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Annual Vestry Report 2009

Table of Contents Agenda ………………………………………………………. Pastoral Letter from Bishop Colin Johnson ………………….. Minutes of Previous Vestry …………………….……………. Rector and Associate Priest .…………………..……..….…… Wardens …………………………………………………….. Director of Music ………………………...…….……………. PromiseLand ………………………………………………… Communications …….…………………….…………..……. Community ………………………….……………………… Learning ……….………………..…………………………… Anglican Church Women …………………………….. Chancel Guild ………………………………………… Outreach ………………..……….…….………….…………. Worship ……………………………………………….….…. Lay Members of Synod ……………………………………… Memorials Committee ……….……………………………… Property Committee ………………………………………… Trust Committee …………………………………………… Parish Statistics ………………………………………………

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Agenda for Vestry February 21, 2010 1. 2. 3. 4.

5. 6.



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Opening Prayer The Appointment of the Vestry Clerk Acceptance of the Minutes of the February 22, 2009 Vestry Meeting The Churchwardens’ Report Financial Report for 2009 Budget for 2010 Audited Financial Statements Motion to accept the Financial Report Appointment of Auditor Property Report Acceptance of the 2009 Annual Report The Report of the Nominating Committee Elections People’s Warden Ministry Chairs and Co-chairs of Parish Forum Worship Learning Community Communications Outreach Property Lay Members of Synod Deputy Warden Rector’s Appointments Rector’s Warden Chancel Guild President 9:15 am Lay Assistants Co-ordinator 11 am Lay Assistants Co-ordinator Sidespeople at 11 am Memorials Committee Chair Corporation Appointments Treasurer Stewardship Chair Trust Committee Chair Archive Committee Chairs Stewardship Report Looking Forward Adjournment and Closing Prayers


Archbishop’s Pastoral Letter to Vestries, 2010 to be read or circulated on the Sunday of the parish’s annual vestry meeting To the Clergy, Churchwardens and Parishioners Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, Greetings in the Name of our Holy God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit As you gather for your annual vestry meeting, the College of Bishops of Toronto offers you our prayerful support and good wishes for the year ahead, the beginning of a new decade. We are profoundly thankful to all of you for your faithfulness and commitment to worship, work and witness to the Christian faith as members of the Anglican Church in Canada. I am humbled by the number who called, wrote or in person offered me good wishes and prayers on my assumption of new ministry as Metropolitan of the Ecclesiastical Province of Ontario. How grateful we bishops are for the prayers offered week by week in the churches of the diocese that sustain and encourage us in our work! The past year was filled with uncertainty and challenge as many individuals and businesses felt the impact of the poor economy and financial loss. For some the impact has been slight but for others it meant loss of income and jobs. However, as we embark on the year that is before us, there is cautious optimism that financial recovery is on the way. How does all of this speak to us in the context of our faith? As a community of faith, hope plays an important part as we look to the future. It is not a groundless hope but one born of a deep conviction that God is very present in our daily lives and that God invites us to trust that in the future we walk daily with Him as our companion. I said in my sermon at the Levee in the Cathedral on January 1 that we are a covenant people in relationship with God who has been and will ever be faithful to the relationship He has with us. This faithfulness does not mean the absence of difficulty but rather assurance of His abiding and transfiguring presence even when we are confronted by these trials. Many in our communities live with misfortune as their daily companion: the homeless and the under-housed, those living with HIV/AIDS, a parent unable to care for a child, the unemployed, the abused, and so many others. I continue to encourage Anglicans across our Diocese to be advocates for and supporters of these persons. You can be an agent of hope and a sign of God’s presence. We must do our part while also inviting others to do theirs. I thank those parishes and individuals who have been engaging their MPP’s, civic leaders and their own communities to find ways to address these concerns. Thanks, too, to those parishes engaged in meaningful outreach ministry to the poor and marginalized in your local community and beyond, both by your direct involvement and through your support of FaithWorks. We are living in exciting times in the midst of challenge and uncertainty. We are living in a post-Christendom era but not a post-Christian one – Christ is still alive and active in this world. As a Diocese we are intentionally working to be shaped for mission in response to what we believe God is already doing, and what God is calling us to be and do with Him. Our Synod last May explored what it might mean to be a Mission-Shaped Church (not a church-shaped mission!) This will 5

include both fostering excellence in our traditional ways of parish life and trying innovative ways of reaching out to those who are outside our doors. In this Diocese, we are investing in people, programs and ministries to do both. We are building healthy, vibrant communities of faith that can both attract and welcome many and have the imagination to reach out effectively to others with the Good News of Christ. I thank those, both clergy and laity, who have been taking the lead in this, for their dedication and able leadership. Once more, on behalf of the College of Bishops, I express our profound thanks and appreciation to the clergy of our Diocese, and to the churchwardens and lay leaders of our parishes for the work that you do so faithfully and tirelessly for Christ’s beloved Church. I wish each and every one of you every blessing in the year before us. Yours faithfully,

The Most Reverend Colin R. Johnson Archbishop of Toronto


Minutes of the Annual Vestry Meeting Sunday February 22, 2009 1.

Judy Rois opened the meeting with a prayer and read the names of Christ Church Deer Park members who died in the year 2007.


Appointment of Vestry Clerk – Barbara Marwood.


Hymn “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee” chosen by David Thornton, Rector’s Warden.


