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the french chamber at a glance what we do • We provide a platform to exchange and network with decision makers

• We help our members grow their businesses through networking opportunities and sharing experience and expertise

• We promote our 600 members’ interests to key decision makers

• We support the development of economic and commercial relations between France and the UK





our publications and digital tools We have a wide variety of publications and digital tools, and competitive advertising rates.* •



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New members: Benefit from 30% discount on all advertisements for the first 3 months

All members: Special rates apply when booking multiple advertising spaces *All advertising rates listed are exclusive of VAT

PrinT media info MAgazine The only anglo-french business magazine in the uk

QUICK FACTS > Published since 1979 > Rich, professional content from high profile & expert contributors > A readership of over 20,000 decision makers per issue > 15,000 views online per issue on average > Online access on DISTRIBUTION AND TARGET AUDIENCE > 600 member companies and their 3,000 representatives > The business lounges of Air France (London, Manchester & Paris), Eurostar (Paris & London) as well as Eurotunnel Flexiplus passengers

> French and British decision makers and opinion leaders





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strategic positions for business travellers (eurostar (Paris & london), air France (london, manchester and Paris) eurotunnel Flexiplus passengers


others (events, new member welcome packs, Displayed at the chamber etc)


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Breakdown of the direct distribution to members and other key decision makers


30% 70%


members of the French chamber (chairman, ceos & other senior representatives from blue-chip companies, smes, entrepreneurs & start-ups)


Key decision makers: government ministries in the uK and France, cac 0 companies, Ftse 100 companies, mayors of big cities, science parks,French press correspondents in the uK, top French schools and universitites, regional business clusters, foreign chambers of commerce in the uK, regional chambers of commerce and industry.


Some of our advertisers in 2016

Ligne Roset

Chanel double page spread

EDF Energy


The Berkeley


De Beers

International SOS


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Amaluna with a VIP hospitality experience at the world-famous Royal Albert Hall


ESCP- half-page ad


Royal Albert Hall



has been a proud advertiser in INFO magazine for a number of years. As the only Franco-British business publication in the UK, this provides a great means to spread awareness of our vehicles to a relevant audience alongside great editorial content and Franco-British news updates.’ Colette Casey, Manager, Brand Communications, Renault UK

info MAgazine advertORIALs British or French regions can use a combination of an advertisement, text and visuals to promote their assets and attract potential investments, tourists, students, etc. Companies whose products or services require a detailed explanation, more than a simple advertisement can provide, can benefit from an advertorial to enhance brand recognition.

FORMAT > 2 to 4 pages including a full page ad > Page design and layout of text and images done on a complimentary basis > Final PDF sent for approval Images are non-contractual ©Istock, DR


nantes posts



ust two short hours from Paris by train and 45 minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, Nantes could pass for a small Palo

Alto. Dubbed the fastest-growing city in France, Nantes is

moved to Nantes to take advantage of the thriving economy and

workforce by 2020.

cultural creativity and environmental sustainability, investing

Between 2009 and 2012, the number of jobs created in the

in ‘soft’ transit options, a completely pedestrian city centre and

tech sector surged by 21% in Nantes, ahead of Lyon, which has

vast green spaces. It’s no wonder that Nantes was named Green Capital of Europe 2013. When it comes to culture and the arts,

famous throughout France and beyond.

Accessible business flights at an affordable price... This is the challenge LE JET has

in France!

twice the population. More than 20,000 experts now work in digital tech in this metropolitan area of 600,000 inhabitants.

the area boasts countless original artistic creations designed in the spirit of Jules Verne, such as the Machines de l’Ile, which is


Job Growth

develop their IT services. Ten years on, the results are exceeding their expectations. Accenture moved to Nantes in 2005 with 50 employees; today it has a staff of 500 and expects to double its

growth? The mid-sized metropolitan area strongly promotes

Best Tech

national IT consulting firms like Accenture and Capgemini

experiencing an influx of new inhabitants (it is projected to have 100,000 new residents by 2030). What is behind this strong

