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when they have a constant stream of customers, reliable

brand’s commitment to sustainable agriculture. The numbers

brands are considered to be the ones that produce a constant

speak for themselves: 11 million views for the video and

stream of content.

400,000 downloads of the game.

Thus, 61 per cent of customers are more likely to buy

Finally, thanks to the stories told by its ‘fruit-characters’,

products from a brand that regularly shares content. Another

Oasis has managed to re-invent its image… and double its

imperative is to increase the number and types of formats and


ensure that content goes viral. Videos, expert reports, blog posts, informative (or funny) graphics… These different types of

B2B opportunities

formats can easily travel across social media, where they can

These performances are not just the preserve of big public

be recommended, ‘liked’ or retweeted.

brands. B2B marketers now consider content marketing to be

A strategy that pays off

an efficient strategy to boost their influence amongst opinion leaders and people of influence. According to the CMI, B2B

Essentially, content marketing relies on creating a relation

marketers have noted an increase of 67 per cent in leads when

of trust with the user. And that can take some time. The

they are involved in a content marketing strategy.

economic benefits are not always instantaneous, but this strategy has more than a few success stories to its name. In 2009, L’Oréal put its American subsidiary in charge of

This is the case for example of the French company Safran, which has collaborated with Citizen Press for a decade. After completely renovating its digital ecosystem, the aeronautic

launching its content policy, which involved videos, advice

giant has greatly and speedily increased its presence on social

articles and interviews produced by well-known fashion


writers. Eventually, the group created a user database that can send out targeted and interactive content. Another example is that of Chipotle, the chain of Mexican

Recently, the company has started to develop immersive digital stories about technology and Safran’s know-how. These ‘long-form’ stories, mixing storytelling, photos and videos are

fast-food restaurants. Structured around a short film and

published on the company’s corporate website and distributed

online game, its ‘Scarecrow’ campaign introduced users to the

on social media. I

The most-used tools in content marketing globally 93% use social networks 80% send newsletters 78% write articles on their websites 75% use photos and illustrations 74% use videos 45% use graphics 42% create mobile apps Source: Content Marketing Académie

WHEN BRANDS BECOME MEDIA OUTLETS A number of brands have chosen to produce media platforms that belong to them and through which they regularly publish content. For example, through its subsidiary Red Bull Media House, the energy drink brand is a pioneer in this regard. They have over 150 collaborators that work on Red Bull’s content marketing. As for Coca-Cola, the company is now investing more in content creation than in traditional TV advertising, while Nestlé has a 20-person team of community managers and designers dedicated to creating content for the brand. This transformation of brands into proper full-scale media groups is the pinnacle of content marketing. I


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INFO Magazine | Marketing: A Brave New World