Minutes of the Annual Vestry meeting of 2008 were presented. Moved by William Jackson – Seconded: J.R. Thornton Approved


Wardens - David Thornton thanked Kim Stephenson and all the persons who assisted in providing the Vestry lunch. - Financial Highlights – the details have been discussed at forums held over the past two weeks. The current revenues are down and are we are experiencing a deficit of $47,718 (see financial report). - David asked parishioners to consider how they can assist in funding projects before they are presented to Corporation. - All expenses are being frozen for 2009. Questions: Pat Brodeur – Why is the music budget still high? Mike Butler explained that the amount will be corrected as the new music director is hired. The current figure includes extra costs related to interim expenses. Jayne Miles-Simpson – Is the $1000 in the proposed music budget explained by having 4 instead of 8 paid choristers? Mike said that the budget is now down $10-13,000 overall. Moved by Cathy Thomas – Seconded: Bob Reeves Approved


Motions for Vestry 1. Motion to suspend obligation to reduce accumulated deficit. Moved that the obligation to present a balanced budget including any accumulated deficit be temporarily suspended. Moved by Don Dority – Seconded: Fraser Baillie Approved 2. Rectory Fund held by the Diocese. Moved that the Diocese be requested to remit 100% of the income from all rectory funds held by the Diocese, rather than the 50% remitted currently. These funds help offset the living allowance paid to the Rector. Moved by William Jackson – Seconded: Pat Butler Approved


3. Building Fund Motions Major project funding. Moved that the Vestry approve the expenditure of $100,000 from the building fund for major repairs to the church to correct the problems of water infiltration on the east and west sides of the church. This estimate includes known costs of $60,000 excluding GST. Moved by John Symons – Seconded: Brian Buckingham Approved 4. Transfer of Capital from the building fund to the operating account. Moved that $27,738.00 be transferred from the Building fund to fund capital asset additions in 2007 and 2008. These expenditures were as follows: a. Rectory repairs and maintenance (painting, carpets) $7634 b. Deer Park Balcony $9125 c. Atrium Carpeting $1130 d. Floor Tile $9349 e. Roof Repairs $1500 Moved by Anne Godfrey – Seconded: Joan Huycke Approved 5. Motion re Poverty Michael Watson Advocacy Committee: The Vestry of Christ Church Deer Park commends the Government of Ontario for its’ commitment to a poverty reduction plan for Ontraio, and urges that the government’s 2009 budget contain specific anti-poverty measures so that substantial progress is made toward poverty reduction and in alleviating hardship among the poor during 2009.Upon approval, Michael will write to the government on behalf of the congregation. Moved by Michael Watson – Seconded: Elizabeth Joy Approved 6. Motion to Appoint Auditor Moved to appoint Maureen Parry as the auditor. Moved by Jane Morris – Seconded: Jane Reeves Approved 7. Property Report David Thornton • Corporation has accepted an offer on the rectory and the deal closes May 1st 2009. • Upgrades have been completed in the church basement • Water damage led to extensive repairs in The Rainbow Room and in other walls. These expenses were covered by insurance. • There are leaks in the Arthur Smith Room, the Narthex and the basement. • An assessment of the condition of the roof by Roof Tile Inc. has been made and is likely to cost $100,000. To be reviewed. Questions Pat Butler requested a clarification of where and what the flooding entailed. David Thornton responded that the downspouts were leaking and the tuck pointing also needed to be replaced. The estimate for the tuck pointing was $60,000 and the estimate for the downspouts is not known at this time. 8

Fraser Baillie asked if the estimates were provided prior to the economic downturn. David replied that they were done in December 2008. Fraser also inquired as to the availability of in house engineers. David said that there are some, but it is best to hire outside for the work. Moved by John Buckworth – Seconded: Elizabeth Joy Approved 8. Nominating Committee – Jenny Rieger, Maggie Symons, David Burt Committee People’s Warden Deputy Warden Lay members of Synod

2009 Innes van Nostrand Genevieve Chornenki Stephen Clark Pam Taylor Jenny Rieger David Thornton Corporation Judy Rois (acting) Jenny Rieger Jayne Miles Simpson Joyce Hamilton Brian Buckingham

Chair, Parish Council Worship & Music Learning Church Community Communications Outreach Member at Large Secretary, Parish Council ACW, President Church School

Susan Gross Joan Huycke/Anne Le Feuvre Michael Baker

Rector’s Warden Chancel Guild ACW Sidespeople – 11am Layreaders 9:15am 11am Memorials Woodcock Theological Advisory Treasurer Finance Trust Stewardship Archivists

Michael Butler Maggie Symons Joan Huycke/Anne Le Feuvre MJ Rosenthall Genevieve Chornenki/William Jackson Anne Larkin Joan Huycke Peter Curzon/Pat Murdoch John Buckworth John Anderson Michael Eastmure Stephen Clark Jenny Rieger/Pat Murdoch

Thanks to Don Dority as Chair of Parish Council. A small committee has been struck to review the Parish Council model and will be reporting by May 2009. In the meantime, a warden will be Chair of Parish Council. 9

