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Honouring the achievements of companies from across the Channel, the latest Franco-British Business Awards brought together the finest French and British companies for a night of celebration


he Franco-British Business Awards – held since 2000 under

The company now employs 120 people in Paris and 15 in London.

the high patronage of the French Ambassador to the UK

Accepting the award, Nicolas Taborisky, Chief Sales Officer at

and the British Ambassador to France – were held on 30

Theodo UK, said: ‘It is a real pleasure to win on two levels: first

November at the May Fair Hotel, showcasing the best, most

in recognition of our dual Franco-British culture, and second,

innovative and successful French and British companies.

because it celebrates what we do, which is to help companies

Following a Vranken-Pommery Champagne reception, HE Ms

see software not as a problem, but as a solution.'

Sylvie Bermann, the French Ambassador, opened proceedings by

The two other nominees of the category –

saying that she had been struck by all of the nominees’ high level

and Devialet – were also praised by the judges for the excellent

of commitment to their projects: ‘It goes far beyond being just a

work they are doing.

job to them – it reflects a way of seeing, thinking and changing things. It commands admiration and conveys a strong message

Large Corporate Award: EDF ENERGY

about our two countries.’

The winner of the Large Corporate Award, EDF Energy was

Lord Llewellyn, the newly-installed British Ambassador to

recognised for its £18bn Hinkley Point C nuclear project, which

France, spoke next, highlighting the importance of fostering

judges said was ‘the pinnacle of France and Britain working

relations between the UK and France.

together’. EDF Energy, which was formed in 2002 by the French

‘It is a pleasure to celebrate the close economic ties that bind our two nations,’ he said. ‘These companies are at the heart of

energy giant EDF, is now the UK’s biggest supplier of electricity by volume.

the story of our two countries – a story of innovation, of adapting

‘We are delighted that Hinkley Point C is being celebrated

to modern times, of adapting to change in our communities, in

tonight,’ said EDF Energy CEO Vincent de Rivaz. ‘It is truly a Franco-

Europe and the world. Bravo to all.’

British endeavour and is an example of where mutual respect

The evening was one of celebration not only for the winners, but for all the companies that were shortlisted by

and a common sense of purpose between our two countries have made a difference.’

the judges – who had been given the tough task of deciding

Judges also highly commended the runner-up for this award,

on the winners. With the calibre of nominees growing year after

Schneider Electric, for its formidable team spirit and commitment

year, this was no mean feat. The Chamber therefore expressed

to excellence.

its thanks to the judges, who volunteered to take time out of their busy schedules to meet, debate and decide the winners for each

Coup de Cœur: DEVIALET


The jury awarded its ‘Coup de Coeur’ to sound technology

Finally, following a gastronomic dinner, with fantastic wines

innovator Devialet, the world’s most-critically acclaimed start-up

provided by Les Vins du Médoc and Les Vins de Pessac-Léognan,

for the excellence of its innovations in sound technologies.

the awards were presented.

The judges said that immersive quality of Devialet's products is

Start-up & SME Award: THEODO

incredible, and the company was a worthy winner. ‘This is not only a great award for the amazing work we have done so far,

Founded in 2009 by two entrepreneurs, Benoît Charles-

but it is also a huge encouragement for the future,’ said Victor

Lavauzelle and Fabrice Bernhard, Theodo helps large corporates

d’Allancé, UK General Manager of Devialet. ‘It encourages us to

to go digital. Judges said they were impressed by Theodo’s rapid

go even further in revolutionising the music industry and aim

and sustainable growth, as well as their unique business model.

even higher.’

These companies are at the heart of the story of our two countries – a story of innovation, of adapting to modern times, of adapting to change in our communities, in Europe and the world 76 - info - january / february 2017

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