Lengow And iAdvize: stArt-ups experiencing hypergrowth Nantes is fertile ground for start-ups, nurtured by an

risen to with the simple idea of enabling businesses to book one seat on a private jet.

entrepreneurial spirit and a strong network of institutional and economic stakeholders. France’s second Cantine Numérique co-

the fActory of the future is in nAntes

business air travel. CONCEPTION :

Nantes has a goal of creating 10,000 new jobs in the tech sector and helping develop 10 Tech Champions in 10 years. I

In the early 2000s, the sector got a further boost when

friends to share the flight and some of the costs. Thus the decision-maker at the head of Synergies Capital Group came

model ideally suited to

(STX) and marine renewable energy (General Electric), the ‘Factory of the Future’ is being invented in Nantes. After earning the ‘FrenchTech’ accreditation in November 2014,

centres in Nantes. The University of Nantes and the Grandes Ecoles, with 6,000 new graduates per year, provided them with a large pool of top engineering skills.

AN EFFICIENT CONCEPT, GENUINE BENEFITS • Save time, manage tiredness and stress thanks to an exceptional and exclusive service • Check in at the airport only 10 minutes before take-off

democratising business air

• Use LE JET’s ‘door-to-door’ chauffeured car service

shares – discover how LE JET meets all these objectives.

Total time «business to business»: 70 mins

a successful business – sharing, cost optimisation and organisational flexibility – to the concept of a shared private jet.

Optimising costs and time, travel, using flexible booking systems, promoting private jet

Key figures • 20,861 digital jobs • 1,683 businesses • 393 new start-up businesses • +62% tech jobs


£ 363

(full trains, car journey impossible given the time constraints), he asked for a quote for booking a private jet. As the rental requires a full flight, the price was exorbitant (over €7,000). So he invited a few company director

up with the idea for LE JET, transposing elements that are essential for

tech businesses. Through aeronautics (Airbus), shipbuilding

in Nantes? In the 1990s, a number of government agencies and major regional financial institutions decided to base their IT R&D

35 mins

revealed that they are a daily issue for many of them. One day, faced with an airline strike that would have prevented him from going to an

private flights empty and

it is a resource-sharing

And tomorrow? The powerful industrial sector in Nantes will

What else is driving the tremendous surge in tech job creation

hristophe Ducluzeau, founder of LE JET, has asked himself these questions many times and his discussions with other businessmen

With currently over half of business travellers suffering recurrent transport problems,

continue to inspire and open up new opportunities for digital Accenture: +1000% in 10 yeArs!


important meeting in Nice, and after exhausting all possible alternatives

consumer habits.

e-commerce, are experiencing hyper-growth (annual revenue growth rate of 100%). They have just raised nearly €25 million and are expanding internationally.

• How can you save time in business travel? • How can you make organising business trips easier?

a social phenomenon that corporate strategies and

The success of local start-ups also helps build Nantes’ reputation as a tech sector powerhouse. Barely five years after opening, Lengow and iAdvize, two start-ups specialising in

London - Paris by private jet

• Have you ever been stuck at an airport or station because of a strike? • How can you guarantee a passenger that his flight will actually take off ? • How can you avoid delays?

Collaborative economics is is dramatically changing

working hub recently opened its doors in Nantes. The Cantine is in charge of promoting the digital tech sector, providing services and organising major events like Web2day, the second largest digital event in France.

The fastest way to travel


• Depart and arrive as close as possible to the destination (proximity of airfields)


in france

According to Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, ‘Nantes was the revelation of FrenchTech.’ Job creation in the tech sector there grew by 21% in three years, thanks to centres of excellence, a creative ecosystem and strong local networks.

