities presented to us by necessity, we could,

age; its impacts are far-reaching, and have the potential

possibly, make a better world, not only for ourselves, but

to threaten our way of life. But then, the scale of action

for all who share the planet with us. A world in which not

needed to limit its effects (assuming we are still in time

only the costs, but also, above all, the benefits of climate

to do this) is so vast that our way of life would also need

action are shared more equitably – making possible fuller,

to change to tackle it, especially in the West with our high

richer lives for as many of us as we can.

individual carbon footprint.

It’s up to us, which climate story we want to tell. I


- july / august 2016 - 75

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Info 225 Are you ready to join the Circular Economy?  

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