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tion in the life of the parishes and in evangelisation and Christian witness. NEW CHURCHES The creation of new parish churches and the improvement of existing ones continues, because the communities, even if numerically small, need to be able to gather in a place of faith and have a clear reference in the presence of the priest. In view of this, the Bishop’s commitment to finding the funds needed for the construction of churches and the completion of existing ones has been tremendous. The lack of economic resources has certainly not stopped the desire to give the diocese places suitable for worship and work continues in this vein. INTERNATIONAL CHURCH RELATIONS For the small Moldovan ecclesial body, relations with the sister churches are important, starting with nearby Romania, where the presence of the Bishop of Chişinău at meetings of the Bishops’ Conferences of that country is believed



to be important. But attempts are made in every way possible to be present and dialogue with all the Churches where relations are important, such as Poland, Ukraine, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria. These are very open church bodies and from where comes assistance for support of the clergy, works of charity, pastoral work and care for church buildings RELATIONS WITH THE MOLDOVAN STATE The intense commitment of the new Apostolic Nuncio to Moldova, based in Romania, now in the second year of his work, has meant there are significant developing relations with the Moldovan authorities and the political world. After all, the Diocese has never ceased to report on its own probems, and in particular the resitution of church property.

Litterae Communions 2017 (English version)  
Litterae Communions 2017 (English version)  

CCEE Litterae communionis contains the annual report (June 2016 - June 2017) of Bishops' Conferences in Europe.