Créa :

highest growth in digital jobs

• Enjoy the privacy and tranquility of a private flight • Choose from additional ‘business to business’ services with set-price chauffeured car service

between 2000 and 2010 • 3,000 students in IT • 450 expert researchers • 500 events per year

set up your business in nantes saint-nazaire

S TA R T I N G O N 2 3 N O V E M B E R w w w. l e - j e t . f r

tel : + 33 (0)2 40 35 55 45 • info

L O N D O N – PA R I S

- november / december 2015 - 59

Book your seat

ccfgb_info221_S2.indd 24-25

10/27/2015 10:20:17 AM

Le Jet - Company advertorial

Nantes - Regional Feature


cities regions &

regions & cities

Environmentally friendly

business parks



use of eco-friendly resources (bio- Not to climatic design, be miss reg use of eco-materials, ion optimised use ed! s & of storm water, cit hygrothermal and ies visual comfort for its occupants, indoor air quality, etc.) It was built as part of the European firms. program Interreg 9,000 is the IVB REGAIN (for over ism reducing the ents , greenhouse effect below repres ’s dynam through alternative alone the region described agrir industrial estate of , which rgy, cluste management es sector indication titive in north western cs, plastu as well as servic Europe). in logisti below), , a compe er strong s and Team² excellence Anoth centre s (see 1 nce of usines , research s of existe A great place centre and eco-b tories to live uction and five s, labora Contrary to constr e centre ² the clichés commonly food, is associated with s: Team Business parks ss servic the Nord-Pas de Team² Artoi busine centres. Calais region, the Artois g sation in the in 2010, has many assets With 132 business trainin which R&D e Cluster’ ing and valori and make it a great parks, both large The place to live. Just ials ers in and small, either network or serving Arras ask one of the many foreign directly linked to partna ‘Competitivs for the recycl of materbusinesses some of the more to Intern the investors motorway Franc Your of available locations rural areas, the who have e’s seven ational Artois offers a nated technologie recyclabilitysupport n and to and greenfield intern wide choice Desig sites. Some of The importance in ationa th art, Film Festiv The as the se is to to fruitio lists them are lised given by our local discov l Louvr specia specia business stakeholders ISO 14001 accredited. ecological business purpo projects as well eries, films, tribut with previeal. A week e-Len museu with t is thus core parks or industrial guests to the need to film es and m’s finest s, showi d links tion devot ws of of wasteent. its develop some examples buildings is shown can also festiva satelli ed retros innova has create Each projec stages illustrating their takes in many ways. te versio pieces ng a select be spottel for kids, pectiv French and equipm ng their commitment: early Here are ts. it • Located in the place the numbe final es, this task.from its n of its . Opened ion village of Tinques, from >>> etc. d at the in bringi new projec them in www.a Some European and the r has 8 2 famou in the heart of in Decemof the rs of Ecopolis business visitor ltants rage tion help Parisia rrasfilm to 17 Novem festiva the Artois countryside, visitor s park has been labelled s). encou l. The prestigious ber n ists to s predic parent has of consugh to realisa this cluste ch festiva and sustainable >>> a Rural Centre the ber. 2013 buildings’. This www.l of Excellence for alread 2012, this ted for set up, and scient by a team ) throu editio ry, resear business park aims its ‘smart ouvrel local businesses it was ed n its first y overta indust over 100, to favour in new markets ken follow s in and grants val. Since year related to eco-constructionthe development of and the intelligent cing player ership of (70,00 management of . , energy efficiency (finan seal of appro main 0 buildings. Its 13 memb at industries or the ² tories hectares are mainly businesses working TEAM together has a core ch labora directed these new markets). in eco-construction ht it chosen to locate The buildings broug (or developing 25 resear tion. their businesses already erected Environmental , into here! educa firms and In addition to its Quality standards. on this site all and region stunning architecture meet High • With its twin ecoing 60 fr (the belfry and slag heaps, an iconic for de Calais no less includ eam2. citadelle of Arras -Pas of symbol basin, the 11/19 www.t ent its field are Nord t centre UNESCO-listed oads base in Loos-en-Gohelle of the Lens area and the former >>> re exper leader in heritage buildings), of the crossr shop mining wasteland has been has excellfour cent is a perfect example this the rt the heart top the region also at 4 reclaimed for boasts some major of how an industrial d by runs expe ise is other purposes. as recently as 1986, d in the