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The Lutheran High School in Martin, Slovakia

Academic experience

The Lutheran High School in Martin, Slovakia offers a unique opportunity to study at a bilingual high school exceptional in three experiences:

We desire our students to experience an education that is adequately challenging, with a high academic standard that forwards the students toward the fulfillment of their potential—an education that prepares them for university studies both in theory and practice, in Slovakia and abroad.

Experience of a Community We desire our students to experience a safe, respectful and encouraging community with their classmates and teachers. This way they learn how to consider not only themselves but also others—to experience that they are a part of a larger community—school, church, and also family and broader society.

Christian Experience We desire our students to experience an encounter with the Word of God, with Christian values, and examples of Christian character. This way the Word will influence their whole being—emotionally and rationally—forming their values and attitudes, and inspire them to activity and creativity via active participation.

ACADEMIC EXPERIENCE Academic standard The Lutheran High School in Martin, Slovakia wants to continue in the tradition of highquality and pioneering Lutheran education in Slovak history. A high academic standard that leads students to develop and use their potential is a matter of course.

Academic principles Students are provided an adequately demanding education and are expected to prepare for classes regularly and diligently. Students are given meaningful knowledge and are expected to participate actively during the educational process. Students are supported in critical thinking, argumen-

tation with respect, and independence. Academic honesty is a matter of course and absolutely inevitable.

Qualified pedagogic professionals The school places importance on having a highly qualified and expert collective of teachers. Teachers are expected to be professionals in their field, to continually educate themselves, and to work on their professional growth. They should be open to innovations in education and show enthusiasm for their teaching subject. Teachers respect the opinions and diversity of students, seeing them as partners in the education process. There is also a special needs teacher at the school.


The Lutheran High School in Martin Bilingual education The school is bilingual, most of the subjects are taught bilingually in the upper grades. Preparation for bilingual education is 16 hours of English language freshmen year. Teachers of foreign languages are mostly native speakers with rich teaching experience, cooperating with a highly qualified Slovak teaching team. The school also offers a variety of other foreign language options.

Language certificates Students have an opportunity to take the final school exams not only for the foreign language, but also take the chosen final exams in English. They have the opportunity to receive the State language exam and other international language certificates as well. Moreover, the school is planning to apply for the certificate International Baccalaureate.



Innovative education methods

Students can spend a part of their studies as exchange students abroad, starting during their sophomore year. Our school has partner schools in the USA and other English speaking countries in close connection with partner churches that provide suitable host families and appropriate study load. The school also offers an opportunity of summer holiday stays with host families abroad.

The school emphasizes innovative and flexible education methods. It provides block and thematic education, emphasizing the relationships between subjects and practically applying gained knowledge. Students are lead to both group and individual project work. They present the results of their work during the education process and outside of school as well. For example, as part of a project on applied economics, students lead their own company during the academic year. They also prepare a project called “Unobtrusive Heroes,� engage in various social projects, and more.

Direction of study Students have an opportunity to choose from a broad scale of subjects in the upper grades and thus direct their education in the humanities or sciences and thus purposefully focus their study and prepare for particular university programs.

Subject Olympics There are various subject Olympics during the school year. Thus students have an opportunity to broaden their knowledge


The Lutheran High School in Martin

and skills in fields of their interests more than is the standard for a particular subject. Students are invited to take part in academic contests, i.e. High school scientific work, etc.

dents contribute and edit a school magazine, school almanac, student website, etc. There is also a debate club which deals with current and interesting themes from the student environment.

Foreign visits

Technical equipment

The school has partner schools and partner youth organizations in various countries of Europe and world (England, Germany, Finland, Denmark, USA, Singapore, etc.) and organizes short-term mutual visits of teachers and students with the aim of learning about the culture and mutual education.

The school keeps up with fast technical development. It has several multimedia rooms as well as a data projector and interactive board in every classroom. There are personal computers, Wi-Fi internet connection and all inevitable equipment necessary for preparation of the students in cybernetic field. Laboratories are available for students also after school. The school has its own library which includes a large amount of English literature.

After school activities Students are supported to take an initiative in after-school activities as well: stu-


EXPERIENCE OF a community Music There is a school band which regularly performs at school and social activities, and accompanies common singing at school worship services. The band connects contemporary music with classic acoustic instruments. There is an opportunity for a broad spectrum of experienced and beginning musicians. There is also a school choir, which besides its own performances, closely cooperates with the school band.

Sports The school offers an opportunity to become a part of several sport clubs, including floorball and basketball. Students can also get

involved in a variety of American sports under the leadership of foreign lectors such as baseball, softball, Frisbee, or cheerleading.

Pro-social dimension As part of an educational process, the school stresses the development of key competences and pro-social behavior in students. Under the leadership of class teachers and professionals, the school organizes team-building activities and prosocial trainings for all grades. During the summer, students have the opportunity to participate at several summer camps— bilingual or Christian—either as participants or as helpers and chaperones.


The Lutheran High School in Martin The space of the school

Communication with parents

The school offers a safe and inspirational environment. Additionally, the school clubroom, computer room and sport area are available for students after school under the supervision of teachers. Thus we support meaningful use of free time. Furthermore, the school offers students the opportunity for accommodation at the dormitory.

The school is interested in a close communication with parents—through parents meetings, class confidants allow a broad participation of parents in education and student upbringing. The school employs a school psychologist, who helps and completes inevitable individual care regarding the healthy development of students.

Programs The school emphasizes and actively realizes programs of drug prevention; it also emphasizes volunteer activities and cooperates with several social and humanitarian organizations—e.g. the retirement home in Sucany, the orphanage in Martin, and others. The school actively educates about ecology and supports ecological projects.


EXPERIENCE OF A COMMUNITY Relationship teacher–student The school keeps boundaries in relationships and in a school community, with the emphasis on partnership between teachers and students. Teachers support teamwork and cooperation, as well as after-school activities of the school’s students. Teachers are expected to be active in social and civil life.

International cooperation Students have an extraordinary opportunity to experience community also in an international way—through common educative projects, partner visits and foreign exchange stays with partner schools, youth organizations and churches abroad. If you want to know more, please contact us at:


Christian EXPERIENCE Worship services The school has its own pastor. Students have two lessons of religion per week. The lessons emphasize not only biblical knowledge, but the development of students’ spiritual and Christian-ethical values. Education starts by common morning devotion with prayer, personal sharing, and student conversation. The content of worship services is mostly spiritual experience and actualization of biblical truths to student everyday life.


CHRISTIAN EXPERIENCE Christian social service

Questions and answers

The Christian character of the school can be seen by its emphasis on social services and helping others. We lead students to active social involvement. The school also supports mission activities, especially in the field of education and the life of the young generation. We support creativity and taking responsibility in personal and also social life.

The school offers a broad space for honest questions, and seeking for common and personal answers as well. An atmosphere that supports mutual respect and plurality of opinions and stands is a matter of course. There is also a debate club at school which provides a space for safe opinion confrontation and mutual idea enrichment.

Teachers Teachers of the school are examples as persons and also personalities. They support the growth of students in a spiritual way; they are personally involved in the nurturing of the students’ character values. Teachers also do not forget about their own spiritual needs and actively work on their own spiritual growth.


Contact: Evanjelické gymnázium v Martine M. R. Štefánika 17 036 01 Martin Slovakia GPS: 49° 4’ 5.06” N 18° 55’ 23.21” E Phone: --421 43 324 00 74; -- 421 905 517 181 Web: | Email: | Facebook: EGMT

The Lutheran High School in Martin, Slovakia  
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