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ROMANIA ROMANIA ON PILGRIMAGE TO ROME From 9-11 September 2016, delegates from all the Catholic dioceses and eparchies of Romania went on pilgrimage to Rome, in the Holy Year of Mercy. About 500 people participated, including laity, male and female religious, priests, and four bishops: His Grace Mgr Ioan Robu, Metropolitan Archbishop of Bucharest and Vice-president of the Romanian Bishops’ Conference; His Lordship Mgr Petru Gherghel, Latin Bishop of Iași; His Lordship Mgr Virgil Bercea, Greek-Catholic Bishop of Oradea Mare; and His Lordship Mgr Cornel Damian, Auxiliary in Bucharest. POPE FRANCIS INVITED TO ROMANIA Expressing the great desire not just of the Catholic faithful, but of so many Romanians, the Romanian Bishops have invited the Holy Father Francis to visit Romania. The Pope’s visit would be a witness to the paternal care of the successor of Peter for the good of the Romanian people, which bears Rome in its name and Latin-ness in its spirit. The Pope’s invitation was among the issues discussed in the last two plenary sessions of the Romanian Bishops’ Conference, held in Oradea (26-28 September 2016) and Cluj-Napoca (3-5 May 2017). INTERVENTIONS OF THE ROMANIAN BISHOPS’ CONFERENCE The situation of the Catholic secondary school in Târgu Mureș is of some concern to the Catholic Bishops of Romania, who have publically expressed their indignation at the way in which the authorities obstructed the functioning the school. They have asked for a swift clarification of the situation, so that teaching may not be stopped illegally. To protect and promote the truth about marriage and the family the bishops have repeated, in an open letter, the need to review Article 48, paragraph 1 of the Romanian Constitution: the replacement of the current formula “[marriage] of the spouses” with “between a man and a woman” reflects more clearly the understanding of marriage and the family in Romania. The bishops thus support the request signed by 3 million Romanians for a referendum for a change in the Constitution. Dialogue with education representatives. This request was made in two letters. The Romanian Bishops wish to resolve some issues present in





current legislation: various aspects of Religious Education in schools, the status of theological schools, denominational schools and the secondary school examinations in these schools, and, finally, the structure of the school year. The Romanian Ministry has met with a Catholic delegation, led by His Lordship Mgr Aurel Percă, Auxiliary Bishop of Iași, responsible for education on behalf of the Romanian Bishops’ Conference. The situation of St Joseph’s Cathedral is a matter of concern to the Romanian Bishops, who have asked the Mayor of Bucharest to proceed with the demolition of the illegal building which endangers the Cathedral. It is some years since the court declared the building illegal and decided on its demolition, but up to now the mayors have ignored the legal instructions. The proliferation of sects and groups which are largely of a New Age tendency is a danger and the Romanian Bishops’ Conference has alerted Catholics to it. Using concepts with Christians echoes, the bishops have explained, and at the same time magic and spiritualist practices, such groups develop a confused and selfish spirituality, with recourse to so-called “angels” or “spiritual guides” and in fact manipulating clear concepts of Christianity, in a syncretism devoid of consistency. The bishops’ call was publicised by all Catholic media outlets in the dioceses. 2017, JUBILEE YEAR IN ORADEA The Latin diocese of Oradea is celebrating the 825th anniversary of the canonisation of its founder Saint Ladislaus, with a Jubilee year devoted to the King Saint. Various pastoral and cultural events are scheduled, along with a diocesan pilgrimage to Oradea Cathedral on 14 May last. BISHOP MARTON ARON, TRANSLATED TO ALBA IULIA CATHEDRAL With the approval of the Holy see, the Archdiocese of Alba Iulia moved to its Cathedral the body of Bishop Marton Aron, whose cause for beatification is underway. On 29 September 2016, at a solemn Mass the new funeral monument in the Cathedral was unveiled and blessed, in the presence of all the Romanian Bishops and the Apostolic Nuncio, His Grace Mgr Miguel Maury Buendía.

Litterae Communions 2017 (English version)  
Litterae Communions 2017 (English version)  

CCEE Litterae communionis contains the annual report (June 2016 - June 2017) of Bishops' Conferences in Europe.