Question: Ross Morrow asked why the Rector is chairing the Worship and Music committee. The Rector plans to convene the committee for now and a Chair will be appointed. Moved by Cathy Thomas – Seconded: Michael Watson Approved 9. Lay Members of Synod Thank you to the Lay Members of Synod – Jenny Rieger and David Thornton and to the outgoing member, John Symons. 10. Stewardship Committee Stephen Clark has been the chair of the stewardship committee for 21 years! In 1988, we had 650 contributors; in 2009 we have 350 and they tend to be older. The stewardship letter of last year had moderate success. We are now in extremely poor economic times which mean that our income is likely to continue to decline. This leads to some serious questions. Should we continue to have three services on Sunday? What are the implications of the changes in the parish’s demographics? The stewardship committee will continue sending letters and do the best possible. 11. Recognition David Thornton finishes his three year adventure as warden! Mike Butler thanked David and presented him with a gift acknowledging David’s strength, knowledge and competence. David responded by thanking all the wardens and staff. 12. Director of Music The search committee reported that we have 27 excellent applications and will be starting the interview process shortly. There should be a decision in early March. 13. Other Business Cathy Thomas – Many world issues; must resolve issues at CCDP Peter Slater – Samantha has made a huge difference in the Sunday school. Jenny Rieger – requested that anything of historic value relating to Christ Church Deer Park be passed on to the Archives Committee. Maggie Symons – What is the “real” name of CCDP? David Thornton said it is The Rector and Wardens of Christ Church Deer Park in the Diocese of Toronto 14. The Website CCDP webmaster, Brian Dench, presented an overview of the current website. Judy thanked Brian for his everyday work on the website. Comment – Tony Van Straubenzee noted that in the early 70’s Bob Reeves sang the “Rhinestone Cowboy”. This might make an interesting addition to the website! 15. The Rector – thank you to • the chairs of all the committees, • the finance committee, • the wardens, • Jean King, Parish administrator • Denise Delisle, custodian • Dermot Muir, Interim organist and choir director 10

Mary Gillmeister, music administrator Choir leads – Earl Brubacher, Mary Gillmeister, Stephen Ellison, Sharlah Morrison All the choristers Marcia Kavanagh – pianist for junior choir Stephen Clark – job search Barbara Marwood – vestry clerk Peter Slater – Honorary Assistant Joanne McWilliams – expressed great sadness of her death this year David Neelands – Honorary Assistant Samantha Caravan for her creativity with the children’s program. David Bryant – Our student intern; was previously in the finance department at the Hospital for Sick Children; he is currently completing a Master’s degree in Theology. • Outreach and David Burt for Jazz Vespers. Special thank you to Brian Barlow. • • • • • • • • • • •

16. Announcements Samantha Caravan has been accepted as a postulant for ordination and thus may be leaving CCDP in a year. Greg Carpenter completes his curacy on May 31, 2009 and at that time usually moves to another parish. However, he will be staying with CCDP as the Associate Priest for at least another year. 17. Special Thank You David Thornton expressed a sincere and heartfelt thank you on behalf of the whole congregation to Judy and Greg for their ongoing leadership, compassion and caring. 18. Adjournment

Moved by William Jackson – Approved

19. Hymn: “Dear Lord and Father of Mankind” chosen by Michael Butler, People’s Warden. 20. Vestry closed with a prayer led by Greg Carpenter. Barbara Marwood Vestry Clerk


Rector and Associate Priest’s Letter to Vestry February 2010 Dear Friends, 2009 – a year of steady and faithful ministry from all of you, the people of Christ Church Deer Park, the clergy and staff. We extend our genuine and heart-felt thanks to all of you for everything that you have done to enhance the ministry of our parish, and for the energy and hours of time and commitment that you have so faithfully and generously given. We acknowledge your many and various contributions with deep gratitude. Following the energetic launch of There’s Life Here with the accompanying implementation of the vision of GROWS: growth, reaching out, worship and sustainability during the past two years, 2009 was a year when we settled into its realization and accomplishments. In nautical terms, we characterize 2009 as a year of “steady on” ministry as we held to the rudder of ministry and mission as a community of faith. Highlights of this year included the visit of Christopher Boyle, Bishop of the Diocese of Northern Malawi, and the implementation of our partner program there where many expectant mothers experienced healthy pregnancies and deliveries as a result of the financial generosity of the people of Christ Church Deer Park. They have expressed enormous gratitude. The Kids of PromiseLand had growth in numbers and active involvement in worship and spiritual formation. Our music program experienced a significant change with a new Director of Music, and we discovered an energy and enthusiasm in additional combined Sunday worship services. A new model of Parish Council was recommended and re-named, Parish Forum that would bring together a larger constituency of people in order to address significant issues and concerns affecting our parish and the Church. We upgraded our building with renovations and repairs while also increasing our rental revenues. We entered into the changing landscape of church attendance, remaining mostly steady in this declining shift across main-line denominations. The economy had a significant impact on our individual resources as well as our givings to the church that resulted in a financial deficit and a considerable challenge to future budgeting. In this shifting landscape, there are many challenges ahead. Our Worship Committee has recommended a trial period of two Sunday morning services to amalgamate our liturgies and music, providing us with a wonderful opportunity to bring creative energy to our worship and community life. Our Associate Priest and Director of Children’s Education are both moving on to new ministries, which will mean changes in staffing. The reality of alternative Sunday activities will compel us to an introspective exploration that perhaps we have not faced for some time. Some of our children and young people are no longer finding the same meaning in what others have heretofore believed, and some are losing interest in the worship and beliefs that their parents and grandparents have long cherished. We have a beautiful church building that is in need of considerable maintenance and repair requiring substantial financial resources, and the economy continues to present a challenge to charitable givings.


