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Content pays off ‘Content is king!’ proclaimed Bill Gates in 1996. Twenty-one years later, offering relevant and useful content is still the key to successful marketing, writes Françoise Montabric, President and Director General of Citizen Press


he term ‘content marketing’ appeared in the mid-

Gaining the customers’ trust

noughties, when digital marketing really took off. Like

'Before it is interested, content must be interesting’, stresses

the latter, content marketing was used to enhance and

Daniel Bô, co-author of Brand content: Comment les marques se

strengthen the reputation of a brand, company or institution on the web.

transforment en médias, a reference book on the subject. In other words, content marketing mustn’t just rely on attracting the customer’s attention. It must encourage support and trust on the part of its target audience. This requires the content to be honest, coherent with the brand identity, reliable and useful. Texts, videos, graphics, slide-shows… Efficient content places the brand as a reference in its specific industry. According to the CMI, 80 per cent of digital decision-makers prefer to get their information from a series of articles than from traditional advertising, and 58 per cent of consumers think that a company that produces video content is more trustworthy than one that doesn’t.

If it doens't carry emotion with it, content marketing cannot hope to fulfil all its promises in terms of ROI

It is admittedly fanciful to hope to transform one’s target-audience into a close community of firm virtual friends. However, content marketing can only be more efficient when it is given an

What defines content marketing is the range of new means that brand representatives use to penetrate the market:

emotional dimension. Consequently, storytelling is one of its main springboards.

instead of using traditional publicity tools (ad space, publicity

By telling a story with the product or service at its centre, it is

banners, etc.), they use texts, images and videos put together

able to capture the customer’s attention while making them

for specific campaigns.

dream, wonder, think or even get indignant about an issue. ‘If it

One of the most accurate definitions is the one given by

doesn’t carry emotion with it, content marketing cannot hope

the Content Marketing Institute (CMI): ‘Content marketing is

to fulfil all its promises in terms of ROI,’ explains Karine Abbou,

the strategic marketing approach of creating and distributing

Director of the Content Marketing Academy.

valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of

Having a strategy

driving profitable customer action.’

A well-defined target audience, reliable information, striking

So, instead of just promoting your products and services

staging, storytelling… Once all of these ingredients are brought

in the wider digital world, you are distributing information

together, we have to come up with a strategy to produce and

that will make your potential client more informed and more

distribute content.


The golden rule when it comes to this is fresh information. In the same way that restaurants are deemed trustworthy

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