situated Artois e and the one-s sports crosse Lillevenues such as Still used for the which nterpr Cd2E ocate it is it is now a reference ructur ls, the only is it ce the Bollaert stadium , the mining industry ideally Cd2E and eco-e Artois, dissemination of site for sustainable travel in Lens and the covered an eco-st to enhan The s culture itself ean capita the development and rks. Not For air while Roissy a stadium in Liévin, ologie level. in g ecorehabilitated according in the region. The 1,800 square set up projects, the links. and enviable golf courses five Europ netwo techn metres of buildings al g to existin tive 3 to high environmental ions than canal es away are one in Anzin-St-Aubin have been nation to heat wishin exchanger, innova AND photovoltaic t of an region’s ecounicat also has 30 minut quality standards and Olhain, the rts at a TRAINING sses pmen 3 HIGH-LEVEL it The memorial -value gets you comm (ground-coupled Canadian sensors, systems the Airpo lighting, etc.) for ways, OF EXCELLENCE for managing is only Brussels in Vimy and the NotrestunniMain for businehigh added and develo tise of rail link one hour. use as business BY SECTORS motor airpor t p exper Dame Squar d speed premises and already the water supply, natural ness e Festiv and ECONOMY BOOSTED ified Lorette in necropolis, Arras (UNE ng de 2 A THRIVING develo settin te the house some organisations etitive divers al, Gaulle a TGV highLens in aroun Lesqu Fine-Arts PROJECT A SUCCESS d ACCESSIBILITY Museum,g:the the place three days SCO MAKING YOUR LOCATION AN es de dedicated to green And the comp or to promo tories. wonderful Louvre-Lens and SUPPORT IN 1 OUTSTANDING and highlyying arounas World >>> or 4 TAILORED Charl away. Béthune industries. ure www.m the Michelin-Herita d’Armes of pop and FACILITIES dense , • The REGAIN struct and labora RESEARCH starred restaurant rs such ainsqu half hours Arras of the has a firms, emplo sses building, in the rock m of the Château arefes ge Sites) . . Secto agri-food from Arras in busine region Artois-Flandres de Beaulieu in Busnes. Paris region cs, Citade a industrial zone in www.c There is no end Artois Memo t 18,000 in the logisti >>> nted in Douvrin (one lle The to the delights the rials Almos located e and Inves Artois eprese of the largest memo stic to two hastto offer! my. are well-r industrial areas rials ng, haulag Its massive appeal econo people, We is in Artois: and dome in the Pas-deand vestig world ularly Pas de acturi 0 trade partic Calais, totalling byWho the many Frenchto areillustrated wars a , manuf 175,00 are 460 hectares) >>> Calais region es) are to andhelp y retail (milita foreign group uction tourism are is of partne we? www.c one of the first that flock there six you tourists ry cemet be found the third constr a health and ss low energy buildings hemin all year people with rs round.with where all over sdeme especially eries, north of Paris include many and and busine , along fromTheyyour projec who have to provide premises moireBritish,Indust in de : a region Belgian, region the nordpa the Artois the Nord Dutch, for businesses. -Pas German, Australian the Artois t: a dedica joined forces main and ry worki de Calais sdecal It was designed Nord area. new New Zealand -Pas The REGAIN Cham ted team ng hand according to visitors seekingcomm interc by the building Nord use of ts, ommu partners ber reloca high environmental to follow one asked of Comm of : a team of 6 of the started! to the tion of nal standards for energy the struct in hand was four ‘trails in share unes and y Invest in Artois heart with econo projec region ational exper memory with efficiency and erce project. of the comm a comm ts - 53 , in the has alread Jeremy Rifkinitting the Greatunauté ures (comm the 54 - info to boost your War in the Nord-Pas and trade intern / december best mic develoby involvi - november / ready region that are of november on Artois to tion mics info december possib s d’agglo de Calais’. goal: mist comm ng all ’s The unauté teams likely acade the region le condit to provid the player Come rial revolu econo a road map mérat -ARTOIS.COM of his s de to generapment and mists, its indust American ions ion). and WWW.INVEST up econo comm and that te jobs employment s conce see to ensuree busine cleant We The us to draw his help, politicians, rned sses all ech, and added in all that firmly energy at POLLU the succes with region Decem With region’s the value. projects TEC e! gic plan and Calais sources. ber at s 2013, sustain I of their Conta y Paris de Calais in a stratekind in Franc the able ct Nordenerg -Pas intern develo forces or Email: us for an Villepi of its nnordp ationa pment appoin joined the first nte. the Nord triellee l contac show, s have nindus al – t@inv tment at 3-6 union Tel: est-ar rial renew emerevolutio + 00 (0) 3 indust atroisi m 21 64 www.l 64 97 >>>