All of this means that we are entering into a new phase of reformation. While it may seem daunting, it is possible to see it as a new and exciting vision of transformation, calling upon our best creative energy and thought in order to create a new and stimulating future for ourselves and our children. We believe that pining for the past is no longer an option, and creating a new future for our church is not only necessary but has the potential to be invigorating and energizing. In the 1939 American film called, The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy says to her dog, Toto, “We’re not in Kansas anymore” referring to the reality that life is not what it used to be as much as we would like, and the same is true for the Church of the 21st century. Things have changed markedly, and while we might wish for a past we once knew and cherished, it simply is not so, and I believe that we have the will and strength to embrace a new and evolving future. We are committed to the future, and we welcome a new and fresh vision of the Church at large and our church at the corner of Yonge & Heath. In 2010, we trust in a God who is ever present and whose Spirit will lead us into an innovative and perhaps transformative future. Precious Lord, take my hand Lead me on, let me stand Through the storm, through the night Lead me on to the light Take my hand, precious Lord, lead me home (Martin Luther King Jr.’s favourite hymn sung by gospel singer Mahalia Jackson at civil rights rallies and at his funeral in April 1968. Written by the Rev. Tommy Dorsey in 1932) Yours faithfully,

Judy Rois Rector

Greg Carpenter Associate Priest


Wardens Report Change. It’s a word that we use everyday and it is something that is always with us. Indeed several of our communications this year have been about change at Christ Church Deer Park. Among the significant changes we witnessed this past year included welcoming Eric Robertson as our new Organist & Director of Music. Eric brought in several new initiatives such as the Concert for Remembrance Day in early November and a renewed choir for the 11 am service. John Buckworth was installed as Treasurer at Vestry and has done an outstanding job in improving the reporting and monitoring systems at CCDP. Other changes included a significant capital investment in repairs to the North and West sides of the church. Our thanks to Don Dority and the Property Committee for overseeing this important project. The next task will be to undertake repairs and repainting to the interior sections of the church which had been damaged by water infiltration. As we begin a new year we are about to introduce another change as we move to two Sunday services beginning on February 7th and continuing through Easter Sunday on April 4th. This is on a trial basis and will be monitored and re-evaluated following the completion of the nine Sundays. During the year we continued to offer a wide variety of Christian based programs for all persons in the community. In addition to our regular services these included: an expanded music program, Jazz Vespers, the Spring and Fall Evening lecture series, the successful launch of several outreach programs including Community breakfasts and the Malawi Project, Faith & Film and the introduction of a book sale. This latter initiative was an outstanding success and our sincere thanks to Rita Becker and her team for overseeing this successful event. PromiseLand under the most capable leadership of Samantha Caravan continued to flourish. In 2010 Samantha is expected to leave CCDP following her ordination to the Deaconate in May. We shall miss the leadership, enthusiasm and energy that Samantha has brought to the children’s program. Thank you Samantha. And there is more change. In the normal course of this year our most capable Associate Priest, the Reverend Greg Carpenter will leave us for a new assignment in another parish. We are fortunate to have had Greg with us during the past several years. While we shall all miss his commitment and compassion we realize that this is a part of his life journey we all wish him well. The parish which receives Greg will be very fortunate indeed. As mentioned we are beginning the New Year with a change in the number of Sunday morning services for a nine-week trial period. This is a subject that has been much discussed over the past several years. Following the unanimous recommendation of the Worship Committee in November and full endorsement by the Clergy, Corporation decided to have two Sunday services for a nine Sunday trial period beginning in February. This course of action provided an opportunity to develop a new Liturgy and introduce new concepts for a combined service. As with the introduction of most change this will be an evolutionary process as we are asking for input from you as we consider and make adjustments. Following the completion of the trial on Easter Sunday the two Sunday concept will be evaluated to see whether it should be introduced on a permanent basis. The current plan is to return to three Sunday services on Sunday April 11th until we have the normal change to two Sunday services for the summer period. The two Sunday service trial will be evaluated with an open Parish Forum to receive feedback form parishioners and for discussion. If the decision to proceed with two Sunday services this would commence in September. 15

And this year will see the formal formation of the new Parish Forum. This group is to replace the Parish Council and is intended to be a broad cross section of parishioners. Parish Forum meetings will be open to all parishioners. The objective of the Forum is to discuss and provide feedback to Corporation to the major issues facing Christ Church Deer Park. And there are several important issues including: the lack of growth in the numbers of parishioners; the resulting impact on our financial situation; and the future of the Christ Church Deer Park as a stand alone entity. These are very challenging and difficult issues, some which we often do not want to face or admit to, but the fact is that we shall be unable to sustain our level of service and outreach with continued deficits such as we have experienced over the past few years. We are also experiencing declining attendance. Overall attendance at CCDP is down by 2.6% since 2006 and the decline in our Sunday Givings is even greater over this period. As Christians we are being challenged. Our response will determine our future. Finally a few well earned words of appreciation to our staff and Clergy. To Jean King, Denise Gomes, Denis Delisle and custodial team our sincere thanks for the work that you have done and continue to do at Christ Church Deer Park. We also wish to acknowledge and thank the many volunteers who do so much to enrich the fabric of this church. Our clergy led by The Reverend Canon Dr. Judy Rois and The Reverend Greg Carpenter have continued to provide wonderful spiritual leadership throughout the year. We thank them for their dedication in all aspects of life at Christ Church Deer Park.

