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COMMEMORATION In 2016 the Archdiocese of Luxembourg celebrated with great fuss the 350th anniversary of the election of Our Lady, Consoler of the Afflicted, as patron of the city of Luxembourg (1666). Three conferences, with subsequent publications, examined in-depth the historical and theological context. The Civic History Musuem, organising guided tours of the historic centre, promoted the numerous Marian statues which adorn the ancient houses. An exhibition by the artist-photographer Jacques Schneider at the Cathedral offered a re-interpretation of these urban Marian representations; another exhibition at the Piconrue Museum in Bastogne (Belgium) shed light on the devotion and patrimony in reference to the Consoler of the Afflicted. A sumptuous Missa Patrona Civitatis was composed by the Cathedral organist, Paul Breisch, and a film was made to illustrate Marian devotion in Luxembourg as well as how it is currently practiced. The foundations of the ancient Chapel of Glacis, the first place for devotion to Our Lady of Luxembourg, were brought to light and analysed. The Saint Pius X Union organised a musical competition, the winner of which was presented during the Night of the Cathedrals, in May 2017. A new CD by the Cathedral Choir presents an anthology of Marian compositions. A pilgrimage with the statue of the Patron of the city visiting parishes, schools and nursing homes, was an especially privileged moment. The Jubilee ended solemnly on 9 October 2016 with the re-election of Our Lady as patron. CENTENARY OF THE FATIMA APPARITIONS For the centenary of the Fatima apparitions and the 50th anniversary of the pilgrimage to Our Lady of Fatima, traditionally celebrated in Wiltz, in the north of Luxembourg, a statue of Our Lady of Fatima was welcomed into the Grand duchy from the end of May to the end of June 2017, so that it might be taken on pilgrimage throughout the whole of the Archdiocese, with celebrations, prayers, vigils and liturgies in the different parishes and communities. Present at the Wiltz pilgrimage, on Ascension day 2017, were the President of Portugal and the Grand Duke of Luxembourg.



REFORM OF THE PASTORAL STRUCTURES This year the Archdiocese also worked on the major territorial reform of the pastoral structures, planned for some years. At the start of the great national pilgrimage for the Octave to Our Lady of Luxembourg, on 7 May 2017, the former parishes and relative parish communties, the missions and the deaneries were officially suppressed and 33 new parishes were created; now the City of Luxembourg is one parish (previously there were 19). Now the task is to instill life and coherence in the new church structures. THREE CONVENTIONS The three agreements signed with the State on 26 January 2015 are entering into force. The law on the future financing of the Churches through an allocation by the State was approved and came into force in September 2016. One course entitled “Life and society” destined to replace Religious Education and a secular moral course in state schools is about to begin: the course was introduced into secondary education in September 2016, and will be introduced into primary schools at the start of the 2017 Autumn term. The measures for organising parish catechesis from September 2017 constitute a major challenge for the new parishes from the logistical point of view and from that of welcoming volunteers able to take on catechesis for children and young people, as well as inter-generational catechesis. As regards the third agreement – the abolition of the fabric of the churches and the creation of a fund destined for all religious buildings used for Catholic worship – it is yet to be implemented thanks to a specific law, which is making headway but not without problems due to the opposition of the former fabric of the churches. We are awaiting the opinion of the Council of State before the plan for the law can be completed and submitted to a Parliament vote.

Litterae Communions 2017 (English version)  

CCEE Litterae communionis contains the annual report (June 2016 - June 2017) of Bishops' Conferences in Europe.

Litterae Communions 2017 (English version)  

CCEE Litterae communionis contains the annual report (June 2016 - June 2017) of Bishops' Conferences in Europe.