iS: ARTo

a place


cit s &


’ invest inable ‘susta


Crédit Photos

: Altimage, Fotolia,

Cituation et Ensemble


52 - info

- novemb

er /


er info

- novemb er /


er - 55

CCI Artois - Regional Feature

The organisation should provide: • A full page colour advertisement • A text of 700-1,250 words maximum • Key facts and a selection of 4-10 high resolution images • Testimonials from companies/individuals who have benefited from the organisation’s services or regional assets The Chamber reserves the right to make amendments and corrections to the text provided to ensure it complies with the high standards of the Chamber’s own editorial 

info Magazine size specifications and rates Publication Dates & Themes Issue

Distribution Dates


Advertorial Deadline


No. 226

September/October 2016

What does Brexit mean for business?

08 Aug

01 Sep

No. 227

November/December 2016

Game changers

10 Oct

19 Oct

No. 228

January/February 2017

Marketing in the millennium

28 Nov

09 Dec

No. 229

March/April 2017


17 Feb

23 Feb

No. 230

May/June 2017


04 Apr

19 Apr

No. 231

July/August 2017


02 Jun

23 Jun


Chamber Member

Non member

FULL COLOUR ONLY Resolution: 300dpi Double page spread

Standard Positions Double page spread

H 279.18 mm x W 394.8 mm

from £2,800*

from £5,500*



1/2 page



1/4 page



Outside Back Cover



Inside Front Cover



Inside Back Cover



Full quarter page



H 139.59 mm x W 98.7 mm



Full page

Full page H 279.18 mm x W 197.4 mm

Special positions Half page

Facing Inside Front Cover Facing contents page Advertorial of 2 or 4 pages

H 139.59 mm x W 197.4 mm

£2,500 or £4,000

*Please enquire for double page spread occupying a special position 

franco-british trade directory A key reference tool

Published annually and eagerly anticipated, the Franco-British Trade Directory allows Chamber members to reach customers, find clients, partners or suppliers and access the broader Anglo-French business community. It also contains contact information for official French services, from French Embassy contacts to French press correspondents in the UK. This Directory is a key reference tool for all those looking to develop their business networks in Great Britain or France, facilitating a thorough understanding of the economic, political, administrative, French School and media structures in the UK and France.

> Yearly edition > 2,000 copies > Distribution: - Decision makers - French official services in UK - Local authorities - Government officials

‘VINCI Construction Grands Projets British Isles are happy to have participated with advertisements in INFO magazine and the FrancoBritish Trade Directory for a number of years. Both publications offer a great way to build and maintain our presence throughout the Chamber’s member base and the Franco-British business community at large.’ Clarence Michel, Senior Marketing and Communications Manager, VINCI Construction Grands Projets British Isles

franco-british trade directory size specifications & rates



cover Inside Front Cover


inside Back Cover


outside Back Cover


A5 with 3mm bleed

Inside Pages 1st page facing Inside Front Cover


2nd page (Left Hand Page)


Page facing your company’s profile


Page opposite Cardboard Dividers

A5 with 3mm bleed


(Patron, Corporate, Active) Page opposite Index


1/2 Page

H 105mm x L 148mm


Cardboard Dividers (2 spaces available for each cardboard divider) Reverse side of Patron Page


Reverse side of Corporate Page


Reverse side of Active Page


Reverse side of Index Page


company logo


A5 with 3mm bleed

Some of our advertisers in 2016 AXA CORPORATE RAUL 148X210

Supporting businesses and their people all over the world.