Michael Butler Rector’s Warden

Innes van Nostrand People’s Warden


Genevieve Chornenki Deputy Warden

Director of Music I would like to begin this report by saying how delighted I am to be part of the Christ Church Deer Park family. As your recently appointed Organist and Music Director, I have the pleasure of working at CCDP with many wonderful people in what must be one of the most beautiful sacred spaces in Toronto! Since I arrived last May, the members of the CCDP choirs have continued to meet regularly on Thursday evenings for choir practice and again on Sunday mornings for the worship services. The 11 am choir presented special music at our combined services (e.g. Anniversary Sunday) and at the annual Advent Lessons and Carols service and the Christmas Lessons and Carols service. In addition to these regular musical duties, the CCDP choirs and Music Department have also been involved in a number of new musical initiatives: •

In late May, the Music Department began a recording program in the sanctuary. The first group to use the space for recording was The Canadian Brass. They recorded “ECHO: the Glory of Gabrieli”, a CD featuring our magnificent Karl Wilhelm organ;

From June through August, the Sunday morning services were for the first time supported by the choir (the “Christ Church Summer Singers” – a choir comprised of volunteer choristers and our paid section leads);

In September, thanks in part to creative new advertising initiatives on the CCDP website, we saw both the 9:15 and the 11 am choirs begin to grow in numbers (at last count, the combined forces of both the choirs numbered about thirty volunteers);

In October, immediately after Thanksgiving, we resumed the Thursday Noon Hour Chamber Music Recital Series. Under guidance of the CCDP Music Department and the administration of the Nine Sparrows Arts Foundation, the fall portion of the Series ran until the end of November (many thanks to John Symons for all his help getting the Chamber Music Recital Series up and running again!);

In November, the 9:15 choir and the 11 am choir along with the section leads participated in the Nine Sparrows Arts Foundation concert: “Letters Home ~ An Evening of Remembrance”. The concert featured music and anthems of Remembrance, popular wartime songs, and the reading of letters written by Canadian soldiers to their families back home (the letters dated from the time of Canada’s involvement in Boer War right up to present day Afghanistan). The concert was directed by Eric Robertson, and guest artists included: actor Colin Fox; trumpeter James Gardiner; and piper Rob Crabtree;

In December, members of the choir appeared on YouTube singing a chant requesting submissions for The Great Christmas Carol Survey (the chant was written especially for the occasion by CCDP chorister John Buckworth). On December 5th, the CCDP choir joined forces with the choir of Yorkminster Park Baptist Church, the Larkin Singers, Children from The High Park Choirs of Toronto, members of the True North Brass, and the star of Les Misérables and Phantom of the Opera, Colm Wilkinson, at YMPB church to present the first annual Christmas Wish Carol Concert. This event helped raise funds for the CP24/CHUM Christmas Wish children’s charity; 17


In January (2010) we once again resumed the Thursday Noon Hour Chamber Music Recital Series. Beginning this year, the Series is scheduled to run right through until the end of June (the exception being April 1st, Maundy Thursday).

In closing, I would like to say thank you to Canon Judy Rois, the Rev Greg Carpenter, the Churchwardens, the pastoral and office staff, the choir members, and the congregation for all their support and encouragement since my arrival here at Christ Church Deer Park. You’ve made me feel right at home! Eric Robertson Organist and Director of Music


PromiseLand Take a bunch of kids ages 4 to 13, add music, games, floor hockey, glue and creative energy and what do you have? PromiseLand! Throughout this past year the children and young people of PromiseLand have kept me busy. Their energy is unbridled and their questions are tough. We wondered through Lent with daily family devotionals, we bounded into Easter with the theme ‘All You Need Is Love’. Over the summer we looked at Women Heroes of the bible and in the fall we considered how we live as followers of Jesus. In October the Cherub Choir made its debut during the Blessing of Animals service, where I met other important members of our church family. Advent found us busy preparing for Christmas with a visit from Bishop Nicholas (brilliantly portrayed by George Lewis), and with your help a generous contribution to the Yonge Street Mission through the giving tree. We topped the year off with a really wonderful Christmas and Epiphany pageants. Along the way we have had breakfasts and barbeques and a fantastic drama camp. As I reflect back on this year and indeed that last four years I am grateful for the opportunity I have had in journeying with these remarkable children and young people. They have had a significant impact on my priestly formation and I am a better person for having had them in my life. So what happens to PromiseLand now – I know this is a question on many of your minds. Well PromiseLand will continue until the summer when it will take a little break. PromiseLand will return in the fall with a new leader, new energy and vision. We do not know who that person will be yet but I want to encourage you to support them in the same unwavering manner you have supported me. If you do that – all will be well. With a grateful heart, Samantha Caravan Director of Children’s Education


Communications Ministry The Committee has produced a number of promotional pieces for various programs and events within the church, new outdoor signs (Christmas Fair, Rummage Sale and Book Sale) and 7 issues of the Herald over the past calendar year. More people are accessing our excellent web site as time passes. Kudos to Brian Dench, webmaster, for keeping it lively, current and informative. The new Blog section is particularly recommended. At our most recent meeting, we discussed the possibility of finding a way to better coordinate with other committees in order to participate and assist in any promotional needs they may have. It is hoped that, once Parish Forum has been formed, a more efficient system of communication within the parish can be established. We can always use new talents and ideas on this committee; media and PR experience would be particularly welcome…and, anyone can take photos of our many events with the church camera. Joyce Hamilton Chair Community Ministry Community Ministry has reduced the number of events hosted since the end of this past summer. Weary of planning and creating events that are poorly attended, our Ministry remains only responsible for the Holy Grounds Café Coffee scheduling. The Pancake Supper, and the more Serious Grapevine wine tasting event, facilitated by Peter Curzon and David Thornton, were tremendous fun. Ramesh Kamath and his committee have worked toward the creation of the Christ Church Deer Park Art Gallery for the Arthur Smith Room. This is an opportunity for artists to display their work, as well as offer it for sale if they so wish. It is anticipated that this project will reach both the CCDP community and beyond. Our Rummage Sale continues to be a wonderfully supported event. With Rita Becker at the helm, it was a success. Our 75 dedicated volunteers continue to work weekly on this highly regarded event. Special thanks to the set-up and clean-up crews. Newly added in 2009 was the very successful Book Sale in the Community Hall. CD’s, DVD’s and Videos were also included in the sale. The Grill ‘N Gather barbecue was beautifully situated on the lawn. The grill was hot, the icecream truck was on time, Carolyn Bennett’s tent was positioned with salads that Pearl Cooke and I had made, and refreshments were ready to serve. We worked hard preparing another lovely dinner outdoors. The turnout however was most disappointing. That is the reality of this past year’s event. A great team of energy could continue this lovely Community barbecue with my willing assistance to continue. 20

