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Stephen Chadwick Managing Director EuroNorth, DASSAULT SYSTÈMES

What is your background?

environment, tools and facilities to operate effectively, as well

I joined Dassault Systèmes in 2011, after a career at British

as to manage the sales force’s capability, ensuring they target

Telecom and EMC Corporation, working in aerospace and

the right industries. Each of the EuroNorth countries has its

defence. Prior to that, I started my career as a weapons

own macroeconomic and environmental factors that affect

engineer for the Royal Navy.

which industries we operate in.

As I was joining Dassault Systèmes, the company was

I am also focused on growth and people, creating a one-

launching its ten-year trajectory to 2021, with a mission

team spirit that represents Dassault Systèmes’ culture. Every

to become the 3DEXPERIENCE Company and transform

leader says this, but we really are a company of people: the

the industry. This means being able to touch all aspects of

talent of our people is what we bring to our customers. The

products, nature and life – not just by modelling products, but

technology only works because of the people, so attracting,

by being able to see and fully understand the impacts they

developing and retaining talent is my number one priority.

have and the advantages they can bring to the market. How do you achieve this? What exactly is ‘3DEXPERIENCE’?

There are five key levers that I use: change, team, leadership,

The 3DEXPERIENCE Platform exists both in the cloud and on

governance and empowerment.

our clients’ premises. From marketing to sales to engineering,

‘Change’ because the markets and the customers are

it provides a software solution that differentiates brands and

changing, so we change with them. ‘Team’ because a good

enhances consumer experiences.

team will always beat any outstanding individual. ‘Leadership’ is

We enable companies to make business decisions

where my senior leadership team ensures that our employees

‘virtually’, rather than through expensive real-world

can learn to fix the challenges they face and reinforce the

experimentation. Using 3D design, analysis, simulation

organisation's commercial and technical ambitions. And

and intelligence software, we have created a collaborative

finally, ‘governance’ and ‘empowerment’, which go together: I

interactive environment that ensures that the first product

want everyone in my organisation to perform at the highest

off the production line is ready to go by being fit for purpose,

professional level, to demonstrate their competence, measure

suited to the market and readily marketable.

their deliverables and monitor their performance. The more

Without the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform, a company's business functions operate in individual silos. Our platform

we can demonstrate strong governance, the more empowered our people can be at the coal face.

takes enterprise-wide data and breaks down these silos, optimising the company’s efficiency.

Innovation also plays a large part of Dassault Systèmes’ success. How do you stay ahead of the curve?

What does your role involve day to day?

We have a multi-faceted approach to innovation. We are

I am responsible for EuroNorth, which covers 1,400 Dassault

constantly monitoring our competition in all aspects; not just

Systèmes employees across all of Northern Europe – the UK

the big players, but also emerging technologies and science.

and Ireland, Benelux and the Nordic and Baltic countries. Half

We also track government and economic policies, to measure

of our people are focused on field operations – that is, the

how this will impact the industries in which we work. How can

operational side of working with customers to deliver solutions

we better align ourselves with innovation today, tomorrow and

and help them bring products to market. The other half work

in five or ten years?

to develop new capabilities and solutions. My role is to ensure that everyone has the right 12 - info - january / february 2017

In terms of research and development, we have a very strong ‘build or buy’ strategy, where we either build our

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