:1)040$2&%*43 20332"*- "/% 1)040-*#2"2*&3


 4 0/3425$4*0/2"/%320+&437&&/(*/&&230-54*0/34)"4"2&/040/-8'*/"/$*"--8 $0.1&4*4*6&#54"-30702,*/"7"84)"4*33534"*/"#-&'024)&1-"/&4 534"*/"#*-*48(0&3#&80/%4)&$"2&7&4",&*/1204&$4*/(0521&01-&"/%052&/6*20/.&/4 43"-30"$0..*4.&/4400''&2/&730-54*0/340052$-*&/43"/%34",&)0-%&23    




6&284708&"234)& //06"4*0/7"2%3(&4*/$2&"3&%&/42*&32&"$)*/(  */

  )&3& "7"2%3 2&'-&$4 4)& $02& 6"-5&3 0' 4)& (2051 "/% 7& "2& 1205% "4  0/3425$4*0/2"/%320+&434)"44)&&&5//&-120+&$4)".&3!"4&27"3"7"2%&% 4)&2"/%2*9&*/4)&2&-"/%

We have over 160,000 people working to support and protect 103 million customers in 59 countries across the world.


That’s why we have been ranked the #1 Global Insurance Brand by Interbrand for 7 years in a row.



CCFGB_ADVERT_2016.indd 1

Vranken Pommery

11/01/2016 10:25

Banque Transatlantique bookmark

Chanel double page spread Job No: 50667-10

Publication: Franco British Trade Directory (UK)

Size: 210x297

Ins Date: 01.01.16

Proof no: 1

Tel: 020 7291 4700

AXA_CORPORATE_RAUL_148x210_FAW1.indd 1



09/10/2015 11:14

Untitled-1 1


8/4/2014 12:27:31 PM

OUR event calendarS and programmes

Advertise in our printed Calendar Throughout the year, we distibute a printed Calendar of Events to all current, potential, and new members, at events as well as through information packs. These offer the option of including a banner at the top of the page. With our range of events stretching from small networking opportunities to large dinners and the diverse nature of our members, this reaches an extensive audience.











18.00-20.00 Cost: £20+VAT per person

CIRQUE DU SOLEIL At The Royal Albert Hall

19.00-22.45 Open to patron members and their spouses ( main representatives only)

AMBASSADOR’S BRIEF At The French Residence

18.00-19.30 Open to Patron & Corportate members (main representatives only)


19.00-22.30 During the course of which the Intercultural Trophy, sponsored by Axa, will be announced.



25 FEB


18.00-20.00 Cost: £20+VAT per person


08.30-10.00 Open to Patron & Corportate members (main representatives only)

£1,800+VAT for a yearly banner



£1,000+VAT for a 6 month banner




08.00-10.00 Guest speaker: Tom Meggle, Managing Director UK, Ireland & South Africa of Louis Vuitton Cost: £30+VAT per person; £50+VAT special price for two


12.00-17.00 Open to Patron & Corporate members (Main Representatives only)

ADvertise in our event programmes For some of the larger Chamber events, programmes are produced in order to highlight the speaker(s), the schedule, topics to be discussed, etc. Advertising in these publications will associate your business with the prestige of these events (Annual Conference, Franco-British Business Awards, Franco-British Business Forum, etc).

In partnership with

The Franco-BriTish

conFerence 2015

small meets big





10 Main Sponsors

Outside back Cover


inside front Cover


Full page

Thursday 12 November 2015, 8.30am - 5pm One Great George Street, London SW1P 3AA


A4 with 3mm bleed

Supporting Sponsors

Business guides Order online at

The Chamber’s publications provide members with useful and practical information on issues such as employment, law, management, etc. These guides are sold to our member companies and are available for purchase on our website.