After a guided Grapevine Café in the Spring, the Grapevine event in the Autumn was poorly attended. It was most disappointing, particularly as Jade Jenkins and I had so many wonderful dishes to share. The Grapevine Café is a beautiful time of sharing. Someone who has an interest in wines could jump in and re-create this fabulous annual event. I feel badly that we have not hosted dinners for our Youth and newly confirmed to connect with our Clergy over dinner. The same should be organized for parents of those baptized. I suggest that this should be a priority for this Ministry if a person would coordinate the dinner and invitations Perhaps we have reached another stage in this Ministry. Perhaps the social life of our Church members is too demanding to fit this setting through the week. I believe that this Ministry needs some new blood, and a division of duties. I intend to finish selling the remaining inventory of Fair Trade products and until the end of March, I will continue to schedule coffee service for The Holy Grounds Café. What this Ministry requires, going forward 1 facilitator for the Grapevine Café, held each fall; 1 facilitator for Grill N’ Gather barbecue, held in June 1 facilitator for Holy Grounds Café scheduling 1 facilitator for dinners with the clergy in the Arthur Smith Room to welcome the families of the newly baptised and confirmed – 2 dinners/year It has been my absolute pleasure to be the Chairman of this committee since 2003. I value this Ministry: The work that is done through us, and the people who my family has come to know as a result. I encourage others to become involved, and share in the happiness that it brings. Perhaps we have reached another stage in this Ministry. Perhaps the social life of our Church members is too demanding to fit this setting through the week. I believe that this Ministry needs some new blood. Jayne Miles Simpson Chair Learning Ministry Learning at Christ Church Deer Park continues in many areas — Anglican Church Women, Book Club, Bible Study, Faith and Film, speaker’s series and young people’s Christian education in the Nest, PromiseLand and Echo (confirmation). The Learning Ministry’s responsibilities focus on Faith and Film and the evening lecture series. For 2009, Faith and Film hosted six films (Jesus Camp, Pursuit of Happyness, Chocolat, The Bucket List, Decaolgue and The Boy in the Stripped Pajamas). The evenings are very casual – drop in, eat some popcorn, watch the film and spend a few minutes talking about the impact of the film. However, the power of film to touch our lives and make us think deeper about things is very present in these evenings. We are very grateful to the many people who sponsor this event. 21

As always, our lecture series have been broad and reflective of people’s interests. Professor Molly Shoichet spoke of the power and potential of regenerative medicine in her lecture Regenerative Medicine: Fantasy or Reality in April. Eric Robertson, Organist and Director of Music, exposed us to a deeper understanding of music and liturgy in his fall presentation with choristers Sacred Spaces: An Exploration of Anglican Music. And, finally, The Primadonna doesn’t like to wait was a delightful exploration of Advent and the saints of the season as interpreted by Mary Lou Fallis and Peter Tiefenbach. This performance could not have taken place without the generous support of five sponsors and donations given during the evening. Learning will always be a part of Christ Church Deer Park, and I would like to thank the members of my committee: Joan Le Gall, Barbara Pepperdene, Mary Tanter, Vanessa Wells, Judy Rois, Greg Carpenter and Samantha Caravan who make it happen; and our sponsors who help us to host rich, challenging and entertaining events. Jenny Rieger Chair Anglican Church Women The Anglican Church Women of Christ Church Deer Park had another successful year. Our main fundraising event was the Christmas Fair which raised over $11,000. The money raised was used to fund our outreach projects such as Moorelands Camp, Missions to Seamen, Diocese of the Arctic, Leap of Faith Together (LOFT) Community, and The STOP Community Food Centre. Our social events this year were the Spring Luncheon, Bridge Luncheon and Christmas Party. We also participated in the World Day of Prayer, prepared a dinner for the families of Ronald McDonald House and helped out at church receptions. On Tuesday mornings the members get together to quilt, knit and sort jewellery followed by lunch. Joan Huycke, Anne Le Feuvre Co-Presidents Chancel Guild This will be my last report as I have resigned as Chair of the Chancel Guild. I am taking this opportunity to thank all the members for their dedication and support during my term. The Guild has continued its “behind the scenes” weekly care and maintenance of the linens and brass and silverware required to ensure that the services are carried out in decency and good order. The brown donation envelopes in the pews during Easter and Christmas have helped defray the cost of the magnificent flower arrangements and decorations at those times. We hope you have noticed the new oil wax candles on the altars and pavement candle sticks. A new paschal candle will be ready for Easter. 22

This year we are also saying goodbye to our treasurer, Dr. Pam Fitzhardinge who has served the Guild for many years. The Guild could always use some more help, so if any of you would like to spend some spiritual time in the sacristy with other dedicated people you would be very welcome. Maggie Symons Chair

