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Durrës Mgr George Frendo OP, hitherto Auxiliary Bishop and appointed Apostolic Administrator following the death of Archbishop Rrok Mirdita. “The Shepherd listens to the voice of his flock” is the motto by which Archbishop Frendo will guide the new mission entrusted to him. He officially took possession on 3 December 2016. In his address, he addressed the following words to his faithful: “First of all, I always recall the example of Pope Francis, the great apostle of evangelical simplicity, of protection of the weakest, of the mercy of God. Secondly, we must continue to build on what we have inherited from Mgr Mirdita, the first Archbishop of the new Archdiocese, because it was he who laid the foundations of this Archdiocese”. APPOINTMENT OF CARDINAL ERNEST SIMON TROSHANI On 19 November 2016, in the presence of the College of Cardinals, Pope Francis appointed 13 new Cardinals from the five continents, including the Albanian priest from the diocese of Shkodrë-Pult, Fr Ernest Simoni (Troshani), becoming, at the age of 88, the second Albanian Cardinal, after Cardinal Mikel Koliqi, appointed by Pope John Paul II. JOINT DECLARATION OF THE RELIGIOUS COMMUNITIES Looking at the political situation which has arisen in recent months, the religious Communities in Albania (the Muslim Community, the



Orthodox Church, the Catholic Church, the Community of the Bektashi, and the Evangelical Fraternity), conscious of their spiritual and moral responsibilities towards their faithful, but also to Albanian society in general, published, for the good of the country, a statement aimed at the political classes and those with institutional responsibilities. In it, they called on all political representatives of all the parties in Albania, both those from the Government and those in opposition, to build bridges and not walls; to tone down the violent and disparaging rhetoric against political opponents; to guarantee a transparent electoral process; to create proper conditions in order that law and justice may rule the social life of Albania and Albanians. Convinced that through this statement they are making a contribution to the country’s wellbeing, the religious communities will continue to pray for the future and the well-being of our country. APPOINTMENT OF THREE NEW BISHOPS IN ALBANIA On 15 June 2017, the appointment of three new bishops in Albania was announvced: for the diocese of Sapë, Fr Simon Kulli; for the diocese of Rrëshen, Fr Gjergj Meta; and for the Apostolic Administration of the South, Fr Giovanni Peragine.

Litterae Communions 2017 (English version)  
Litterae Communions 2017 (English version)  

CCEE Litterae communionis contains the annual report (June 2016 - June 2017) of Bishops' Conferences in Europe.