Light At the end of the tunnel Practical reflections on the French and British in business This bilingual guide presents practical advice on business relations and cross-cultural management between the French and the British. 6,000 copies sold!

‘The fascinating bilingual guide is full of shrewd insights into both sides’ codes’ SIMON KUPER, FT WEEKEND

The HR Guide A practical approach to Human Resources in Great Britain This guide provides an overview of HR practices and law in the UK, and is full of valuable testimonials, tips and advice for French companies setting up in the UK or already established.

‘As Proman Recruitment UK is the UK branch of a French company, [the HR Guide] presents a great tool to help us to liaise with our Head Office as it conveys concise details on the UK’s HR landscape helping to facilitate an easy comparison between the two national systems […] ‘Light at the End of the Tunnel’, is excellent and invaluable for both myself and my French management.’ David Harper, Branch Manager, Proman Employment Ltd

Advertising rates (Depending on publication) Inside front cover

From £900

Inside back cover

from £750



With a range of newsletters targeting different groups within our network, strong opening rates and readerships of up to 5,000 per newsletter, promotional banners offer a great means to send a targeted message, as well as promote brand awareness amongst our member base and beyond.

Channel The French Chamber monthly update Sent monthly to all Corporate and Active members No. of contacts: 3,000 Open rate: 23% Click rate: 3%

Patron e-newsletter Selection of specific news for Patron members only Sent bimonthly to all Patron members No. of contacts: 1,000 Open rate: 19% Click rate: 3%

France UK-Express Provides information and essential advice for handling business projects in the UK Sent quarterly to SMEs interested in the UK market No. of contacts: 5,000 Open rate: 18% Click rate: 2%


CALENDAR OF EVENTs A review of all the events coming up Sent 10 times a year to all members No. of contacts: 4,000 Open rate: 18% Click rate: 2%

INFO E-newsletter Selection of articles for the latest issue of INFO Sent bimonthly to all members No. of contacts: 4,000 Open rate: 22% Click rate: 4.40%

M2M NEWSLETTER Exclusive seasonal offers from members to members Sent to all Members 3 times per year No. of contacts: 4,000 Open rate: 20% Click rate: 3.27% JOB LINK Selection of CVs and HR Forum news Sent to members’ HR representatives or MDs No. of contacts: 600 Open rate: 19% Click rate: 3%








our website

Constantly growing in popularity and attracting more than 6,000 unique visitors per month, our website is the ideal platform on which to advertise. With a variety of options available, we can create a bespoke solution to suit your online needs.

The online gateway to Franco-British business

Top banner format 740 x 90 pixels

Side button 120 x 120 pixels

Menu button on internal pages Up to 155 x 155 pixels


Key figures 2015 > 35,000 page views per month on average > 110,000 visitors > 75,000 unique visitors > Most visited sections: events & recruitment > Average session duration: 3min 14sec

‘For Simplement Londres, a button on the Business Support tab of the French Chamber’s website has been the perfect way for us to target those companies looking to set up or expand their business in the UK, directing them straight to our employee relocation solutions.’ Sylvie Froger, Managing Director, Simplement Londres


member rate

Non-member rate

home page banner - 3 months



banner - 6 months



banner - 12 months



sections: home page, events, recruitment, Membership or about us button - 3 months



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button - 12 months



sections: forums & CLubs, Publications, Business support services, News or shop button - 3 months



button - 6 months



button - 12 months





Sonia Olsen Head of Events t: + 44 (0) 207 092 6641 e:

SUZANNE LYCETT Advertising & Sales Coordinator t: + 44 (0) 207 092 6651 e: 16

French Chamber Media Pack 2016  

One of the Chamber’s mission is to promote business between French and British companies. Informing members on a wide range of Franco-Britis...

French Chamber Media Pack 2016  

One of the Chamber’s mission is to promote business between French and British companies. Informing members on a wide range of Franco-Britis...