Outreach Ministry

This year has been an especially challenging one for the Outreach Committee at Christ Church Deer Park economically and in other ways as it was for so many in our parish. Having said that we owe special thanks to all our volunteers who participated with such enthusiasm in all of our programs. The Malawi project has seen us deliver two substantial financial commitments both in excess of five thousand dollars working on the ground providing nutritional support to children suffering from HIV aids and nutritional planning and prenatal care to women. We are currently awaiting a replacement for Bishop Boyle (having returned to the U.K.) who visited with us earlier this year before a decision can be made on the next phase. In the meantime we are particularly grateful to Pat Butler who assumed the leadership of the program as well as Innes van Nostrand who continued in a support role and who are guiding the success of our participation. Thank you to the very enthusiastic and supportive volunteer team. Inner City Yonge St. Mission was supported thanks largely to the leadership of Samantha Caravan and also the children of PromiseLand with their annual Christmas Giving Tree. Other activity is currently under review dependent upon funding and the potential level of volunteer support we can anticipate and rely on. The Community Breakfast at CCDP on alternate Saturdays (alternates with Calvin Presbyterian Church) is in full flow and providing 30 – 40 guests with a fully cooked breakfast. Our thanks again to Vickie Grant and Ross Morrow for taking the responsibility for this most important and successful program‌none of which would be possible without our committed core of volunteers who show up at such an early hour every other Saturday without fail. A special appreciation also to Samantha Caravan and the kids of PromiseLand for the Christmas gift bags they provided our guests N.B. We have an urgent need for more volunteers to support the Breakfast Program‌young congregation members and friends in the community are very welcome. The sister Community Kitchen program, which has had excellent internal and volunteer support has again been let down by lack of client response and attendance. This is disappointing as the program proved itself not only a winner for teaching cooking skills, but also engendering a new level of self-esteem and confidence in those enthusiastic clients who did come. Thanks again to the team from JR Thornton and myself as we re-evaluate this program. 23

Led by John van Nostrand and his small, focused and enthusiastic group, the strategic approach and thorough groundwork on the First Nations went as far as we could possibly take it without getting a clear cut response and direction. This has not yet materialized and as a result we cannot intelligently move ahead as planned. One option being considered is less involvement and returning to a strategy of developing a series of “one-off” opportunities which offer an immediate and controlled benefit/reward for specific First Nations priorities and needs. Our thanks go to Michael Watson for overseeing and handling Social Justice & Advocacy on behalf of CCDP. As well as attending numerous meetings in the course of the year he has kept us apprised of key issues in both the Bulletin and the Herald. Again…as per last year… we appeal for volunteer support to share this important activity with Michael. In addition we have supported and appropriately committed funds to all of Leap of Faith Together (LOFT)…STOP Community Breakfast…Meals on Wheels as well as supporting the Annual Deer Park Food Drive. Our financial contribution to the Churches on the Hill Food Bank remains a key part of our ongoing Outreach commitment. Further our volunteer commitment to the Food Bank remains a substantial part of CCDP support. We thank all of our volunteers at the Food Bank that again gave so willingly of their time in what has been an increasingly, demanding and challenging year. We owe you all a large thank-you! Finally thank you to those individuals who were able to contribute to our various programs either with donations or gifts. Also to those CCDP services such as PromiseLand and the Anglican Church Women who were able to raise funds for such good causes, and again thanks to our CCDP army of volunteers and all of you who provide us with your support. Importantly, as we originally set out, continue to try and make a difference. Brian Buckingham Chair Worship Committee The Worship Committee was reconstituted in the Fall of 2009. This Committee is responsible for the consideration of all matters related to the worship and music practices of Christ Church Deer Park including reviewing, evaluating, maintaining and, where appropriate, recommending changes to the liturgical and musical practices and customs of the Parish. The Committee fulfils this mandate by considering the ways in which the needs of the congregation may be best met, receiving feedback from the congregation and maintaining constant communication with the congregation about liturgical practices, musical compositions and related matters. Members of the Committee include the Rector, Judy Rois, who also acts as Chair of the Committee; the Associate Priest, Greg Carpenter; the Organist and Director of Music, Eric Robertson, and representatives of the various constituencies within the Parish affected by worship and music matters. Other members of the Committee are Anne Larkin, Stephen Clark, Earl Brubacher, Samantha Caravan, Pat Murdoch, Carol Dority and Maggie Symons. 24

In 2009, the Committee dealt with an articulation of what the Parish would like to accomplish in its music program and its worship services; service times and content, recommending that the Parish combine the 9:15 and 11 am services into one combined service at 10 am; special concerts and a communications strategy about the worship and music at CCDP. Stephen Clark Lay Members of Synod In 2009 there were three lay members of Synod, Jenny Rieger, Pam Taylor and David Thornton. 2009 marked the 153rd Synod of the Diocese of Toronto and there were two sessions of this Synod, the first, a residential Synod held in May at Durham College and a financial and business session in November, at St. Paul, Bloor Street. David Thornton was appointed the Lay Scrutiner for both sessions. There were four pre-Synod meetings held prior to the November session to discuss the financial reports to Synod. The residential session was primarily held to discuss the feelings of synod members regarding the blessing of same sex relationships. Not surprisingly, there were strong feelings expressed on both sides of the issue and a majority of the members seemed to be caught in the middle, looking for clerical leadership and direction. The second session was held to pass the budget for 2009, the revised Assessment rate for 2010, changes to the Constitution and Canons and the election of delegates to the Provincial and General Synods. The budget of the Diocese for 2009 as passed is $8,310,710. The three main expenditures being: Episcopal Expense (Bishops’ salaries and support) $1,416,080, Administration, $1,222,285 and support for the Wider Church $1,661,000. On the revenue side, $5,587,000 is income from Parishes (67%) and $2,032,000 (24%) income from capital a total of 91%. Christ Church Deer Park’s allotment in 2009 was $112,383.12. The assessment rate for 2010 is to be calculated at 22.65% of the assessable base, a reduction of 1.35% from 2009. The calculation of the assessable base is specified in the Canons and is rather a complex calculation. The Canon changes primarily reflect changes in the organization of the Diocese as responsibility has been moved from the central office to the four Episcopal Areas of the Diocese and several committees have been dissolved. David Thornton 25

Memorials Committee 2009 The Memorials Committee assists the Rector and Corporation in the planning, design and purchase of memorials in the parish. There were no memorial donations in 2009. Joan Huycke Chair Property Committee In 2009 the Property Committee was responsible for providing guidance and direction to the Deputy Warden (Property), Genevieve Chornenki, and the Parish Administrator, Jean King to address current property issues and to plan for future needs of the Church building and outside grounds. It was a busy year in 2009 for the CCDP Property Committee as we focused our attention on the following: • • •

• • • •

Roof Tile Management Inc. was selected to address the numerous water infiltration problems and the associated structural issues with the outside stone work and roof. Major repairs were made to the North facing masonry wall (Church parking lot area), and the East facing masonry wall (front of Church). Deep pointing was required in most areas. Additional repairs to the Church roof consisted of replacing broken slate roof tiles and repairing the snow fence on the roof. Also, several downspouts were retro-fitted and relocated, to redirect water displacement to spill onto the asphalt driveway at grade, with the purpose to reduce the amount of water going into the aged weeping tiles, and draining the water away from the church foundation. Repairs to hinges, frames and closure mechanisms of several Church exit doors. Installation of drain flood guards to all Church basement drains. Stretching and refitting of the red carpeting in the Church. Evaluation of the efficiency of the HVAC system by re-calibrating the Honeywell programmable thermostats based on room usage, and setting Church ceiling fans on continuous low speed. Further investigation will explore the cost savings of a high efficiency condensing boiler. Consulted with the Steering Committee for the Visual Arts Program to establish potential electrical enhancements to the Arthur Smith Room.

As we move forward in 2010 the CCDP Property Committee will begin planning the interior painting requirements where water damage had occurred, will evaluate the flat roof above the Atrium entrance, and will develop a safety evacuation plan for Church members and outside users of our Church space. Don Dority Chair


Trust Committee The Trust Committee is responsible for the management of the investments in four Trust funds of Christ Church Deer Park. Although each of these funds has a different purpose they are managed and administered as one. The committee met six times during the year in order to assess rapidly changing markets and consider appropriate changes to the asset mix. As a result in mid-year we cashed some short term fixed income investments which were giving a very low return and reinvested the proceeds in higher yielding corporate debt and dividend paying Canadian equities. At year end the Trust Funds amounted to $1,493,352 compared to $1,422,983 as at December 31, 2008. Over the 12 months CCDP was paid $147,000 from the funds to help offset operating costs and for capital improvements. If this amount had remained with the fund the year end total would have been $1,640,352. The return on the Fund for the past calendar year taking this into account would have been 15%. This compares to a return of 16% for a balanced portfolio of 55% bonds, 45% equities {5% U.S. & 5% EAFE} as calculated by Scotia Mcleod. I reported last year that Michael Eastmure would be taking over as Chair of the Committee. Unfortunately the company that Michael works at as a money manager has a policy which precludes him from taking over as Chair because of potential conflict of interest. Michael has stayed on the committee as a member. I wish to thank him and John Anderson for their sound judgement and experience. As of December 2009 we welcome to the Committee Rob Morrow a former treasurer of CCDP. David Moore Chair


Parish Statistics ATTENDANCE


2009 1325 -4%

2008 1,380 -10%

2007 1,526 -12%

2006 1,735 17%

2005 1,485 5%

2004 1,413 -10%

Sunday 9:15 am Change

3104 -4%

3,250 -4%

3,379 6%

3,198 5%

3,040 8%

2,822 -26%

Sunday 10/10:30 am Change

1858 10%

1,683 -19%

2,088 1%

2,075 31%

1,582 -26%

2,141 83%

Sunday 11 am Change

3575 -5%

3,761 -10%

4,169 -4%

4,363 6%

4,134 -1%

4,185 -16%

Jazz Vespers Change

3718 32%

2,818 18%

2,386 -6%

2549 35%

1885 32%

1433 -37%

Wednesday 7 am Change

870 -5%

920 1%

908 16%

786 23%

638 20%

533 11%

Easter Day Change

442 -7%

473 2%

465 -14%

539 6%

510 -4%

532 5%

Christmas Eve Change

520 -4%

541 -10%

601 8%

559 -18%

681 5%

647 1%

Christmas Day Change Totals

103 -2% 15,515 4%

105 -36% 14,931 1%

163 37% 14,777 -7%

119 -38% 15,923 13%

191 57% 14,146 2%

122 -14% 13,828 -11%

2006 11 4 15 9

2005 12 5 26 3

2004 15 6 18 8

Sunday 8 am

The baptisms, weddings, funerals and confirmations were as follows:

Baptisms Weddings Funerals Confirmations

2009 16 2 12 5

2008 10 3 27 5

2007 6 2 27 1 28

Vestry Report 2009  

Annual report of the congregation. Financial statements are separate document - not included

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